Welcome to Mayfair! This is a banner request site run by Victoria. Mayfair was founded on the late night of July 19, 2015. I created Mayfair with one goal: to provide neopians with quality resources and banners. I've always enjoyed graphics and now I'm here to share my passion with you all! I hope you enjoy Mayfair and if you have any questions let me know!



December 21, 2016

Brand new layout!

Requests & Graphics

December 21, 2016

Requests are open!


  • Any banner bases or banners you use from Mayfair must be credited. Include a link back to this page in your credit.
  • Do not redistribute any banner bases or premades displayed on this page as your own.
  • Do not use banners from the Pick Up section that you did not request and were not made for you.
  • In order to give others a chance to be able to request a banner, you must wait 1 week before you submit another form.
  • I will only use Neopets images for banners.
  • Banners will only be made for petpages, sites, and guilds.
  • I will not make a banner for another banner request site.
  • If I have not replied to your request after 3 days, resubmit your form.
  • If you want to change anything in your form after you've submitted it, please resubmit a form with the changes you would like.
  • If you have read and understand these rules, include the word "coffee" in your request.
  • premades

    Have a suggestion for a new base or premade? Mail Victoria!
    All banners are 400x150. Drag and drop for full size.

    Banner Bases


    PNGs from Aroma, Lithe, Details, and Crater
    Textures are from Details, Bedazzled, Swimchick, & dA
    Backgrounds are from Neopets Backgrounds, Background Bonanza, & CC Images


    Requests are open!


    A custom banner allows you to tell me exactly how you would like your banner to look. You get down to the details and I create what you want.

    Vicky's Pick

    Requesting a Vicky's Pick banner allows me to be creative and try new fonts & backgrounds. You choose the text and I do everything else.

    Submit Your Request here!!
    Make sure you read the rules!


    If you do not see your request, it may have been moved to My Portfolio.


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  • Layout & Content by Victoria for Mayfair
  • Boxes & Tables by Meow for Mayfair
  • Bullets from The Lunch Box
  • Snow Bruce PNG from Lithe