You find yourself standing in a shop on an unfamiliar street on the other side of town...

You also happen to be surrounded by sheet music stacked on shelves upon shelves, in boxes on the floor, and spread across the less than tidy counter. Some are almost completely blank, with nothing but the clef, the key signature, and the counting. Odd...

Welcome to Mezzo Forte, a font site with a storyteller's twist by Emi! Here you'll find tutorials for fonts, basic skeletions, and premades. Make sure to read the snippet at the top of each section for the full story!


October 22, 2017

I got so sick of the old layout I couldn't deal with it anymore, so I'm using a lovely premade from Whitespace for now until I can maybe code my own again.

September 25, 2017

Requests have been permanently closed ): I unfortunately cannot maintain the amount of requests that I would like to have, not to mention, it's hard keeping the site updated. Y'all will see me around, but I'm focusing on other things at the moment.

Most Recent Additions


Chapter the Second

You decide to snoop around, because obviously no one is here. You start by investigating a box tucked in the corner labeled 'skeletons'. There, you find a note tacked to it, written in looping, messy handwriting...
There are a couple different ways to set up Neoboard fonts, two of which I have basic ways to set up here. The first way is with two places to put Neosignature text, one on top, and one on the bottom, like a sandwich!. The other way is with Neosig text only on the bottom. Here you will find skeletons for both. Remember there are countless ways to alter these. Have fun!


 NeoHTML       NeoSig

Single Sig

 NeoHTML       NeoSig


Chapter the Third

As you continue to peruse the shelves, you come upon a book entitled Sheet Music: A How-To.

Your interest piqued, you begin to page through it. And you find it bookmarked and fully annotated, in that same handwriting as before. Suprise... another leaflet of handwritten notes falls out as you begin to read...

You need to go to the Neoboard Preferences page on Neopets to change your font. The codes that are being referred to can be found on the skeletons page

First, copy EVERYTHING that's undercase and put it where it says to go. It will either go in the "NeoHTML" spot or the "NeoSignature" spot.

TEXT HERE/SIGGY HERE -- This is the part of the text you can edit. The siggy can be pretty long, but the "TEXT HERE" o top in the double sig font should be rather short (just a couple of words long).

#000000 -- This is where you put in the colours. You can use hexidecimal colours (hex colours), like #000000, #3366CC.. etc. Or you can use the names of colours such as orange or blue.

FONT -- This is where you edit the typeface (also known as font name). You can only use typefaces that are 1 word long (This means that Comic Sans MS won't work, but Arial will).

SIZE -- This is where you edit the size of your text. You can use any number between 1 and 4 (1 is smallest, 4 largest) Some fonts look better in large sizes, while others are just will look huge, so test it out. Size 2 is the default size Neopets gives all fonts, if you do not put a size in your neoHTML code, your font will automatically be size 2.

Helpful Tips & Tricks!

  • Put [ at the end of your neoHTML code and ] [br] at the beginning of your NeoSig to get rid of that pesky siggy line.
  • If you need more room for you siggy in a single-sig font, you can use part of your NeoHTML line.
  • Remember, not all typefaces work in all browsers/computers!
  • Remember to put the # in front of your hex codes!
  • Taken from Sunnyneo's font tutorial


    Chapter the Fourth

    Now you meander towards the cluttered counter again. Ugh, you wrinkle your nose in disgust. How can anyone work in these conditions? You manage to clear away a large pile of crumpled papers when you discover a filing tray with what appears to be forms of some sort. It's labeled Music Request Forms: Closed, and of course, that same handwriting on a note stuck to the tray. Come on, what were you expecting? ...
    Back in the day, I used to do font requests, but alas, I have very little time while working two jobs and getting a college education. I will only ever open requests again for very, very special occasions. Thank you to everyone over the years who has requested fonts from me!

    Pickup for...


    Pickup for...



    Chapter the Fifth

    By now, you've pretty much riffled through every box, shelf, and crate. However, towards the back of the store, you find a bin labeled Full Scores in that familiar handwriting...

    You open the box, and after you discard the piano duet of 'Friday' and 'Nyan Cat' (Who even does that?!) on top, you find a small amount of complete sheet music...

    ! Rules !

    The One Actual Rule:

    Can I stress, Please DO NOT claim any premades/requests as your own, have them rated, or re-distribute them!


    • You are free to edit premades and skeletons as you wish; credit is not required, but is greatly appreciated (:
    • None of these fonts require a Neoboard pen!



    AC Fonts can be found HERE


    Chapter the Last

    You've explored the entire shop making sure to commit this place to memory so you can find it again; when out of nowhere you hear a crash from the back room. Was someone here the whole time?! A girl runs out at a tripping pace into the main store. Oh my goodness, how long have you been here?! she cries, huffing and leaning on the counter, obviously embarrassed. You answer, and explain you've already browsed the entire place, and were just about to leave.

    Oh, but make sure to come back when I'm actually awake~ she remarks and digs a small business card out of the pocket in her apron. I hope to see you again soon! she chirps, and gives you a toothy smile.

    As you hear the little bell on the door chime after you walk out, you look down at the bright pink square of cardboard. Mezzo Forte Sheet Music. You smile, and pocket the card...


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