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Hello monkeypie105, welcome to my portfolio! My real name is Sean, but I also go by Monkey and Monkeypie. Coming back from a 2 year hiatus Im working on making my account look much nicer! Im starting by making edits to my personal portfolio and working from here to show off my ups and downs in my neopian adventure!


Real Me

As I said before, my name is Sean. I am a 19 (Edit: 21 Edit 2: 23)) year old player that has been messing around on this site since I was in 6th grade, my oldest account was frozen a long while back when I was in an argument over something childish, I don't even remember what it was about. I run a reptile rescue when im not at my real job. Its a true dream I just love! In my current care i have over 20 animals; 1 dog, Bonnie (Jack Russell), 3 Cats (Small Fry, R2Cree2, and Sable), 7 turtles (Bertha a Yellow Bellied Slider; eastern box turtles as follows Koal, Henry, Alice, Broski, and Jig; 1 Russian tortoise Coal and 1 baby red ear slider No-name) 2 Snakes Ophi a normal ball python and Murdock a Yellow Rat Snake; 2 female rats (strictly pets) Mia and Norma; and 4 hermit crabs (Alpha, Omega, Delta, and Gamma. I also raise all their food live and plant based to save money I have over 500 guppies, hudreds of mealworms, Hundreds of Dubia Roaches, Aquatic snails, Marble Crayfish, and aquatic plants. Im working on adding Hornworms and Hissing Roaches to the mix. Ill add more with photos on a different page at a later date.

Currently I work for Mars Petcare where we make Dentastix. like i said above i also run a Reptile Rescue called Reptile rescue and run a page on a popular social media outlet called The Turtle Place! Check us out today!


On neopets I love to buy and sell items... if i can make even 1np off of the item ill buy it... a NP Saved is a NP earned! I must do this as the games get on my nerves at times and i have to afford guilds (My Battledome Pet) expensive training! which brings me to my battledome days... Ive earned all but 2 of the BD avvies and im excited to try for the last two. I am also a collector of everything! my current goal is 10,000 unique items in my SDB... im at 588 as of 12/10/16 (got the packrat years ago lol this is for fun!)

pet goals

_Guild_mascot__ :
Even out stats
I.Q. 1000 (Curently: 720)

Avatars needed (100)

The list may not be even that is because I have gotten an avatar in the row!

Meet the Pets

As I said in the main post I have many many animals in my care. It can be costly caring for them all in the winter but i work to make it as affordable as possible. I raise my own food and grow it when i can as well!

Below Ill show off my personal pets along with those I care for! I hope you enjoy a look into my passion!


Bonnie was a birthday present when I was 14 years old. If I am honest. I hated that dog for the first full year. But I learned a lot about patiences and love her to death! She turned 10 years old September 21, 2016!


Miah is actually my parents dog but I am her caretaker for now. Shes 7 years old and NOT a pit bull she is a Stafford-shire Bull Terrier both her parents are award winning show dogs but when we got her she was injured by her last owners. But you'd never have guessed it wih how spoiled she is now!


I adopted Small Fry from Petsmart 4 years ago she estimated at about 10-12 years old. Shes an absolute sweet heart and loves to be cradled like a baby haha! In the photo she is watching me make turtle food for a client.


Sable was adopted as a kitten by my parents. She was a feral barn cat weve had her since she was 4 months old. shes now 3 years old! Shes a pest by every meaning of the word too ha!

Mia and Norma

Mia (pic 1) and Norma (pic 2) were bought as feeders for the snakes but when the snakes went on a hungar strike they ended up as pets and now live in a giant 6 foot by 5 foot cage and are fed the best haha!


Ophi is a Normal Ball Python. He is 4 years old and 3.5 foot long and will not get any bigger, so he is on the rather small side for his species. When i got him his was a very violent snake but with patiences over the year hes became quite a calm snake and fun to handle.


Murdock is my latest rescue. She was living in a 10g tank when she should have been in a tank 3x that size. She is way way more aggressive then anything ive ever dealt with but i think with time she will come around. She now lives in a 30g long tank so she has plenty of room to strech. As she grows i will upgrade her again.


Koal was my 2nd rescue ever that ended up a permant resident in my home. She was rescued 3 years ago from someones cellar that kept her in a small tub and only fed her boiled worms and bananas. Shes mother to Alice below.


Henry was a rescue sent to me from a friend in Virginia. He lived 20 years in a 20g tank. Due to this he developed muscle loss in his back legs. With lots of physical therapy he has regained 75% of his muscle mass back in his legs. He is housed with my female Koal (above) and theyve actually laid an egg and it hatched into lovely Alice (below)


Alice as stated above is the product of 2 of my rescues that came from bad situations. I wont know if its Alice or Allen til (s)he is 3 years old but im hoping for Alice haha! She is a year old as of october they grow super slow!


I dont have a a proper photo yet but ones to come. He was a rescue sent to me the start of December nearly hit on the road and needed some TLC.


Jig was named for the massive scar on his back making him look like a jigsaw puzzle. Hes also a rescue that came about a few months ago for much the same reason as Broski.


Bertha is maybe my saddest rescue. She came to me in early August from a lady who kept 5 of her species in a 20 gallon tank. Now Turtles need 10 gallons of WATER per inch of shell growth. Her species can grow 10-12" when properly cared for. because she grew up competing with 4 other turtles for food in a TINY tank she has many health issues that she may actually die from sooner then what is fair. Til that sad day she has a 2,000 gallon pond with koi that she will get to swim and loves every minute of it haha! The lady has told me she will send the others to me once they grow to large for the tank. I am currently working to get her to give me the rest sooner then later.


No-Name is a wild Red Ear Slider baby that a friend found and thought i needed. Needless to say he will released back into a local pond thats filled with his species.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy is a Tiel (neopets wont let me type his species haha) weve had for 5 years now. He is a very hateful bird and only likes me when I have something shiny around my neck haha. Hes actually my dad/brothers bird but is living with me for the time being.

Alpha, Omega, Delta, Gamma

these are my hermits. Ive had the 2 larger ones for almost a year now and got the smaller two from the petshop nearly dead. they are thriving in my tanks proper setup thankfully! Note hermits are harder to care for then just a simple little bit of sand and sponge of water. they need a minimum of 30g tank and 6 inches of 5:1 sand/ecoearth bedding mix high temps 80*f and high humidity 85%-99%. Upside they have a HUGE diet variety so its so fun to feed them! note that commercial pellet food can actually end their life as soon as 6 months. they can live 30+ years.

Conjure Badges

These badges are what i've earned in the Conjure Guild! look at all the pretties haha!






Site Themes

Neopet Stamps

Faerie Quests


Random Events


Earning & Spending

Food Club




Misc Pet Improvement


game trophies


Here is a list of EVERY item I have EVER RSed or Snipped since I started!

Total profits: 1,456,765np
Usuki Paint Brush
Bought: 99,999np
sold: 1.45m
profit: 1,350,001np
Fifty Dubloon Coin
Bought: 60,000np
sold: 65,000np
profit: 5,000np
Forgotten Shore Map Piece
Bought: 68,600np
sold: Not For Sale
profit: 0np
Bottled Light Faerie
Bought: 2np
sold: 1,500np
profit: 1,498np
five dubloon coin
Bought: 2np
sold: 5,300np
profit: 5,298np
Starry Grarrl Morphing Potion
Bought: 9,480np
sold: 91,000np
profit: 81,520np
Green Lab Jellies Candy
Bought: 1,285np
sold: 8,250np
profit: 7,448np
JubJub Helmet of Doom
Bought: 11,033np
sold: 17,033np
profit: 6,000np

Forgotten Shore Map

Paid 281k for full map (2 parts free):

Items won to date:


12/9/16: 2,000NP
8/8/14: Nothing :(
8/7/14: 5,000np


9/10/12: Nothing :(


9/19/11: Got a Discovered Chest - Sold: #,###
9/18/11: Didn't log on
9/17/11: Nothing :(
9/16/11: Nothing :(
9/15/11: Nothing :(
9/14/11: Nothing :(
9/13/11: Nothing :(
9/12/11: 5,000np
9/11/11: 2,000np
9/10/11: 2,000np
9/9/11: 2,000np
9/8/11: 5,000np

Guild's Training

I adopted Guild four years ago when he was still a Poogle. I had just logged on and was bored so decided, what the hey lets check the pound out. The Adoption fee was 10,000np (give or take some NP) his HP was hovering below 300 and he was only level 5, classic Lab Rat stats. Once I adopted him I immediately started training. Since getting him I have earned ever BD avatar except the Battle Faerie and Sid *shakes fist at Sid*...

I have decided to kick start his training once again. Thanks to Sunnyneo's amazing battledome training calculator I now have a time frame and training table to follow to speed his training up as much as possible! below I will post the table. you may have to drag the image to your URL bar to get the full image.

Lend Me?

Hi *waves*. So you are wanting to borrow one of my pets/items for an avatar? well lets just get to business. I have a few trust issues when it comes to specific items (well pets actually)... I have 2 pets im willing to lend out. but I require collateral in order for you to borrow...

Collat: 5 million NP

Collat: 202,000np

* Used at my discretion and can change at any moment if I feel its needed.

Why the high Collat? well I've heard of people stealing pets... so if your willing to put up that kind of NP you can be trusted more so then someone begging to be lent... also if someone was to steal one of my pets I will be able to start traing/working on a new pet... while at the same time working to get that person frozen for stealing my beloved pet... Specially because the Snowbunny was a birthday gift.

My collat/reason to lend me

Hello possible lender,

I have been trying to get lent a Super Attack Pea for quite some time now. I don't have to much collect (will post NP towards bottom) But I have been lent several of avatar related items/pets for free including:






At this point I have 2.25 Million Neopoints
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