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Site started on December 5, 2009.


That's right, when I say "I.C.U." I mean, I've seen your site. You're thinking, Wow. Uh... creepy much? The answer is, no... not really. I believe most site owners are happy to hear that people are viewing their site, so why should this be any different?

What is ICU exactly? Well, exactly, it is a site created by the Lovely Jayy that is a lose version of a review site. Basically, when Jayy get's bored she looks around at other people's sites to see who has really awesome sites out there. Believe it or not, I actually like looking at people's sites and viewing their content and blogs. Some may say that equals no life... and I would have to agree.

I got a neomail saying... yeah, you probably did get a neomail along the lines of "You've been spotted". I just wanted to let you know. You can read up more about it at the rules.


001. Kind words. No hate mail. No meaness.
002. If you don't want your review up, neomail me and let me know... since you got it without asking for it.
003. Remember that these are my personal opinions. Don't feel like your site isn't good enough or is the best ever solely because of what I say.
004. Take my suggestions or ditch them, whichever works best for you.
005. Linking? I'd appreciate it if you linked back to me if i spot your site, but I'm not requiring that you do. (I have however made cute little buttons for you to use if you so choose.)
006. If we're affies, you DO have to link back.
007. No stealing any content (including the layout) from this site unless you want to post your review on your site... in which case it isn't stealing, because I give you permission.
008. Don't take awards that aren't meant for you.
009. And definitely don't break any of the afformentioned rules or I'll have to report you and put you up on the wall of shame... and that's not fun for anyone.

Oh, and btw Did I mention that I would REALLY appreciate it if you linked back? That would be awesome!


Questions that I have been asked, so I will share the answers with all of you.

How do you go about spotting your sites? Like I said above, it's mostly random. I like to pick sites that have been updated recently though... if you haven't updated your site since April.... 2009... well, I don't want to waste my time giving the site a thorough run through when the owner has left neo. I usually look to see that it's been updated in the past week or 2. Also, what get's me to the site (besides seeing you on your affie's list) is a really awesome button.
Why did you stop rating sites? Because this site is about suggestions, not scores. I added the rating so that people would have something to post like they do with other review sites, but then I remembered that I'm NOT "other review sites". This isn't a contest, it's me helping... or at least attempting to =p
I was just about to change my site around, can you re-review me? Yeah... I guess so. You have to remember that I do this whenever I'm bored and am glancing around from site to site. I hate feeling forced to have to do anything. So it's not that I have a problem with looking at your new setup, I just don't like being forced to do it. (same reason why I don't take requests)
Can you make me a site layout like this? No. I only make layouts for my friends anyway... but no. I like having my layout like this... I think it's original. So why would I help you make my layout unoriginal?
So you say I should change this, can you give me specifics? It depends. I think mostly, though, you can figure out how to change something on your own... I don't own your site, I just make suggestions on it, and most of the time they're pretty thorough suggestions. You should be able to fill in the rest, but if I'm unclear, feel free to ask.
What are your pet peeves? I tend to harp on these things a lot when I am spotting a site. When viewing a site layout it bugs me when a) the page side scrolls or the text areas side scroll. b) there are borders around image links. c) the layout doesn't fit onto my page.
I don't like having my site reviewed... ok, whatever. If you want me to take down the review then you have to specifically tell me that, don't assume that just because you send me a neomail back saying "i don't get my site reviewed" that I will take it down. Please ask me, "Will you please take my review down". If you want to add more to it, that's fine... but that's all I need. If I don't get that, it's not coming down.
My site is still new... Yes, be that as it may, I still gave you suggestions on it. To me, it doesn't matter how old your site is. No matter what stage it's in (be it one day old or 1 year old) there are still changes that can happen and suggestions I can make. Just because I give you a list of things I would change does not mean I think you are incompetent or that I do not understand that your site is still new and that you are working on things, rather, it means that this is how I would personally make the site better. You might have been planning that already or not, I don't know. I simply give you my opinion.
Can you introduce me to Lauren? No.
Who's Lauren? One of my best friends. She helps me with a lot of my sites and life... haha.
Oh... well why not? Because she is awesome, and too cool for you. haha. jk. If you really WANTED me to, I could... but I don't see why you couldn't just neomail her yourself. Love you Laur(:

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Dear You,
What I Like:
What I would Change:


Dear Snowiestar,
You have a nice cute little new layout, let me say first. I guess I have a thing for layouts constructed like yours. Also, huzzah for being a premades site! I don't see too many of them around, not decent ones anyways.
What I Like: I like how you have uft/ufa layouts along with the standard petpage and userlookups. It helps make your site more unique and original, and not a cookie cutter, organic copy site. You also have some pretty good basic CSS layouts.
What I would Change: The first simple thing is that it seems like you're unsure on your site name. Imprinted. Imprinted Premades. Imprinted CSS. Which is it? Make the name on your site and the name on your buttons all the same to save confusion and make your site seem more professional. If the full name is Imprinted Premades but people just call it Imprinted (like Soroptimist/Soroptimist Directory), you still should have the full name on your layout and buttons. Next, some of your layout previews link to blank pages. If you're going to link to petpages, you should always be checking them to make sure the people haven't taken them down or whatever have you. I really like that you have live previews, but I would find it easier just to drag the image to the address bar and see a large screen shot. (For example, the pink petpage links to the blue one, the first pet page layout and the last one lead to empty pages) Finally, there are a few things I would tweak about your layout. For starters, there is a sidescrolling scrollbar, and those always annoy me -_- I can't tell you how many times I've sat there for an extra 15 minutes trying everything to get rid of the stupid scrollbar in all different browsers. Next is that the bottom of your layout just seems to cut off =/ You should have the white border go around the bottom, too, and possibly round the corners so it fits with your whole round theme. I think the "Imprinted" title would have looked nicer if it had been pink instead of the image background, with maybe a fat diagonal striped overlay? I also would try to squeeze everything together on the main page so as not to have that scrollbar there. (ie Use tables to position "about" and "rules" next to each other, and then "updates" below. Also, I would stretch the updates box out to the width of the whole area). You don't need to center everything, either. The layouts are good centered, but if you do reposition it to how I mentioned, it would probably look better if the updates, rules, and such were aligned to the left.
Your site is off to a good start and I can't wait to see how you improve. Try to get a little more detailed with your premades, but other than that keep up the good work.


Dear Cassidy,
I see that you are going on hiatus, but if I remember correctly, you told me you were always hoping you'd get spotted. If that wasn't you, well oops :p heh. Anyway, I obviously love your site, seeing as I'm affiliates with it on 8i7. You do a good job at keeping everything updated and fresh, even when it comes to announcing a hiatus (vs. just going dead like some people might do -_- ) I like your use of colors and the background.
What I Like: Like I said, I like layouts that have nice colors that are easy on the eyes. The background is great, too. I really like how you have your welcome page set up and some of the features your site has to offer - it's not just a premade site, but a ranking site, a request site, a review site, and so on and so forth. A lot of people would split all of that up into different sites, but you put it all into one. I like that.
What I would Change: The asterisks are cool, but a little annoying. They're clever, but not very practical. It's good that you put what each of them where in an alt/title, but it would just be easier and more straight forward to just have the navigation say where it's leading to. Another little thing I noticed is that your scrollbar overflows - it doesn't fit into the space. Other than that, I really don't have much to say. You have nice content, add to it when you get the chance.
Overall, your site is really great. You offer so much for people, and you're on your way to having a super multi-faceted site.

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[[06.27.11]]// Hey guys, check out the new competition I've been working on with Karlee right here.
[[06.14.11]]// I am back! I hope. We'll see how it goes. Cleaned up around the site and came up with a new layout. Time to do a little spotting?
[[06.12.11]]// Needless to say, the site died for a while there, but I think I'll bring it back. A completely revamped ICU is on the way.

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