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nicebunny's art page

Welcome to my mess of an art page xD
Please don't take anything that was not drawn for you
Link back to my main, nicebunny, if you wish to link back since i tend to move my art page around time to time.

link back?
feel free to mail me if you'd like to trade links!

Candy's Art Portfolio

Visitors since 20th february 2018

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! Please save anything I've drawn for you, I will clear this section time to time !
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art gallery entries

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no entries for 2019 yet :(
watch this space :p

Entries below are from 2018

Entries below are from 2014-2016
Most of this stuff is really old OTL

frequently asked questions

What software do you use for animation?
I use photoshop for animations c:

What software do you draw with?
SAI mostly, occasionally Clip Studio Paint

What tablet do you use?
Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, I sometimes use my iPad Pro 2 with apple pencil

What drawing app do you use on iPad Pro?
I'm currently using Clip Studio Paint

Do you do art trades/requests?
Please check my art status

Can I draw any of your pet/characters?
Of course, I'm always happy to receive art n_n

Got a question and it's not written here?
Feel free to ask me n_n

art status

Art Trades ask me Requests closed dA iyru

general information

  • check above for my status
  • anything drawn for you should be for personal use only
  • do not steal, edit, trace or copy any of my art
  • i will not work from written descriptions, no exceptions sorry
  • customisations are okay, just be aware quads are not my strengths
  • always credit my art to nicebunny
  • don't take or use anything that was not drawn for you
  • if i've already taken down your art from pickup and you need it again, please let me know and i can readd it temporarily
  • feel free to ask for a wip if i'm taking too long on my half!
  • art trade or requests

  • provide at least one full body coloured reference of your pet, the more references the better
  • when asking for a trade, please show me examples of your art so i know what to expect!
  • feel free to ask for another art trade if i've done one with you before

art trade list

  • [01/04/19] art trade with escaiedail
    see pick up!

  • [dd/mm/yy] text here
    text here

  • [dd/mm/yy] text here
    text here

mizuru the woodland cybunny


Mizuru was born on the afternoon(uk time) of Wednesday 27th February 2013. Mizuru's name has the meaning of water stream/flow (水流) in Japanese. It is a name used by both genders. She was created as a Kacheek in hopes of becoming a labbed BD pet. She reached her final zap for now on the 14th July 2014 as a Woodland Cybunny!

Lab Log

battledome stats

last updated 16/03/19

  • Level: 203
  • Health: 1059 / 1059
  • Strength: ULTIMATE (718)
  • Defence: ULTIMATE (457)
  • Move: ULTIMATE (399)
  • Intelligence: ULTIMATE GENIUS (440)

  • the art collection

    ! drag to url bar for full size !
    art credit in hover over, thank you to everyone who has drawn her ♥


    reference sheet

    current customisation

    sketch dump

    pixel dump

    Themed beauty contest preview: 5th ~ 12th April 2019


    pending art trades