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UPDATE: Ch 15 - Xandra, having revealed her true nature, tries to entice Hanso into joining her in ruling Neopia. Will he give in, or try to free Neopia from Xandra's control? Meanwhile, Brynn faces an old foe once again... Oblivion Returns STEP!

CH 13 - Something horrible has happened...

= What is currently happening in the plot. (Updated)

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Healing Springs

The Faeries' Ruin Plot LINKS

Faerie Festival

Comics/Fearless Deeds

Xandra's Library

Castle Nox

Castle Nox - Master Control Platform

Into the Fray - The Battle of Brightvale - The Shattered Plain

The Finneus J. Scrollbottom Auxiliary Surplus Archives
Read Ch 7, Go to Brightvale and refresh till you see a link at the bottom of the page. NOTE THE LINK IS NOW ON TOP OF THE PAGE ABOVE THE PIC.

The Wraith Caverns
Read Ch 9, Go to Brightvale then to Meridell. Then some how you should be in the cave.

The Plain of Peace

Xandra STEP!

User guides that offers help to get through the TFR plot.

mindy_moo22 - - Ch. 13

karlsomewhat14 - - Ch. 13

dudeiloled - - Ch. 13

tncextra - - Ch. 13

cattrin - - Ch. 12

dragondraca - - Ch. 13

User guides in another language.

kic444 - - DUTCH

Guides that have more than one help on Ch12

X -

X -

Stabilization Guides

X -

X -

X -

X -

Container Guide

X -

Guiding Guides

dawningstar -

Opponents Cap - Ch 12 Battle

Shadow Phantom Minion - 50
Shadow Phantom Destroyer - 40
Shadow Phantom Commander - 30


silvercyanidesguides -

sarika -

garmfay -

purple_starling -

fallwinter -

rabid_schnauzer -

tropario -

gcabeth -

a_passing_faerie -

Chapter 9: Read Chapter 9, Go to Brightvale, click go to Meridell, then it should have taken you to a cave.
Then go through the caves. If you need help, read the guides above. Or go to the plot board for help.

Chapter 9 Walk-through, How to get the 3 Achievements Guide

qerrom -

kass883 -

How to get the Goo Whisperer Achievement Guide

aviaticus -

Never Gonna Shut You Up, Never Gonna Quiet You Down Achievement Guide

neonimbius -

The Finneus J. Scrollbottom Auxiliary Surplus Archives

kass883 -

peri0neo -

no_highway_option -

missingmarbles -

whispering_acara -

Ch 2 - Xandra's Library Maze Book Names:

Dark Faerie Secrets
Inside a Haunted Tomb
Haunted Mynci

Ch 2 - Hubrid Nox Treasure Chest Treasure Chest - Spooky Pet List:


Help with Fort Nox

sumthingshiny -

mr_meenie_2 -

Also look on the plot board for a thread titled 'FORT NOX: Guaranteed', that can help you. Need more help, just neomail mr_meenie_2

Plot Screenies

whispering_acara -

gatedne / teddi_wuz_here -

The Faeries' Ruin Theory Pages

horselvr565 -

pinkrangerisme -

sequenna -

Non-flash Comics

emineu -
On yrxy petpage it has a nonflash comic of the TFR Comics for people with dialup and such.

Fake TFR Comics

_hplvr12345_ -

seahorsepond -

laser_fire -

van_kouen -

X -


ryeuuk -
Scared Stiff is a page of TFR Premade userlook ups, banners, icons, badges... So go check out swhm if you want a TFR premade userlook up

The Plot Newbie Mentorship Program

The Plot Newbie Mentorship Program, better known as PNMP. Created to help people who've never participated or completed a plot before. Many helpful veteran neopians have volunteered their time to help others better understand plots.

This program pairs up a mentor with a mentee, giving them someone to neomail when needing help. We are currently in need of mentors!

Please make sure to read the PLOT BOARD AND LOOK for PNMP: The Plot Newbie Mentorship Program. Where you can ask all kinds of questions about the plot, no matter how stupid or silly the questions are. All questions will be answered.

Please see for details! - Owner _bambamboo

Directory of Miscellaneous Links. Worth checking out.

neo__rainbow -

jogglystrantensoreur -

_neofame_ -

artefact IS NOT MISSPELLED, it's a British variant of artifact.

EDITORIAL - TNT said 'We use British spellings because it is traditional for Neopets, and we don't think our writers could stop even if they wanted to.

Removed Links

UPDATED on November 9th -
I go through the guides looking to see if they still work, are being updated. I have removed the links that were placed here, since the guides have become less helpful, due to many reasons. If your guide has been removed from this directory it was because of that.