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[[And Yes, Miro lost her bracelets as well in rp happenings... You may see them later on though...*wink wink* ]]

♥The Meeting♥

On a beautiful morning, you walk through a shallow meadow, filled with bright green grass that shimmeres in the sun's rays. As you walk, you hear a rustle in the bushes in the darker parts of the meadow. You decide to be curious and walk towards it. You then see brown ears pop up from the bushes around the meadow. You hear a giggling, but then it turns into a snarl, and the4 meadow around you turns into a red abyss of black evil. You hear a screetching wake up. You wake up to a beautiful lupess standing above you, looking concerned. "Are you alright?" she asked. You slowly nod up and down, she had the same ears that you saw in your dream! You politley smile, as the fea smiles back. "Would you like to hear my story?" she askes pol;itly. She slowly jumps onto a rock and smiles, beggining a story.


Name: Mirokunina
Pronunciation: My-ro-koo-nee-na
Alias: Miro, Miroko
Gender: Female
Is: Interested
Crush: Yes.. ^-^ Inu.....
Friends: Inu, Cry, Kit, Angel, Hawk, and Lotta.
Pack: Misty Claws Clan
Markings: Perfectly drawn in background. (She lost her necklace in rp happenings.)
Thought: Hope, Love


Chapter 1: The Begining.

My story happened a long time ago, where people accepted the earth unto which it was born. In a damp cave, the fresh smell of puppie breath filled the den, for there you could fine a proud mother and father, one of the purest orange, and the other of the purest black. My father, was not like other wolves. He was one of the chosen ones, to lead the demons to safety, out of the fires of hell. While my mother, an angel of the night. She lurked and paused at every shadowy corner of neopia, it was her home. In the soft den, my mother licked all of the litter clean, inspecting each one, knowing the next chosen one in the line of my fathers would be born. And I was. Out of all of the grey wolves born, I was the only one with the mark, the stripe and dots of the demons leader. My father was proud, but my mother was frightened. She was scared for me, leading all of the souls out of hell. She got over it, but then, right in the den, news came about the pack that the Bloodspills, another pack that rampages throughout other pack, were about to attack. My father sent for the males to prepare for battle, he signaled for my mother to align the females to save their kin. As our pack fought for their life, the females sneaked across the plains, trying not to be seen, my mother as leader. The war raged on as some of our pack was falling, The bloodcurdling cries of my pack mates were the first thing for my ears to listen to. Joyous no? My father, leading the pack was raging and raging, and every time I took a glimpse at him, I saw a red shimmer in his eyes.

But the Bloodspills were about to attack once more. My father took a deep breath and seemed to exhale blood. His eyes became bright red as the wind swirled about him. He lifted into the air and began slashing at the Bloodspills. Just when he though he was done, a Bloodspill came up behind him and slashed him on the back. He instantly died. Of course I was first born then and could not do a thing. The bLoodspills quickly found the females. My mother had no time to run, no time to hide, with three pups in her mouth. She began to run, leaving the other behind. She came upon a river, a small creek. She found a small mushroom case (for I was just born) and wrapped me in the silky plant. She lifted me off into the small river. The last thing I heard her say was,"May the ancestors be with you, may they be with us all." She then ran off with my siblings, and never saw them again.

As I traveled down the endless river, across plains, forests and marshes, I came upon a wintry place. Snow gently falling upon the river, slowly making the river freeze, thus making my travels end. I stayed there without warmth of love or anything. But, then , in the distance, I snowy white wolf saw me. She was a thankful lupess and took care of me for all those years. Her name was Shaman. She brought me to her home, and warmly welcomes me. Once I grew up more, I was the only orange lupess there, the rest being light colors such as white, yellow, and grey. They always thought of me to be a demon. Except one, her name was Mona. A beautiful White wolf with blue spots on all eyes, beautiful blue eyes that could always warm you right up. She was my best friend, we played, explored, and got into trouble. I never knew on what had really happened to my REAL parents. I thought that Shaman was my real mother and Mona as being my real sister. I never knew the truth. But that day, when I just turned 10 years old (human years), the Bloodspills attacked my once called home. All of the males fought as the females tried to save the pups. But, of course Mona and I were out exploring. When we decided to travel back home, we came home and heard cries and yelps for help. Our pack was dying.

Our paws padded against the icy ground as we yelped toward the pack, wanting to help but knew we would die. Mona began to cry as she saw her family die, and thought mine as well. We sat there on top of the snow hill and watched out pack be slaughtered. Once out pack was completely dead, we saw the females head over the icy wasteland, trying to escape. While the Bloodspill pack sensed them, they ran toward them. Shaman, the Alpha female, noticed them. She ordered them to all begin to run. Mona and I tried to head them off. We were young then, thinking we were the most powerful wolves there. We were dead wrong. Mona and I skidded in front of the demonic pack, making them slide to a halt. They smiled at each other and prepared to kill us. Mona showed no fear, while I hid behind her. All the while, I was having flash backs of the night my dad died, my REAL family died. It gave me the thought when my mother spoke to me that last time, and the trip down the river, and the first person I ever saw, Shaman. I then realized I was not apart of this pack. I needed revenge. I ran toward the killers, knocking Mona out of the way. My eyes became bright red and my tassle started on fire. My claws enlarged and I fought at them. I was a raging ball of fluff killing everything in my path. Mona stood back in fear of me, not knowing what to do, to stay, or to run….She should have ran. I had a power, not like any wolf alive. I have the demonic curse, a curse only given by demonic souls, such as the Bloodspills. After the pain they gave me, they scarred me for life, the demonic curse of the northern stars. Now, whenever I am emotional, or am afraid to do anything, I rage into my cursed self. I am now a demon, not destined for a life on this earth…..As she watched me murder every single one of those killers Shaman saw us. She ran over to us and watched in fear. Once I killed every one, I saw Shaman and Mona and thought of them as murders as well. I…..-sigh- Killed them as well. After my moment was over, I saw the blood spurted on my pelt, and the blood that was on Mona. She was dead. I cried and cried and prayed for her to not be dead. I stayed there for a week thinking she would be alright. She wasn't, she was gone. I hated myself ever since. Everyone has stayed away from me, feared me, that is why I have barely any friends….Once I am in that state of being invincible, I am the most vulnerable. If anyone attacked me at that time, I would instantly die. I must protect my self and others by hiding, or traveling in the corners of neopia. No one will accept me for who I am.

Chapter 2: My Future

Now that I have met some friends that understand my ways a bit more, I can relate to them. My demonic form has not appeared for quite some time now, has it gone? Of course not...that would be impossible. I have met many a friends, Kit, Cry, Inu..Ah! Inu, he is the most nicest creature I have ever met. He also has demon problems, almost exactly like me. Well, we are both dead now because of this stupid curse. To get to be a soul reaper, we need to be dead, to visit the earth once more. We are fighting to be together still, I don't know if I can make it, please, stay with me.

As time has passed, I have learned how to oversome my demon inside of myself. I am not as possessed now. The time is coming too near, the day to become reapers. I really am scared, but, I know Inu will always stay by me. We will die together fighting.


Inu, -sigh- I like him. A lot. He is my best friend, and I have really strong feelings for him. His heart is kind and loving, that's what I like him. I may be fallings for him, but I know his choice is the most important. I would not be disappointed if her doesn't care for me that way, but, I can't help but feel warm when I'm around him. Inu, please understand, I do not want to ruin this friendship.

Angel, she has a lot of spirit in her soul. She has given me temporary wings, a new earring, friendship, but most important, love. I feel like I can be my self around her, not having to act like I'm not a demon, but I can't help it. We have played paintball, flown together, seen her family, and I helped her be more than just a demon, a real person. I will always stay by her, she is one of my best friends...

This is Cycryai,. I call him Cry for short though. I haven't seen him in ages, not knowing if he has found love or not. When I first saw him, he was like a mystic being infront of me. He saved me from a terrible storm, and a sea monster. O.o Well, through everything, he has always been there for me, I just keep dreaming, and longing for his face. -sigh- I will see him sooner or later, but, I wish he would come back, he will alawys be one of my best friends....

This is Hawk. I just recently met her, and I do not know much about her. She seems like the friendly sort, one that likes to prance and run, full of energy and spirit. I can see her as being a very trustful and long lasting friend. We will continue our travels, and progress on through our lives. I love ya Hawk! ^^

Kit, he has always been by my side, never acted rude or nasty around a young fea like me. He has always been charming. I always go to him for my problems and would never lie to him, and I know he would do the same for me. He is one of my best friends now, now that I am more understanding, now that I can see more of the light than darkness. Kit will always be with me, and I will always be with Kit.


This is my pack, the pack known as, The Misty Claws Clan. If you would like to join, please neomail nfcplaya and she will gladly welcome you with open arms, just look at the bottom, below the members and see if any spots are opened. ^^ IF you join, and since we are a pack, you will get a piece of food each week!

Alpha Female: Mirokunina
Alpha Male: OPEN
Beta Female: Asavina
Beta Male: Sciai
Delta: Ahuela
2nd Delta: CyroDart
Gamma: Toyabe
2nd Gamma: Torak
3rd Gamma: OPEN
Subordinate: Xahriya
Hunter: Wolfking0007
2nd Hunter: Amaterasuwolf
3rd Hunter: OPEN
Protector: OPEN
CareTaker: Chad

Pack members are: OPEN

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1. wolfdemon_immortal
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I have not yet finished some of the basic colors yet, so, please be patient! ^-^





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♥ Distant Lands ♥

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