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Howdy there, guest. Its Smileforlifedom here and you are reading my wonderful 50k a day guide! Keep in mind, I average the results on the games. I try to keep them at a reasonable level, but games are harder for some, then others. If you cannot reach the goal mentioned, PLEASE DONT NEOMAIL ME! I try my best to keep them reasonable. If you follow this guide every day, You'll be rich in no time, and be able to afford that elusive paintbrush you've been dying for! And, Hopefully, next time you visit, Minipoptards will be a beautiful Royal Girl Korbie xD
1.75/1.75 Mill
(^Achieved :) Well... I have a royal peo. Close enough ;)!) Good luck!

xoxo, Smile �


Here I am, Once More =D Good ol' Smile =P My 15th birthday is rapidly approaching, not that i really care because i got both of my presents early (Beautiful thouroughbred mare and a new phone). In other news, PANIC AT THE DISCO TICKETS ARE ALL MINE, BABY.
So excited, only another 4mnths till im rocking out at the Panic at the disco concert =D Word of advice; Go buy Pretty.odd, possibly the best album ever. Oh-so far from mainstream (thank god). If i can get around to it, i might mess with the background a bit. Who knows? I got a job at coles (local shopping centre) recently (hurrah?). Unfortunetly, the position is in the deli *I'm a vegetarian* So now i have to provide barbaric, carnivorous customers with slaughtered animals for their consumption! fun fun...

xx smile
positive/negative neomails would be great, great, GREAT.I really want to hear from you! so if your reading this, go down to the bottom of this page and click "neomail me" :P Thanks

23/01/08Smile is BACK IN ACTION :) Hurrah. Only 6 more days until i'm thrown back into the Freak Pit that is my high school. VERY long time, No Update xD Sorry about that! Been busy sorting things out in my life and between depression and music, I havent been able to muck around on here D= Am LOVING Motion City Soundtrack xD They are tied with Fall Out boy, In my book � Anyways, Im off to fix some broken links and add some more games :) Wish me luck! Would love to hear from you. Your undying support has helped immensely. xoxo -Smile.

23/11/07:Check out my photography page! http://www.neopets.com/~Undraye
Steal and I will Hunt you down

4/11/07:Long Time No Update aye? Are we all still using this page? If so, would LOVE to get mail from you. Will take down if no response. Not really on neo much anymore. FINALLY reached my goal but since the new Korbies look horrific with the redraw, I painted my peo. Next Goal is Lab-Map. WISH ME LUCK! =D Hope you are all going well with earning! Am loving The Academy Is... right now. Got their new album- "Santi" IT ROCKS =D Am still loving Fall Out Boy with all my heart...See you around everyone :D

23/08/07:Not Updating Much anymore. Hardly ever come on NP. Can't find the time to update... Thanks for your support, will keep the page up. Thanks and Good Luck earning NP... For the Last time... (maybe... =P)

11/08/07:Have you ever played the game "dear radio"? pretty much you sit in your car (or you can use your ipod)and no matter how you are feeling you say "dear radio/Ipod, ____________?" and then hit seek on the radio or the shuffle button on your ipod. I swear to god the song playing answers the question. Its like magic eight ball.
I dont believe in anything and i am kind of a believer.
Feel free to mail me and Tell me what you asked your Ipod and what song replied. I love reading about them.
There is truly no point in this Update.

Erm, Well HOPEFULLY I can add some games soon. Thanks for your patience!

Q. Where will I die?
A. Holiday From Real- Jacks Mannequin

Q. When will I meet Patrick Stump?
A. Tommorow- Silverchair (Holy Moly... Thats Pretty Cool!)

Q. Will I make it Through School?
A. Mad World- Gray Jules (I totally Agree)

29/07/07: My New Paramore CD arrived today =D Really happy. It's AWSOME! Erm. Added a few more Sponser clicks aswell as some affies. Wanna be affies? Neomail me =D Thanks everyone for the immense support you have showed my guide. It is much appreciated! � � � School is fiercy depleating my energy... (w00t, but my work paid off, I got 6 "A's" and 1 "C"- The C was for HPE =P) Haven't been able to do any MAJOR updates. I think a big update is long overdue though. Thank-you for being patient � Listening to "Saturday- Fall Out Boy" Man, I love this song...(not that you really care =P) "Two More weeks, My Foot is in the door, I can't sleep in the wake of Saturday"

24/07/07: Wow! It looks like I was misktaken! Thank-you EVERYONE who neomailed me with their support! It was great. Well, I changed the background... What does everyone think? =/ If you like, please neomail me saying so.... If not and you prefer the other one... Neomail me saying so. This is just so I can get a general idea! Thanks SO much everyone and keep earning NP! =P

23/07/07: Sorry, Haven't had time for Neo lately. Between school, my horse and music, I've had hardly any computer time lately D=. Does anyone even USE this page anymore? If so, I'll keep it up. If not, I may aswell take it down =/lol... Once again, Feel Free to mail me. Suggestions, Requests, ANYTHING is welcome =D GOOD LUCK!

15/07/07: Sorry Guys! Been Super busy and haven't had enough time to update anything. Apart from adding a few more games, thats all I have time to do these days. I'm getting a bit sick of the rainbow background... Anyone agree? -Feel free to Neomail Me with Suggestions/Requests for a new Background- FOB concert only another 2 months away. Uber excited...Anyway, I'm off! Good Luck Earning Np's!


Just click each link and follow the directions every day.

Coltzan's Shrine
See what Coltzan Gives you!
Every 12 Hours.

Fruit Machine
Free Spin!
Once a Day

Will You Get lucky?
Once a Day

Shenkuu Lunar
Check out This AWSOME guide: Guide

Geraptiku, Deserted Tomb
What will you find in the Desterted Tomb?
Once a Day

Underwater Fishing
Fish for items.
Every 12 hours.

Rich Slorg
Get 50np or 100np from the rich slorg!
Once a day.

Bank Interest
Collect Your Interest.
Once a day.

Altador Quest Prizes
Collect your Altador Prize.
Once a Day.
NOTE: Only availible to those Who comleted the Altador Plot

Wheel Of Excitement
Spin the Wheel of Excitement for 150np
Once every 2 hours.

Wheel of Knowledge
Spin the Wheel of Knowledge for 500np
Once every 24 hours.

Try and Steal a negg from the Snowager!
6-7 AM, 2-3PM & 10-11PM NST

Wheel of Monotony
Spin the Wheel of Monotony for 100np
Once every 24 hours.

Test Your Strength
Can you Reach the Top?
Once every 6 hours.

Buried Treasure
Can you find the Treasure?
Once every 3 hours.

Lab Ray
What will your Pet Turn into?
Once a Day
Petpet Lab Ray
What will your Petpet be Transformed into?
Once a day

Wise Old King Hagan
Have a Wisedom battle with King Hagan
Once a day

Moody King Skarl
Try and make the Old crackpot Laugh!
Twice every 24 hours

Faerieland Employment Agency
Try and get a job!
Refreshes every 10 minutes past the hour (eg. 10:10, 10:20, 10:30 etc.)

Igloo Garge Sale
Try and Snag yourself some Cheap items!

Monthly Freebies
Collect 2000np and Free Food every Month!
Once a Month

Try and wake the Sleeping Turmaculus for a Prize!

Healing Springs
The magical faerie can heal your pets!
Once every half hour.

Meteor Crash Site
Test your luck and see if the meteor will give you a free item!

Get a free Omlette!

Sponsor Clicks

Just find the Red NP and Click it. The neopoints will NOT be rewarded straight away.



Froot Loops

Son Of the Mask



Sultan's Quest

Coming Soon




Play each of the following games every day and reach the recommended scores! If you have trouble with any of the games, Just score what you can. Good luck! (Oh, and remember to have FUN when playing these games! That is the point!)Also, Below a few of the games are links leading to Mirror Games. This means that it is the same game but you can play it another 3 times.

Meerca Chase
Objective: Try and score around 400+ points each game.
Cheats: Type "superextrahypergravitymode" to play a special level.
Type "superferociousneggsareontheloose" to play a special level.
Click Here For Mirror Game

Fashion Fever
Objective: Simply click "Randomise" and then send your score!

Meepit Vs. Feepit
Objective: Try and score 1000+ points Tips: Beat the meepit, then let it beat you. Beat it again and let it beat you in the round after that. Win the next round. If you do this using the special moves, "ZXZX" and "XZXZ", You should score maximum points.

Ultimate Bullseye
Objective: Try and score 50+ points. (I find this game easy, but it is harder for others)
Cheat: Type "catapult" to get a free power-up.
Click Here For Mirror Game

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway
Objective: Try and Score 700+ points.
Cheats: Type "lookoutbruno" at any time for an extra life.
Type "monstermovie" to change from colour to black and white.

Objective: Try and score 500+ points.

Slime Wheel
Objective: Spin the Wheel for Neopoints.

Lucky Charms: Triple Track
Objective: Score around 400+ points.

Usuki Frenzy
Objective: Nice, Easy Game! Score 100+ points

Faerie Caves 2
Objective: Try to score around 600+
Cheats: Type "quaglor" to skip a level

Objective: Easy game! LOL. Lets say, 600+ points?
Click Here For Mirror game.

Turmac Roll
Objective: Try and Score 300+ points. Really a game of luck.

Buzz Honey Throw
Objective: Attempt to score 400+ points

Objective: Try and score 1500+ at this game. I usually score 3000+. (Its pretty easy. Just see how you go.)
Cheats: Type "buuuurrrrrrrrp" (With Exactly 4 u's and 8 r's)This will decrease your bloatedness (is that a word?) by 50%

Bumble Beams
Objective: Try and score 700+. I love this game and I find it super easy. If you can't score enough points, Dont sweat, It comes with practice. You just gotta get into a routine.

Monster House
Objective: Score 2500 points (Play 3 times and you should end up with 3k =D)

Eye of the Storm
Objective: Try and score 3000+.

Objective: I love this game... Try and get 300+ each time.

Sophie's Stew
Objective: Ok. So I am not really good at this game. I kinda smell at it. My average score is 300+ but most people can do ALOT better than that

Objective: I've taking a shining to this game ever since I was falsely frozen (smileforlifedom) -_-. Anyways, Try to score around 1800+

Jubble Bubble
Objective: Catch all the poor JubJub's + all the bonuses. Try and score approx. 700+ This game is fairly easy =D

Extreme Herder
Objective: Herd up all the petpets before the Balthazar gets them! Always make sure you save all the petpet's in each level to get the Save all bonus! Try and score 200+ points

Hasee Bounce
Objective: Nice and easy game! Try and score 200+
Cheats: When you only have a few more seconds of time left, Type "doughnutfruit" This will reset your time!

Ice Cream Machine
Objective: � this game. It's awsome! LOL. Try to score 7000+
Cheats: When FIRST starting the game and the strawberry ice-cream splatter comes up before the first round, type "strawberryvanillachocolate" This will give you an extra life.

Objective: Watch the Video and Spin the Wheel. No skill Involved ;)Can get up to 800np in one spin
Cheats: Can be played 5 times a day

River Rush
Objective: I L-O-V-E this game. Possibly my favourite xD Its so fun to play! Try to score 400+ each time. Should be a piece of cake =D

200m Peanut Dash
Objective: This game is fairly easy. Just make sure with every jump, you use a special one (More info under the "Instructions Menu" in the game. Try and score 600+

Mootix Drop
Objective: I, personally, smell at this game, but alot of people dont :) so good luck! Im just plain unco-ordinated. I can only score around 100+ but aim for around 300+. Hope your better than I am ;)

Wicked Wocky Wobble
Objective: Pretty straightforward game that basically anyone (with or without skill) can play. Attempt for 300+


Help me, help you xD Put one of our spiffy little banners one your lookie and help support my guide! It would be greatly appreciated!ALSO, � my page? Have your own special page that your trying to get out there? Neomail me asking to be Affie's!

Got a Question? Comment? Rating? Neomail Me!

Neomail- Open
Neofriend Requests- Closed (Unless I Know You)
Guild Invites- Closed
Battle Requests- Closed
Customs- Closed
Affie requests- Closed

Made By Smileforlifedom

Made By Smileforlifedom

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Here a just some spiffy awards I've been given xD

Congratulations!! (Made by Limme)

Thanks A Bunch

I would just like to thank the following people for helping with Advertising or making me and ad xD




This page is dedicated to Patrick Stump
His heavenly voice has gently sung me to sleep many-a times.

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