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OHWD Board Title Archive

Started on June 10 2011
On 6/9/2012 I started to record who made the title up.
(The names are in this color)

OHWD #1 // A thousand years of darkness over the cup.
OHWD #1441 // Where cannibalism is encouraged!
OHWD #1500 // We in yo' seas, sinkin' yo' ships, sweepin' yo' teams.
OHWD #1518 // (Today's Victory WILL NOT be a mirage!)
OHWD #1519 // HW uses Winners Curse on's super effective!
OHWD #1520 // At least our mummies' bandages aren't covered with dust...
OHWD #1521 // Skittles for breakfast? Taste the rainbow!*flower*
OHWD #1522 // Who needs a lake? We swim in our opponents' tears.
OHWD#1523 // You best start believing in ghost stories, KL, you're in one
OHWD #1524// You'll need more than a bandaid when we're done with you.
OHWD #1525 //We'll show what the REAL Terror is!*yarr*
OHWD #1526 // We have a cure for brain freeze...
OHWD #1527 // The Igloo Garage Sale doesn't sell wins
OHWD #1528 //Your abominable snowmen are nothing compared to our zombies
OHWD #1529 // What's wrong? Cells blocked?
OHWD #1530 // Feel free to crash on our backyard as well, we don't bite.
OHWD #1531 // Last person to win the cup again is a rotten egg! :O
OHWD #1532 // We all know what happened to the OTHER floating city...
OHWD #1533 // Hey Darigan, Your Yooyu is Broken
OHWD #1534// King Hagan says, "I already knew HW was good."
OHWD #1535// Need a nightlight, Brightvale?
OHWD #1536:// Esophagor Says: I AMMM HUNGGRRYYY... feeed meee a WIN!
OHWD #1537// BV on Toast? BV is toast!
OHWD #1538// It's time to douse the fire like we thwarted them scholars
OHWD #1539:// It may be your cup, but we'll beat you at your own game!
OHWD #1540 // Solar Eclipse provided by: Haunted Woods!
OHWD #1542 // Dinosaurs: Second Extinction in progress!
OHWD #1543 // Breaking News: Zombies Caused Extinction, NOT Meteor!
OHWD #1544 // We're the reason why mr. coconut says good night.
OHWD #1545 // Four for you Zo Junior, you go ZO Junior
OHWD #1546 // The Ghost Lupe growls 'Did you know that MI is haunted?'
OHWD #1547 // We Know Zo Is The Foe To Break The Flow Of Woe
OHWD #1548// Better not follow the lead of the sleeper in these woods...
OHWD #1549//It's gonna be the Haunted Woods Cup after we're done with AL!
OHWD #1550// We make the Darkest Faerie look kind, jussayin'.
OHWD #1551// Your treats aren't good enough for us - brain candy!
OHWD #1553// Double victory all the way across the Citadel!
OHWD #1554 // Still to be decided: Layton Vickles, slug or hissi?
OHWD #1555 // Yes. Our faces are spooky. (") ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (")
OHWD #1556 // Keep on Howlin'
OHWD #1157 // Kreludor: Prepare to be ECLIPSED!
OHWD #1558 // HW + MD = bad knight puns
OHWD #1559// *hauntedwoods* vs *meridell* (sorry for the other board MD)
OHWD #1560 // We'll show you what horROOr is
OHWD #1561 // Our Zombusul says your brains taste punny
OHWD # 1564// We are BAD, BAD, BAD
OHWD # 1565// Second Tier 6th Place... Is what we want....
OHWD # 1566 // Faeries have brains too... with sugar dust on em! Dessert!
OHWD #1567//We don't need wings to fly first class to second tier!
OHWD #1568:// FL, you left Edward Cullen here during our last match!
OHWD #1569:// We like our popcorn in the cold too. (princess_forever_03)
OHWD #1570 // Last time I checked, Terror Mountain was just a Mountain
OHWD #1571 // Terror Mountain? More like Happiness Hill...
OHWD # 1572 // MI, there's a reason you need the Training School!
OHWD #1573 // If we don't win who will?
OHWD #1574:// Sandy, Gritty Brains are still brains, my friends
OHWD #1575 // You have mummies, we have Skellington
OWHD #1576 // Wan Dirx: The Only Mummy that matters!
OHWD #1577 // Bring out the Awesome, Haunties!
OHWD #1578// I heard cavemen have small brains, we'll go hungry tonight.
OHWD #1579// Home of MANBEARPIG!!!
OHWD #1580 // Wan Dirx against Mushu - the battle of the lizards!
OHWD #1582://Green tea? No thanks, I'll stick with brains...
OHWD #1583 //: Brain soup is great with toast!
OHWD #1584 // The Brain Tree is smarter than King Hagan!
OHWD #1585 // Zombies, vampires, mutants, ghouls, and werelupes vs. Fish
OHWD #1586 // A watery grave is still a grave
OHWD #1587 // When this round is over, it's back to sea world for you!
OHWD #1588 // We know: fish are friends and not food. But we eat friends.
OHWD #1589 // Time to play some Deckswabber!
OHWD #1590 // Ghost Ship (greater than sign) Pirate Ship
OHWD #1591// Brains over booty anyday!
OHWD #1593// Fire can't stop ghosts, they just go right through it.
OHWD #1594 // Magma is such a funny word. Magma...
OHWD # 1595: Onwards for the Haunted Citadel!!! AAAAAOOOOMWAHAHA!
OHWD #1596// You Don't Mess With the ZOhan
OHWD #1597:// Have you found me yet?
OHWD #1598// Finals
OHWD #1599// We ARE the shadows you lurk in
OHWD #1600// We may bed UNDEAD, but we never say DIE!
OHWD #1601//TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Ghosts
OHWD #1602// We Don't Need A Job Cupoun, We Already Know Our Profession!
OHWD #1603// Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Evil, Wisdom vs. Brains
OHWD #1604// And so begins our climb back to the top...
OHWD #1605//Prepare for trouble and make it DC/HW double!" :x
OHWD #1606 // -burns kettlecorns-
OHWD #1607//Wow. This board is dead. Just the way I like it
OHWD 1608:// Home of every crazy sandwich under the moon
OHWD 1608:// It's been an amazing year guys!
OHWD #1609// Back to the graveyard - scare you next year
OHWD #1610 // Haunties are pure spirits, we will always be around (unpure spirits)
OHWD #1611 // Monsieur Hwillin pwns all.
OHWD #1612 // Busy playing Key Quest... BRB
OHWD #1613 // KI underwater? There goes our dinner!
OHWD #1614 // Looks like the Dubloon-O-Matic stole Chuck Norris' dubloons
OHWD #1615 // Drooling over giant squid's brrraaain... Can we have a bite?
OHWD #1616 // Wonder CABBAGE powers, activate!
OHWD #1617 // Where friendship is magic and Cookies are infinite~
OHWD 1618:// La la la la la la la la la la la la la la *BITES YOUR FACE*
OHWD #1619 // The Zombie Ninja Strikes Again!
OHWD #1621 // Bye Bye AC Board
OHWD 1622 // Brb, hardcore avatar hunting in progress!!
OHWD #1629 // So Evil, we scare ourselves
OHWD #1630 // We're evil and we eat brains. But in a nice way, you know?
OHWD #1631 // Ghosts. Zombies. Meepits. End of story.
OHWD #1637 // I am Zombie, Hear me ROAR!
OHWD #1642 // Robot Unicorn Attack.
OHWD #1647// You think we are scary now? Wait until Halloween.
OHWD #1648// We are the shadows on the moon at night!
OHWD #1654// We lost our brains! Please leave a message after the rawr.
OHWD #1655:// I'm back, my children.
OHWD #1657//Have a haunted Christmas!
OHWD #1658//Sandy Claws is gunning for you!
OHWD #1659// Home of the creepy crawlers of Neopia
OHWD #1672//Countdown: 3 months to losing your brains...
OHWD #1677// We like our neggs ferocious, with a side of braaaaaaaaiiiins.
OHWD #1678// *fire**fire**light**fire**fire**jinjah*
OHWD #1679// Saying NO! to the Crafting Faerie since Y13
OHWD #1680// kiwi in the forest
OHWD #1681// Zombie Neopocalypse
OHWD #1682// How do you milk an almond?
OHWD #1683// Tough, scary AND fashion forward!
OHWD #1684// The AC needs more *kikolake*
OHWD #1685//We're the ones with the BRAAAINNS
OHWD #1686// For the Haunted Citadel!! AAAAOOOOOMWAHAHA!
OHWD #1687//Haunties! Time to get out of your coffin and win the cup!
OHWD #1689// When in doubt, freak 'em out!
OHWD #1690//Are you my Mummy?
OHWD #1691//Your petpets just play...*meepit* plots world domination...
OHWD #1692 // Why Ssso Ssseriousss?
OHWD #1693 // Zombie Apocalypse in 3... 2... 1...
OHWD #1694// Still needs more *kiko*
OHWD #1695// The end is coming.... only monsters can survive!
OHWD #1696// The surge to bring home the Cup. First repeat AC champs
OHWD #1697// is very sad. You should feed it Brains.
OHWD #1698//This AC just got 20% Cooler
OHWD #1699// Filling your dreams to the brim with fright
OHWD #1701: Sophie tested, Edna approved
OHWD #1702// You hunt... We haunt
OHWD #1703// We're going ghost! *ghost*
OHWD #1704// Haunted Woods zombie invasion! First stop: Miami. (gorillu)
OHWD #1705//You have an army? We have brains
OHWD #1706// Fear and anguish reigns, ever since we came
OHWD #1709 // That's it mister! You just lost your brain privileges! (princess_forever_03)
OHWD #1710// Now we're feeling zombified!
OHWD #1711//Tshi dbroa rughbot ot uoy yb Vlie Hated
OHWD #1712// No *kiko*=No good*kiko**kiko**kiko**kiko*
OHWD #1713 // That awkward moment when all the TM players freeze on YYB
OHWD #1714// When in doubt, twerk it out.
OHWD #1715//GO! Haunties! Tear down that Error of a Mountain!
OHWD #1716// Up next: Wan Dirx, the ultimate ice skating sensation!
OHWD #1718// We ROOly are ZO excited to ROOp you apart (gorillu)
OHWD #1719// Jair Tollet? More like Jair TOILET...
OHWD #1721 // Tuna is ours. DEAL WITH IT!
OHWD #1722 // We all know that the only sport MI can play is volleyball
OHWD #1723 // Get your stinkin' paws off me, you dang dirty Mynci!
OHWD #1725 // Lurking in darkness, eating brains and pwning your ninjas
OHWD #1727// We be twerkin' and the other teams be staring.
OHWD #1728// Thanks for the broom Coltzan, we'll surely sweep!
OHWD #1729//Now that E3 is done, The haunt is on!
OHWD #1730// Ready for a howling good time!
OHWD #1731// You're about to do battle with a re-animated corpse. (princess_forever_03)
OHWD #1732// Virtupets today, i guess
OHWD #1733 // GLIDE LIKE A SWAN, WAN! LIKE A SWAN! (juliereed08)
OHWD #1734// Brightvale: Producing the best brains in all of Neopia
OHWD #1735 // You're TOAST! (cyprexxa)
OHWD #1736 // This is the best board title ever! (messyfreak123)
OHWD #1737 // Plenty of room in our backyard to crash! (cyprexxa)
OHWD #1737.5 // Restaurant reviews since 1969.(gorillu)
OHWD #1738//Just hand us the dustpan so we can sweep ourselves into it.(princess_forever_03)
OHWD #1739// We don't care what people say, we know how to Twerk! (messyfreak123)
OHWD #1740// Twerkin' through your constellations with popcorn. (dragon77306)
OHWD #1741// Bet your wise old king can't twerk like our Brain Tree!(messyfreak123)
OHWD #1742// ROO mad at our twerkin' sk!lls? (jeizun)
OHWD #1743 // Red ROOver, red ROOver, send dinner right over. (gorillu)
OHWD #1744 // ~_grublon_ ! I dare you to not look it up ^^ (cyprexxa)
OHWD #1745 // So....We Meet Again. -.- (chillebelle)
OHWD #1746 // ROO ROO! Here comes the pain train!(gorillu)
OHWD #1747// And since we are dead, we can take off our heads... (chillebelle)
OHWD #1748//The dead will rise from their graves...and win!(skeletina1334)
OHWD #1749// You play like fish out of water. Oh wait......(gorillu)
OHWD #1750// Soon. (micsun)
OHWD #1751// Sooner. (gorillu)
OHWD #1752// ʘ‿ʘ(jeizun)
OHWD #1753// Soon-ish (skeletina1334)
OHWD #1754// Even Lord Kass is Twerkin(parody_ham)
OHWD #1754.5// What happened, I just showed up?(parody_ham)
OHWD #1755 // *meepit*They're coming to take you away*meepit*(cyprexxa)
OHWD #1756 // NOW! (gorillu)
OHWD #1757.5//NEVER (vaynecarnifex)
OHWD #1758// Almost over, popcorn for everyone!(cyprexxa)
OHWD #1759// Well, if YOU won't, someone ELSE will!(chillebelle)
OHWD #1760 // Mmm, leftover fruits...
OHWD #1760.5// Lolololwut? #1820044750 (spectral__heart)
OHWD #1761:// My name be Bonshaquitalafondrea.(twilight_king64)
OHWD #1762:// PRAISE THE BRAIN TREE! It's a new board! (mystical_wolfia)
OHWD #1763:// Sloth? Pfft. It's the meepits you need to watch out for... (mystical_wolfia)
OHWD #1764:// Warning: Zombies get moody due to hunger in the off season!(mystical_wolfia)
OHWD #1766:// Old McDonald had a haunted house...(mystical_wolfia)
OHWD #1767:// Home of the Slenderman (dr_tomoe)
OHWD #1768:// Happy Horrordays!!*santa*(mystical_wolfia)
OWHD #1771:// Hey! We're out of ribbons! Go fetch the mummy! (yourool92)
OWHD #1773:// We never worried about the world ending. We're already dead (yourool92)
OHWD #1782// Not to get off on a Tangent, but this is a Sine... (mystical_wolfia)
OHWD #1783:// We are awesome. Why? Our AC team member is part of a faction(tyedye878)
OHWD #1790// We've Got the Brains...Now We Need the Brawn (quixotic_cookie)
OHWD #1791// Hear the rattle of our bones as we claim VICTORRRYYY (paranoidly)
OHWD #1792// I'm Siiiiiinging in the Braiiiins! (emblo93)
OHWD #1793// Your mom called, she wants her brain back (dragon77306)
OHWD #1800// It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Join HW! (emblo93)
OHWD #1801// We need our ghost blood!!!! (123isavailable)
OHWD #1802// Haunties, eat hearty...For tonight we dine in Haunted Woods (emblo93)
OHWD #1803// I'm sorry Zo, your team is in another castle! (nahhnbahs_side)
OHWD #1804// You're so brain. You probably think this title's about you. (emblo93)
OWHD #1805:// It's been a hard days night... of the living dead (parody_ham)
OHWD #1806// Haunted Woods: Doing it in the dark since Y8(emblo93)
OHWD #1807:// We got a goof in the woods (dogy49)
OHWD #1809// Plain title is plain(emblo93)
OHWD #1810// Fingers like snakes and spiders in our hair (emblo93)
OHWD #1811// Hit the road, Jack, and don'tcha come back no more (emblo93)
OHWD #1812// Soon. (lalovetta)
OHWD #1813// FOR SCIENCE! *hauntedwoods*(weirdoangie)
OHWD #1814// A thousand years of darkness over the Cup.(lalovetta)
OHWD #1845// Brains; boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew! (codswobble)

Beginning of AC VIII

OHWD #1846// Trick or Treating in Tyrannia: Aww... I got a rock... (lalovetta)
OHWD #1847// It's time to do battle with the reanimated corpse. (rosertot )
OHWD #1848// Double IS NOT ENOUGH. We need triple, Teraple...DECEPLE MORE(janice_man_neo)
OHWD #1850// Ye best start believing in ghost stories, Krawk Island! (gert_lover)
OHWD #1851// The Cannons Aren't What's Scaring the Krawken! (sara333)
OHWD #1852// The Game of Lag (fake_diamonds)
OHWD #1853// Apple Bobbing ain't as salty as your team! (spj900)
OHWD #1854// Scarier than lag! MUAHAHA (policialmagaly)
OHWD #1855// The cold don't bother us, because we're already dead! (seasofstarlight)
OHWD #1856//TNT. What r u doin. TNT... Stahp.(rosertot)
OHWD #1857// Fright (K)night (cyprexxa)
OHWD #1858// You can Ki$$ the Mortog goodbye, today we Fetch! the win. (dragonfan2k8)
OHWD #1859// Scaring is caring (botamius)
OHWD #1860// We're the real reason behind your fall from the sky.(policialmagaly)
OHWD #1861// Toasted brains for everyone! (cyprexxa)
OHWD #1862 // You have gears - We have neck bolts (cyprexxa)
OHWD #1863 // Fright Knights unite! (crazychipperz)
OHWD #1864// (huntstuff7 #KikoTakeover)
OHWD #1864// Touch this board and we'll haunt you forever! (policialmagaly)
OHWD #1865//You can't beat our deadication!! (sn1p3l1k3h3ll)
OHWD #1866// Sweepin' it real! (seasofstarlight)
OHWD #1869//SHH! A meepit pops past and whispers "SOON." (rosertot)
OHWD #1870//soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur (onetruepurple)
OHWD #1871// But why are the slushies gone? (dragonfan2k8)
OHWD #1874// Saturday night's alright for frighting (emblo93)
OHWD #1875// The dead do not suffer the living to pass. (daisygirl88_5)
OHWD #1876// What is dead may never die (emblo93)
OHWD #1877// Following creepy paths past the edge of camps since Y8 (emblo93)
OHWD#1878// Zombies aren't afraid of fire. (maniac_road)
OHWD #1879 // First time Haunties get a Handbook of the Recently Deceased (dragon77306)
OHWD #1880//"What, never?" No, never! "What, NEVER?" Well... hardly ever! (policialmagaly)
OHWD #1881// Triple Double Oreos are a thing and the world's gone mad (emblo93)
OHWD #1881:// It's Halloween all year around here! (mystical_wolfia)
OHWD #1896// Where do fashionable ghosts shop? *ghost* A BOOtique! (ghostgirl159)
OHWD #1897// Stay spooky, Ghostie, stay spooky. *ghost* *ghost* seasofstarlight
OWHD #1898:// Where Everybody Knows Your Name~ ♫ parody_ham
OWHD #1899:// Now with EXTRA Haunt Sauce! *spicy*(angelusmortem)

Beginning of AC IX

OHWD #1900:// "Break a leg! ...Oh wait.." (rosertot)
OHWD #1901://Trick or Treat! *SKITTLES*!!(angelusmortem)
OHWD #1902:// Filling your dreams to the brim with fright!! OHWD #1903//Scary Stories to tell at the cup(card_shark_91)
OHWD #1904// Ah,...that mysterious new board smell. (paranoidly)
OHWD #1905//Zo, Teylor... Time to get back to the Training School yet? (cyprexxa)
OHWD #1906//: Life's no fun without a good scare!! (koukla_angie)
OHWD #1907//If you find the living a bore, there's a place you can go... (cyprexxa)
OHWD #1908// You may have scholars but we've got "Brains(paranoidly)
OHWD #1909//Zo sends his regards.. Into the net. (alyrina)
OHWD #1910// Ghosts don't just scare, they knock you out cold (ritwik_291194)
OHWD #1912//Crade Expectations (emblo93)
OHWD #1913// Argg It appears you ended up in The Haunted Woods,ya scallywag (maplest)
OHWD #1914// Serving up 'just deserts' since Altador Cup I! (chiakisaudade)
OHWD #1915// We have stones, too *tombstone* (dogy49)
OHWD #1916// Heard you brough the Darigan Yooyus again... (chiakisaudade)
OHWD #1917// Orange is the New Black huehue (paranoidly)
OHWD #1918// Let's go take a howl at that moon... (psesed_by_poogles)
OHWD #1919// Stop being so Jelly of Zo (maplest)
OHWD #1920// Please don't splash Krell, you'll ruin his luscious mane (dogy49)
OHWD #1921// Krell and Ciona, beauty and the beast! (centum)
OHWD #1922// Fly, Fly away little brains *nom* (spj900)
OHWD #1923// Hey, look guys, aROOOOO!!! (That's a wolf howling. Get it?) (dogy49)
OHWD #1926// Zo Sucks Blood More Efficiently Than Your Vacuum Cleaner! (50_caliber_)
OHWD # 1927 // Rock 'n Roll 'n we Howl (hakasugu)
OHWD #1927// Yo, "omelette" you finish, but Zo's the best center forward (dogy49)
OHWD # 1928 // We are innocent even when there's proof we're not guilty (hakasugu)
OHWD # 1929 // The bracket of death? More like the bracket of the undead. (lucy_haha)
OHWD #1920(1930) // "Some things are worth dying for" and winning sure is :K (nexinhah)
OHWD #1921(1931)// We're Zo fancy, you already know (korbattown)
OHWD #1932// Zokay? Zokay. (korbattown)
OHWD #1933// Say Nighty Knight (korbattown)
OHWD #IDK// Champions of the Cup(dannykey13)
OHWD #1950// Ain't Nobody Got Time for Snow (skeletina1334)

Beginning of AC 2016

OHWD #1955// Party in the graveyard! (angelofviolinmusic)
OHWD #1957// Everyone hail to the Pumpkin Kings (acidp0p)
OHWD #1958//*pumpkin* *jackolautern* *pumpkin* AWOOOOOOO (dainta)
OHWD #1959// We all go a little mad sometimes(angelofviolinmusic)
OHWD #1960//..We've been expecting you..the Halloweenies!(clumsycloyster)
K OHWD #1962//The best finishes last (juliereed08)

Beginning of AC XII OHWD #1964// We are the jack-o-lanterns in June (autumnfell)
OHWD #1965// We're the ghosts with the most, babe (___xsoundc0re)
OHWD #1966// Dead men tell no tales (fleohr)
OHWD #1967// Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out To Pulverize (kouger233)

If you know any older titles or if I'm not up to date send me a neomail(messyfreak123)!

SPOOKY Board Archive

Started 6/7/12

S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// We'll be the first beings to twerk on the moon.
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Kreludorks can play YYB, but can't twerk like we do 8)
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Nothing to worry about; robots can't twerk.
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Ya you got the robot, but can you twerk like us?
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// King Hagan says, "I'm impressed with your twerkin'."
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// The only thing you need to study is your twerkin'.
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// We're evil. You're evil. Difference? We can twerk.
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// It'll be the HW Cup once you see our twerkin'.
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Watch out for our twerkin'. We got ONE YYB win.
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// *looks at bracket* Yeah, we'll stick to twerkin'.
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Psh, forget the results page! It's all about twerking!
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Twerk, twerk, twerkin' on Kredulor
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// We will ROOin you with our Twerkin'.
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// We will, we will, bury ROO
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Wan is defying gravity!
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Watch out fishies we won MakeSomeNoise!
Soon. *meepit*
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// Sooner. *meepit*
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// *News Development* Meepits seen flying through space!
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// *meepit* All *meepit* Hail *meepit* Meepit *meepit*
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// The *meepit* Have *meepit* Arrived *meepit*
S.P.O.O.K.Y. :// The *meepit*s cause more terror than your moutain.

Beginning of AC VIII

S.P.O.O.K.Y#1337 Your obelisk wont protect you

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arsenal_seaman (Extra Board Title)
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Started May 21 2011
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so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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