Welcome to Cati's Progress Chart!

Hi, I'm Cati. I'm a web developer, a path that probably started with my time on Neopets! I like cats, horror movies and trashy shonen anime. I'm cati334455 in the guild and main is caterait if you wanna drop me a line.



*Guild stuff*


Random picks #8 Cake, some of the nice sparkle cake items. I live to draw sweets but somehow I had untold trouble outlining a fork

Random picks: #8 Aqua - I was burning a lil from the mutant wocky so I drew my favorite mutant (color and designwise I would say)


Crayon time

Collab part

A story related thing for the April Prompt: Time progression. Traebule's town at its best, worst, zombified and finally abandoned.

Random picks #8 Funnel Cake. never give up the chance to draw junk food.

February prompt; art style impressions. It's a little less respsectful than I would have liked but it's an attempt at the mid-late Francisco Goya.

I don't know if all the reprints of his paintings have a weird tint or if it was intentional, but there's a lot of green-yellow-black which is usually the block of colors I don't use so that was interesting.

Another costume challenge, this time valentines theme. I went towards a food theme this month too *insert sweet pun here*

Kuvirea's winter food based design with an existing wearable lantern for the costume challenge.

3quest for the Ugly Sweater BC week! She's the only one polite enough to keep it on for a whole week.

November perspective prompt. Chill draw of two of my kougras. I did the foreground guy first but it seemed empty.

Random Picks #8: Tasty. My sister has two lab pets too (sorta, on the same account) who were both orange jelly the last time I looked.

September character prompt: did some logos for the four emperors who are based on the Four Heavenly Beasts myth. very concerned with not making a turtle look like a soccer ball or the tiger like a sports logo.

August background prompt! This is the MME9-S3: Tentacles Attack Background (and the S1: Nearly Inescapable Tank.) I always wondered, what is actually going on here? What is the foreground platform? Why is it front of a clock? After looking at it for a while this is what I thought of.

Random picks #7: Countdown. I wanted to draw a new years countdown, I guess the Happy Valley would be a popular place to do it since you just come out of the Advent Calendar on the 31st and might as well hang around town. The local shopkeeps know a better place to view it though.

Kieruu and Waifaiseeto in July palettes!

Random picks #25: Sunburn. Kinda looks more like heat exhaustion but with the job I imagine they are wary of both

Art and Content by caterait. Coding by Seakittie, for use of The Crayon Club members only.
Background from subtlepatterns.


Gender: Female
Age: ?
Species: Yellow/Gold Hissi
Eyes: Pinkish
Hair: White
Occupation: Some kind of orphanage tutor, some kind of hunter, retired.

Sorry bout the page

Golden dragon 黃龍, like the 4 Emperors theme wise but not sure if she was affiliated with them since she seemd to just be working as a teacher during that time. Powerful wizardly type, earth magician. Has big mobster tattoos of dragons all over her, but dresses like a nun so it's hard to tell.

v serious teacher how did these kids end up so bad

high quality totally not contrived design that would get kicked from the bc

Quick Character List

Just a little bit about the character and how I got the pet. And some pictures, of course!

Kieruu [Lookup]

*Always labbing

A young orphaned swordsman who is rather dry and awkward, but has always managed to find people willing to take care of him. One day he'll have to stop being seen as a kid.

Pet Info: Created as Zafara(??) and permanent lab pet. Occasional Moehog morph when zaps get boring.

Kuvirea [Lookup]

An aging workaholic, she has achived most of her childhood dreams and replaced them with snappy but well-meaning care for others. Her physical aging has been curbed since becoming a faerie.

Pet Info: Created Blue and zapped Faerie way too long ago.

Misadori [Lookup]

Heavy handed adventure lover and possibly too dense to be scared of anything. Kuvirea and Kieruu's longtime 'sister' but has trouble setting down roots to a home life like they did. She still happily believes things like honor and optimism are rewarded.

Pet Info: Created Green and zapped Silver way too long ago.

Saohme [Lookup]

An old friend whisked away in shapeshifter country long ago, he reappeared over a decade later with a deathly calm demeanour as if nothing had ever happened. Supposedly an insider on either the Shapeshifter colonies or Four Emperors army, but would rather nap than stir up trouble.

Pet Info: Created Blue and painted Halloween by me. Reusing the name of a purged Hallo Zafara I adopted out preconversion days.

Catoble [Lookup]

The oldest brother of a trio of cartoonists. He often plays mediator, but has too little willpower to be effective. He has some sort of degree in geology.

Pet Info: Created Green and painted Disco myself.

Vontarc [Lookup]

The middle brother of a trio of cartoonists. His size and glower are intimidating, but he is afraid of fights and just interested in drawing, and small animals. He dropped out of art school for financial reasons.

Pet Info: Created Blue and painted Electric myself.

Tohakken [Lookup]

The youngest brother of a trio of cartoonists. Witty but somehow unpleasant, insulting possibly as a defense. An aggressive hipster and fast talker. He dropped out of a prestigious magic/philosophy school for financial reasons.

Pet Info: Created Red and painted Fire myself.

Shutsuu [Lookup]

*Always labbing

An unpredictable shapeshifter who is indifferent to her own clan, unusual as shapeshifters tend to be family oriented. She is interested in operations that can make normal people more like shapeshifters (ie the lab ray). She seems flippant but worries those around her will not survive something serious. Likes to talk about food.

Pet Info: Created as Ogrin, another permanent lab pet. Morphs back when zaps get boring. Ogrin morphs are cheap!

Casilus [Lookup]

Blue Dragon of the fallen Four Emperors army. A constantly disgruntled, and constantly sickly hermit magician specializing in large-scale nature magic. He defected from the Central army after his superiors barred him from helping his hometown out when it was being destroyed. Though weak-bodied he is excellent at strategizing huge, vicious battles.

Pet Info: Created as ??, morphed into Blue Krawk when Krawks were real expensive.... Painted Ghost, then Stealthy.

Freenet [Lookup]

White Tiger of the fallen Four Emperors army. An ex-shapeshifter and weapon technician, he cares more about making his own life more interesting than doing what is right. Supposedly the first shapeshifter to have his powers burned off by a Life Fountain. As an ex-shapeshifter it can be assumed he did not originally look this way, but is stuck with it now.

Pet Info: Adopted from pound as Green and painted Pirate myself.

Iranore [Lookup]

Black Warrior of the fallen Four Emperors army. Originally a high profile combat officer, she converted to a medical administrator in hopes of helping the injured. Eventually turned to the rebel army after growing tired of power struggles. She has leadership abilities but prefers to be low key.

Pet Info: Created as Shoyru(?), zapped a bit and morphed into Shadow Shoyru and painted Maraquan.

Entrophias [Lookup]

Red Bird of the fallen Four Emperors army. Timid, lousy fighter. One of the army researchers behind a miracle chemical. At the peak of the Four Emperors army, he was assassinated in a fiery explosion, to later be resurrected as a excessively destructive cyborg with vague war memories and an oversimplified personality. His new form was his friends' final collaboration before declaring each other as enemies.

Pet Info: Adopted from Blue with a short petpage application. My first pet adopted from another person, and first with an app.

3quest [Lookup]

Just a shy big sister type. A bit clumsy because her species were not made for land, but that is where she wants to be.

Pet Info: Created Blue and painted Christmas myself eons ago.

Misaki [Lookup]

A very young looking, uncharacteristically athletic Life Fountain who spews flame-like aura. She burns trash for fun and hunts shapeshifters by night. She most definitely plays up the fact that she looks like a child, but her real origin is an unpleasant secret.

Pet Info: Created Blue and painted Silver myself, after Misadori zapped Silver.

Rikaron [Lookup]

A brilliant AI developer back in the day. After an invention became violent during a private conference, his personality became incomprehensible and childish. Misaki's longtime guardian, though she's more likely to be seen guarding him these days.

Pet Info: Created Yellow and painted Split with my first AG prize. Painted Pastel with my first FFQ years later.

Waifaiseeto [Lookup]

Ex-Central Army grunt. He simply wants to help out the family that took him in, although there's not much to defend them from anymore. A mentor to Kieruu, he's great with kids for some reason.

Pet Info: Adopted from Pound way too long ago. Painted Eventide after 13 years of being Blue & indecision.

Millamant [Lookup]

Gold Dragon of the compass center. A strict maths tutor at the orphanage that once housed Kuvirea, Saohme, Catoble, Tohakken and Vontarc. The place was dismantled long ago, who knows where she is now.

Pet Info: Created as ???, was a temporary lab pet. Waiting for Gold Hissis to exist!

Traebule [Lookup]

Big, drowsy, naiively caring and indestructible Life Fountain who breathes life-suspending black smoke. He zombified an industrial town during wartime and resided there for hundreds of years, but the balance was ruined by Freenet's attempt to eat him and steal his abilities.

Pet Info: Gift from Synnie, a person 2 cool for me aaaaugh. He's an embarassing hairball to bring the cool down

Palamid [Lookup]

Young wandering dinosaur handler/mail courier/garbage collector from the desert. She is frequently confused by city life but hopes to make actual non-dinosaur friends. She is shy around anyone but her giant pets but her experiences make her tough to truly frighten.

Pet Info: Created Blue and painted Skunk myself.

Raikovu [Lookup]

A partial Life Fountain who works with intense drive towards eliminating shapeshifters and combating other spooky phenomena. He never seems to sleep but is sustained by his innate healing.

Pet Info: Adopted from Robin with a petpage app, after many tries for a Grey Koug (including my first ever app long ago.)

Non Neos

still on petsites ssssomewhere

Vanagandr - [shifter] Leader of the shapeshifter family Corpus. He appears disgustingly powerful and violent, but is ever optimistic and unstoppable in his desire to bring shapeshifters to power in the modern world. He enjoys teaching kids: for the captive audience.

Hrodvitner - [shifter] A security manager who wants to drag shapeshifters out of their aversion to technology. Looks cold and unapproachable to ward off questions, but is a trusted leader of the Corpus family.

Fenrisulf - [shifter] Somewhat spoiled child idol and secret shapeshifter, protected by his brothers and a cute, famous persona. Avid hunter of humans, until Misaki burned his lower torso in a hunt of her own.

Nifelheim - [shifter] Illusionist and ex-contractor who once lived among humans, but the peace was ruined by neighbors finding out what she was. Intentionally leaves her burns unhealed and carries a grudge against humans for their paranoia and harming their own kind.

Jormun - [shifter] Recently retrained shapeshifter who used to take only animal forms, primarily large snake forms. He appears dim and has a deadly appetite and seems to store a black hole of valuables in his body.

Misteltein - [shifter] A student of Van's and classmate of Freenet's, following a similar sword style. She has a cavalier attitude and tons of cash but no interest in responsibility. She is suspected to be observing Tirfing in preparation for getting rid of him.

Tirfing - [shifter] Rusty, shambling robotic knight and part-shapeshifter who has never managed to beat his old rival Van. Sort of bitter but dutiful. He served as a mercenary who took out Entrophias at the height of the Four Emperors army.

Randgris - [shifter] Queen of the infamous old world shapeshifter clan, the Face Eaters. The family is made entirely of fast-healing clones, and Shu is one of them. However even the family fears its eccentric leader.

Brinhilde - A non-shapeshifter who protects their cause due to family history. Despite a demure persona she is specialized in weilding huge shields and disarming/breaking the weapons of others.

Skogul - [shifter] A showy partial shapeshifter who enjoys toying with humans since really hunting them brings her little benefit. She haunted Rikaron's room while his mind was recovering from an accident.

Korn - Older brother figure from the desert ranch. Once a gentle and reserved medical hand for the dinosaurs, he left for the city. Was hired by the Corpus family, then disappeared. Like Palamid, he looks soft but has strong nerves.

Cadmus - [life fountain] A city doctor and advocate for LFs to aid in medical care. Very concerned with fitting into society in spite of strange condition. His weak aura makes his skin flake off in petal-life forms that have healing effects.

Cilix - [life fountain] An airheaded LF with combustible oily aura, exiled long ago. A bit slow to catch on to manners and consequences, wanted to be a movie star. Mostly agreeable, but hit nasty disagreements in negotiations with a power company.

Nereid - [life fountain] Very spirited LF exiled long ago. Has major regeneration power and can grow infinite tentacles. A quick learner but generally dishonest. Loves crowds but does not really attach easily to people.

gen dump

waste relocated when i remember to do it

the business men

immovable objects

phoenix kitties


stuff for other people

please save to your computer and own img host if possible in case mine explodes one day

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