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Hi, I'm Cati. I'm a web developer, a path that probably started with my time on Neopets! I like cats, horror movies and trashy shonen anime. I'm cati334455 in the guild and main is caterait if you wanna drop me a line.





*Guild stuff*


Costume Challenge, it's Shu in some flowery stuff (with with a springtime haircut??) she couldn't pass up on a mask

Random Picks #9 acidic - cola and the first two foods I think of when you say "acid"... in the typical acidy indicator colors i guess

March prompt: interaction I used to do full account pictures a lot, but since mixing them up storywise they usually hang out with others? I pretty much never move pets between accounts though so in the end they're still living & eating with the same "families". BUT WHO CAN AFFORD THE BEST MEAL

Random Picks #8 Rock~ really REALLY loosely based on the aisha rock idol set.

Random Picks #8 (I always pick 8) Giant Jelly. What's a giant glassy mass like at sunrise? Blinding.... if it existed...

Random picks #8 Cake, some of the nice sparkle cake items. I live to draw sweets but somehow I had untold trouble outlining a fork

Random picks: #8 Aqua - I was burning a lil from the mutant wocky so I drew my favorite mutant (color and designwise I would say)


A story related thing for the April Prompt: Time progression. Traebule's town at its best, worst, zombified and finally abandoned.

Random picks #8 Funnel Cake. never give up the chance to draw junk food.

February prompt; art style impressions. It's a little less respsectful than I would have liked but it's an attempt at the mid-late Francisco Goya.

I don't know if all the reprints of his paintings have a weird tint or if it was intentional, but there's a lot of green-yellow-black which is usually the block of colors I don't use so that was interesting.

Another costume challenge, this time valentines theme. I went towards a food theme this month too *insert sweet pun here*

Kuvirea's winter food based design with an existing wearable lantern for the costume challenge.

Random Picks #8: Tasty. My sister has two lab pets too (sorta, on the same account) who were both orange jelly the last time I looked.

August background prompt! This is the MME9-S3: Tentacles Attack Background (and the S1: Nearly Inescapable Tank.) I always wondered, what is actually going on here? What is the foreground platform? Why is it front of a clock? After looking at it for a while this is what I thought of.

Random picks #7: Countdown. I wanted to draw a new years countdown, I guess the Happy Valley would be a popular place to do it since you just come out of the Advent Calendar on the 31st and might as well hang around town. The local shopkeeps know a better place to view it though.

Random picks #25: Sunburn. Kinda looks more like heat exhaustion but with the job I imagine they are wary of both

If you're looking for something old that used to be here, I probably moved it to the petpage of the pet who was in the picture! trying to keep the img load of this page under control.

Art and Content by caterait. Coding by Seakittie, for use of The Crayon Club members only.
Background from subtlepatterns.


Gender: Female
Age: ?
Species: Yellow/Gold Hissi
Eyes: Pinkish
Hair: White
Occupation: Some kind of orphanage tutor, some kind of hunter, retired.

Yellow gold dragon or 黃龍, she's like the 4E Army Generals theme wise but not sure if she was affiliated with them since she seemd to just be working as a teacher during that time. Powerful wizardly type and an earth magician. Has big mobster tattoos of dragons and waves all over her, but dresses like a nun so it's hard to tell.

v serious teacher how did these kids end up so bad

Her "real" design is a dragon with pink petal like structures, dark branches/limbs and white hair, but it's basically contrived to get kicked from the Beauty Contest and I'm not very good at drawing dragons so often she will just appear as a regular old hissi with 1 of the above characteristics. Her human design is way less animal than a lot of the other humanized designs, usually wears a plain black dress. The only snaky thing is that she's pretty thin/streamlined and will often hide feet...

Mil tends to do good in the Beauty Contest with less advertising.

Mil's a little scrawny but unlike the other dragon wizard (Casilus) she can bulk up a little with magic. Also unlike him, she has very indication of what animal/pet she is since no tail. Again, she can compensate with magic :U

Witch getup for a Witch/Walpurgisnacht themed week with some friends. She's quite inspired by the Ragnarok (male) wizard costume :b

Tattoo location doodle and misc magic thing.

Back when I... wasn't sure I was gonna keep her I mostly just drew her as a hissi with white hair and neovian dress. Apparently that was endearing enough that I kept her but she's a little behind in char dev.

Character junk

About Shapeshifters: What it says on the tin. They're things that can turn into other things, and use that ability to survive and manipulate their way through life, because regular society sure isn't welcoming them. They gain forms by consuming parts of another creature's body - though some families have special methods/target parts, and some can mimic vaguely on smell/sight/sound - eating's the most effective way. They were quite the top predator in the day, but in confidence became stuck in painfully outdated traditions and rituals. Strong family bonds are rooted in the old days where they would produce families entirely by natural cloning. But with old major clans being very insular and overly proud, they were not open to changes that would save them from human industry and were quickly driven into hiding once technology came into play. Modern shifters who reside in cities are very different from the olden expectations, less familial and more taciturn about what they are, knowing the danger of hunters. Their ability is perfect for irresponsible fun and clawing to power in the modern world.

At birth, they're wormy brainlike parasites that can do nothing but try to devour and convert the body of the nearest living creature - once they have their first body, they can start to think and grow. As a rule, small bodies are easiest to convert and raise - so conveniently lots of baby shifters are start off with young kid hosts (provided their parents can hunt one down) and often revert to that form and let it age for stability. The shifter habit of nabbing kids is probably what really got humans on their case.

Transformation isn't infinitely flexible; healing serious injuries is tough, as is fully combating aging or sickness, but they do recover from trauma much faster than normal save for one kind of burn. When touched by Life Fountain aura, they feel a searing pain and lose the power to change the injured part.

Shifters can assume animal forms, and even non sentient organism forms but with the difference in mental state, changing back into something more complex is quite difficult. A plant is probably never becoming human again.

Relevant Families

Anima (Vanagandr, Hrodvitnir, Nifelheim, Tirfing - not anymore)

flex ★☆☆☆ | dur ★★☆☆ | rep ★★★☆

  • Until Corpus was formed, this old clan that used to be the only shifter family with any presence in the human cities. Extremely strict hierarchy with very very old traditional family heads. Keeping the leaders alive/successful as long as possible was a goal. They took stragglers (there was nobody else shifters could turn to), but only if they would join the high pressure workforce.
  • The leaders were focused on making their numbers as large as possible and selling labor mostly in construction and mining, but the poor treatment of their working members eventually caused an uprising.
  • The original members of Corpus were part of this family, but obliterated the elders and most of the followers when they split off.
Corpus (Van, Hro, Fen & friends)

flex ?☆☆☆ | dur ?☆☆☆ | rep ★★☆☆

  • Most members of this one are NOT biologically related, huge variation in ability. They were formed by abandoned blacksheep shifters or shrinking families banding together in the city. They're hard to pin down, and only the core members are a coherent group. More of a social network than a real "Family
  • Living in a new environment, they are more likely to take advantage of technology/communication/education in ways their countryside cohorts won't. Many will gun for high power (human) occupations where they can support their family members. According to their leader, they want to clear the way for shifters to live/hunt openly in major cities. But until that happens, they seem to be fine living alongside humans, blending in and doing what it takes to create stability.
  • Shifters are supposed to look out for each other, but they will attack fellow shifter families and defend humans if seen as useful to their cause.
Face Eaters (Randgris&Shutsuu)

flex ★★★☆ | dur ★★★☆ | rep ★★★★

  • All clones, super traditional as most old families don't simply clone themselves anymore. They are born+grow in pseudo human form, don't need a host body when born. Straight brown hair and yellow eyes. They appoint one queen by some mutual nonviolent agreement, all the pure clones come from her until she becomes old.
  • Their body shapes are somewhat similar, they tend to not be large but are very agile and flexible. They seems strong because they can sprout extra limbs and double up muscles.
  • They hunt entire towns by posing as visitors. Very good at both hiding and defending themselves, they don't run and if confronted will just fight it out. Not sure if this is a good choice going forward; may not work on bigger settlements.
  • They won a lot of ancient territory wars and basically drove other shifters out a certain mountain range. A longtime reputation for being erratic and nasty competition.
  • They mostly use knives. Everyone gets a mask, wearing isn't strict but you should have it on hand. The mask seems to be to help the kids distinguish between samey looking adults.
  • They only eat/hoard heads, hence the goofy name, and burn the rest. Their form retention is excellent, they can remember multiple forms accurately for a long time.
Shell (Saohme)

flex ★☆☆☆ | dur ★☆☆☆ | rep ★☆☆☆

  • Really unreliable, flimsy transformations, likely to have patches of incomplete color/skin/muscle that they cover in fake skin or collected bones. The really weak ones need to eat constantly to get a fresh form. They try to find weak targets, sometimes resorting to animals. Human conversions often fail.
  • Cruddy form-keeping results in frequent memory degradation
  • Mostly hidden in the forests, they send a small group to the city once but it was scattered and mostly wiped out. Sao was probably one of them. However he passed quite easily as a normal person because his appearance seems totally stable, without hunting much (or at all). Also masks were popular... past that not much indication of being a shifter.
  • (even he's not sure if he's a shifter who's lucky to be stable, a shifter who lost memory, failed conversion or kid who pretended to be a shifter so long he forgot...)
Unknown (Freenet)

flex ★★★★ | dur ★☆☆☆ | rep ★☆☆☆

  • Very sensitive transformation ability. They don't need to eat to steal form, can just rely on touch, smell, and sight. However their forms are really unstable as a result - they can accidentally shift without realizing it. Inconsistent training related to...
  • Really low (live) replacement rate, always found abandoned or with deceased parent, no family structure at all. Most specialty families pass down technique/records but there's nothing here. So there's no real method to learning how to control their strange conditions. Actually nobody's really sure who's part of this family other than Freenet and suspected, scattered ancestors.

About Life Fountains: Essentially immortal, constantly regenerating creatures who have long loitered in their mountain enclaves. They are powerful, mostly immutable, but generally slow and peaceful - barring a few extreme deviants who are quietly sent away. Internally and even among exiles, there is little conflict. Needing little of health and safety standards, they tend to be overindulgent, looking irrationally calm and oblivious to danger, and frequently ignorant of social niceties that would be based on human safety and satisfaction.

Life Fountains produce aura, a substance of varying form per LF - common forms are faint light, foam or steam issuing from skin. Control, range and strength of aura vary depending on the Life Fountain but it is always the basis of their trademark super healing. Aside from preserving the LF it has a rejuvenating effect on the natural world and most living creatures - except shapeshifters, who are permanently burned by it. The aura is produced throughout the body, so when parts are removed, they can all survive for a while. If left sitting without an organic well to absorb it, pure aura eventually dissipates without waste.

LFs mostly resemble humans, and age at a pretty normal pace until adulthood where they sort of linger. They can technically live through all sorts of diseases and injuries but their regeneration can become imbalanced with natural decay and create unpleasant internal/external tumorous growths. Since the health issues will not really take them down, most Life Fountains only pass on by their own willpower, when life is no longer enjoyable. Once they willingly enter brain death and go to sleep for good, their aberrant growths overtake them and they merge with whatever natural forms are nearby; most of the hills around their villages are actually ancient sleepings LFs.

Exiled/nonstandard LFs
Normal Life Fountains are pretty lackadaisical, not much to worry about, just living as long as they want as slow as they want. But when an exception happens, their ordinarily life-giving power can get converted into something ugly. When it becomes a risk to their village, this exception will be exiled - either to just wander, or more recently to human cities.

Trae (black smoke)

control ★★☆☆ | selfheal ★★★★ | outheal ★★☆☆ | dmg ★★★☆

Exudes a thick black smoke that seals his body, preventing even dismemberment; ie he heals himself really well. When used on others it can heal extreme injuries, but with some side effects from prolonged use: drains color, then energy, then finally the mind. A "saturated" body is more or less his loosely controlled zombie, but still prone to actual death. once that happens, he can't bring them back to life. In humidity the smoke can goop up and congest his airways, but it's not fatal. can be coughed up or something

Misaki (all fire)

control ★★☆☆ | selfheal ★★☆☆ | outheal ☆☆☆☆ | dmg ★★★★

It's really bright, colorful fire. Easily restrained to a point of pressure where it can just be puffed into the air as a fireball, can shoot from limbs/skin with exertion. Output easily increased, with potential infinite generation whenever she wants it's a good hunting aura once the shape can be controlled (actually it's the same as a famous hunter... but that hunter was supposedly defeated by Van?) Self healing is average, but she is not harmed by the fire itself. It can probably heal others but the side effect of setting fire on contact makes it totally pointless in that regard.

Rai (blue hands)

control ★★★☆ | selfheal ★★☆☆ | outheal ★☆☆☆ | dmg ★☆☆☆

Low power, very short range- hands only. Can have minor increase in power for targeted healing (he puts it all into healing insomnia effects) or to burn a little more than usual is possible, but is never super potent. The natural effect is so light shifters might not notice they are burned until they look. The main issue is that he can't turn off fully. Covering hands makes the LF growths sprout over them and they have to be surgically removed.

Cadmus (petal skin)

control ★★★☆ | selfheal ★★☆☆ | outheal ★★☆☆ | dmg ★☆☆☆

Weak but rare dry solid form, it lasts for a pretty long time even when separated from him so it can be packaged up for medical uses. Also looks like flowers. Smells like nothing though.

Cilix (oil well)

control ★☆☆☆ | selfheal ★★★☆ | outheal ☆☆☆☆ | dmg ★★★★

Super flammable gas tank. Extremities such as ear tips, fingers, are taps of black oil that require some willpower to fully cut off for any amount of time. It has no useful effect on other people by itself (useful fuel though, very little waste fumes). Like Misaki, he's not really hurt by the fire, or by slipping on/eating/breathing the subtance... but he doesn't heal fast enough to recover from an explosion...

Nereid (foam and bubble)

control ★★☆☆ | selfheal ★★★★ | outheal ★★★☆ | dmg ★★☆☆

A fairly common shape of aura but way more severe than it should be. She's full of energy and constantly bubbling or regrowing parts that need to be cut off before they get out of control, they seem to thrash will a will of their own if left too long. Once removed, the tentacles just dissolve into foam.

About Humans: Or human equivalents. Why do they have animal ears? Why does magic exist but ghosts are still a mystery? well in this flawlessly produced fantasy world there's obviously an explaination and that is

Central Army: at their peak they became secretive about what they were spending resources on, and that incited the rebel army. generic group with little to do after 4e were defeated and shifters went into hiding. trademark color is beige.

The Four Emperors Army/Revolutionary Army: Actually 4e is not the name they use to describe themselves. defected central army members, basically created work for the central army at a bad time, but were eventually wiped because half the army wasn't into fighting....

Valley Mansion: orphan(?) refuge, the output was not super special. people other than mil worked here, but in kids minds they all looked similar.

Chimera Corporation: a successful security company that has secretly been acquired by corpus to covertly fund research against LFs/provide shelter to shifters. Seems to still run its "real" business well, so nobody complains

Character List I

Kieruu Lookup

K is a young orphaned swordsman, and your bland RPG hero in training. The son of two knights who retired to a snowy mountain sanctuary but were mysteriously wiped out along with most of the village. K himself left willingly and was taken in by two travellers, Misadori and Kuvirea, basically as a baby brother. He's kind of dry and awkward, but very compliant and non-judgmental so he has always managed to find someone willing to take care of him. In fact, he's probably been coddled so long who can be sure if he knows how to take care of himself?
He has inherited a couple of swords and an impulse to do good from his parents, and he's eager to learn so there may be hope for him yet when things need protecting.

K works at "the lab" in minor genetic tests and likes small animals (read: petpets). He's got a sort of doe eyed poker face on constantly but he's actually pretty snarky. He is short and kinda stocky but wears a ton of clothes, so he is easily mistaken for a bag of laundry.

Pet Info: K is a permanent lab pet but he's a Moehog a lot of the time because I morph him into that when zaps get boring. He was created by me, as a Zafara? Maybe? He's my strongest pet, thanks to the lab, and there's no good way to show it but his BD weapons are two swords and an umbrella, like what his character has.

Kuvirea Lookup

A petite aging workaholic, she has achieved most of her childhood dreams and replaced them with snappy but well-meaning care for her household - meaning Kieruu and Misadori, and to some extent their boarder, her childhood friend Saohme (or someone who's pretending to be him). She's good with math, manners and fashion, so the city life was a good fit for her. She was raised in a strangely isolated orphanage/boarding school alongside Saohme, whom she escaped with on a fantasy "adventure" that quickly went sour. Since that experience she's become her well known cynical self. She appears quite a few years younger than she really is.

She dresses well and won't take no for an answer, because how else are you gonna get respect around here? She's very short, and has dragonfly-like wings.

Pet Info: Kuve is a Faerie Kacheek. She was created as a blue Kacheek and zapped faerie in 05 or so. She was a very old character, but even now her personality is a lot like it was a decade ago.

Misadori Lookup

A heavy handed adventure lover and possibly too dense to be scared of anything. Kuvirea and Kieruu's longtime 'sister' but she had trouble setting down roots to a reserved home life like they did, mostly because she's a bit wild and tends to break things and have fun at ungodly hours. She spent a lot of time wandering around the continent just trying to find interesting things to do, and though she gets along with anyone, she will also gleefully pick fights or spend days alone; it's all about having her freedom. She's careless but generally quite lucky. Case in point: she spent some time in a suspiciously stagnant "army" but was warned in time to leave before it collapsed. She's got great intuition on some things and a total child regarding others. She still happily believes things like honor and optimism are rewarded.

Misa is really tall. She can pick up K, Kuve and Sao and dump them off the roof if she desired. But thankfully she's also a big softie.

Pet Info: Misa is a Silver Kougra. She was created as a green Kougra and zapped to her current color, like Kuvirea was.

Saohme [Shapeshifter?] Lookup

A cool and composed but unexpectedly lazy cohabitant with K and Misa, thanks to his childhood connection with the actual homeowner, Kuvirea. He was actually whisked away as a child in Shapeshifter country and hadn't been seen in years. He seems close enough to what she remembers - but there have to be suspicions about who he really is, spurred on by how he refuses to talk of that time. During his disappearance he apparently collaborated with the metropolitan police, worked a bounty hunter outside the country, became the owner of an alien, and picked up a bunch of ghost hunting tools from an old partner. The specifics all very secretive though... He does seem well connected and charming, but would rather nap than stir up questions and subsequent trouble.

He and Kuvirea spent their early years in the same boarding school, where they both took pretty strict etiquette courses, so they're both capable of acting very proper even if it totally belies what they are actually thinking. He always wears a suit even if he's couch surfing or gorging himself on dinner (that someone else prepared, of course.)

Pet Info: Sao is a Halloween Zafara, he was created as a blue Zafara and painted by me. He was named after my old, old Zafara, who zapped Hallo around when Misa and Kuvirea were zapped, and was adopted out, and eventually purged on that person's account (as an unconverted pet.) His post-purge reappearance is why his character is a ~myteriously resurfaced childhood friend~

Catoble Lookup

The oldest brother of a trio of cartoonists who look nothing alike. He was a good protective brother when they were younger, but over time he got totally overpowered by their stronger personalities. He often plays mediator, but is a bit of a wimp, and has too little willpower to be effective. Unlike his brothers, he actually graduated before their money ran out. He has some kind of degree in geology and works as an assistant to Rikaron. Sort of hapless in social situations, he tends to embarass himself but is beginning to think anything's better than his brothers bickering over his head.

Catoble's good natured and gullible and looks up to notorious liar/avoider of responsibility Saohme. I guess he's not the only one. He's not really sure what to do with the status of "oldest brother" and wishes someone was there to lead him.

Pet Info: Catoble is a Disco Bori, he was created green and painted by me. He and his brothers were the *stars* of an NT comic, so their paint colors were quite similar to their original colors to fit the, er, existing brand.

Vontarc Lookup

The middle brother of a trio of cartoonists who look nothing alike. Often mistaken for the oldest since he's distinctly taller. His size and glower are intimidating, but he is afraid of fights and as a kid tended to get picked on for his "wimpy" hobbies and oversensitivity. He likes painting, drawing, hiking and taking care of animals; generally avoiding crowds. He went to an art school in the snowy mountains, but dropped out for financial reasons. He's currently a part-time newspaper cartoonist.

Von's sorely unskilled at flying since it was restricted nearly everywhere he lived. He was almost permanently disabled in a bad run in with Entrophias, but after a second encounter, En became his first friend who could fly with him. Since he is used to roaming around small crowded locations, he's not as clumsy on the ground as the other big griffins.

Pet Info: Vontarc is an Electric Eyrie, he was created blue and painted by me. He's the supposed "artist" of the NT comic they featured in, and is probably my only character (neo or not) who's an artist of any sort.

Tohakken Lookup

The youngest brother of a trio of cartoonists who look nothing alike. Wait, are they even related? He's sharper and wittier than the rest of his family but puts it all into being as nasty as possible, especially to his brothers. He's insulting possibly as a defense since he used to get picked on a lot for being kind of shrimpy. He is an aggressive hipster and fast talker, always trying to leave people behind. He went to a prestigious magic school but dropped out early for financial reasons and moved back with his brothers. He learned a bit of everything from school: magic, combat, math and language - but isn't really an expert in anything.

He wears square glasses, but doesn't really need them... He has surprisingly good instincts when it comes to picking out dangerous characters, like shapeshifters, but since he's known for winding people up, his actual warnings are often ignored. Lucky for him and he's not seen as a threat, so the beasts of the world just let him live and whine.

Pet Info: Tou is a Fire Aisha, he was created red and painted by me. He has always worn glasses wearables which led to his design.

Shutsuu [Shapeshifter] Lookup

An unpredictable fun-loving shapeshifter, and member of the infamous Face Eater clan. Although her clan is ancient and totally sunk in eccentric family traditions, she's a runaway and is unusually apathetic to their wellbeing. She would definitely rather help their prey, though her habit of creeping up on people, cruel pranks, and allusions to cannibalism don't always make her look like an ally. She likes masks and is pretty open about being a shifter to 2 kinds of people: friends and enemies she's trying to threaten. She has a liking for K and a disdain for Tohakken (even though she's boarding with him and his brothers) but it's all sort of flippant, she wouldn't really let anyone get hurt, probably.

The Face Eaters are a nomadic clan who do the old shifter thing of cloning to increase numbers, but Shu's the only child of the most recent queen, Randgris. They're all very nimble, stealthy, and tell the worst jokes. They can also regrow limbs at will, even sprount some extra. Most of the city shifters can identify her heritage immediately but are reluctant to act out, in case the rest of the Eaters are lurking around the corner...

Pet Info: Shu is my second permanent lab pet and unlike K I kept track that her original form was an Ogrin. She's still an ogrin a lot of the time because morphing potions are cheap.

Casilus Lookup

The Blue Dragon of the fallen Four Emperors army who was de facto leader of the four. A constantly disgruntled, and constantly frail, sickly hermit magician specializing in large-scale nature magic. Coming from a family of soldiers in some backwater town, he was constantly looked down on for being so frail until he found some magic materials that turned out to be unusually powerful. He was successful to a point, but being constantly restrained by the Central army bothered him more than his illness. He defected from the Central army after his superiors barred him from helping his hometown out when it was being destroyed. Though weak-bodied he is excellent at strategizing huge, vicious battles.

When his army fell he retreated to the woods to fester in his grudges, and also create some magical innovation of his own. Seems he's doing something illegal with the dead. He works best when under pressure, the thrill of extreme spells actually makes him feel healthier.

Pet Info: Cas is a Stealthy Krawk. He was created by me as a...? He was morphed into a blue Krawk in the more expensive days, painted Ghost and finally Stealthy (because I wanted to use some contacts on him but it didn't match the ghost's painfully red eyes.) Cas and the 4e were a weird case for me, where I get a pet to fit a pre-conceived character instead if developing a character from a pet.

Freenet [Ex-Shapeshifter] Lookup

The bewildering White Tiger of the fallen Four Emperors army. An ex-shapeshifter and weapon technician, he cares more about making his own life interesting than doing what is right. He was a charismatic leader and swordsman but his branch of the rebel army never did anything more than construct props and storage units, frequently just functioning as a social club. He also ditched them without warning and led to the army's collapse. A fun fella with a lot of ideas, but not the most trustworthy.

Free used to be a very talented but unstable shapeshifter, who was somehow able to make transformations just by seeing his target rather than consuming them. Unlike most shifters, including his teacher Van, having a clan had no appeal to him. He got greedy and wanted to be the first to hunt a Life Fountain, and his encounter with Trae revealed to him (and all shifters) that aura was a major danger to them. After getting burned he lost his transformation ability entirely, but he's somehow a lot more chill, maybe being stuck in one form allieved some of his ambition. But as calm as he is, he's always scheming and seeing that black smoke aura still unnerves him...

Free appears friendly towards shifters, even after he got burned he's good at identifying them. But close relations are hard, he's both shameful and intimidating to them.

Pet Info: Free is a Pirate Kougra, he was adopted from the pound as a Green Kougra. He has a character I used in UC applications, but in the end I picked up the pet myself. There was a similar case for Ira and Cas, but Free's character apps were actually sent in with... poor results.

Iranore Lookup

The steadfast Black Turtle of the fallen Four Emperors army, she was the senior of the four when they met in the Central army. She was originally a high profile combat officer with a good family reputation, but switched to being a medical administrator in hopes of helping the injured. When she began recieving demotions and threats for some of her more extreme choices and excusing soldiers without apparent reason, she grew tired of struggling with superiors and turned to the rebel army. She's known for having leadership abilities and is generally respected (even by the other Emperor Generals) for her solid defense of her supporters, but much prefers to keep to herself. She became a wanted criminal as she continued to appear even after the army's collapse, hunting for things that would help in her obsession for warding off death for her patients. There's gotta be a way, like En's miracle chemical, or Rikaron's escaped AI... In that way she's never satisfied with her work.

Other than medicine, Ira's specialties are hand to hand combat and long distance walking. She has a lot of stamina.

Pet Info: Ira is a Maraquan Shoyru, because I couldn't think of another turtle pet. She was created as a Shoyru, zapped a bit, and then morphed back to a Shadow Shoyru (character appropriate-ish) and painted Maraquan. She has a nice relevant petpet.

Entrophias Lookup

The Red Bird of the fallen Four Emperors Army, a timid and lousy fighter who was probably in the wrong line of work. He was originally a researcher behind a miracle, life preserving chemical, but once that work was deemed complete he was placed on the front lines of the Central army because flying corps were so desirable. He was largely protected by the more powerful Ira, Free and Cas, and became a rebel General alongside them. When the army fell, he was destroyed by Tirfing, but his friends collaborated one final time to resurrect him with his miracle chemical; as a magic-biology-machine powered cyborg with only vague memories and a obsessive, enthusiastic personality and maybe a little too much artillery.

He flies off and starts building new memories as a robot but things often conflict and malfunction. He can be pointlessly aggressive or falls into tears (well, grey eye goop) over nothing at all. He really likes sunsets, and often talks to himself, or something only he's seeing...

Pet Info: En is a Robot Eyrie, and was adopted from Blue in '11 with a short app. He was the first pet I ever used transfers on, and the first pet I got with an application. His (onsite) size suggests he was created as an Eyrie too, he's my biggest pet and also the tallest human-design-wise.

3quest Lookup

A caretaker of Rikaron, Misaki and Waifaiseeto. She's just a shy big sister type. She's an underwater native species who took to the land because of the overcrowding in her hometown. She's bit clumsy because her species were not made for land, but that is where she wants to be. Aside from that she had very little confidence until Kuvirea took her under her wing and eventually left her a small accounting company.

Why's there so little about her? I don't know, I haven't thought of anything. She is painfully normal. Has a kinda mori girl style.

Pet Info: 3quest is a Christmas Peophin, I created her as a Blue Peophin and she was one of my first painted pets. Her hair used to be orange!

Misaki [Life Fountain] Lookup

A very young-looking, uncharacteristically athletic Life Fountain who spews colorful flame-like aura. She's a chipper neighborhood troublemaker and enjoys burning trash, leaves, grass, shoes... but don't worry, it's all in good fun! Her guardian Rikaron and buddy Misadori don't seem to worry - she has luck in finding adults who won't hold her back, but that may not be a good thing. When shifters start moving into her city she began chasing and burning those as well. She has an inexplicably powerful grudge against shifters, but doesn't want to work with any sort of legal authority. She most definitely plays up the fact that she looks like a child to get into places and out of trouble, but her real origin is an unpleasant secret.

She was a fully confident, loose cannon vigilante until going after Fen, an agile shifter with a very public persona who was happy to use humans as shields. He was the first to escape from her (though not unscathed.) She's starting to exercise a little control over her firepower and seek out help for once. But who's going to be happy listening to a kid?

Pet Info: Misaki is a Silver Wocky, I created her as Blue and painted her Silver to match Misadori. The two of them were not named with each other in mind, it didn't dawn on me until later.

Rikaron Lookup

A brilliant and cheerful AI developer back in the day. He created a multi-mind-reading, semi-sentient machine (err creatively named RRI) that became violent during a private showcase; it somehow consumed and made off with the audience, leaving him confused and unable to really articulate what happened. Since then his personality became incomprehensible and childish. For many years he's been Misaki's primary guardian. He's very lenient (he was too distracted with ideas to argue) and a happy choice for a wild child, but she's more likely to be seen guarding him these days. He was given a token post at his old research lab but doesn't have any serious projects anymore. He's always been rather difficult to talk to, since he blabs on and on once started and asks a ton of questions.

Pet Info: RR is a Pastel Lupe. I created him as a Yellow Lupe, painted him Split with my first Art Gallery prize and then much later, used my first FFQ to make him Pastel. He was the first pet I ever painted, but not the first to be non-basic colored (the labbed pets were first.)

Waifaiseeto Lookup

An ex-Central Army grunt with tiny achievements in physical combat but otherwise returned with an unremarkable career. Luckily he's hardly hungry for glory and simply wants to help out the family that took him in, although there's not much to defend them from anymore. He's a battle mentor to Kieruu and babysitter to Misaki, and a sort of inadvertant brotherly idol to Pal - kids really like him for some reason. He's not quite sure how to deal with them, but he's got considerable patience. Past that he's a bit of a loner and wanders the country picking up materials for Rikaron's lab and colleagues.

Generally a pacifist, he did expose his old skills just once when he, Von and Pal were dragged into an explosive scrap with Entrophias in the desert. He fought with surprising grace against a flying robot soldier - brings up questions about what he was really trained to do in the olden days...

Pet Info: Waifaiseeto is an Eventide Gelert. He's a really old pet and was adopted from the pound a long time ago as a Blue Gelert. He stayed Blue for over ten years before I used a FFQ to paint him eventide. I usually change designs when painting, but he didn't change at all. Of all the asymmetrical designs his eye colors have always given me memory problems shhh

Millamant Lookup

Still quite the enigma. She taught at the faraway, isolated orphanage where Kuvirea, Saohme and later Catoble, Tohakken and Vontarc were raised. It was a strangely idyllic location for a house in the middle of monster filled woods. She's a powerful but conservative sorcerer specializing in earth magic and sports a ton of tattoos from her past life (though it may not be that far behind her...) She was a Maths and Magic tutor, and remembered as very cold and not fun at all by the kids who knew her - but then all the tutors were quite stiff. Since the institution disappeared, she seems to have fallen back on her connections from previous jobs and taken on something a little more strenuous than caring for lost children. The kids are all grown up now anyway. Mil herself looks pretty ageless.

Mil is supposedly the Yellow Dragon of the compass center. Not sure what her relation is to the 4 Emperors Army though.

Pet Info: Mil is a Yellow Hissi, she was created as a ?? by me and zapped a bit. Now she's waiting for Gold Hissis to exist...

Traebule [Life Fountain] Lookup

A big, drowsy and somewhat naive Life Fountain who exhales a smoglike aura. He enjoys making friends but his aura is one of the worst suited to be around others - it's a brain-degrading, body-preserving black smoke. He was drawn to an industrial town by the smokestacks and lived there for a century. However during a wartime attack he accidentally smoked and zombified the entire populace. His aura makes others into brainless shells, but makes himself basically indestructible. He survived the war, a decapitation (by Freenet), eating poison, a city leveling explosion (caused by him), and wandering the desert for years.

He now lives in the capital among regular people, in total squalor but happy against odds. He's supresses his aura out of courtesy (plus zombies are boring) but is oblivious to the threat he poses, as well as his poor self care. He goes about indulging in terrible romance movies and teen novels, eating anything and sleeping for weeks. He has a part time hospital job, which attempts to harness the useful parts of his aura.

Pet Info: Trae is a Darigan Kougra. He was gifted to me in '11 by Synnie, a person 2 good 2 cool for me. I try to do him equally good and cool but he's a bit of a dork it seems. Trae was the second pet I ever adopted from someone else. Uh he's also my only Koug who's not some grayish color.

Palamid Lookup

A young wandering dinosaur handler, mail courier, garbage collector, construction mover etc etc... from the distant desert. She used to be a tour guide in the very boring canyon area where her ranch was located. Motivated by a pair of hapless travellers (Von and Waifaiseeto) she came to the city in search of her older brother figure Korn, who disappeared years back. She takes all kinds of odd jobs and keeps trying to help strangers, which sidetracks her plans considerably, not to mention she has to keep her giant pets from accidentally stomping on someone in the cramped city streets. Pal is an able dinosaur trainer and as a result of raising some serious monsters, has nerves of steel when it comes to life threatening beasts. But for all her nerves she's shy around anyone but her dinosaurs, and sees dealing with regular people (angry customers and road rage) as the scariest thing of all. Luckily, most people won't try to talk back to her because of her reptile posse.

Pal's favorite utility pet is a Trumpadon called Aureol, a petpet that looks like a spiky T Rex. He's the loyal straight man of the dinosaur team, a couple stories tall, and can crush trucks with his mouth.

Pet Info: Pal is a Skunk Ixi, she was created blue and painted by me. One of the first/only items I had on that account for years was Rainbow Contacts, which is why it became part of her design.

Raikovu [Life Fountain] Lookup

A partial Life Fountain, who only exudes aura as a glow through the skin of his hands. Compared to most of the other Life Fountains, his healing and burning power are very weak, but he has a good handle on what he can do and makes use of it for marking and tracking. He hunts shapeshifters for the police, but he's really more of a recon man and relies on backup and heavy weapons in actual confrontation. He uses his faint but constant self-healing to offset all the minor health effects of never sleeping. Very intense and constantly restless, he works at all hours to monitor city crime, hammering away in his garage at 4am, and even going after things of disbelief like ghosts and devils. He was Saohme's old boss, not an easy guy to work for, especially if you are lazy as Sao - or had to avoid LF aura like he did. Buddy cop comedy abounds...

He has a bit of an inferiority complex regarding his weak aura, since more powerful LFs have started becoming stars in the field he used to spearhead. He looks stressed and always in a rush, but he's more observant and tactful than he lets on. When making a big ruckus, it's often just distraction from another scene. It's all about planning.

Pet Info: Rai is a Grey Kougra. He was adopted from Robin with a petpage app in '15, after many tries for a Grey Koug (including my first ever app years before.) He's the third pet I adopted from someone else, and my last pet.

part II

Character List II

Non Neos but petsites sssomewhere.

Vanagandr [Shapeshifter]

Sabertooth something or other, King of the most successful urban shapeshifter family, Corpus. He appears somewhat brainless, disgustingly powerful and violent on impulse, but is ever optimistic in his desire to bring Shapeshifters to power in the modern world. He's considered both an innovator and totally absurd because he's a shapeshifter who does not like changing his form, nor does he prioritize shapeshifter tradition over human life. He seems tempermental in who he steamrolls but thinks of himself as righteous. His reputation's growing but he likes finding time for fun the little things. He was a highschool teacher and sports coach, and is often asked to help the police (who don't know he's a shifter) on investigations and skimishes. He was eventually hired by one of the most notorious shifter-controlled security firms in the city after he supposedly found a way to destroy their natural enemy, the Life Fountains.

Van was the teacher and protector of junior shapeshifters Misteltein and Freenet. He taught them to use swords because they were excited to do so and he's a sucker for enthusiastic students. He is proficient with every weapon he picks up, but he isn't a huge advocate of swords himself. He prefers and is far more effective with other things. Most of all, his fists.

Hrodvitnir [Shapeshifter]

Sneaky cat guy and director at the shifter-controlled security firm Chimera that eventually hired his brother, Van. He's rather enchanted by computers and wants to drag traditional shapeshifters out of their longtime aversion to technology. He looks cold and unapproachable to ward off questions and rarely combats anything in person (preferring anonymous smear campaigns, threats and blackmail), but is a trusted leader of the Corpus family. After a bad upbringing among fellow shapeshifters, he's not really dedicated to their global preservation, but he listens to his brother when push comes to shove, and Van says they're going to make life better for everyone. Enthusiasm isn't his strong suit, but he's consistent in his work. Perfection is safety.

His hands are usually covered in gloves after being burned by - what else? - Life Fountain aura. In lieu of that one incident and other research, he's horribly cautious. He's got a penchant for invasive surveillance, knee-jerk abductions and extreme measures against his enemies before they can make a move. In his younger, careless years his hands were burned by a Life Fountain and that has forever put him on edge. Nobody will outsmart him again. (The LF was Rai, who has no idea he did so.)

Fenrisulf [Shapeshifter]

A cute little rainbow fox thing who's big in the show business, little bro to Corpus heads Hro and Van. In his everyday life he's a popular and spoiled child idol with a boatload of talents, singing, dancing, public speaking, charity ideas and charming prey onto his plate. He is a natural showman and many of his abilities were completely self-trained, but some picked up from the victims he's consumed. And while he is a bit complacent and smug he is continually calculating and ruthless in what he does. His brothers dote on him which gives him a big head, but he does feel something of an underachiever compared to them. He got little more than he bargained for when he hunted too carelessly, and picked up Misaki's attention: he was totally unprepared to face a speedy Life Fountain and got his lower body burned in the process. Now unable to transform effectively (or run as fast as he used to) he's more thoughtful and conniving, and taking advantage of his following more than ever.

A bit like Hro, Fen's seen some repulsive shifters and does not really care more about fellow shifters any more than the people they hunt. They can both be useful shields, or competition for him to clobber. He hates Life Fountains with all his zealous teenage heart though. He and Misaki, after an unsatisfactory first battle, have a hellish rivalry. Hellish for anyone who's caught in between...

Nifelheim [Shapeshifter]

A shapeshifter of the family Corpus. She's a cadaverous magician specializing in long range battle, hypnosis and illusions; less obvious she's an ex-private-contractor who once lived and worked among humans. She was taking up a family and dedicated to living with a permanent appearance until her real identity (job and true species) were discovered by neighbors, who burned up her and her home. She intentionally leaves her burns unhealed as a statement, and lives in hiding until duty calls. She carries a grudge against humans for their irrational fear being to the point where they'd attack their own. She's very shy and withdrawn around anything new, but a hardheaded complainer and roughousing soldier when around her old friends Van and Tirfing. Her old job assignments were confidential, and despite how her old life ended she still respects her old contracts - not much revealed but she was some kind of assassin.

Nif is really tall and thin, like a skeleton, and since her physical condition is bad now she frequently uses illusion magic instead of real transformation (of course, it's not as good in situations requiring contact). Unlike most of these characters, she doesn't really resemble an animal.

Jomun [Shapeshifter]

A newer member of the family Corpus. He's a recently retrained shapeshifter who used to take only animal forms, primarily that of an enourmous, swimming snake. A holdover from those days, he has a deadly appetite and seems to store a black hole of other peoples' valuables in his body. He's a supposedly important ally because he can make extreme species transformations VERY quickly, but he's a serious challenge to motivate and teach. He's not totally socialized, and appears sort of dazed and dull unless he's threatened. He only listens to those who scare him - Van and, surprisingly, Shutsuu. Shu was the one who first defeated his monster form taught him to take human shape, but hey... did she just model him into a supersized Kieruu?

His "scarf" is actually a pair of fins and part of his body. When unwrapped he can unhinge his jaw and basically split open his mouth all the way down his "human" torso. He's a constricting/corrosive kind, he doesn't usually become animals that bite.

Misteltein [Shapeshifter]

A member of the shapeshifter family Corpus. Mist is a member of a regent family in some faraway country known for their high taxes, vicious laws and their castle dungeon full of swords and skulls and other unspeakables. The children were often forced to fight each other; Mist was the top of the current batch and took that privilege to go abroad. She was a student of Van's at the same time as Freenet, so she picked up a sword and a cavalier attitude alongside him, but post-graduation remained loyal to the Corpus family while Freenet ran off. They had a bit of a rivalry, but nothing serious, they were kids. Since moving to the city she's gained quite a reputation for cruelty. She's strong enough to pulverize most foes but there are some traces of the classic landowning princess. She'll easily whip out the money and pull rank to slide out of a bad situation.

Van eventually tasked her with watching his old unfortunate friend Tirfing, but apparently not with being nice or helpful towards him. Sometimes Tyr ekes out some sympathy from Mist but she's not too good at expressing it.

Mist is one of two characters here who accidentally shares the name of a metal band...

Tirfing [Shapeshifter]

A longtime member of the shapeshifter family Corpus. A shambling, dispassionate robotic monster, and an old friend and rival of their leader, Van. He's persistent but never really managed to measure up to his rival. He has been falling further and further back as time goes on, and also taken on a ton of injuries and misfortunes. He always seems a little bitter and tired but remains devoted to the family and is low-key hoping for recognition eventually. Since his armor's immune to a lot of the usual annoyances, he's often sent to inhospitable places through fire, ice and sand to take out enemies who THINK they're safe. He works both on behalf of Corpus and other private benefactors. He was the mercenary tasked with bumping off Entrophias at the height of the Four Emperors army. His luck's a bit of a joke among his higher-ups but he's really a brutal swordsman who's strong enough to dish out major punishments at a slow, steady rate. His sword is too heavy and the grip too painful for fleshy non-robot hands.

After Corpus really took off, Van seems to mostly ignore him. Van eventually assigned a student, Misteltein, to work with him - or rather, keep an eye on him for better or worse.

Pet Info: Tirfing and Misteltein are the same species of pet on the other site they are on.

Randgris [Shapeshifter]

Queen of the infamous old world shapeshifter clan, the Face Eaters. The family is made entirely of fast-healing clones, roaming the snowy mountains, wearing masks and fluffy coats containing the remains of their prey. Since villages on the mountain have grown thin, the Eaters have started closing in on the bigger towns. The family was always small but as their most recent leader, Ran has only created one clone, Shutsuu. The family was never quite into sensitive emotional connections, their relationships are just easygoing, however even the old members fear its eccentric leader.

Ran has a suspiciously friendly persona, a bit like Shu, but her reptutation goes a little futher. Villages - belonging to shapeshifters, humans and even Life Fountains - tend to get torn off the map when her clan drops in. She shows some concern for her family members but it often appears facetious.

Oh yeah it's a sure thing the Eaters were the ones who devoured half of K's hometown, but Shu hid him, he survived, and most importantly he knows none of this yet....

Pet info: She's a species on another site that looks quite a bit like a Faerie Xweetok, Her primary mask has the two dark lines on the forehead like a xweetok, otherwise it's just like Shu's.


Semi-member of the shapeshifter family Corpus, even though she isn't a shapeshifter. Her ancestors were often mistaken as shifters because of a wing mutation, and were protected by the shifters who knew they weren't, so for generations they have taken up arms to protect the shifters in return. She's rather boring and dutiful, and totally ingrained in her family traditions, not just battle form but really dated books, radio shows and food. She's very old fashioned and adamant about protecting the children but just looks kind of an uncool aunt in public, she's also not great at identifying shifters (to her dismay, her eyesight may be bad?) Despite a demure persona she has the strength and training to weild huge sharp edged shields and specializes in disarming, even destroying, the weapons of others.

Like Entrophias and Vontarc, Brin's a griffin creature of some kind and much bigger than her cohorts. Her wing mutation? She eventually grows four of them, cutting an even more formidable image. But it does impede flying and speed... but then, she prefers to stand her ground.

Skogul [Shapeshifter]

A minor member and informant of the shapeshifter family Corpus. She often appears as an showy, attractive woman but her true form is a sentient wad of black hair. This malleable shape is sometimes useful since she has a lot of reasons to hide in the cracks and shadows. She can form a lot of superficial things out of the hair (like clothing and jewelry) but she can't take on any other ambitious full form transformations, so her meeting, tricking, or otherwise hurting new people is just for fun. She was allowed into Rikaron's house after his accident, while he wasn't thinking straight, and has been hiding on his ceiling for quite a while now. Bizzarely enough she's a decent friend and lends a supportive ear when he needs it, but he isn't really sure if she exists. She just thinks his mental state is amusing to toy with, but one day she might get some important info from him... wouldn't that put her at risk, though?

She's never really had a situation where she'd have to fight, but sometimes she puts on huge claws (made of hair, of course)

Cadmus [Life Fountain]

A willful, stoic cat man and one of the first 3 Exiled Life Fountains. Cilix and Nereid were exiled from the villages for being menaces, but Cadmus, a harmless one, left willingly to help them adapt to city life since it was something he was curious about. His healing aura is fairly faint, but his normalcy probably helped him integrate with civilization more easily. And weak as it is, it was effective enough to help him become a renown doctor. Cadmus is a pretty resourceful guy, and even after a few centuries he's still devoted to his mission of improving hospitals and finding exiled Life Fountains homes and jobs (he was the one who placed Trae at the hospital). He's especially an advocate for Life Fountains to aid in medical care and Shifter hunting. The continued deviance of his original friends is an ugly mark on his efforts though... standing in the way of the "equality" he seeks.

Cadmus's aura is peeled from his skin in pink petal-like flakes, earning him the nickname "cherry blossom cat." (His eyebrows are just petal shaped hair hah) The petals have medicinal uses, like most auras, only easier to store. His aura's been faltering a little in recent years, his skin's not healing as fast and he's aged just a LITTLE more than his cohorts (he's still remarkably well preserved for 200+)

Cilix [Life Fountain]

One of the first 3 Exiled Life Fountains, a bit of an airhead with a constant outpour of oily aura from his extremities. With his aura's likelihood to catching fire, he was sent away for all the damage caused to his forest hometown. As a citizen of civilization, he was a bit slow to catch on to manners and consequences, to the frustration of his companions Nereid and Cadmus. He also tended to make a mess with his aura's penchant for seeping everywhere and igniting. But he was desperately agreeable and eager to please, and wanted to be a movie star, or at least someone respectable. Once again his aura got him into trouble as he unwittingly agreed to be imprisoned by a power company. This finally inspired a little self preservation in him, but the damage he caused in his escape, and his explosive reaction to being chased, blew him off the radar without any remains, and nobody's seen him in decades.

Cilix's aura looks like Misaki's superficially, but the fire is actually a side effect, the aura is the "oil" or fuel. It temds to just burn automatically, but he can restrain both the fire and oil. Makes him look a bit greasy though.

Like all the LF characters, he's a cat creature - but he has no tail.

Nereid [Life Fountain]

A very spirited Life Fountain, one of the first 3 Exiles, sent away for some ominous behavior only known as "disturbing the peace". She lives for parties, chaos and extreme behavior, finding thrills as an overseer rather than participant since there's no risk for her; she's indestructible. She learned how to blend in with people quickly, but after seeing how easily mortal health faltered on contact with anything fun, she essentially lost sympathy for human friends. When she picked up a criminal record for her curiousity/negligence she began to go into hiding, that was about 50 years before present. She's more outgoing and tricky than most Life Fountains, but like any of them she can sleep and isolate herself perfectly fine for years. She may have cared for someone, anyone, at one time, but she's totally apathetic to human safety these days - why worry about creatures so fragile? And yet, fellow Life Fountains are too slow for her. Nothing's perfect.

Nereid's aura is made of bubbles, and she has some major regneration power that she funnels into constantly growing, shedding and regrowing infinite tentacles. She can also go without breathing for a long time, good for hanging out in the sea. She's something like a squid and a cat.


An older brother figure to Palamid when she was a kid, and one of the more experienced handlers on the dinosaur ranch where she grew up. He was a medical and sensitive care expert rather than a trainer like Pal is. She doesn't remember too much though, he was gone before she even started working. He was a firm hand at his job, never trying to stand out, but had a strangely delicate demeanor and wanted to work somewhere he more emotionally open and not dress like he was expecting to get covered in sand.

He left for the city where he probably could have found the softer crowd he was looking for, but was hired by Chimera corp's "internal affairs", specifically working under the paranoid Hrodvitnir to weed out company moles. Since he had been handling maneating lizards his whole life, dealing with a maneating family didn't seem wrong at first, but being hard to spook probably also turned out to be his downfall when he allowed himself to get too close to Corpus's inner workings...

After a corporation info leak, he was never seen again.

Just a silly drawing note but he his pretty big, curly horns, can't wear anything that would need to be pulled over the head, like t-shirts. Poor guy. He's my second petsite character accidentally named after a metal band.

gen dump

waste relocated when i remember to do it

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