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Name Mikahye
Age N/A
Gender Female
Species Vulpes
Coloration #3d3232 #752e3c #000000
Demeanor unfriendly
Pack No Affiliation
Owner diggadug
RP open


Arisen from the ashes again...

...scorched earth resonated under every step she took. Ash, smoke, char--the remnants of a great fire consumed her completely. Those that had once known Mikahye knew her no longer. She, herself, did not know Mikahye. It was as though a new creature all together had taken up residence within her.

Her new story has yet to begin. The past wiped clean, she now wanders the earth with unknown intentions. She may have many questions about the past, who she was, or if her life is just beginning...

...but perhaps those questions are best left unanswered.



Adops of Mika here

Adoptables of Mikahye
Oooh, sparkly! Ragthorn's Mini Lupes mopeHello...Im-mini-Mikaye


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