The evening air is still as mist settles back onto the darkening mountains, occasionally broken by a staccato of birdsong as the animals settled in for the night. It's a quiet, summer evening as the lights in the town flicker off. A soft glow begins to dot the mountainside as the sun completely sets, a beautiful, gentle haze of fireflies as they rise from the grassy homes. The thin c.rackling of growth underfoot disturbs the silence a little bit, but it's not intrusive within the deep stillness.

Her pale, ghostly hand wraps around the trunk of the ancient trees as she makes her way down the slope, the fog clinging to her worn dress. Following the wake of the fireflies, she makes her nightly travel to the central cauldron of the mountains. She's here to bring the dead home.

If a human ever stumbled upon this woman, she would not reveal her name to them. Instead, mist would close over her figure as quickly as the human might've caught a glimpse of her, and they would be convinced she was only a figure in the darkness - a ploy on the imagination.

But she is very much real. Cursed, perhaps, but real. Humans may resent her existence in their own, misunderstanding way, but her existence is necessary to continue the balance of life and death. Her job is only to deliver the souls of the dead to the next realm.

Her name is Miyu.


Hello stranger, and welcome to Miyu's petpage. Both Miyu and I are extremely happy for your visit and we hope you enjoy your time here! A few things to note before we begin:

  • I am Canadian, and will therefore spell the way I was taught ("colour" instead of "color", etc)
  • You may notice odd periods in between words. I know, they annoy me too. They'll remain here until TNT can get their act together and revamp the petpage filters.
  • Credits are towards the bottom of the page; if an art piece was not done by me, hover over the image for the artist.

    With all that aside, it's time to begin Miyu's story.

    Miyu - the Deliverer

    Human Name: Miyuki Miciu Sakuragi

    Nickname: Miyu

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21 (but she's been 21 for awhile...)

    Height: 162cm

    Weight: -edited out-

    Hair Colour: Originally black but now faded to grey (with blue highlights)

    Eye Colour: Slate Blue/Grey

    Flower Symbol: Bellflowers

    Neopian Species: Transparent Draik


    Miyu doesn't quite recall when she was born - she remembers cherry blossoms, the snow on swelling buds, and the sound of river water flowing past rocks and cr.acked ice. She's quite certain there wasn't electricity or anything like that though. Firelight fills her warmest memories when she tries to recall her childhood, but it's like reaching fingers through a stream of water and hoping to hold it in your hand. Sometimes the memories drift in and out of focus, but other times, it feels like it's been so long that they're no longer potent, tangible things anymore.

    What she does remember most clearly is feelings. She remembers feeling safe when she was very small, perhaps cuddled and loved, but mostly, that sense of security. It is the thing she misses most.

    As she grew older, what Miyu recalls is mostly fear. Fear that the faces that now slip from her recall would be gone, fear that the fragile happiness she held cupped between her fingers would disappear like a wisp of smoke blown away on the wind, borne on beating wings. It's a terrifying feeling, and even now, she clutches at her chest, trying to claw away the emptiness that fills it when she remembers this.

    Miyu is not quite sure when she made "the pact". All she remembers is that one day, her terror overwhelmed her; crying, she ran far, far up the wooded hills into the darkness and the mist, afraid of what might find her, but yet afraid of what lay behind her.

    What she remembers most clearly are the terms of her pact:

    In exchange for everlasting life, your soul is forever anchored to this earth, to do what you feared most. You will be a harbinger - the deliverer of death. Are you prepared?

    In her terror and unwillingness to enter oblivion, she was.

    And in her adult, spectre form, Miyu wanders the mountainsides she was born in, gently collecting the souls that gather around her like fireflies drawn to fire. In exchange for her eternal life, she is doomed to walk the same paths each twilight, to bring the souls of the dead to their mountaintop home. It is far more lonely than her living incarnation would have ever imagined.

    It is too late now to change her mind - to rectify her mistake. All she can do is cling to the fading memories of her life, and hope that one day, oblivion will find her.

    This time, she will be unafraid to meet it, to run to it with open arms.

    Rules of Her World

    The rules that govern Miyu's universe are simple in context:

  • For every action there is a counteraction.
  • There cannot be too much of one thing, and not enough of the other.
  • Equals and opposites always balance each other out in the end.

    All of these principles must be held true. So, for example, Miyu can escape death because she is condemned by the loneliness that accompanies her fate. Making a wish for the time being is acceptable if you're willing to accept the inevitable despair that would come at a later date.

    In Miyu's case, she tried to summon too much hope for herself: she was afraid of death and so wished for eternal life, the ultimate hope for her people. But wishing for eternal life comes with a price: because of the amount of light her wish required, it needed to be balanced by an equal amount of darkness, hence the solitude she has been cursed with, forever bearing souls on a journey she herself will never take. Miyu knows it's too late for her and to change her mistake, but she believes that one day, somehow, the laws of the universe can be changed so that people will not make the same mistake as she did. This is her final hope.


    Art references of Miyu in her pre-specter form and after she made her pact.

    Her Home

    The mountain that is Miyu's home is perpetually shrouded by mist. Its phonetic name translates to something akin to White Spirit Mountain, and is pronounced Nyiara in her native language. It is here that the folklore stories of her people say the dead return to. The top of the mountain is a spiritual harbour, forbidden to be entered by the living. The entire mountain range is revered as sacred. It is here that Miyu finds her eternal home.

    The mountaintop, where an asteroid once struck the earth, is indented by a crater. In the hollow of the earth and stone left behind, there is a field of bellflowers. In the legends of Miyu's people, the bellflower is a symbol of reincarnation, and indeed, this field is where Miyu leads the souls of the dead to be released into the twilight sky.

    It is for this reason that Miyu is sometimes known as "the Bellflower Girl" and why the bellflower is her symbol. She has a particular fondness for these blue flowers, and often wears a stem or two in her hair.


    Hotaru the Faerie Vacana

    Hotaru is one of the ancient spirits that has inhabited Nyiara for millenium. It is likely that he is the spirit that Miyu originally made her pact with, given that he often lingers in her mountaintop home, but he is not inherently evil. He, too, is bound by the inexplicable laws of the universe that they both live in, but it is not known what the price for his power is.

    Hotaru's physical form is that of a firefly spirit. Who he was in his previous life, or who he was originally, before he was turned into his current form, only the Makers of the universe know. Miyu doesn't know this, but he has seen a vision of the future that she awaits: the arrival of a being with so much light within her being that she has the potential to rewrite the laws of their world.

    The Four Seasons

    Customization ideas for Miyu for every season on her mountaintop home.

    Spring - When the new flowers begin to grow.

    Summer - When warmth can touch down on the mountains.

    Autumn - When the bellflowers bloom at the peaks of the mountain.

    Winter - When all is silent within the fog.


    Art done by me for Miyu's character. Drag & Drop for full size.

    Neopian History

    I first saw Miyu whilst lurking the PC, as she was UFQA by a lovely girl named Ophelia. Complex apps were not required - in fact, we were asked for only one neomail applications. I fell in love with not only Miyu's name as I think it's beautiful, but she was already statted, and as with Vau, I love training BD pets and making them strong.

    So I sent in an application for Miyu right away, and I sat back until the deadline had passed, which was not till a week later. I was mailed back by Ophelia on August 2nd, 2015, with the mail that I had been chosen for Miyu! I was beyond excited, and I was so happy when the following screen popped up a few hours later:

    She came home as a Baby Korbat, but as the (revised) Transparent Peophin had come out about a week prior to me bringing Miyu home, I was excited to purchase the Peophin MP from someone, and I already had a FFQ ready. I wasted no item morphing and painting her.

    However, a few months later, I realized that I'm actually pretty bad at customizing Peophins in general (I can't do it... at all.) and I decided to make Miyu into a Transparent Draik. I love Draiks (they're my favourite converted species) and I've owned a Trans Draik before and traded her away, so I wanted to own one again. So I morphed Miyu into a Draik and my friend Aly painted her with her FFQ (thank you so much Aly!):

    Now that she's finally the pet I want, it's time to continue her training and her reading!

    Training Record

    This is the section where I record Miyu's training progress!

    While I want to work on Miyu's stats evenly, I do want to work on her level to 250 first because the training is so much easier and so much cheaper for my wallet too, haha. Here are her stats as I adopted her:

    Health Points: 238
    Level: 119
    Strength: 150
    Defence: 121
    Movement: 51

    I'll be adding a training goals and records section here as soon as I start working on her exclusively. :p


    There is a rumour in the woods, of misty mountains far, far above the soft green line of the land. There is a woman who lives up in the lonely peaks, a skeletal, beautiful woman who only appears around twilight, surrounded by fireflies that flicker and fade.

    It's not certain where she's from, or who she's even looking for. What's clear is that she's looking for something, or perhaps someone. Those who have seen her swear they see her stretch her slender fingers through the dim light as though she's searching for something.

    Despite the cold, despite the rain, her fireflies never leave her. Perhaps they're looking for something too - or perhaps they're helping her search for the thing she scours these empty mountains for season after season.

    The rumours are perhaps half true, but the woman's purpose is unknown to the villagers who live at the foot of the mountain. She has a purpose, but it's not the one they've expected - nor would she have it that way. Her purpose is something far more sinister, and yet ironically beautiful.


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