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The Crayon Club

Every artist has different stories to tell, and different ways to tell it. These differences are what make us unique and individual. But we all still have at least one common thread: passion. The Crayon Club celebrates all artists of any level and medium! We're a laid-back guild for friendly Neopians to come and chill.

At TCC, we focus on two main things:

Always improving! Always striving to be better!

Fostering a friendly community to inspire each other!

Every month, we host a topic or area (ie: background, poses, etc.) for members to practice. We put up member-submitted tutorials from the artists with know-how, and encourage everybody to push outside their comfort zones and practice! The amount of guild participation is up to you! If you plan to chat on the message board every day, that's great! But if you plan to not post at all, that's great too. ;) There are a variety of ways to get involved: submitting your artwork to our guild galleries, updating your member chart, chatting on our message boards... etc. But if that isn't quite your cup of tea, you can also submit suggestions or start your own activity!

We are a public guild! This means there are no applications or requirements to join the guild. Whether you've never drawn before but would like to start, or have been drawing for a very long time, The Crayon Club might be your new home :)

Driven by YOU

As a member, YOU get to choose how involved you are or are not. There is no activity requirement. This means that if you want to join just for the sake of joining a guild, but plan on never checking in, that's okay! Hopefully you change your mind ;) But if you plan on being a really active member, THAT'S GREAT TOO! We love you!

You get to choose which activities you want to participate in, and which ones you don't. The more events you join, the more stickers you can collect to show off! You should be driven by your own desire to improve and become better. Hopefully, our activities will provide an opportunity for you to practice your talents and challenge yourself.

Monthly Prompts

Every month, the council comes up with a new prompt. Some examples of ones we've done are color palettes (challenging yourself to use color ranges that you aren't comfortable with), backgrounds, and character design. We'll announce what that month's challenge is, and a few prompts to help you get started.

We encourage members to try to focus on that topic for the month and become better in that area! We also ask members who think they can provide insight in that month's topic, to submit tutorials or help out other members.

You can view this month's prompt here.

Member-Run Activities

Power in the hands of the people!

Have a great idea? Awesome! Want to host your own activity? FANTASTIC! And guess what... you can. If you think you have a cool idea that other members can enjoy, feel free to start your own activity! There are a few rules that go along with this, so make sure you read what they are on our activities arcade page :)

The best thing about having member-run activities is that there's always something to do. We always have a few activities going on in our arcade, so be sure to check them out! Again, you can pick and choose which ones you want to participate in, and take home a shiny sticker for your collection!

Check out all of our current activities in our Arcade.

Resources For Improvement

Our guild is all about becoming better, and we're proud to show off all the resources we have for you!

We have member-submitted tutorials that cover a wide range of topics! Check out our resources database for the full list. We encourage our members to submit pieces of advice and tutorials.

But we recognize that there's only SO much that a tutorial can teach you. Sometimes, you need personal help! Furthermore, constructive criticism is an essential part of the process, so that you can learn what you were doing incorrectly, some neat tricks to help you become better or faster, etc. Sometimes it's hard to trust other strangers with your art work and your feelings.

That's why we're proud to present our best resources, the awesome group of Sages and Critique Staff who have volunteered to help out! They're members of the guild who are masters (or in other words, just really really good at art). They're friendly, nice, and most of all, HELPFUL.

Here's a preview of just SOME of the tutorials that our members have submitted!


We're a really laid back guild, so basically anything goes! Members host their own activities, participate in the ones they want, and are as active as they wish to be.

There are no post count or activity requirements, and you can join on your side account if you want!

However, we do have two very serious rules:

1. Help foster a friendly and inviting community! Always be respectful, and please remember that all critiques should always be constructive.

2. Please do not beg for art/ harass fellow guild mates! Repeat offenders will be blocked from the guild.



All newbies start off at this rank! These are for members who are just checking the guild out. As a Miniature, you have no obligations and can come and leave as you please. Introduce yourself on the message board and let us get to know you! Hopefully you'll stick around ;)

Official Member

Becoming an official member is easy as pie! Fill out a Progress Chart and submit your URL to Jax (Helium). She'll update your rank and add your Progress Chart to our directory!

For the code to the Progress Chart and more information please go to this page!

There are no post activity requirements once you are an official member! Anyone can participate in the activities, but guild contest winners can only be from this rank or higher! Side accounts can also become official members.

Check out our list of Official Members here!


These members have won a lot of Neopian Times, Art Gallery, or Beauty Contest trophies. This rank has no other special benefits from Official Members. This is just a way to further recognize your Neopets accomplishments! You must neomail seakittie to request a rank upgrade. Please include the number of each NT/AG/BC trophies you have. You must have a total of 10 trophies to qualify.


These members help around the guild and are active on message boards! Other guildmates can contact Sages for art advice and critique. This rank is promoted at the discretion of the council and other sages, but you may neomail seakittie with a self-nomination and explanation! Sages are awarded with Board Monitor admin duties and may have other admin powers. Critique Staff members and Activity hosts are automatically put into the Sage rank.


These are the SUPER members and outstanding artists! Any AOTM will automatically be promoted. This rank is given at the discretion of council, and will not accept any nominations. Platinum members are consistently getting involved, submitting tutorials, and being active and friendly on the message boards.

Meet Your Council


The Crayon Club was spontaneously founded by Kit on July 8, 2014. Not a lot of planning went into it, besides the idea of creating a public art guild like the mega ones she used to be in, 7 or so years ago. (Everyone point and laugh at how old she is!) Within a week, more than 50 members had joined the guild! TCC had an explosive growth, thanks to the enthusiasm and excitement of its original members!

As the founder, Kit has her hand in little bit of everything. She is responsible for new content curation, creating new coding/layouts, creating art graphics for the guild, member recruitment and retention, and coming up with new and exciting ideas!

Kit (aka Seakittie)

a 23 year old girl who enjoys long walks on the beach, deep conversations, holding hands--wait a minute...

I've been a long time neopets player! More text about me blah blah blah blah bah.


Because Kit cannot be online all the time and has become considerably more busy, she needs help to run the guild. The President is ultimately the acting leader of the guild, and is in charge, especially when Kit is not online_ The president is also responsible for keeping all member directory related pages up to date, for example, the progress chart page, the stickers page, etc.

Jax was chosen as the President because she stepped up to the plate, even when Kit disappeared without any warning! Jax was also a member of the original council and joined the guild from the very start. She's an amazing, sweet, and dependable girl!

Jax (aka Helium)

a 23 year old girl who enjoys long walks on the beach, deep conversations, holding hands--wait a minute...

I've been a long time neopets player! More text about me blah blah blah blah bah.

VP Internal

The Vice President Internal helps the President make sure that the guild is running smoothly, by being responsible for guild activities. She will be responsible for updating the Activities Arcade, encouraging members to participate, helping members host activities, and updating member-related pages (ie: Adoption Center). The VP Internal also moderates the guild board, and makes sure everyone feels welcome.

Marsh (aka _Marshmallowz)

a 23 year old girl who enjoys long walks on the beach, deep conversations, holding hands--wait a minute...

I've been a long time neopets player! More text about me blah blah blah blah bah.

Previous Council Members

Meet the original council! These members are amazing individuals who were a part of TCC's council during its first few months. TCC could not have been what it is today without their support and enthusiasm!

Meet the Members

As of October 2014, TCC has grown to 209 members! Here are SOME of our member's art pages, if you'd like to take a snoop. Check out our progress chart database and character quilt for more cool galleries!

If you want to add your art page, please neomail seakittie with your (1) userlookup, art page or progress chart URL and (2) 100x100 icon of yourself or your artwork.