Majestic Malls was founded by Stacey(yay_thejonasbrothers) last September 24, 2012 and it was then endorsed to Brittany(mizzzvampire) as of year 2013. Due to college, Brittany has to face the fact that she'll be having a hard time to manage the malls thus endorsed to Clara(princessrawrmeow) and Joyables(excalibur_joy) along with a lot of changes and improvements for Majestic Malls.

It just started with one branch, yet got full in 2 weeks time thus continue to have more branches! Growing and helping each other! There are five branches so far that was taken from beautiful gemstones along with it's unique and different categories in it.

Guild Updates

  • 4/17/14 : Yeah the guild has been long established but then everyone has wild ideas but everyone is too busy as well with their lives, then our manager wanted to have the guild to be active! So hooray! The guild is back! Allow us a few moments to have everything revamped alright?
  • Sitely

  • Layout, coding and resources made by Jewlz at Jewel
  • Textures used from Details.