♥ ~ lookbook ~ ♥

lots of pretty outfits, lots of color. i spend far too much time on DTI, and my friends inspire even more creativity
most of the customizations here are of my main pets, but my side pets can be seen at the very bottom.

skipping tracks

i used to - used to - used to, now i'm over that.

southern charm

tea time in the sunshine.

pastel clouds

soft hues and a warm breeze.

candied footsteps

nothing is sweeter than this.

take me to the candy shop

i'll let you pick a lollypop.

whimsical candyland

inspired by the lovely lychae. ♥

gingerbread houses

hansel and gretel didn't teach me a thing.

faerie tea party

they'll probably send you on a quest before dessert.

marshmallow goldie

also inspired by lychae. ♥

christmas nostalgia

the warmth of the lights keep the cold at bay.


fall has arrived.

tie-dye tea time

it's all-natural, i swear.

voodoo hoodoo

don't play with things you don't understand.

seashore daydreams

relaxing til the tide comes in.

birthday celebration

all i care about is the cake, ok.

candied flowers

most likely not edible. most likely.

pink lemonade

it's always time for lemonade.

birthday party

this bg is too expensive


sprinkles and frosting are the way to my heart

leaf fall down

changing leaves and crisp air

nothing rhymes with orange

except florange

cerulean field

this place holds some sort of magic

pink petals

on wednesdays, we wear pink


not my gumdrop buttons!

open air

sometimes you just need to escape

cupcakes & marshmallows

soft and sweet - just like me

flowers & lace

springtime dreams

wafting bubbles

a field of flowers on a warm spring day

cloudy cookies

pastel nonsense is the best nonsense

flower shop

spring is the best time to tend a garden

violet serenade

not much is nicer than violets and violins

hocus pocus

how many mortog feet did i put in?

golden afternoon

warmer than silver, bright as the sun

faerieland fireworks

best in vivid, blinding colors

golden gala

dressed in finery, sparkling and sweet

serene meadows

a dream afternoon in a beautiful meadow

quiet morning

coffee and a lazy seashore stroll

mossy garden

flowers grow best with tender love and care

flower market

i'll have one of everything

apple cider

cozy, sweet, and perfect for fall

autumn creek

one last walk by the river before it gets too cold

vintage valentine

lovely flowers for that special someone

violet galaxy

reply hazy, please try again

winter memories

the cold will nestle into your bones

spring nostalgia

he loves me, he loves me not

lucky lolly

do you feel lucky?

glittering forest

this quiet place is sacred


if you don't find them all, they'll rot

pastel afternoon

a lady always keeps fresh flowers handy

head in the clouds

daydreams and rays of light

water lilies

let today last forever

winter blues

how many snowflakes can you catch on your tongue?

cupid's bow

i'm not the best, but i'll give it a shot.

ornate sorrow

this customization doesn't even make sense.

vintage heart

remember me for centuries.

mystical vines

follow me into the glow.

twilight magic

you look so pretty, but you're gone so soon.

rising melancholy

who cares if my paws get wet?

ocean hues

ombre shades of green and blue.


just a little longer.

fyora's forgotten

i've waited ages, but she never returned.


this isn't good for my digestion.

spring picnic

is it time to eat yet?

bubbly jellybeans

i mean i guess the colors match.

snot bubbles

the green ones used to be a different color.

underwater snotto

like a grotto, but with snot.

merry snotmas

well it is green, so.

faerie faerie snotty

new years in boogerland.

reflective snot

bubbles make everything more interesting.

faerie fort

no boys allowed.

tinge of purple

it makes the green stand out more.

kissing tulips

snot the best idea.

luminous pumpkins

ready for autumn.

head in the clouds

feet on the ground.

blue meadows

traipsing amongst flowers

cheerful day

bubblegum and sunshine make for a happy day


it's pretty self-explanatory, imo

snot pumpkins

it's easy to stand out when everything's orange


it's like christmas, but with more snot

it's snot summer

well it is, but it's snot

a whole new world

shining, shimmering, snotty

ethereal fields

pollen really gets those allergies revving

snotty neggs

it's not exactly appetising

spring flowers

bring spring allergies

greenhouse greenery

it's still a room full of pollen soooo

chilled snot

it's snot christmas yet

fantastical snotmallow

what's stickier and squishier than marshmallows?


really running out of snot puns here

spring picnic

more flowers, more snot, more sparkles

snot closet

you probably don't want to borrow these

sugar plum faeries

the warm, fuzzy feeling you get on christmas eve.

cold chills

you left me waiting.

rose gold

warm and bright


she sells sea shells

autumn creek

fall has arrived

ominous rainbow

that wasn't a thing til vudhu came along

open sky

didn't mean to frighten you


she's poison, she really is

winter chill

let the cold settle into your bones

rainy stroll

it's raining and stuff

crystal globes

bc you can't say bal.ls on neo

dark secrets

come and play with me


such stunning; very original

cemetery whispers

come away, little children

rotten neggs

perfect for throwing

first snowfall

when autumn ends and frost begins

mint lace

all this brightness hurts my eyes

inky tendrils

come closer and i'll tell you a tale...

shades of blue

and green


soft hues and sparkles

sugar and spice

surprise! i'm not very nice

spring shadows

waiting for the sun

grandma's recipe

it tastes like home feels.

made with love

sugar, spice, and everything nice.

hot chocolate

with or without marshmallows.

tricksy fae

careful what you wish for.

heavy burdens

i will carry the weight of your secrets.

garden whispers

the smallest faerie in neopia.

forest guardian

from the tallest tree to the smallest fern.

glittering snot

it's good fertilizer, at least.

tomb raider

just a quick heist before the party.

eternally waiting

patient, but vengeful.

under the sea

gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

sunset bonfire

a time to reflect.

violet gloom

it does not do to dwell on dreams.

little wanderer

you probably shouldn't touch that.

mom's backyard party

as extra as can be.