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total layouts: 50

rule one Do not remove the credit. Theft will be reported.
rule two Do not alter or edit the graphics.
rule three Do not redistribute or claim my work as your own.

These are some additional notes for the layouts.

  • Editing the coding is of course allowed, however no matter how much you alter the layout my credit must remain.
  • Each layout has additional notes. Be sure to read them before editing.
  • If you have any questions or there is a problem please contact me.
  • Layouts are designed to fit a 1368x768px screen resolution. They go up to 2000x1000px and look best in chrome.
  • Some layouts do come with matching guild icons. The icon feature in guild is not working at the moment. Some layouts also come with matching color schemes.

  • Drag and drop the image to the address bar for a larger image.
    You will find the layout code in the textbox beneath each layout preview image.


    Mermaid Glam

    Avast Ye'!

    Tropical Harris

    Happy Halloween

    Meepit Graveyard

    Ghostly Kiko

    Autumn Time

    Space Battle

    Aloha Aroma

    Feng Shui 1

    Feng Shui 2

    Team Shenkuu

    Flower House

    Indiana Techo

    Mushrooms in Spring

    Sunshine Hammock

    Count Von Roo


    Dreamy Village

    Artsy noil

    icy village

    ice blue mist

    Faerie poogle

    Spring Faerie

    holly jolly castle

    New years on Roo Island

    desert mirage

    AC grand open

    autumn sunset

    erza at dawn

    fall harvest

    jelly goalie

    rooftop prowler

    sea urchin

    sleepy draik

    space jetsams

    under the tree

    symol tea time

    autumn night sky

    faerie statues

    romantic beach

    pirate meercas

    pink valentine

    medusa stare (duo BG's)

    goodbye summer (duo BG's)

    lab ray zap

    altador docks

    howl's moving castle

    little negg house

    golden decor

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