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Welcome to Adopt a Dream; a Petpage Application Guide! I'm guessing you've come because you're going to be making an application? You've come to the right place then, my friend! This guide shows the basics of application making, especially for beginners. You say you aren't a beginner? You're still in the right place! Use this guide as a checklist and you can't go wrong!

So, I'm sure you're wondering what in the world you'll be learning here, am I right?
You will learn how to:
find the perfect pet
write a convincing application
properly dedicate your time and effort to a pet
find the resources you need to build up an amazing application

Sound good to you? Use the navigation on the right and you can get started!

Please understand that when making a petpage application, or any application for that matter, you may not adopt the pet you're applying for. While following guides can increase your chances of adopting a pet, your best bet is to go create the pet yourself as that has concrete results. Good luck with your application!

Before the Application

Plenty of work goes into the application, but lots of work comes before hand too. Think you're up to the challenge? The one thing you really need to understand is that you may or may not adopt your pet. You will be taking hours out of your own time to apply for a pet you may never adopt. You must understand this before applying. Applying for a pet is a choice. If you don't like the sound of this, you may be better off getting your dream pets another way. Unless you like the sound of ice on your account clinking together? And, as the dedicated Neopian you are, I'm sure you don't! Oh, one more thing... if an owner requires you to make a petpage application, don't apply! It is against the rules for them to require it, so applying would be a bad option here. That leads to the fact that you need to state somewhere in your application that you made the page by choice. Now we may begin our guide!

Please note: These are all optional sections. You may mix up the order or add your own sections. This is just a guideline!

Thinking and Dreaming

To start with you need to think about your dream! It sounds so lame, but the more you think about your dream, the more you long to have what you don't have. I have always wanted an UC Faerie Draik, (well, who doesn't?!) but I never adopted one, like most people, right? I mean, it's not a pet you can go and create willy-nilly. So, to achieve that goal, I decided to make an application, because how else would I get that beautiful draik? Trade up? I couldn't do it to save my life! I wanted that perfect pet so much and I was so into making my application that I worked hours on it. Days on it. Well, probably more than that. But that's not the point! I never got my dream pet, but I tried so much harder because of the days and nights I spent thinking about it. I loved them. Now you think about it. What is your dream? Okay, so you probably aren't ten... but you always want what you don't have; it's alright because you're just human! I don't care how stupid it sounds, it will help you! Do you want a Faerie Draik like I do or are you longing for someone else? Do you want to adopt a sweet little Faerie Ixi or a hug-able Plushie Grundo? Now why do you want that pet? Now you don't you see how much more you love your dream? Okay, so it takes time. But you get my point. Now go to the next section!

Even if it isn't your birthday, make a wish!

Finding Your Dream Pet

Isn't this why you're here? Of course it is! Finding our dreamie is a bit harder that expected. With this section of the guide I think you'll find your perfect companion in no time flat! Well, maybe not, but this should help. Just don't give up, it can take some time. First you have to think, do I know where to look? It's okay if you don't because I'm about to tell you! The best place to look is the Pound Board, which is here. Search for a topic that says UFA or Up For Adoption. They both mean the same thing. These boards belong to the owners of pets which are UFA. NeoPound works very well for finding pets. It's popular, but I can't direct you there as it is off site. Learn more about it Here. Here are some other on-site agencies you might like!

Did you pick out a pet yet? Now we can move on.

Reading the Rules

Now that you have your pet picked out, you need to read the rules. If they ask for role players you best be a role player, otherwise you haven't a chance because, well, that's what the owner wants. If the rules state that the due date is tomorrow, is it a good idea to apply? You need to think these things through! You have enough intelligence to figure this out, I'm sure! Read the rules twice. Not once, twice. That's honestly not to insult you, but rather to prevent you from missing any important details. This ensures that you know everything there is to know about what the owner wants. If you don't comply there isn't a point to apply. Another thing owners commonly do is make a catch, or extra requirement. For example, many owners state tat you must use a random word somewhere in your application. Owners pick random things like this to ensure you've read their rules. It's smart thinking!

STOP! Did you read the rules?

Contacting the Owner

Contacting the owner is an extremely simple task that will actually be a first impression of you. Of course, this section probably makes it seem difficult but in all reality? It's not. You want to be mostly literate and slightly diplomatic when speaking to an owner. Maybe Hello there {Insert owner's name here}, I'm {Insert your name here} and I'd like to inform you that I will be making an application for {insert pet name here}. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to adopt your pet! I mean, I wouldn't recommend copying and pasting that all the time, but it's a start. More than likely you don't tyP3 lyk ths at school/work, do you? Well, at least we hope not...

(Drag to top for full image.)



Thank you Aubrie for this one xD

So truthfully, who would you give your pet to? The girl trying to feed your brains to wolves, or the considerate girl, kindly informing you that she's making an application? Yes, that's what I thought. ;D

Inside the Application

Of course, the application is the most important part of the entire guide and pet adopting process! Without it, you would have nothing but, well, I don't know what you would have. But you most definitely would not be adopting. And that, my friends, would not be much fun!

The Layout

You want your layout to be as appealing as possible in order to make a good impression on the owner. You need to catch their eyes so they don't get bored and leave. At the same time though, don't make it too crazy. If you don't know HTML/CSS you still have no reason not to use a nice layout! If the owner allows it, and most do, you can use a premade. If a premade site allows it, try to alter colors to match your pet. There are a few premade sites here for you! Those are just a few of the millions of CSS/HTML sites. If you know how to code, you can create your own layout. If you don't have any fancy programs, you can use pure CSS. You really don't even need a fancy image. If you do want a fancy-schmancy image, try the free program called GIMP. Click here to learn more about it and learn to use it. It's a lot like any of the expensive programs like Adobe Photoshop, but it's free! I mean, who doesn't like free? I have both and really, I think they're extremely close in likability. I would definitely recommend it.

The Intro

To begin your application, you need to introduce the pet you're adopting and you need to tell what will be coming in your application. This is where you can begin explaining what the reader can expect from the rest of the application. Are you going to have a section on art? Tell us! Are you going to have a story? Tell us! Just tell us what you will be doing. Oh, and don't forget to state the pet's name and say welcome. You want your application to be personal and warming, not a lecture about yourself and what you want.

One really good idea for this section, if you are interested in writing and stories, is to introduce your pet and such through a story-like paragraph. Perhaps your pet could be having a fake conversation with the current owner, or maybe you have an idea of your own. If you can pull this off, it really makes for a great start to your application.

Good Example
Hello PETOWNER, and welcome to my application for PETNAME. I understand this is a bit reversed, as usually the unemployed write applications for jobs, but, well, I've seen PETNAME's previous work and I really would like to hire him/her. You see, my T-Shirt shop opened for business just a few days ago and I'm hoping you will give your son/daughter permission to work for me? Well, with me. Anyway, PETNAME has some great experience and I'd love to have them as our Advertising Manager. Oh, please let me explain.
Alright, do you see how it is an introduction to the entire story? Already, you know that this is going somewhere interesting. A story is beginning to unfold and we're getting pulled into it. It's welcoming and interesting.

Bad Example

Hi. My name is APPLICANT. I'm planning on adopting PETNAME. Why do I want PETNAME? First of all, she has a very pretty color. Who wouldn't want a him/her? I know I would, which is why I'm applying for your pet! Duh! Well, you're going to find out more about me and PETNAME later! You're really going to like this application!
Bad. This is BAD! First off, the intro jumps into you. You don't want to jump into yourself; you want to make the pet the star. You need to give off details, and there isn't anything in this paragraph that tells us about your application. I'm already bored with it and it seems to me that nothing will be happening. As the reader, we need to be interested.

About the Pet

For your first real section, you need to talk about the pet you're adopting. You need to tell the pet's personality, if you have one. Of course, showing a few likes and dislikes is always a plus. Talk about the pet and make the pet come to life; be creative and create a history or write a story about the pet! Make sure everything fits together, like a puzzle, and it makes sense. What's the pet like? Do they have friends? Hobbies? Likes? Dislikes? Pack as much stuff into this section as you can. This section shows creativity and devotion. You want to show that you really love this pet! Also state that you love the pet for their personality as well as their looks. Remember that inside counts as well as outside!

Why You Chose So-and-So

When you spend all this precious time creating an application for a pet you may or may not get, you are already making it clear that you want them. But until this point, you have not explained why. Does the name mean a lot to you? Perhaps part of the pet's name, if it's an imaginary name, is a nickname for someone you know. Maybe their color reminds you of a beautiful field of flowers. How should I know? It's all about the way you think about the pet.

You really want to make it clear that this is the pet you want because they have some sort of deeper meaning to you.

The Family

This is where you talk about your other pets. You can show that you care for your other pets and you can show that your other pets are important too. Keep it short and sweet and to the point. A few sentences about each pet will do just fine. Just be sure to let the reader know that everyone has a place! Otherwise they're going to think you don't do anything with your pets. If you've had BC wins, art gallery wins, or anything else involving your pets, let us know. Maybe you just like roaming with your pet and playing games? Give links to petlookups. If you say you're going to do stuff with your new pet, show that you've already done stuff with the pets you have.

The Future

So what's going to happen if you adopt this pet? You can't solidly predict the future, but you can determine what will happen. What will be in the pet's future? Beauty contest? A petpage dedicated to them? A nice lookup? The chance to be on a lookup with lots of game trophies? What ever you do be sure to say so. And give examples! They speak MUCH louder than words. If you are entering the BC, make sure your other pets are in the BC. If you say you do art, show us! You code? Prove it! Roleplay? Have a character ready! Just remember that lying doesn't do anything. Anyone can easily spot a liar. The whole I'm going to feed and play with ___ every day thing just doesn't work unless the person you're persuading is 5 and is too young to be chatting on Neopets without breaking rules. You know what I mean? Be sure to give lots of proof. Lots. Of. Proof. If you are doing art, have an art section later on. If you're going to buy stuff, put it in your gallery. The owner wants to trust you so if you give them proof they have more reason to trust your words.

About You

I would definitely suggest making two sections: a section about you off and on Neopets. People are interested in both. You want them to feel like they know you. When you make yourself sound real, and not just like a robot online that wants pixels, they can trust you with much more ease.

Off Neopets: Don't give out personal information, obviously. Just talk about hobbies and favorite things. What are you a fan of? What kind of music do you like? Show us that you have a life! We want to know that you live in the real world too! You don't really have to go too in depth here, just give a brief summary of yourself.

On Neopets: You can talk about what you do when you're online_ how often you're on and things like that in this section. Talk about your favorite games and how you make points. Talk about your real-life friends that are Neofriends. If you have Neopets hobbies, such as chatting on a certain board or coding, please tell. We want to know what you do! Be sure to list all of your accounts and explain to the current owner what you do with each of them. Inform the reader about your past offences including freezes, if any, and suspensions. Be honest! It would also be a plus to state your current and past (hopefully achieved) goals. It shows the owner that you keep the promises you make to yourself and you can accomplish things out of your own will. Now, don't make the whole section too long. If you do, you seem conceited and no one wants to give things to a selfish individual.

Why Me: Personally, I do not really like this section at all. I mean, isn't the entire application in place to convince the owner that you are the best choice to be the new owner of their pet? If you do choose to create a section like this, I would recommend avoiding the "I'll make ____ happy" thing. It is just... cliche and does not do you any good. Telling the owner that you are addicted to Neopets and you would enjoy drawing them, writing for them, etc. would be just fine.

Oh, and as for the artists out there, some people like it when you draw a picture of yourself. It makes you seem like you fit into the world with your neopet. ;D


I hate to say it but art is a HUGE plus! People can deny it, but a lot of owners would prefer that you have it. Here are some things to keep in mind.

For those with interest: Congratulations to you for having the interest in creating appealing artwork. Yeah, the rest of us are jealous! Anyway, you probably already have some idea of what you are doing here. People really love art, so do your best. If you're good at art, I would also recommend attempting to advertise for the BC, or Beauty Contest, to earn trophies for your pet. Anyway, it isn't necessary, but it would show that you're putting your talent to use. You can also conduct fan art trades to get more styles into your application if you are willing to draw for other people also. Something I was informed of when I was review at Boat is that reference charts are serious business. If you plan on creating a character for your pet, you should really try to keep one on your page.

For those without: You can completely skip this altogether if you choose, especailly if you have no interest. I mean, you really need to focus on your interests, but sometimes this can make your page more delightful to look at. If you want the beauty of art, but you can't/don't want to do it yourself, you can always get fan art. Adoptables always add to the atmosphere too. Go back to the pound chat or help chat and look for a Fan Art board. Other people can make art for you. Just don't make a "looking for fan art" board. EVERYONE hates those. People don't really enjoy making art for people who just roam the boards and beg. I usually try a few pictures and then I get some fan art from the kind Neopians offering it. It's a great way to spice up your app.

Personality is key! Note the V-Ball. It's part of the personality! Which is more interesting, the new style or the default one? Of course, they're very similar, but the new one is different. People like different!


This is where you get to write your heart out. This is an optional section, but it shows creativity and it is always good if you are interested. Just make up a story! It could be about anything, a trip, a day-in-the-life-of, anything! Be creative and show what you can do. Make sure there are plenty of details in your story to keep the reader interested. If they aren't interested, they will most likely skip the section. I completely admit to doing this. If I am adopting out my pet, why in the world would I want to bore myself to death? We don't want that! And I'm not saying this to be insulting to writers, because many can write nice, meaningful stories, even at long lengths. I am just warning you not to go overboard with length and not to skimp out on detail! Oh, and just make sure there isn't anything about leaving the old owner because the pet didn't like them. Learn from my mistakes... xD

Whatever Else

Make up a section! Another section for creative people. Just be yourself. This is a helpful section because if you're really bad at things, like me, you can show what you can do. Not much to explain here since you make it! Just be sure to really let yourself shine here. Some ideas of what I have seen around include poetry, comics, short animation .gifs (it was so cool!), photography, and recipes to actually create a cake with the pet on it. I'm sure there are a billion other things you could do also. You can seriously turn any real-life talent into an application section. The more interesting, the better!

The End

The outro, the end, whatever you want to call it, you need to have it. Without it, your application just abruptly stops. Just make a few ending statements saying something like I can't wait to adopt you!. Just a few sentences will do. Oh, and it's a good idea to say good luck to the owner with choosing so they know you won't pester them if they don't choose you... But hopefully they will!

Outside the Application

If you add this outside the application, it is going to show even more dedication to the pet you're looking to apply for!

Everything here on out is completely and utterly optional. Technically the application was too, but you catch my drift. I just believe that all of this really gives you better chances and really shows dedication!


There are quite a few things I will recommend you do outside the application, but I think this could be the most important if you plan on customizing. Make a gallery that is themed of your pet, if your pet is available. If they aren't, use a cute petpet or faerie. Make the shopkeeper your pet and put items for the pet in it so the owner knows that you really will buy what you said you would. If you have a list of the pet's favorite stuff, put that in the gallery. You don't have to spend millions or even hundreds of thousands, but show that you are dedicated. It is just another easy way to prove just how wonderful you are! :)


About the section :
This is a great way to show off your coding skills if you stated you code and an amazing way to say Hey! I love {Pet name here} THIS much!. Not a coder? You can use simple CSS layouts, which SunnyNeo can help with a LOT. You should check out their CSS coding spot. It's very helpful for self teaching CSS or just making simple layouts. Some premade sites will allow you to edit their coding, but please, please read their rules and leave credit. It's rude not to! If you understand even the slightest bit of CSS/HTML, then editing should be a breeze. Just be sure you read the rules and leave credit. Stealing=bad. No one is going to adopt out to you if they know you have stolen material. Want some premades? Check the "Adopt Luck" section to the right. There are some resources there you can use!

Review Your Application

Check out the PC! Make a board and see if anyone would like to give you advice. People there are usually pretty helpful. Sometimes they will ask you to review them back and give them tips. If they ask, go ahead! It not only gives you a chance to see someone else's application, but you are also returning the favor. When you're nice to others, owners notice. They don't want their pet to go to a selfish monster, but rather to a kind neopian that always gives back to the rest of the players on the site. Besides, a little kindness never killed anyone :)


Here is a quick checklist covering everything I have explained in this guide. It's a great tool to use when you've completed your page and want to make sure you have not missed anything.

Because it is all in a textarea, you have the ability to actually type in the box. I would recommend either deleting the section names in the box as you see that you have them (to see what you are left with), or putting little x's in the "[ ]" provided. But, it's all up to you, so do what you think is best. :)

Adopt Some Luck

Here is just a silly little thing I have fun doing... want to adopt some luck for your application? Hopefully this application has helped you!


Other Helpful Links

I'm sure you will need them! The adoption agencies are checked often for updates. All are reliable as of June 27, 2011. Feel free to mail me if you would like anything to be added.
Adoption Agencies

CSS Premades

Successful Applications
More of these would be GREAT resources. The only current one is mine, which is here. Feel free to contact me with more!


Q. Aren't petpage applications against the rules?
A. The simple answer is no. BUT, if the owner forces you to make a petpage application, is adopting out a "custom" pet that hasn't been created yet, or you are giving the owner something in return, then yes, it's against the rules.

Q. Why are you obsessed with applications?
A. Yeahh, I really don't know. I love helping people achieve their dream pets without having to play games xD

Q. Why would I spend time applying for a pet I may or may not get?
A. Well, the answer here is really up to you. Personally, I like the challenge and it gives me something exciting to do. But I can't really answer this for you.

Q. You're really awesome.
A. It's not a question, but I know! ;)

Q. Will you make me a layout?
A. I guess I could, but I'm not going to. I'm terrible anyway xD This was a request. It's pretty, isn't it? Thank you to this site! I'm so sad that it isn't taking requests anymore. It was the best!

Q. I'm reading this guide by you and I was just wondering... did you ever actually adopt a pet?
A. Yes, actually! I've adopted two pets that I put UFA again when I *thought* I would quit. -.- Yeah, I was dumb. Lately though, I've been working on an application, but I'm not going to disclose too much info. I'm still waiting for results. ;D

Q. Back to those pets in the last question... what were they?
I'm asked this one a lot too. I adopted a maraquan shoyru, a draik, and a purple lutari. Just kidding. Lutaris aren't purple. And you can't trade them. ANYWAY, I got a pea chia. I mean, they weren't insane, but I sure loved 'em! My current draik is NOT the one I adopted. I eventually gifted my lovely adopted draik and gifted it to an amazing friend. That application is actually here for your entertainment. Now I've adopted another draik, Cadrianne, who is a chocolate/pirate cross-paint. Lovely, eh?


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