Welcome to Glamour, a glitter and banner request site run by me, Christina. Some of our works are shown here in the portfolio section. We also have many premade glitters/glittered names and banners for you to choose from. Go ahead and take a look around, maybe you'll see something that you like. If you like our work,and would like your own custom glitters or banners please feel free to request, but only if they're open. I also do banners and icons but I don't have the premade ones up yet.If you have any questions/suggestions, don't hesitate to neomail me.

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You must be tired from travelling visitor! Here why don't you have a glass of our today's special in the house Lemonade first then continue on your journey through our site. Let me tell you a little bit more about our sites newly news we now also have untaken site names put up in "extras" section.Check it out maybe you might find a name you really like.


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Opening Story

You make your way through the crowded plaza. When something catches your eye. It was way across the plaza, but not too far where you are standing. So, you decide to see what's there. You walk past food stands, shops, and many others but you kept your eye on the sparkling onject_ When you got there, you just found a stand selling jewelry and many other trinkets. You walk up to the stand and took a look at the goods. You notice the lady who is selling the things looking at you. She walks up to you and says, May I help you? You take a quick look at the jewelry, and find a beautiful diamond necklace. You nod, and say, Yes ma'am. I would like this diamond necklace please. The lady held up the necklace into the light. It's very pretty eh? But this isn't our best work that we have to offer. If you want more choices, just follow my instructions carefully. You had no idea what this lady was talking about. She said "instructions" as if it were something secretive. You didn't want to upset the lady, so you just nod. Okay. Just do hold out your hand, and think about what kind of precious gem you like. Now, I'm going to put this necklace on your hand, and when I say open you open your eyes. Okay?, the lady said. You did as you were told. Open!, you heard her say.

When you opened you eyes, and found yourself in a jewelry shop. You looked in your hand, and there was the diamond necklace the lady at the stand gave you. A young woman walks up to you and says, Hello there. You must be here to find something you like? Maybe a gift for yourself perhaps? Well, then just follow me. You followed the woman into a new room filled with jewelry. This is the main quarters here at our shop. It has all kinds of goodies. Please take a look around, and take your time.,the woman says. You thank her and start looking around the shelves and stands filled with all kinds jewelry.

rules are rules

Feel free to use the glitters and graphics if you'd like but please always link back.
  • You can request if you'd like but only when the requests are open
  • I do take requests for guilds or other pages.
  • Please neomail me if you'd like the ready to use graphics size adjusted, or for assistance with any other type of graphics
  • If you had read the rules put the word *smiley* in your form
  • Please be patient with your requests





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Please only pickup the ones that aren't made for you. Only pickup the ones that are made for you.


Some images are resized so to see full size please drag and drop the image you'd like to see to your URL bar.


How to use:

Just left click on the image you want and then choose copy image location then replace it in the following image url's place which i put in as an e.g,,then it's ready to use!


If you'd like a custom you can request one here!


You are very welcome to use these welcome/closed/moved banner:).

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These ones are just my portfilo.




Can't find a suitable name for your site? Why don't you check some out here you may find a name you like or we might help you get an idea. I'll also be putting up some suggestions at the bottom of some names.

  • Northern Star Directory
  • (You'll never loose your way with this name,I have also submitted this name at Visible Sketches.)
  • Pierced Marbles
  • (A special name for a graphic site don't you think?I have also submitted this name at Visible Sketches.)
  • Lightning Reviews
  • (Finishes reviews within lightning speed)
  • Tango
  • (How about for a graphic or button request site)
  • Nature Forest
  • (Maybe a directory?)
  • Blue Seas
  • (A review site a graphic site your choice)
  • Blue Mountain
  • Moonsoon
  • La Boutique
  • Creamy
  • Apple Tree
  • Galaxy
  • First Love
  • True Love
  • Mile Tea
  • Ice Tea
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Sugar Loaf
  • If you'd like to use a name then simply neomail me with the name you'd like to use and tell me that you'll like to use it then it's done!:)

    Still can't find a suitable name? Why don't you visit my friend's site Visible Sketches.


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