Hello, and welcome to Sensation! I'm Sarah, the creator and owner of this site. Sensation first opened in March 2011. After a (very) long hiatus, I am back as of January 2016 and determined to stay.
Here you can find and request quality content created by yours truly. My goal is to provide well-made and alluring buttons for requesters. So, stay a while, take a look at my work, and maybe request a button! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, don't hesitate to neomail me! I am open to everyone and anyone's opinion.


I've had a lot that I want to pursue in real life lately, and unfortunately I am unable to put Sensation at the top of my priorities. Sensation is by no means closed as of now, so please do not unlist or unaffiliate us. Meanwhile, please look forward to our return!

Friday, 6.17.16 | 5:29 PM
+1 layout request finished!
I really love how this turned out! Check it out here.
I will now be working on the button request!

Monday, 6.13.16 | 1:24 PM
+1 request
Requests are now closed as I need to work on the layout request!

Saturday, 6.04.16 | 4:37 PM
Yes, I am back! I had some additional tests, so I was not able to get back to Neopets as quickly as I wanted to, but here I am at last!
Requests are now open!

Friday, 4.22.16 | 10:22 PM
I apologize for my recent lack of activity! Lately I've been swamped with schoolwork, and an important testing period is coming up in a couple of weeks that I've needed to prepare for. Requests will likely stay closed until about beginning to mid-May when testing ends.
+1 layout request
Layout requests are now closed.

Friday, 4.8.16 | 3:02 PM
+2 finished

Tuesday, 4.5.16 | 6:52 PM
+1 finished
It doesn't seem like anyone's too interested in requesting a layout. The issue may be that it's a bit obscure..Either way, requests will be closed in a couple of days regardless of whether or not I receive any!
Now listed at The Directory!

Friday, 4.1.16 | 9:16 AM
+3 button requests
Button requests are now closed!
Layout requests are still open! In case it wasn't clear, you can find layout requests here.
Thanks to Jewlz at {Period} for the review! You will be seeing a couple of changes around the site.
We have been listed at The Popsicle Stand.
Updates have been cleared.

Monday, 3.28.16 | 10:03 AM
Since I haven't received any new button requests, I've decided to open up layout requests! This is the first time since Sensation has re-opened! Priority will be given to sites that are just opening up, as I'd like to encourage a more active site community. Both button and custom layout requests are now open!

Thursday, 3.24.16 | 11:48 PM
I re-made one of my older link back buttons. Check it out!
We are now listed at Unwound Clock!

Monday, 3.21.16 | 4:36 PM
I've added a link back button for the site. I love the color scheme!
We have one new affiliate: Pandora! Make sure to check out Amina's beautiful buttons! Requests at Pandora are currently open!
Now listed at Directly.!

Saturday, 3.19.16 | 11:54 PM
+3 finished
I'm really happy with how these last three came out! I tried a different recoloring technique and will probably continue with it.
We've been featured at A Small List! Thanks for your kind words Sasha (': Be sure to check out this unique request/review site!
I've decided that I'll only be opening requests two times a month, accepting 3-5 requests each time.:
Requests are now open!



THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: leave some sort of linked credit back to this site. Whether it be a text link or a link on the button itself, I'd like credit for my work!

You may only request one button at a time.

Please be patient when waiting for me to finish your request. If it's not done within two weeks, feel free to neomail me for an update on the situation!

If your button is unsatisfactory, shoot me a neomail with any change(s) you'd like. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to modify your button, but I will definitely try.




check out some of my work!

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layout request

Since I don't have sufficient time to open up a layout request site, I thought it would be a good idea to just offer them here once in a while. I will only be accepting one request each time, based on which one seems like the best use of my time. This may seem unfair, but layouts take a fair amount of commitment, and I'd like to work on ones that are worth my time. You can check out my previous work here, and if you like what you see, go ahead and request one!



If you want to alter the layout in any way, please let me know before you do so.

Please actually use the layout. Layouts take a lot of time and commitment. If I put in the work for you to use it, it is only polite to do so.


layout request


check out some of my work!

Please fill out and send me this form:

favorite creations

Though I strive for excellency in every single one of my buttons, these are just a few that have stuck with me over the years because of their uniqueness or overall appeal. (ordered from newest to oldest)


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