-- A striped Eyrie pads up to you smiling sweetly. But upon closer inspection it seems he is no normal striped eyrie. Stripes which are light purple yes, but there seems to be something different... his cheek and tail tufts are purple. What is strangest is that his paws are purple, like socks, which merge back into his white fur like flames...Come on what are you waiting for?! he asks, pulling your with his tail. He turns and as he slowly walks away you spy another oddity, a purple cross marking down his spine, and the stripes which you would usually expect on the front of the wings, are on the back.


Hi! I'm neopet owner, bubblejam. I've been a neopet owner for over 4 years ago now. My neopet, MatamuraShoki the eyrie is almost as old, as he was practically the first pet I adopted. On this page are his stats and a few stories.
Are you gonna talk all day?!
Well, I was just introducing... as you can see, when Mata speaks it is black, where as when I speak it is red. (This won't be very frequent though *looks at Mata who is hopping around with excitement*)
Well, who is this site about? Me! So cummon everyone! Follow and learn!
Well off you go! Please don't let Mata scare you o_o^

MatamuraShoki? What a strange name you might think - what does it mean? Well to be honest my owner is a complete Japanese freak... and so I was given a japanesy name. So you can understand that 'matamura' is a common Japanese name.
The Shoki part has a bit of a story as it was my father's name. When he died, I added his name to the end of mine as a sign of respect - hence now I am called MatamuraShoki!

Now, I am 18483 hours old and am at level 21.
My strength rating is 30 (GREAT)
My agility rating is 29 (GREAT)
My defence rating is 28 (GREAT)
I have a maximum of 28 hit points and I have an intelligence of 131 (ULTIMATE GENIUS)
At the moment I have only played 29 matches in the Battledome
Won 13, lost 10 and drawn in 6
My current score is 922
As you can see, my owner, bubblejam, has taught me well.
Challenge me if your dare!

This liddle lady is Sayomekke, the searex. (The Searex is the water going cousin of Airax. She can breathe out of water as well.) She's my petpet now and she helps me in the battledome. She also likes to swim... usually by the ice burgs of Terror Mountain because the water is cooler there. Sayo is very shy so don't try to pet her, she only really likes to play with me... not even my owner! But I still love her to bits.

Things I like! - mouseovers for my desriptions:

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Our Story
By bubblejam

Hi again! This is the story of me pet and me :)

On first arriving to Neopia, I took a look at the pets that were available (many less at that time if I may say so) I proceded on adopting a red Kau - my first ever pet. (Which looked more pink at the time...)

To tell the truth I wasn't really satisfyied with this choice *no offense to Kau owners* (actually on a side note the neopet called bubblejam is a Kau lol) So I went back to the 'Create a Pet' area and picked up a TATSU (yeah i'm that old) He was blue and his name was MatamuraShoki.

Well a month or 2 went by and wow! A new world was founded! Virtupets Space Station in space! Well space stuff became all the rage (like what happens usually when a new world opens...)

New space food and weapondry was all over 20Knp each and also new was the arrival of the 'Grundo', a weird looking alienpet. Well needless to say, I had to have one, and so I adopted MatamuraShoki a little brother, a green grundo.

Well another month went by, and I was begining to feel over stretched money wise trying to look after 2 neopets.. so eventually I kept my fav pet (MatamuraShoki of course) and well the grundo just had to go... *no offense to grundo owners either* So MatamuraShoki and I were a little family again.

A year went by really well. This was about the time I worked hard to make my fortune - I played some games regularly, and made a killing with my stocks (stocks were much easier back then) and selling neggs (which were worth more). MatamuraShoki and I were on easy street... then BAM! It happened...

I returned to Neopia after a weeks holiday and my pet has changed! It turns out the tatsu had out lived it's sell-by date and had been replaced by the current Eyrie! Well I was both shocked and annoyed and sent hate mail to the Neopets team (which I regret now) in hopeless attempt to get my MatamuraShoki back...

Well I got used to the new MatamuraShoki pretty quickly and have lived together up to now.
MatamuraShoki was actually painted Striped during the Rainbow fountain promotion earlier 2003 and is now the colour he always wanted to be.
We've seen worlds come and go (everyone remembers Maraqua sinking right?) and pets change just like MatamuraShoki did (kyriis used to be fuzios, furry balls with sneakers, and bruces used to little men in tuxedos!).

MatamuraShoki and I now live at 557650 Market Square, Neopia Central, where you are welcome to visit. (Where I haven't redecorated in ages so don't complain!) Feel free to send us a letter!

~ bubblejam


All these pictures were done by my owner, please don't take any of these pictures unless you contact her first! (Due to new rules, if you want to see these pictures full size please copy the addresses into your browser :) All these file names start with...






Eyries inhabit the tropical climates of Neopia. They are playful but can also be ferocious at times.
Eyries (ear - rees) are one of the many types of neopets. They are kinda like gryphons but with feline feet aswell as body.

Types of Eyries (Can you spot the invisable eyrie?)

(faerie eyrie coming soon!)

These are just some funny and cute things I have collected from Neopian Times and other places... take a look!

The Many Faces of a Slorg

I got this from a Neopian Times a long time ago. I can't remember who drew it but I thought it was hilarious. If the owner ever comes across this petsite please tell me who you are so I can credit you!

Weird Shopkeepers
Have you seen these shopkeepers?
They're getting weirder and weirder!

Mini blinker eyries!

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