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Neohome: Classic Edition Extension Page

Hello, I'm Magromile. This is the extension page to Neohome: Classic Edition Guild homepage. Islah88 created this site to hold the excess information here. It might not seem that important to you but for me and my owner, Islah88, we think it's really fun to keep up with the history of this guild. There have been a lot of changes since this guild was created. So we often wonder what will happen in the future (and if this site can actually archive all of it here).

Oh, I almost forgot. I am the archivist of this site and I update it regularly but I depend on my owner, Islah88, to relay me the information. She's not perfect (no one is). So if you ever see any error or missing information, please tell her so we can correct that. We really appreciate your help. We also love to hear any suggestion and comment because we want to make this site better for you. Thank you in advance for all your help!

And... also, this page is forever under construction. So you might encounter some strange looking page sometimes. It is just me updating the codes. :D

Guild Updates

This section is sorted from the latest to the oldest updates.

23 May 2010
I just updated the layout How do you guys like it? Any feedbacks and comments are welcomed!
~ islah88

04 May 2010
Our Neohome Spotlight winner for the Outdoor Theme is.... EVIETWIN with her Gazebo!!! Congratulations! :)
- islah88

12 April 2010
Congratulations to inheritedbark who won the Chocolate Themed Spotlight with her Choco Heaven *huggles*
- broncosfan100

27 March 2010
Hey guys, don't forget about the chocolate drive, it is still going on! I do appologize that the Chocolate Festivals cancellation for the most part, but we will go ahead and make this weeks spotlight theme Chocolate Themed, so get workin'! :)
- broncosfan100

22 March 2010 NST
Our winner for this week's Neohome Spotlight is Bark's Irishy Greeny Leprechauny Garden! *Hugs* Congratulations!
- islah88

15 March 2010 NST
Ehem.. since everyone is busy I have to announce this myself. This week's winner for Guild Neohome Spotlight is Islah88's Game Room! Thank you for the votes, guys!
- islah88

1 March 2010 NST
Congratulations to the_awsome_2x2!! Her Party Garden is the winner of this week Neohome Spotlight!
- islah88

22 Feb 2010 NST
This week Neohome Spotlight goes to... the_awsome_2x2's Garden Hallway!!!!
- islah88

22 Feb 2010 NST
We seem to be getting a lot of no's for not having enough activities, if anyone has an idea of what we could improve on feel free to post it in the message section.
- the_awsome_2x2

16 Feb 2010 NST
Spotlight goes to: Scifisuzi
- the_awsome_2x2

16 Feb 2010 NST
The Spotlight has been updated. No more 2 weeks, just one and this weeks spotlight winner goes to SCIFISUZI Congradulations!!!
- the_awsome_2x2

1 Feb 2010 NST
Wow, a triple win in a row! Congratulation to the_awsome_2x2 for winning this week Neohome Spotlight!
- islah88

1 Feb 2010 NST
Date format for Guild Updates changed for better understanding!
- islah88

The deadline for bathroom spotlight is extended to next Monday :)
- islah88

Congratulations, this week's winner goes to the_awsome_2x2 again!!!
- islah88

- broncosfan1000

Updated the poll!!!! Hope you all vote!!!!
- the_awsome_2x2

From now on all Toy Drive donations need to be send to sportsfreak__247.
- broncosfan1000

- the_awsome_2x2

Guild Quests on hold.
- broncosfan1000

- the_awsome_2x2

New Page added! Current Events. And the current event is Toy Drive, send unwanted toys to broncosfan1000, and recieve 2GPS for every 100NP it's worth!

- the_awsome_2x2

1NP auctions this weekend! Be sure and send your friend requests to broncosfan100 (not this account) in order to participate. The auctions will start around 7PM NST Friday and last through the weekend


The Neohome Spotlight Contest is currently on hold.
- the_awsome_2x2

New month, new poll!
- the_awsome_2x2

- the_awsome_2x2

Homepage layout updated to match the season again :)
- islah88

New guild donation shop here.
- broncosfan1000

Sent a guild mailer, if you didn't get it, contact me so I can get it to ya!
- broncosfan1000

Rearranged the council.
- the_awsome_2x2

New Neohome Spotlight winner......Congrats wowimaginethat!!!!
- the_awsome_2x2

Updated homepage layout to match the season :)
- islah88

The new Neohome Spotlight winner has been chosen.... Congrats islah88!!!
- the_awsome_2x2

The new Neohome Spotlight winner has been chosen.... Congrats wowimaginethat!!!
- the_awsome_2x2

Hey, guys! I've updated the guild layout. Do you like it, or hate it? Any comment or suggestion for the layout?
- islah88

Changed guild color and appointed the new spotlight winner....congrats bananabook48!!!
- the_awsome_2x2

It's HALLOWEEN!! The new poll is up. Don't forget to vote! :D Happy Halloween, everyone!
- islah88

Created Neohomes:Classic Edition board.
- the_awsome_2x2

All Polls

This section contains all polls results sorted from the latest to the oldest polls. Click here to go back to Guild Activities.

# Is it time for a new guild layout?

Yes. (9 votes)
No. (1 votes)
Let's wait a little longer (6 votes)

Total Votes / Total Members: 16 / 44
Poll Period: n/a to n/a
# Do you think the guild has enough activities?

Yes. (5 votes)
No. (5 votes)

Total Votes / Total Members: 10 / 26
Poll Period: 21 Feb 2010 to 13 Apr 2010 NST
# Now that there have been lots of you like this guild anymore than last?

Still LOVE IT OR LOVE IT NOW!!!!! (7 votes)
Still like it or like it now (1 vote)
dont know, dont care. (0 vote)
Still dont like it or dont like it now. (1 vote)

Total Votes / Total Members: 9 / 25
Poll Period: 9 Jan 2010 to 21 Feb 2010 NST
# What do you think should go into the board on boards?

updates, links and neohome tips. (4 vote)
don't care. (1 vote)
just adds and random stuff. (0 vote)
nothing...... keep it seceret. what i don't know. (2 vote)

Total Votes / Total Members: 9 / 20
Poll Period: 1 Dec 2009 to 9 Jan 2010
# Do you like this guild?
The poll was deleted by mistake before we can grab the result. We only rely on our memory so the result might be inaccurate.

LOVE IT!!! (3 votes)
like it. (1 vote)
don't know. (0 vote)
no. (0 vote)
HATE IT!!! (0 vote)

Total Votes / Total Members: 4 / not sure
Poll Period: 31 Oct 2009 to 30 Nov 2009
# What kind of room do you like to make?

bedroom (2 votes)
bathroom (0 vote)
kitchen (0 vote)
other (4 vote)
? (1 vote)

Total Votes / Total Members: 7 / 9
Poll Period: 01 Oct 2009 to 30 Oct 2009

Guild Neohome Spotlight

The highlight of the month every month where members compete with each other to build and decorate the best room based on theme given! The winner is chosen by members' votes. It's a great event as it motivates lazy members to decorate their home. There are NO PRIZES for winners except self-satisfaction.

General Information:
Even though it is called Neohome Spotlight Contest, it is not really a contest. We do not give out prize so we are not breaking the rules about NO CONTEST IS ALLOWED IN NEOPETS.

We made this contest to motivate members to finish their rooms. So, again, it is not a contest nor a competition to see who got the best room.

Considering that neohoming (decorating neohome) is also Neopoints and time consuming, please make sure you enter this contest for yourself because we do not want you to regret your decision and being resentful if your room did not win the major votes.

If you have any question or idea to make this contest better, feel free to mention it on the Voting Board. We wish you all the best!

The Rules | Previous Winners
NS Gallery | Themes Ideas Collection
Go Back to Guild Activities

Neohome Spotlight Rules

There are three (3) parts of this contest (Entry, Decorate, Vote) therefore the rules are separate to three (3) sections. Click here to go back to Guild Neohome Spotlight.


  1. You must be a member of Neohomes: Classic Edition Guild to enter this contest.
  2. You can state your room name and link in the Voting Board anytime during the Decorating stage.
  3. It does not matter what stage your room is in so feel free to enter an empty room as long you are planning to finish it by the end of the Decorating stage.
  1. Have fun decorating your room! Spend as much as you want on your room. There is NO limit to that.
  2. This is also the time when you can submit your room.
    Please state your room's name, link and description in the Voting Board to enter your room.
  3. You can enter more than one room if you think you have the time to finish all the rooms.
  4. Feel free to chat or exchange room ideas on the Voting Board.
  5. However, please decorate your room according to the theme given. You can check the theme of the month on Guild Homepage.
  6. By Voting stage, please stop decorating immediately.
  1. Check the voting date (NST time) on Guild Homepage.
  2. You would be voting for your FAVORITE room during this period.
  3. You can vote for your own room. The golden rule here is 'if it is not your room, would it still be your top favorite?'. So please vote wisely.
  4. During the Voting stage, please stop decorating to enable fair votes.
  5. We are going to take screen shot of the winning room during this time too, so please refrain from doing anything to your room until this stage is over.
  6. After that, you are free to redecorate/demolish your room.

Neohome Spotlight Previous Winners

This list is sorted by year. Starting Week 21 Year 2009, members have to enter a room that fits the theme of the week. It will be different each week. That is why room name and theme are now included in the description. Screenshots of the rooms are available on NS Gallery. Click here to go back to Guild Neohome Spotlight.

Year 2010
Week 1: evietwin's The Sweep (Room 1,2)
Week 2: the_awesome_2x2's Theatre (Favorite Room)
Week 3: the_awesome_2x2's Evils Afoot muahahah (Bedroom)
Week 4: Contest is extended to 2 weeks due to late start.
Week 5: the_awesome_2x2's soon to be public bathroom (Bathroom)
Week 6: Contest is extended to 2 weeks to test the fortnightly NS Spotlight Contest idea.
Week 7: Scifisuzi's Study Hall (Office, Library, etc)
Week 8: the_awsome_2x2's Garden Hallway (Hallway/Corridor)
Week 9: the_awsome_2x2's Party Garden (Garden)
Week 10: Contest is extended to 2 weeks due to lack of interest.
Week 11: islah88's Game Room (Playrooms/Daycares)
Week 12: inheritedbark's Irishy Greeny Leprechauny Garden (St. Patrick)
Week 13: Contest is extended due to late start.
Week 14: Contest is extended again because most of participants lack time to decorate since they are busy with real life.
Week 15: inheritedbark's Choco Heaven (Chocolate/Coconut)
Week 16: Contest is extended to 2 weeks due to lack of entries. Apparently the theme is a little bit too hard this time.
Week 17: The result is a TIE between evietwin's and inheritedbark's rooms (Your Favorite Movie).
Week 18: evietwin's Gazebo (Outdoor Room)

Year 2009
Week 1: janemarie304
Week 2: sh1nep1nk
Week 3: hokypokychick
Week 4: islah88
Week 5: dinomonster203
Week 6: hokypokychick
Week 7: hokypokychick
Week 8: baby_girl5869
Week 9: islah88
Week 10: dinomoster203
Week 11: islah88
Week 12: hokypokychick
Week 13: baby_girl5869
Week 14: 54belair
Week 15: bananabook48
Week 16: wowimaginethat
Week 17: islah88
Week 18: wowimaginethat
Week 19: broncosfan1000
Week 20: evietwin
Week 21: scifisuzi's Indoor Garden and Stairs (Room 2,2)
Week 22: islah88 - Oh noes! The mice is creating havoc in my kitchen! (Room 2,4)

Guild Neohome Spotlight Gallery

Drag and drop the image on Address Bar to view it in original size. Click here to go back to Guild Neohome Spotlight.

Backup Themes

No Guild Council Members around to update the Neohome Spotlight? Fear not. Just choose one theme from list below, post it on the Voting Board and there you go, the new Neohome Spotlight is on! Click here to go back to Guild Neohome Spotlight.

Dining Room
Laundry Room
Living Room
Spring (season)
Summer (season)
Autumn (season)
Winter (season)
Sad (mood)
Angry (mood)
Happy (mood)
Moody (mood)
Bouncy (mood)
Dark Room
Bright Room
Orange Elephante Rug (item)
Hewn Stone Chair (item)
Ornate chandelier (item)
Mouldy petpet bed (item)
Or you can discuss among yourself what theme you want this week :)

Guild History

Hello, I'm Meiyyko. So you want to know more about Neohome: Classic Edition Guild? I can help you with that.

First of all, it is a guild focused on Neohome Classic only. For those who don't know, there are two types of Neohome you can build and decorate on Neopian World. They are Neohome Classic and Neohome V2. The Neohome V2 is full of glitches and caused The_awesome_2x2's computer to crash. After that incident, she fell in love with Neohome Classic and never looked back to Neohome V2 again. Thus, Neohome: Classic Edition Guild was born!

The Neohome: Classic Edition Guild was created so people who also like decorating Classic Neohome can get ideas for rooms, chat with friends, and have fun. Islah88, my owner, certainly thinks that it's a great place. The active members are friendly and helpful even though most of them are not very chatty.

Because the Neohome Spotlight hosted by Neopets now is only opened for Neohome V2, the guild hosts its own Neohome Spotlight for guild members. This is the main activity and a very delightful and refreshing event as it forces the members to do their best with their rooms. We will never know who will win by the end of the week!

The_awesome_2x2 used to be the only judge for this contest and she chose the best neohome every single week. That is quite a burden because it's hard to judge the whole neohome and people get discouraged from updating their neohome because it is too much work. Now, the contest has changed so that every member and non-member can vote on the best room for the week instead of the whole neohome and the theme is different each week! So, it is a very interesting contest now thanks to Evietwin's suggestion. She's on the council now.

I'm Evie!

Yep, you read that right! The guild doesn't discriminate against non-members. So feel free to chat, exchange ideas and generally have fun with the guild. It has another public board opened just for you! You can ask the members questions, exchange ideas or just chat with them on that board. But before you do post anything, make sure to visit my brother, Gorgannnn, for explanations on Guild Rules so you don't break any rules.

The guild has three (3) different boards at the moment and they are called Message Board, Public Board and Voting Board. The Message Board is available for guild members only while the other two are open to everyone. I thought I should mention this because it can be quite confusing.

And lastly, thanks to broncosfan100, Neohomes: Classic Edition guild now has its own acronym (NCE). Yeah, it's not very creative but Islah88 (my silly owner) totally missed it. Now she can make new layouts with lesser words on it and she is very happy to realize this.

So, that's it. These are the only important things to know about the guild, I think. If you want to know more please don't hesitate to give the guild homepage a visit or two hehehe :D Anyway, congratulations for making it to the end! You deserve a medal or two

Guild Rules

Hello, guest. I'm glad to see you here. I'm Gorgannnn. You're visiting me because you want to know the rules, right? No worries, they are very easy and simple:
  1. FOLLOW NEOPETS RULES. Ask someone who knows, visit the Help forum on Neoboards, read everything on the Term and Condition page or use the Contact Us form if you're unsure about any Neopets rules.

  2. This guild is semi-literate and use English as the main communication language. While you are not pressured to write your words in grammatically correct sentences, please make sure that people can understand whatever you're trying to tell.
Hehe, so do your best, okay? =) I'm sure you will be a great guild member and Neopia citizen in no time!

Guild Activities

Hi guest, I'm Ugjgh! Are you looking for activities you can join? Just click on the link to go to the description page. Or, hover your mouse on it to read the short description.

Epic Moments | Guild Neohome Spotlight | Honorable Mentions. | Meet The Members | Polls

Our guild members are quite chatty too so try chatting in these boards if you have time. You might find new info and.. friends! Message Board, Public Board, Voting Board

Have fun! =D

Oh yeah, for those who are interested in history we used to run these too. Hover your mouse on it to find out the reasons it stopped. If you want it back, just say so on the Guild Message Board so we can discuss.

Guild Auctions | Guild Donation Shop | Guild Points | Guild Quest

Shops Directory

Listing Neopian Shops and places where Classic Neohome items can be bought. Click here to go back to Neohome Guides.

Neopian Shops
Neopian Furniture
Neopian Garden Centre
Faerie Furniture
Spooky Furniture
Kiko Lake Carpentry
Kreludan Homes
Tyrannian Furniture
Chesterdrawers' Antiques
Roo Island Souvenirs
Petpet Supplies
Brightvale Glaziers (windows)
Osiri's Pottery

Alternative Places to Buy Items
Igloo Garage Sale | The Shop Wizard | Trading Post | Neopian Auction House

Alternative Places to Get Items
Cooking Pot (Guide)
The Wheel of Mediocrity (IF you're lucky)

Guild Council

Any suggestions, help offers, complaints should be neomailed to any members of the Guild Council. If it has something to do with this extension page, please neomail Islah88. Please click on their username to visit their Userlookup and neomail. Thank you!

Proud Leader: the_awsome_2x2 (Active)
One of the most creative Classic Neohomer in the guild and also the owner of the guild!

Layout Expert: islah88 (Semi-Active)
The archivist and main layout maker!

Idea Expert : evietwin (Active)
A live dictionary equipped with spell checker, grammar checker AND lots of prizes. Very useful!

Idea Expert: 50astlv02 (Active)
A willing help to all and a dynamo of energy!

Support Expert: inheritedbark (Active)
An older head with a fair amount of experience stored within!

Past Guild Councils

Supreme Master: the_awsome_2x2
Little Master: islah88
Sorta Master : evietwin
Carpender: broncosfan100 (Froze Account)
The shopkeeper, power generator and item holder! Oh, and a graphic maker too! ** Now a semi-active close member known as sportsfreak__247 (a side account).
Extra Help: scifisuzi (Missing in Action)
A very, very mysteriousss.... person.... Probably a close friend to Lenny Conundrum!

Meet The Members (Mirror)

The original Meet the Members page which lets members to tell a little about themselves is currently under renovation. This section is a mirror content to the page so you can still get to know some of the members. Click here to go back to Guild Activities. Click here for full members list.

This is the questionaire every member gets when they become one of us:
Q1: How long have you been on Neopets?
Q2: How long since you started to design and decorate your classic neohome?
Q3: How do you want your classic neohome to look like?
Q4: Have you achieved it?
Q5: What do you like about your neohome?
Q6: What you don't like about your neohome?
Q7: Classic neohome wishlist.

Click on member's username to read their answers:
50astlv02 | aireanna_ashe |inheritedbark | sh1nep1nk | the_awesome_2x2 | willow_sprite | zener

50astlv02's Answers

Name/Nickname: Vanessa Astle

A1: 9 and a half years
A2: I first started building it 8 years ago, but only really started working on it about a year ago.
A3: I hope for my Classic Neohome to look like something that would show up on Trisha's page of Amazing Rooms.
A4: Far from.
A5: The layout: I didn't bite off more than I can chew. I have only 18 rooms to plan and perfect, and I'm sure they will be more than enough to occupy me for the rest of my Neopets career.
A6: I've only just delved into the world of tiling, up until now I've only used my furniture literally, so my rooms all feel empty and plain.
A7: Exotic furniture; Hikalakas furniture; Light Faerie Sofa; Lunar Astrolabe; Ficus Trees

Visit 50astlv02's Classic Neohome
Visit 50astlv02's Userlookup
Back to Meet The Members (Mirror)

aireanna_ashe's Answers

Name/Nickname: Vanessa Astle

A1: almost 4 years
A2: 3 years
A3: faerieland themed home
A4: not yet
A5: my kitchen and baby room
A6: thats its not finished yet
A7: potion shelf/faerie/baby themed items

Visit aireanna_ashe's Classic Neohome
Visit aireanna_ashe's Userlookup
Back to Meet The Members (Mirror)

inheritedbark's Answers

Name/Nickname: Bark

A1: Almost 8 years.
A2: About 7 years.
A3: My home needs to be a HOME first and also a place where my pets can spend quality time, I usually let my pets let me know what they need and how they would like their home to be decorated etc.
A4: Like in RL no home is ever finished as new trends and items and pets ages change so does the home's needs and design change.
A5: I like the fact that my neopets have rooms to themselves to chill out as well as having games rooms to share. I have also made sure there are guest rooms so having their mates over is no problem.
A6: I am somewhat dissappointed that the classic neohome cannot be decorated with the newer items. I also dislike the fact that all the extensions and upgrades do not show up in the actual home.
A7: No wishlist really apart from a Robo item to gain the avatar.

Visit inheritedbark's Classic Neohome
Visit inheritedbark's Userlookup
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sh1nep1nk's Answers

Name/Nickname: Casey

A1: When I started
A2: n/a
A3: Open
A4: Yes
A5: It looks neat. There are even window rooms where the gardens are.
A6: It only has 1 level
A7: Anything

Visit sh1nep1nk's Classic Neohome
Visit sh1nep1nk's Userlookup
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the_awesome_2x2's Answers

Name/Nickname: Lindsay

A1: Almost 3 years.
A2: Since i began neopets.
A3: To be in one of those museum guides for classics.
A4: Still working on floor is officially done:D
A5: It is very detailed.
A6: I don't think people are looking at the top floor, and most of my rooms on the bottom and 1st floor are empty, so i hope people take the time to look at them.
A7: None

Visit the_awesome_2x2's Classic Neohome
Visit the_awesome_2x2's Userlookup
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willow_sprite's Answers

Name/Nickname: Will

A1: I started to really get into classic neohoming in 2009.
A2: n/a
A3: Its ever changing, but in the end I'd like it to look lived in and well thought out and loved.
A4: Not yet but getting there.
A5: I like everything about my neohome. but mostly its that i finally got brave enough to tile the floors.
A6: that thanks to 2.0 items are harder to buy in large amounts. each of my rooms cost me over 1 million nps to complete.
A7: Anything for my gardens. Brick rugs, potions shelf, heart shaped bed, and pink items for tinka's room.

Visit willow_sprite's Classic Neohome
Visit willow_sprite's Userlookup
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zener's Answers

Name/Nickname: LadyZ

A1: 127 Months
A2: since 2003 when classic neohome is introduced
A3: a live-able fun neohome for my neopets
A4: yes
A5: that it is a live-able fun neohome for my neopets
A6: that it is a live-able fun neohome for my neopets
A7: to be able to make an art painter's room

Visit zener's Classic Neohome
Visit zener's Userlookup
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Basic Classic Neohome Guides

Everything you need to know about Classic Neohomes. Know any useful guides you want to share with us? Please neomail Islah88.

Introduction To Classic Neohomes | Shops Directory
Furniture Catalog | Garden Catalog | Problem items | Tiling and Wallpapering | Aerial Views | More Guides


How to build TV, Laptop, Aquarium and more
How to build Indoor Pond and Fountain


Made by Guild Member: KorbenZorg (Scifisuzi)
Made by Non-Members: Amphiax, britney1617, home_tours_guide, Kaminari_san, MsMerriwether, TaiyouHoshi, Upatdawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (About Classic Neohome)

Neohome Classic FAQ

Can I sell my classic neohome?
Yes, you can. To sell your neohome, you don't have to destroy your rooms first. Go to classic neohome main page and click on "Sell Your Classic Neohome". Some people mentioned that you have to have at least one room before you can sell your neohome. I haven't got a clue if this is true or not as I haven't tried it myself.

Honorable Mentions

This section lists the names of non-members that help/support the guild by various means. It doesn't matter if it is done intentionally or not because the guild is thankful for it anyway. Click here to go back to Guild Activities.

documentaryface (For some unknown reason, I cannot include the link)

Epic Moments

Epic moments in/with guild. Got any sad, happy memories about the guild you want to share? Neomail Islah88. This is open to all members and non-members. Click here to go back to Guild Activities.

Work in progress....


Site graphic and layout was edited and coded by Islah88.

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