Welcome guest to Tattered! A font site that pushes to exceed quality fonts, that you want to use! My name is Alexa (dragonnnyyy), and I am the owner of this site. So take a look around. Unfortunately, I do not take requests anymore. I found that I never got around to doing them.

Latest Update

1/23/2012: Could that be? Alexa stopped being lazy and uploaded a new font? Yep, your eyes do not lie, there is a new font, under fonts!


1. Under no circumstances can you ever use these fonts on your own sites, or edit them and re-distribute them.
2. Don't ask to get the font rated. Just don't.
3. You can edit the colors and the saying, but just don't take credit for it, or redistribute it.
4. I would appreciate it if you link back to me some where, but it is not required.

: Neoboard Pen required.









































Userlookup Requests
So hey there. Are you looking for an awesome userlookup? Then you have come to the right place! I take two userlookup requests at a time, and would love to take yours. Just make sure to never remove the credit, and only request if requests are open!

Requests are Closed!

Just copy and paste that message into a neomail, with the subject 'Userlookup Request' if you do not use that as the subject, I will not respond, nor look at your neomail. That is how I know you red this page ;)

*Note: My photoshop has expired (?) so if you requested a lookup, it might be a while. Sorry.



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All resources are from The Lunch Box
The Baby Jetsam font idea was Lacey.
Fourth button from Seraphic.
Fifth button from Let Go.
Sixth button from Horror Show.