Well, hello there, muzic_moi! Since I am, admittedly, nine kinds of pathetic when it comes to introduction, but extremely gifted when it comes to making lists, here goes:

1. I'm Nik. But you probably already know this. If you did not, consider yourself enlightened.
2. I like pandas and love narwhals. But I would die to save a unicorn.
3. I have a thing for Meepits too. I'm not sure what to make of it.
4. I absolutely adore coding and graphics designing. It's just a little hilarious that it took me a bright yellow virtual pet website for me to realize that.(If you're wondering, Gimp 2.6 is a program I cannot face the day without.)
5. I have mixed feelings about smilies. I tend to use them on and off.
6. I'm one of those few people who really appreciate a good fart joke. It's tragic, the way they're so underrated.
7. I love reading. A lot. If I had my way, I'd finish at least five books a day. Sadly, the whole sleep thing gets in the way of achieving said monumentally awesome feat.
8. I hate coffee. I tried, trust me, I really did. I tried every existing kind of coffee on the face of the planet. I just can't get past its innate bitterness. Why anyone would consciously subject themselves to that is something beyond my understanding. I'll just stick to my tea, thank you very much.
9. I can't bake to save my life. Flour and I are mortal enemies. 'Nuff said.
10. This minimalistic layout was made using HTML/CSS alone. It was my pet project to see if I had it in me to create a layout without graphics. SUCCESS!


Ta-da! *cue confetti* My portfolio! It's not really as professional as it sounds, and it's certainly not very comprehensive.

While putting together this part though, I sort of noticed this theme about all my layouts. It's got a startling abundance of swirls and floral designs. Which means I'm either one of those really girly girls that burp and fart rainbows, or I have an alarming obsession over swirls and floral designs.

I can't for the life of me decide which.

guild layouts

petpage layouts



exactly 1 year and 8 days

07.27.2014 It has been little over a year since my last update. Clearly this blog is serving its purpose.

I have also changed the layout to something less alarmingly purple - it's my take on a pastel color scheme. I'm sort of happy with the result. In fact, I'm double happy because I managed to accomplish this without any graphics - a quick glance to the left suffices, I'm sure, as evidence of me never having done this before.

Finally, I would offer an update on my cat (see below) but it has not evolved beyond its presumed plan to murder me in my sleep/scratch my ankles to death.




07.19.2013 My cat meowed at me today. I think it's secretly plotting my downfall. No one can miss its malevolent grins and discreet, seething glares.

I'm scared now.

In other news, I just finished a extremely could-compete-with-a-person-choking purple layout that I'm so proud of, the size of my head probably just multiplied. Woohoo!

Now let me go find a bigger hat.