Name: Alyssa
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Years on Neo: About 9-10
About my graphics: My graphics are based on my style and personality. I'm a very complex person and so it, of course, naturally shows. I'm also very flashy and have a love for sparkles, can you tell?

.:My other sites:.

Halloween Graphics

(Is moving here!)

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3 Awards
54 Backgrounds
6 Blinkies
4 Dividers
6 Glitters
83 Icons
4 Other
42 Pixels
4 Polaroids
9 Signs

Total: 212 Graphics

Banner by Rachel
Fire Facter Review Award For 90-98%

Graphic Geek

Reviewed 8/13/09 by:
First Impression-My first impression is wow! I think its going to have a lot of interesting graphics!10/10

Content-You have a ton of graphics by a ton I mean 205! Awesome Your Site Would Be The First Graphics Site I would send a Request To!50/50

Layout-Good Layout it goes good with your site although it could use one are two more colors it great!6/10

Organization and Neatness-Its Very Neat and Organized for a graphics site very good!5/5

Spelling and Grammar- You have a huge site! And Guess What No Mistakes Anywhere!10/10

Advertising-You have a good amount of affies and you should be listed at way more directorys!4/5

Final Thoughts-I think you have one of the best graphic sites on neo!Keep Up The Great Work!10/10

Total Score:95% or 95/100!

Reviewed 8/9/09 by: Button by ~laurliana aka juicy buttons
First Impression(11/15) "When i entered your page when it was loading, the colorful dots where kinda blinding, but of course, thats my opinion and i recommend a more simple one but with your own style;)

Layout(8/15) black, pink, and white. I think it's too much and you should get something different. It might be too dark for any of your visitors so again i recommend another one.

Organization(12/15) Everything is quite findable and i like the fact you have many affies and that's great, also the navigation is easily seen. I noticed that at the bottom, it said "back to top", but it doesn't seem to have a link to it so i would consider adding one.

Grammar(10/10) no errors seen.

Uniqueness(4/10) The layout is different from most i've seen but i don't think it's really uniqe
Overall(5/10) you do have some impressive graphics, pixels, etc. but remember the layout?

= 53/75 Total Points

Reviewed 8/7/09 by:

16/20 First Impression/Layout- I really like the design of your layout, it is very cool looking, but the colors are a bit harsh. I think if you switched the white with the black it would be a lot more appealing, because right now it seems like there is a bit too much going on in this page.

17/20 Content- You have a great variety of graphics, which is always good, but the quality, well that varies. Some of them (like the pixels) I really enjoy. They are cute and professional looking. Some of the other those (like some of ther music icons and backgrounds) look some-what amateurish and are way too busy. Remember, sometimes less is more when it comes to design.

5/5 Updates- I can easily see the updates.

10/10 Spelling/Grammar- Nothing I could see.

12/20 Organization/Easy Navigation/Clarity- You have good organization in the general categories, but no organization in the sub-categories of your graphics. Some people might just think that your icons are only music icons, and not twilight and misc. icons. You should definitely organize into sub-categories as well. Also, your site isn't too easy to navigate, so maybe you could put tabs on the side of the page that make navigation easier.

4/5 Originality- There are a lot of sites like yours out there, but I think that with all of the flashy graphics, it is pretty original.

5/5 Link Back- Good amount of link back buttons.

4/5 Other/Extra- I like how you have a little bit about yourself on the side of your page, it makes me feel like a know the person who is supplying the graphics for me.

5/5 Advertising- Plenty of affies.

3/5 Overall- I like some of your graphics, others need to be updated. Also, your layout needs to be a little less harsh on the eyes (this could easily be done by rearranging the colors).


To contact me neomail me at dancer_inthe_dark or blackthestral.


Hi guest and welcome to my graphics page!

1. DO NOT Remove My Credit.
2. DO NOT Claim My Graphics As Your Own!!!
3. Never Redistribute My Graphics In Any Way.
4. Always Credit Me When Using My Graphics.

Note: I try to complete requests as soon as possible but there are also instances where I can't. Please allow me at least 3 days to complete your request. If I don't have your graphic ready by then, feel free to annoy me until I get it done. Also, all requests will become premades unless they have your guild name or pet name on them.

What I will not make:
1. Graphics with images of spiders, snakes, sharks & other creepy things.
2. Fancy Petpages (Because I'm not very good at it. I can only code simple layouts like mine.)
3. Anything that violates the Neopets' rules.

Music Themed Icons

Twilight Themed Icons

Random Pretty/Cute/Yummy Icons

Top Code: Petpages
Bottom Code: Shops/User Lookups/Pet Lookups/Gallery

These will only develop once rather than repeating because I wanted them to be as realistic as possible.

Archives (Grand Opening-September)

For glitzanglam

For frying586

For shadowkat1717

For Pinkytastic

For peoplearebeeping

For purple_glitter_23

For purple_glitter_23

For jetsam114

For omj_jonas_fan

For rascal_rules

For soccerky12

For harvest_moon

For golden_retrievers55

For soccerky12

For spiderkit

For golden_retrievers55

For chickenpoxcatcher

For golden_retrievers55

6/19/10: Sorry it has been taking me so long to complete requests. I hurt my hand a while back and so I'm not supposed to use it so much until it heals. I will be going on vacation for about a week but you can still request graphics, I'll be sure to complete them when I get back!

3/27/10: Entered a SOTM! Vote for me here:

3/25/10: Added more pixels! I'm also working on adding new things like desktop backgrounds. I have quite a few AFI backgrounds that I would like to put up but I'm not sure when. If there is something you really want me to add to the site please let me know!

11/12/09: Hey everyone! I'm finally back! School made me really busy and then I didn't have the internet for a week with drove me crazy!!! Good news though, I have a new button site, directory and premades site!

10/6/09: Since I didn't want this page to get too crowded I decided to make a site for all of my Halloween graphics so here it is:
Halloween Graphics

10/2/09: Sorry I haven't been able to update! I finally figured out what was keeping me from being able to update my page and then getting through the glitches/changes have been a pain.

9/8/09: My premades site is nearly complete! I hope to open it up by the end of the month. I would rather it have lots of pages rather than just open it with only a few. I can't wait for you all to see it!!!

9/6/09: Ok, so I'm thinking that if I add my premades the page will get too crowded. As it is people already complain that I should add more pages so instead of having two pages I'm just going to make a separate site for my premades.

9/2/09: I entered a SOTM so please vote for me!!!

8/31/09: Trying to organize the request forms so you will be seeing some changes soon. I also am trying to get some user lookups up soon maybe even a few petpages. Keep checking back!

8/24/09: Still working on making user look ups. I'm trying to make sure that they work for everyone and such.

8/18/09: User Lookups Coming Soon!

8/14/09: Requests are OPEN!!!

8/13/09: Bad News: My laptop charger is no longer working and my other computer isn't great when it comes to color and graphics so, until I get my charger fixed I will not be taking any requests. Trust me you don't want me to make you a graphic on my desktop. It will not be pretty!

8/10/09: 7 New Pawprint pixels were added!

8/9/09: Went to see Green Day a few cities away from me last night. It was AWESOME!!! I also entered a SOTM called

8/7/09: I got 3rd Place in the SOTM site called Lighthouse! Thanks for voting for me!:)
+ 2 New Pixels Added!!!

8/5/09: I entered a SOTM called Spotlight!

8/4/09: 4 Polaroids added! To view them drag and drop the image into your address bar. They do not repeat!
I also added 9 welcome signs and I still have more to add!

8/3/09: New layout!!! More graphics on the way!

8/2/09: I have finally returned!!! Yay! All requests will be completed as soon as possible. I also have lots to change such as the layout and reorganizing everything.

7/22/09: On vacation! Be back August 2nd!

7/18/09: Everytime I try to update I never get the chance too. Hopefully I will be able to before I leave for vacation!

7/13/09: Got some more graphics to add later on tomorrow! I have some polaroids and welcome signs! A few backgrounds too.:D

Vote for me here!!! Please. :)

7/7/09: Welcome signs are on their way!!! Also I may be dividing everything and putting some things on a separate page.

7/6/09: Pixels have been released!!! Go check them out! Feedback would be great! -----Panic at the Disco have split up! Ryan & Jon have decided to go their own way.=(
4 Kitty pixels added!
7/5/09: Hey everyone! If you like my site please vote for me as Site of the Month here:
Coming Soon:

7/4/09: Happy 4th, Americans!!! Don't catch on fire!

7/2/09: I added 3 New Moon themed icons!!! 282 Views in 3 days!!! Thanks for checking out my site everyone!!! :D

7/1/09: New Layout!!!
+Random Graphics
+New Background

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