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This is a few hours from my last update, and I've finally decided on something. A Small List shall no longer be a link directory. Read more here.

August 31, 2013: Indefinite Hiatus
Guess who got a laptop? This guy! I got it for college (next year), but I STILL can't update ASL. Why? I realize that running a site distracts me from my daily activities, plus I'm taking 2 AP classes (yikes!) next year. So, I'll try to clean up the site and stuff when I get time to do so...

Thank you guys for being patient with me. I am still inactive (as I can't update everyday), but I'll try to be here more often.

It's been too long since I handled code on Neopets...

Listers, please note me still as inactive.
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Hello domo_hello_kitty!

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Adopt Today
Apptionary Pet Agency
Ashleyyy's Painted Adoptions
Deep Sea Adoptions
Good Karma Adoptions
Good Omen Adoptions
Frowny Fosters
Hippo Adoption Agency
Home at Last
Keyto Pond Pet Sanctuary
Lollipop Adoptions
Lost And Adopted
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Make a Wish
Moonlit Adoptions
Northern Lights Adoptions
Operation Up For Adoption
Painting Pets Adoption Agency
Pet Rescuers' Agency
Pixie Pound Rescue
Ploxy's Project
Remember When
The Agency
The Pet Pen
The Jellybean Foundation
The Memorable Zaps Adoption Agency
The Witch's Brew
The UC Project
Velvet Spacetime & Diamond Meadows
Xoria's Orphanage
Zara's Adoption Agency

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Abigail's Art
Dear Dhiar Customs
Elephantzze's Art
Genafire's Art
Love, Alice
Meghaanlee's Art
Oodles of Doodles
Sun Raiz
Vanilla Bean

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Buttons Galore
*Click* Buttons
Electric Feel
Horror Show
Meow Buttons
Perfect Symmetry
Phoenix Down
Royal Java Cafe
Sweet Charm
The Bumbershoot
The Button Jar
The Escapist
The Jukebox
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Royalty (in Portuguese)
Shadow Claw
The Site Club


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Animefreak869's Screenies
Elaine's Screenies
Find A Laugh
Laugh Out Loud
Taylor's Screenies
The A-Z Guide of Neopets Pranks
The Faerie's Ruin Parody
The Neopian Songs
The Restock Machine Comics
The Toast
The Triv' Quiz
Tic Tac Toe
Yoshi's Screenies


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Lots of Love
Lyrical Fonts
Mint Condition
Mo's Fonts
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AC Graphics
Adopt A Rockstar
Brilliant Secrets
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Elyyan's Custom Glitters
How Cute!
Innocent Banners
Krijesa Banners
Merely Michelle
Monster Mix
Mundinho de Talissa (in Portuguese)
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Olivia's Graphics
Rainbow Road
Random Access Memory
Simply Amazing
Stellar Shields
Teacake Backgrounds
The Lunch Box
The Magic Of Disney
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Ancient Hieroglyphs
Animefreak869's Guide to A Successful Guild
Animefreak869's Scam Help Page
Apartment Nine
Av Guide
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Doctor Roo
Faerie Quest Help
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Games of the NC Mall
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Healing 101
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Kadoatie Wizard: The Beginner's Guide to Wiz Feeding
Katharine's SDB Avatar Guide
Lend A Hand
Official Neopets HTML Guide
Orofane's Cheap Book Guide
Snowflower's Guide to the Altador Cup
Spud's CSS Guide
The Forgotten Shore Map Guide
The Ixi Closet
The Neopoint Based Customisation Guide
Tiki Tack Totem - A Guide to Mystery Island
Vanna's Avatar Lending
Unlock Cellblock


A Ray of Sunshine
Cactus CSS
Cib's Premades
Clock Catchers (in German)
Eight Is Even
Emily's CSS
Fantasy Dreams
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ktls kreations
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Orange Juice
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That One Page
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Keychain *
Laykee's Directory
Legend of the Seeker Directory *
Lemon vs. Lime Directories *
Lovely's Link Page *
Little Black Book *
Memory *
Perfectly Picturesque *
Plethora *
Silver Directory *
Smiley Central *
Soroptimist Directory *
The Petpage Directoy
Underwater Kitten's Cave *


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Blank Canvas Magazine
Mass Collection
Neopets Reference Guide
Neostars Magazine
News Flash
Old School Neopets
Origami Paint Brush Campaign
Peace to the AC
Sasha's Customizations
Standard Neopet Height and Weight
The Catalogue
The Expanded Calendar
The Quiet Place
Trash Collector Program
Unique Sites
What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?

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Evaliel Guild Directory
Nite Time Guild Directory
Once Fallen
The Faerie Directory
Useful Guild Directory


Furniture Catalog
Petpets - A Pictionary & History


Best Dressed
Bucket of Bolts
Gorgeous Gelerts
The Ixi Registry


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Suriden Shop Directory


Aisha Adoptables
Gnome-aroo Adoptables
Nature's Way
Potter Pixels
The Dainty Donut
Vanilla Gazebo


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Altered Perfection
Beauty Inside (in Portuguese)
Bit & Bridle
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Cafe au Lait
Carnival Revisione
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Cloud Infinity
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Freezing Heat
Frequent Flyer
Green Jasper
Lasting Impressions
Lily Pad's Rave Reviews
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Number the Stars
Our Town
Siren's Isle
Strike of Midnight
The Bakery
The Gift Site Consulting
The Grandiloquent
The Lodge
The Spa
Wonder Pop

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A Gift For Life
Beauty's Ensign
Name the Stars
Short & Sweet
The Continent of Server

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Sister Site

Run by the fabulous KT, Dragon's Lair is a brand new directory that lists not only petpages, but also NT articles. If you're in need of a helpful petpage, or just want to do some random browsing, Dragon's Lair is the place to go.


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To Sarah (0r30sr0ck) and Brian (subtileknives) : I know this sounds corny, but you two were the best sibling site team ever. I know that both of you have moved on from button making, but still, after I continued running my site, I still remembered your buttons. Sarah, I love the blue button you made; the simpleness, the pretty border. I still remember Sunset Towers, and Brian, I still remember how dark and mysterious Writhe was. The green button, after you changed it slightly from a bit gray to a vibrant emerald. You two were the best button makers in Neopia, and I wish you guys luck wherever you go on your sitemaking adventures. Best wishes!

To the fabulous people at PPT Forums: I've only been there for a while, but I grew up there, talking to everyone. Siniri, Blue, Jacob, Plastic Ninja, ginny-ROX, and everyone else there, thank you. Thank you for everything. You all taught me so much, I could never write how much you guys mean to me. PPT is now forever my home, and I never want to leave it. I am who I am today because of your guys. Thank you.

To my neofriends: I can never thank you guys enough for supporting me, chatting with me, and just being my friends. You inspire me to do greater things and... everything. Just everything. I look forward to chatting everyday with my neofriends and discussing anything and everything under the sun and moon and I just want to thank you for that.

To my brother: Well, this should be interesting. XD Lets's see, where to start... Ah! Thank you for supporting my idea to go to Burger King years ago. Getting that Happy Meal with the VPC kicked off my Neopian life, and yours. Salamatina and Haldir, although in other families, will always be part of our Neo family. But enough babbeling; I can't thank you enough for being my brother. :D

To my good friends in Real Life: You will never read this as barely anyone knows I play Neopets, but thank you also. You guys survive through my hyperness without Mountain Dew (Oliver and Jacob, you don't need it! XD), my randomness, and my obsession with pi, pie, and apples somehow. I really hope I will see all of you guys again after we leave our farm town and move on with life. I want to stay with you guys forever, although I know we will all part one day. :*

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Sometime before I started this site (probably a week before), I has a lot of sites I loved that I forgot to bookmark when I was younger. Eventually, I found them again and placed their buttons on this same petpage without a layout, so it basically looked like a page with a whole bunch of banners/buttons on it. Which it was. Anyway, later that week I though that I would try my hand at a real site, one I updated often. (I rarely update my other two) With that thought, I thought of a name, got a layout, and started my quest to help other Neopians do the same thing - find sites they once lost.


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Hello everyone. You guys deserve an explanation why I'm on indefinite hiatus. First off, the reason I'm updating now is because I managed to get on a computer that is not at my house. Secondly, I know that sites have closed and went on hiatus or got off of hiatus, but I'm not going to do any sitely updates. And third, I apoligize for my abrupt hiatus, which is still going on.

Earlier before my last update in February, I finished my homework and decided to go on the internet. I got caught up reading about a debate that I didn't realize what time it was. It was around 3 in the morning, and I quickly shut off the computer and retired to my room. My dad got suspicious on why I was so tired that morning, so he looked through my history and found out what time I was on the internet. He got angry at me and put up a filter to block games and my favorite sites, including Neopets. Just before, I managed to get one last update in, the one in February.

My actions were reckless and this is what caused me to lose Neo. It's my fault that this happened and I know that I let everyone down. Lately, I've been using my iPod to go on Neo, so that's why I can go on everyday without getting in trouble. The way the browser is set up doesn't let me update because I need to zoom out to do so, so I can't update ASL anytime soon.

I'm sorry that I did this to you guys. I should've been more careful.

So, after considering about the fate of A Small List for over a year (Should I close it? Should I keep running it? Oh no when can I come back?), I have made a decision.

A Small List shall no longer be a link directory. As for its fate, I haven't decided.

In life, I'm used to being a messenger and a pathway for people to find something. Combine that with my desire to help people, and you've got a girl who wants to help people guide their way to find something they want. It was always my dream to run a site, and so I started one. I learned more, opened up A Small List, and started listing links. All good things come to an end, unfortunately, and you can probably tell this is one steady stream of consciousness. Laptop keyboards are actually pretty cool, in my opinion.

So... How do I put this? The link directory A Small List is closing. Why? Because I simply don't have the time to work on a site every day. For those of you who are site-makers, you all know how much work goes into a site. And it's my senior year, I'm thinking about majoring in biochemistry at some college I haven't decided yet, taking AP Chemistry and AP Lit/Comp. It's too much work for a lazy person like me. :P

I sound so unprofessional.

So... I was thinking about making A Small List into a request site. Have requests of all sorts that I can do. I don't mind link sweeping, or reviewing for grammar... Recovering Lost Coding, I will still do. But yeah, that's it.

A Small List will be under revamp. I will keep all my updates and anything else that I love about this site (which is pretty much everything).

I guess that's the fate of A Small List. It was nice running a link directory. I honestly loved working on this site. It was fantastic. The people I met, the work I put into it.

One of my best decisions on this site was to run a petpage. I would honestly recommend this to anyone who would put themselves to this challenge. If you want to try it, go for it. It's so satisfying.

I should wrap this up now, as it's rather late (almost midnight at the time of typing this). Thank you everyone for visiting. I love all of you guys. Thank you for asking to list your site here. You guys are great. Thank you guys for chatting with me. You guys are amazing. Thank you reader, for reading this lousy post. You're incredible.

A Small List shall be back! :D

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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