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Lucy's Button Tutorial

Welcome to Lucy's Button Tutorial. This tutorial was made by Lucyisdabomb (aka Lucy) to help you make high quality buttons using a free (and amazing!) bug-free program, GIMP. This site was certified on September 22, 2010 and currently provides the only in-depth completely GIMP focused button tutorial in Neopia. Forget about MS Paint - it's unecessary! Just google GIMP and download the free program from the official website. How much easier could it get?! This layout is v.1 Calm Rainbow. I hope you find this tutorial helpful, but make sure you send me a neomail if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Step by Step Tutorial.

I thought that because I am really good at making buttons, I should make a button tutorial. Do you want to make a snazzy link back button like following? In this tutorial you can learn how to add important skills to your image, and produce the highest quality, animated product. I proudly present an IN DEPTH tutorial to making amazing buttons using the free program, GIMP. It's easy to install, and it's completely bug-free. I am Lucy, owner of Lucy's Button Tutorial, since 22nd September 2010.
Please credit me! You don't have to, but it'd be REALLY nice :3

Well, there you go! Credit is greatly appreciated, but I guess it isn't necessary. I would love to hear any feedback, and if you have used my tutorial to make a button, neomail me the link and I'll see how you went! I hope my in-depth GIMP button tutorial helped you a lot :D

Bases & Extras

Sorry D: I have nothing for you yet!


This is not a 'FAQ' section. This is my Help and Answers section. I put up shortened answers that I have given to actual people! This means that I edit them down, making it an answer that could apply to a broader number of questions :D If you ask a question and I feel that it is very important and would help others, I will place it here. If you would like me to take your question down for privacy reasons, that's fine. I totally respect that (: Feel free to ask a question...

If you feel that your buttons aren't being appreciated, or that your buttons are not as skillfully made as they could be, I strongly suggest you ask a few of your affiliates for some tips.
Catie @ Dreams are Reality (who is a very close friend of mine) taught me everything on my tutorial! I knew NOTHING about buttons before I asked her, and now look at me! I own a button tutorial (: That just goes to show that when you need help, there is a way to find it!!
Most other high quality button site owners also give great advice. You could ask them to help you out too, if you feel comfortable! I'm sure they're very kind as well ^_^
Maybe it's just that little spark that is missing! It may be the reason that you're losing you the prized 'recommended' bullet :o
Everyone starts with the same knoweledge of buttons as each other. The most important thing is that you don't get too down on yourself (:
Improving your buttons will take persistence and practise! Also, if you get tips from other button makers, don't just copy the ideas! Take their advice and make it original.
All of you buzzing button makers have potential. It's a hard task, but I feel that it's worth it! Do you? If you don't, get out of the button business and find something that suits you (: If you do, get to work and score that 'recommended' bullet NOW!
I hope I helped you out. Love, Lucy.


Neomail me to apply. I'm not too picky! Just, please be graphic or tutorial related!

Neomail me to let me know you have listed me at your site. I will add you right away (:

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Special Thanks

** Heaps of site inspiration and suggestions came from the talented Cass, who also owns an amazing button & banner tutorial. Thanks so much Cass :3.

** Lots of support, help and inspiration came from my amazing friend, Catie (or ktc), who owns the site Dreams are Reality. Catie taught me almost everything on this page! This tutorial really could not have been made without her help. I owe you big, hun (:


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And thank-you for visiting. I really appreciate it and I hope the tutorial helped you!