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Adoptables & Pixels



Currently Updated! Adoptables include premade acara, aisha, blumaroo, bori, bruce, buzz, chia, chomby, cybunny, draik, elephant, eyrie, flotsam, gelert, gnorbu, grarri, grundo, hissi, ixi, jetsam, jubjub, kacheek, kau, kiko, koi, korbat, kougra, krawk, kyrii, lenny, lupe, lutari, meerca, moehog, mynci, nimmo, ogrin, peophin, poogle, pteri, quiggle, ruki, scorchio, shoyru, skeith, techo, tonu, tuskaninny, uni, usul, wocky, xweetok, yurble, and zafara. Customs also available.

Ookami's Adopts
Not Updated. Kau, Lupe, and multispecies adoptable request available. Adoptable trades available.

Not Updated. Candy/Sweet pixels, fruit scibbles, whale and sun/cloud vector, and bullet resources. Includes a suggest a graphic option.

Not Updated. Nature, cake, crayon, and pumpkin pixels. Read the rules sign and animated best viewed in signs. Accepts requests.

The Frosted Laboratory
Currently Not Updated. Divider, envelope, and heart bullet resources. Strawberry, coffee, and misc. scribbles. Lollies, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet pixels. Customized adoptables.

Live Laugh Love
Currently Not Updated. Bullets, back to top, stats, dividers, counter bases, neomail me signs, new/rules/credit signs, icons, hiatus/closed/moved signs, UFT/UFA signs, best viewed in signs. textures, backgrounds, and button/icon placer resources.

Peach Pit
Currently Not Updated. Food and sweet pixels, animated pixels, food scribbles, leaves, ice cream, and sushi vectors. Bullet and envelop resources, and a list of unused site names.