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Welcome to the Lost and Pound Guide and FAQ! Here's where you'll find all the information you need to know about the Lost and Pound and our boards.

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The Lost and Pound petpage is reposted from the original Lost and Pound site on a regular basis.

A "stuck" pet is a pet that cannot be found by browsing through the pound. There is a glitch in the way that the pound works that causes some names to never show up. Pets with these names are effectively stuck in the pound until someone searches their name either in the pound search box or in the sidebar. For more information on what pets get stuck, see our theories on what makes a pet get stuck.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to neomail Arden(cinderellie7).

Last Edited: August 3, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will you mail me when you find a lost pet that {choose one or more: has a petpet, is a specific color, is a specific species, has some kind of high stats, has a good name, etc.}?

No. We do not believe it would be fair. Everyone has to check out the site or the PC board for pets that we find. No one will get contacted about them. Every painted pet that we find will get posted to the board and then to the site. We do not have secret lists of pets to post when someone asks on the boards, either.

If I paint/zap/train a pet, and then pound it will it become unstuck?

No. A pet becomes stuck based solely on its name. Color, species, number of times adopted, hunger and stats do not have any effect on this. However, the pound tends to occasionally cycle through the alphabet and pets that were once stuck will become unstuck. Exercise caution when transferring a pet that was once stuck as we cannot guarantee that it will remain stuck.

Why is a pet still on your list even though it's been adopted?

As Arden puts it: We have lives people!!! We're not cyborgs!!! Our staff is small, so please bear with us. If you notice that a pet has been adopted, please let us know by neomailing Arden(cinderellie7) or Lauren(missdood). Thanks. :)

Can I adopt so-and-so?

If the pet has already been adopted, please do not contact the owner unless they specifically say the pet is up for adoption. In that case, please follow their rules. If the pet is in the pound, anyone is allowed to adopt him or her.

My account is under 4 months, what can I adopt?

Accounts under 4 months cannot adopt pets over level 2, or LE/restricted pets (except grundos). They can adopt the following colors: Blue, Brown, Checkered, Glowing, Green, Invisible, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Shadow, Silver, Skunk, Speckled, Split, White, Yellow. 7 For more information on this, check out

Are there ever any {{choose one or more: babies, draiks, krawks, UCs, VWN pets, BD pets, old pets, specific color pets}?

Theoretically, yes. However the likelihood of finding them is extraordinarily slim, (particularly for D/UC/Ks).

There's this pet {{insert name here}} that's stuck. On it's lookup it says it's in the pound, but when I look it up in the pound, it says it's not found. How can I get it?

Assuming your account is over 4 months old (if not see previous question for likely solution), the pet is in fact not "stuck" but "Gwenned". A Gwenned pet is a pet that was involved in a glitched transfer, and it will remain glitched until a member of TNT manually fixes them. They are not in the pound at all, but trapped in a transfer. These pets are not "stuck" in sense that we refer to here, so please don't send us their names.

What does it mean when a pet is "not yet born"?

A pet "not yet born" is a pet where the creation process was started, but never completed, under the old system for making pets. These pets will remain that way until they are purged.

How do you find stuck pets?

See the Getting Started section.

How can I help?

See the Helping Out section.

Getting Started:

After reading the F.A.Q.s, you may decide that you, too, want to find stuck pets. Below is a guide to help you get started as well as tips from the pros.

Understanding What Pets Get Stuck:

Before you start randomly searching for pets, it's important to know why pets will get stuck. Since the pound is glitched, certain names that start with certain letter combinations will not show up in the pound. These pets are referred to as stuck pets. Although no one is sure yet exactly what combinations will guarantee a stuck pet, we do have a relatively simple theory that gives us a good idea of whether a pet will get stuck or not.

After lots and lots and lots of trial and error, it became apparent that the first two or three letters were a very important factor. In the table below is a list of letter pairs that can result in a stuck pet. When a name starts with these two letters, it has a chance to get stuck. The actual mechanism is slightly more complicated than this, but more than 70% of pets with names starting in these combinations get stuck in the pound. Please note that this list may not be complete and may have some inaccuracies. (Also some alphabetizing is wonky due to filter oddities)

AL, AM, AN, AP, AQ, AR, AS, AT, AU, AV, AZ, A_
BE, BI, BL, BO, BR, BU, B_
CH, CI, CL, CO, CR, CU, CY, C_
LE, LI, LL, LO, LU, LY, L_
SC, SE, SH, SI, SK, SL, SM, SN, SO, SP, SQ, SS, ST, SU, SW, SY, S_
TH, TI, TO, TR, TU, TW, TY, T_
_L, _M, _P, _R, _S, _T, __

Understanding Your Search Options:

Now that you know what kind of names to search, you have several choices on how you'd like to hunt them down.

Manual Searches:

There are many different ways to do manual searches, but in essence they are all the same. In the sidebar or pet lookup URL, begin typing random names that start with one of the letter pairs above. Keep trying until you find a pet that is in the pound. Less than 1% of all names that you type will be stuck in the pound* but don't be discouraged. This is the easiest method to find new stuck pets for the Lost and Pound page. This method requires lots of patience and creativity.

Whether you decide to type in every single letter combination (anaa, anab, anac...) like Bug does or find lists of words from dictionaries and other sources to copy and paste like Arden does, just be sure that the first two letters are one of the pairs from the table. If they're not, the pet has no chance to get stuck and you are just wasting your time.

*Most names you check will end up with pets either adopted, frozen, not yet created, or not yet born, only a tiny fraction will be in the pound, and an even tinier fraction of those will be painted or Limited Edition pets.

Search Engines

Sometimes pound pets will show up on search engines. Keep in mind that the majority of these pets are on the search engines because they have been listed on the Lost and Pound so it is unlikely that you will find anything new, rare or exciting. However, you may get very lucky by tweaking your searches, using lots of different search engines and searching often. Try typing this into a search engine: "owner:in the pound". You may also choose to refine your search by including things like "the Orange" or "the Orange Grundo." This method requires some creativity and repetition before you get the hang of it and figure out some tricks of your own.

Submitting Lost Pets to the L&P:

Now that you've found your first stuck pet, you should share it with the L&P so that it can find a home. Always check to make sure that this pet is not already on the site.

Once you've checked the site, let us know! You can post it on a Lost and Pound board on the PC or mail the names to cinderellie7 or missdood.

Helping Outs:

There are lots of ways for you to help us out!

New Names: We always appreciate new names to add to the site. See the getting started section to find out how to find new stuck pets.

Adopted:If you find a pet on the Lost and Pound that has been adopted, please let us know. There are only a few of us and many people who use the site (on 8 March 2010 we had over 1000 visitors with over 6000 hits), so please let one of us know when you find something that needs to be updated.

Graphics: We can never be too pretty. Buttons, banners, petpage themes, layouts, lookups and fan art are all appreciated. Send all artwork to cinderellie7, or to the site's address.

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Please help! If you know of a page that might help home stucklings, that is kept up to dateLET ME KNOW! I'm having a hard time keeping this list updated and would love to have another list like these!!

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