God of Mischief

everyone hates me

When we look out into space,
we are looking into our own origins,
because we are truly children of the stars.
-Professor Brian Cox

You're lost. Entirely and completely lost. You were wandering around in the Lost Desert, until you came across an odd symbol in the sand. You got a little too curious and began investigating. When you touched it, it lit up brightly and carried you to what seems like a different dimension. Everything in this unknown place is so high-tech looking, but very dark. There isn't much light--only some coming from a large building. You decide to walk towards the building, hoping you find someone.
You arrive at the building and once you do, you look around, then walk in. Something inside tells you that you shouldn't be there, but as soon as you change your mind about it, the doors shut and lock. You sigh, then continue down the large corridor. You hear footsteps and try to find something to hide behind, but fail.

In front of you stands a lanky Kyrii donning a long, emerald cape and a gold helmet with two long, pointed horns. His armor is all gold-plated (along with his huge scepter), making his black hair stand out against it.
Who are you? He demands. You stare at him for a moment, not sure how to respond.
Who are you? He asks in a harsher tone, taking a few steps towards you and raising his scepter.
I'm sickenedlightning. You reply, making him grind his teeth before speaking again.
What are you doing here? He asks, How did you enter?
You shrug, I just kind of strolled in.
This clearly makes him upset, and he stomps his scepter into the floor, causing an odd feeling to rush through you. You can't decide whether it was magic or a chill.
What do you want? He orders.
I just got lost, and I, um.. You trail hopelessly.
Lost? He asks, his tone softer. You nod, and he looks at you for a moment, then smiles a cold grin.
You must be from Neopia. He assumes, and you nod numbly, Well, then I'm sorry I snapped. I'm Loki. Also known as the God of Mischief.
He holds his hand out for you to shake, and you hesitantly do so.
I don't get many visitors. They all flock to Thor. Loki spoke and dismissed the thought with the wave of a hand, I was always overshadowed by that Neanderthal.
Thor? You question curiously. He just rolls his eyes.
He's the true heir to the throne.. He's too much of a vain idiot to be King. Well, he used to be. Loki mumbles, I should be King. But, I lost most of my powers, and I am not a true son of Odin.. Even then, I am a disgrace to the family..
He's just confusing you now, and he seems to catch that.
I guess you've never heard the story, then, hm? He questions, and you nod, Come. I shall explain.
He turned on his heel, then began walking the opposite way down the corridor. You hurry to follow him, since he's actually pretty interesting.
He finally stops and turns into a large room with a few couches in it. He motions for you to sit, so you do as he offers. He hands you a goblet, but it's empty. You look at it for a moment, not realizing that Loki's making a gesture beside you. Suddenly, snakes come out of goblet, making you scream and toss it to the ground. Loki lets out a sort of giggle, then bites his lip.

My apologies. Just trying to keep you on your toes. Loki smiles, I don't usually get many people to pull pranks on.
You simply nod, and he sighs.
Well, this is a long story, so please, stop me if I am boring you. Loki warns, and you nod.

how things used to be

i'm a lost soul

Sorry to bore you once more, but my background is a little different. Hopefully you'll find it more interesting than what I just explained. He begins, then shudders a little as some lightning strikes outside.
What? You snort, Scared of lightning?
I'm not overly fond of what follows. Loki says with a grimace, Let's begin.

When I was a boy, I knew I was different from Thor, even though he was my brother. He was built larger, with long, blond hair and a thicker face. I was a lanky, dark-haired, bony boy, and those differences are still evident. Although we were different, we played together, since as far as we knew, we were brothers. He would always win, no matter what we played, and that would constantly put me down. I never thought I could amount to anything if my brother beat me at even a simple game, like checkers. How could I? I couldn't beat Thor at anything. He was the fastest, the tallest, the oldest--the best. I was constantly shoved to the side, and for a while, I let it go. I didn't mind being alone--I'd grown to sort of prefer it. But, things changed.

Thor began getting an ego with all of his wins. He and his friends would bully me through words, never physically. They knew I wasn't normal, and made sure I knew, too. Whenever we played heroes, I was always the villain, no matter how much I pleaded to be a hero. It was almost... destiny. I hated being the villain, though. It meant that I always lost, and I'd grown to hate losing. I tried my best to beat them, but it was always five-on-one, which, in my case, was unfavorable. It was frustrating, both being the smallest and all alone. No one was a villain with me--it was just me, every time. I'd lose every time we played and that killed me. I just wanted one win. That was all.

Finally, one day, I got that win. I did it by accident, actually, and it was the first time I'd truly recognized that I was not like the others. We were fighting, and when I grabbed one of Thor's arms, his arm turned blue, and he started screaming. It left almost a burn mark, and when Thor went to touch it, he said it was freezing. I got scolded for it by my father and mother, but when I was sent to my quarters, I took a glance in the mirror. My skin had a blueish tint to it, and my eyes were red. I thought that maybe I'd finally gotten useful powers, but I decided to look it up. I snuck out of my room and hurried down the corridor to the family library. I searched and searched through books all night, trying to find out what had just happened. I finally found it. Frost Giants.

The Thunder Gods hate these Frost Giants, for reasons I didn't know back then. They're always butting heads, and for me to resemble one both made sense and scared the life out of me. I didn't want to be evil--I wanted to fit in for once, and if I was in fact one of those monsters, I'd be even more of an outcast. I decided to take the book back to my quarters for the night, and I ended up staying awake the whole night reading about them. I began to get worried, but I didn't truly let it bother me, because I knew I would psyche myself out.

The second time I realized it was when Thor decided to be the usual idiotic Neanderthal he was and go fight the Frost Giants in Jotunheim. They'd broken the system and gotten into Asgard, which worried both Thor and our father. So, Thor thought it'd be a brilliant idea to go kill the leader ourselves. Brilliant, right? Right. So, we traveled there, and as we fought, we realized that the six of us were not enough. Well, they realized that. I knew that from the beginning, and tried convincing them out of it. That worked out really well. We were clearly outnumbered, and whenever we'd kill ten, fifty more would appear. One of them grabbed my arm during combat, and a similar thing happened as earlier--my arm turned blue and froze a little, but it disappeared quickly, and didn't hurt at all. I didn't say anything to the others, and kept fighting. We eventually lost, and Odin, my father, came to finally snap them back to reality, and scold them. He banished Thor, and for once, I thought I might have a chance.

I found out who I was when I was in the Weapons Room. I was just looking around, since I often got bored without any friends, when Odin came in and began yelling at me for being in there. I tried telling him I was just curious, and he finally told me. He explained that there was a big battle in the Frost Giants' kingdom, Jotunheim, and he found a tiny baby--too tiny to be an Frost Giant. They abandoned me because I was a runt. So, he took me in, and raised me, pretending I was his son. I apparently was the only one who didn't know, which frustrated me further. I started yelling at him, asking him why I'd never been told, and he just collapsed.. Luckily, he was okay, but I still worried.

After I found out, I went back to their lands. I explained what I knew, and helped them plot to bring down Asgard, but make it look like they had broken in and that I had nothing to do with it. The plan mostly worked, until that ignoramus came back and ruined it all. I was nearly King--I essentially had it. But, he came back, and Odin woke up.. I got exiled.

the tesseract plan

After I was exiled, I went to a different galaxy. A place I was accepted. The ruler there wanted me to go to Midgard (Earth) and rule the people there. I did as I was told, and went to retrieve the Tesseract. It's a blue, lit cube that harnesses enough energy to power the world. I had to obtain it from SHEILD, a government-run weaponry system. That part wasn't hard--the Tesseract just needed to open, which it did with ease. I took it, along with one of the most powerful scientists and a master assassin. I thought I'd secured the Midgard in a few easy steps. But, I was far from my goal.

For a days, after our escape, the team I'd essentially captured had almost opened up the portal to the alien world. We were so close. Then, the Avengers caught me. Well, the Frozen one and the Metal Man did. So, I stayed with them for a while (after Thor tried talking me out of all of that, which, of course I refused to listen), and they put me into an isolation chamber. It was all glass, and if I even scratched the glass, it was a 30,000 foot fall. I didn't want to take that risk, so I sat in the middle and waited for help. Or something. Anything.

I spoke with the girl assassin, the one who had partnered with the man I'd taken, and although she wouldn't admit it, she loved him. She made me yell, and it.. I don't know. It kind of hurt when she called me those things. I didn't mean to kill--well, in a few ways, I did, but I am not made to be ruled. Humans are.

Finally, my plan began to set in. The one man, the one who turns into a giant green creature when he's angry, did just that. It was enough of a distraction for Thor, and once he came to get me, it wasn't hard for me to trap him in the large room I'd been in. I threatened to drop the pod, but one of their agents came in with a large, large gun. It scared me a bit, so I multiplied myself (which is what I did to confuse Thor), so that my real self was behind him. As he was about to shoot me, I stabbed him with my scepter. He fell to the ground, and I stood there for a moment, proud of my action. I walked back over to the desk and pressed the button, and down went Thor.

I felt like I'd won, even though I hadn't quite yet. I escaped the giant ship and was led to some giant city called 'New York City'.. It was the perfect place to defeat them. I wanted an audience, and the city was filled to the rim with civilians. I found the tallest building I could, which was coincidentally the Metal Man's building, and planted the Tesseract there. The scientist I'd captured began to open the portal when Metal Man came. He threatened me, but I told him that he couldn't do anything--the portal was opening, regardless of what he tried to do. We tousled a little, but once the portal opened, we both looked up to the sky. I laughed at the sight--the portal had opened, and the aliens were beginning to flood the sky. In the midst of my joy, Metal Man managed to shove me off the building, but luckily, I fell onto one of the alien's hovercrafts. I kicked the alien off and began driving it around myself.

The Avengers certainly knew what they were doing. I was unfavorable, again. Although they were fighting off an army of aliens, they were quick and strong. I could see myself losing more and more, and.. I began losing hope. The big green man attacked me and thrust me back into the building. I tried reasoning with him, but he grabbed me and thrashed me around like a doll, until I was planted into the ground. It felt like I'd broken every bone in my body.

I blacked out for a little while, and when I woke up and tried to move, I looked up to see the Avengers, all standing over me. I took a deep breath and just surrendered to them. I was taken back to that giant aircraft/ship and they put a muzzle on me. Like I was some animal, or something. They chained my wrists together, and Thor was ordered to take me back to Asgard. We took the Tesseract with us, to make sure it wouldn't get into the wrong hands again.

asgardian punishment

When we made it back to Asgard, I began to worry. I knew that Odin would not be happy with me at all, and I truly did not want to face him. I was almost certain I'd be put into prison. Thor led me up the steps of the palace, and I nervously followed. When we got to the throne, Odin already looked mad. Our mother hurried to hug us both--she's always treated me nicely, even when I mess up. Odin, not as much.

He glared at me and ordered Thor to take the muzzle off. Thor looked to me, then gently slipped it off. I swallowed nervously and chewed my lip as Odin got off his throne and strode over to me. Once he was about a foot away, I opened my mouth to explain, but before I could, he slapped me hard enough to knock me to the ground. I just let my mouth hang open for a moment as I sat up, and I could tell that Thor was not happy. He immediately started yelling at Odin about what he'd done, and I just lifted my hand to my cheek. It was throbbing, but I knew that I deserved it. Thor took my arm and led me to my room. He yanked off the shackles around my wrists with ease and sat me on my bed.
You listen to me, Loki, He spoke, his voice low, You do not allow anyone to treat you like that, do you understand?
I just nodded, not sure what to say, really.
I cannot believe he did that to you. Thor spoke quietly, I am so sorry.
My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Sorry?
Sorry? For what? I asked softly.
Everything. You are my brother, no matter what the circumstance. I do not want to see anything like what I just saw. Thor said harshly, You have reason, brother.
I let out a sad chuckle and shook my head.
I do not. I replied as I continued to shake my head, I was not thinking when I destroyed all of those things on Midgard. Do you think that maybe I am.. Broken? On the inside?
I will not allow you to be broken, Loki. You are not broken, I swear. Thor stated and leaned forward to press a hand on the back of my neck, Do you understand?
I nodded again, and Thor took a deep breath.
I do not wish for you to be banished, brother. Or locked up for life.
My punishment is what Odin chooses it to be. I replied quietly. Thor shook his head and stood up.
Not if I have a say. He said sternly and left the room. I moved myself to a laying position and closed my eyes. Thor didn't have to protect me--he couldn't. My punishment was inevitable.

The following morning, my punishment was to be decided. After eating something (although I was not hungry), I strolled to the throne and waited. I thought of all of the punishments I could receive--prison, my powers taken away, banishment, exile, death... Thor came soon after I sat down, which made me feel better. I didn't think too much when he was around. We talked again, and he said that he had spoke with Odin after our discussion, but it did not seem like he was going to change his mind.

The punishment was almost as big as Thor's coronation. Everyone was there to watch me face my impending doom--and most of the Asgardians there were not upset. I knelt down in front of Odin, just as I wanted humans to for me. The muzzle was covering my mouth again, and the shackles were present as well. I was dressed in my best armor, along with my helmet. Odin informed all of the people present what I had done, and as he said it, my actions seemed far worse than when I had committed them. I felt tears collect in my eyes, but I forced them back. I needed to be strong, even if only for Thor.
As for the punishment of Loki, Odin began, He will be stripped of his powers and banished--
No! Thor yelled and I turned my head to see him run up the stairs, Please do not banish him, father. Please. Loki is my only brother.
I am sorry, Thor, but there are no other options.
For the first time since we were children, I saw Thor cry. The tears were quick to fall, and I had to bite my lip to keep mine from falling as well.
Father, please, do not do this. Thor pleaded. Odin looked at him with his stern gaze and I knew that Thor's efforts, though valiant, were not going to help.
I refuse to allow a war criminal to stay in Asgard.
Loki is not a villain, father. He was trying to get revenge on me. I was the reason for all of the destruction. Loki has changed, father, I swear on the throne. Thor stated loudly, earning a collective gasp.
How dare you defy me, Thor. Odin snarled, I am the king.
I will be soon, and no matter what you do to Loki, as soon as I am king, I will reverse it. Thor replied boldly. Odin glared at him, then to me.
You are a disgrace to this family and this kingdom. Odin said, and I finally let a tear fall. Thor rushed to my side and set his hand on my back.
I will fix this, Loki, I swear. Thor whispered, then spoke to Odin, If you banish him and take his powers, do the same to me.
Are you mad? Odin asked.
No. Thor replied, I am human.
The whole palace grew quiet, and I swallowed anxiously.
I cannot banish you, Thor. You defeated and stopped Loki's antics. Odin said.
Father, please.. Do not leave it this way. Loki is not in the right mind as of now.. He is a lost soul, but I will make him found again. Thor declared, Do not take away my brother, please.
Odin thought for a moment, and looked between the two of us. I must have looked pathetic.
Loki will not be banished. He will be stripped of his powers, however, and will be under constant watch. Odin announced, and Thor looked to me with saddened eyes.
I am so sorry, Loki. He whispered, and I shook my head. He stood and stepped a few feet away as Odin stood before me, his scepter in hand. I raised my head and looked him straight in the eyes as he pointed it at me. I braced myself for the worst, but it clearly was not enough. The sheer impact of it was awful and very painful. It felt like someone was tearing out part of my soul. I tried screaming, but it was muffled by the muzzle. My back arched at the pain, and I could hear Thor yelling for him to stop.

When it finally stopped, I collapsed. My heart was beating so fast I could hear it. Thor immediately ran to my side and pulled me into his arms. I heard him yelling faintly, but I fell unconscious fairly quickly.

Wait, you're powers were taken away? Then how...? You ask, but Loki smiles.
I have my ways. Loki smirks, then picks up his story again.

I woke up in my bed, alone. I looked around and saw Thor sitting in a chair, in front of the glass that covered the entire wall left of my bed. He looked upset as he hunched over, his hands coming together over his knees. The door was open, making the edges of his cape gently blow with the wind, along with his hair. I sat up slowly, and pain coursed through my body. I hissed a little at the ache, and Thor sat up straight. He turned to look at me, and hurried over. He perched himself at the edge of the bed with a sad smile.
How are you feeling, brother? He asked.
I hurt. I nodded weakly.
When I am king, your powers will be restored, I swear it. He spoke surely.
Thor, I do not need-- I began, but he stopped me.
Your powers will be restored. He said, and I nodded.
Thank you. I whispered.
I think you ought to get some rest. It will take a few days for you to feel like yourself again. Thor said, and I sighed, When you are up to it, I challenge you to a horse race.
I smiled and let out a little chuckle.
I would love to, brother. I replied and laid back down.

Thor is mainly my keeper, and while he is away visiting his Jane on Midgard, mother watches me. I have gotten better, both physically and mentally, and I hope to one day see Thor on the throne--if I cannot do it myself.

a side note of sorts

As much as I say I dislike Thor, I can't find it in me to hate him too much. I must backtrack a little. He always stands up for me, even when his own team was against me. Thor is a very good protector, and while I do feel as a shadow to him, sometimes, being a shadow isn't so bad.

Thor is a great brother. Although there were times that I felt he was being unfair, there have been times where he and I felt like true brothers. Many times, in fact. A great example is the few moments before Thor's first (and failed) coronation. He and I waited in a side room and chatted for a little bit, and I admitted that while I was always jealous of him, I still loved him. I loved racing horses with him and making Odin upset with us when we'd cause a mess--I loved being just brothers, with no real competition. He and I were just being silly together in those few moments, and it was nice to just be brothers. There were moments when we were younger that I enjoyed having him as a brother as well.

Aside from being shadowed constantly, the thing that irritates me the most about Thor is that he loves physical affection. He's certainly a hugger, and is not afraid to wrap his arms around me. Now, I don't mind it, but sometimes it just gets too hot, and being half Frost Giant, that's not good for me--I've passed out before. Oh, I suppose I ought to share that story as well, then.

One day when we were young, Thor was the usual ignoramus and broke his bed by messing around with his friends. Odin could not have the bed fixed in time for bedtime, so he was forced to sleep with me in mine. Our beds were sizable, and could certainly fit two people. I didn't have a problem with it until Thor decided that he wanted to cuddle. I wouldn't have it, but he continued to hug me through my protests. I couldn't get out of his hold and after only about five minutes, I passed out from heat exhaustion. Poor Thor thought he'd killed me, and started crying and screaming for help. That night, my family took me to the hospital and the doctors said that I couldn't be exposed to so much heat, since Thor is like a personal heat generator. I woke up in a haze, and Thor was still crying over me. It sort of broke my heart seeing him so upset, but I told him that it was his fault for continuing to hug me, despite my protests. He chuckled a little and patted my shoulder, knowing I wouldn't enjoy another hug for a while.

On another note, I will say that Thor does keep me protected. He will go to many lengths to assure that I am well and healthy. Thor doesn't like leaving me alone anymore, especially after the Avengers incident, not only because he doesn't exactly trust me yet, but I think he thinks that I'll get hurt. He goes out only if the Avengers need him, or if he's visiting his Jane on Midgard. I've tried assuring him that I will be perfectly fine without him, but he mostly will not have it. If Thor does leave for a while, he grows concerned to the point where whoever is with him will tell him to go home and stop worrying.

I know this was sort of contrary to what I'd stated before, but.. I felt that I needed to clear up a little. I wouldn't want to lie.

the aftermath

take me back to the start

Only upon weeks of my sentence, while I was wandering around the courtyard when I saw her. She had striking blue hair (which is unusual in Asgard--many choose to keep their original hair color) and her clothing was unlike the clothing of Asgard. She donned clothing of mostly copper and deep brown colors, and carried a gold pocket watch. I decided to go investigate.
May I ask what you are doing? I wondered as she tinkered away. She glanced up to me with a confused look on her face.
I'm working on something. She replied skeptically.
Well, yes, I can see that. Who are you? I don't believe I've seen you before. I questioned.
Name's Becley. Bec for short. And you haven't seen me around because I'm not from around here. She spoke with a smile.
Not from around here? I wondered aloud, Where are you from?
Why do you care? She pressed, I never got your name.
I must have given her the oddest face, since I've never seen someone laugh so hard.
Sorry, your face was hilarious. She laughed, then cleared her throat, Seriously, though--what's your name?
Loki. Prince Loki. I replied, and her eyes grew wider.
I knew I recognized your face. She said softly, more to herself than to me.

my helmet

my only possession

I don't know if you've noticed my helmet. It's very special to me--I designed it myself. I wanted a helmet that would protect my skull, but also give off kind of a... harsh demeanor. I chose gold because it's the metal of the gods, even if I'm technically not a full god. It seemed fit anyways. The horns were an afterthought--I needed something else to it. Thor has wings on the side of his (lame, I know. I'm not even sure what they stand for), and I decided that I needed something on mine to set it apart. The horns symbolize power and strength, two things that naturally, I do not possess. I figured that if I incorporated them into my helmet, it would make it appear that I do hold power, and I am strong. They're a little bit of an.. ego booster, I suppose. I love my helmet, and being able to personalize it.. That meant a lot to me, to be honest.

Artwork for me

maybe someone does appreciate me

Cat draws me all the time. It gets a bit ridiculous.

Some other people have drawn portraits of me.. Not many people, though.

This is goodbye

it had to come

I guess you need to get back to where you came from. If you.. um, want to come back, I have a portal.

Thank you so much for spending time with me.. I miss having company. People are often quick to judge, if you know what I mean.
Here are some portals out of Asgard, if you are curious.


hello the past the aftermath my prize possession portraits of me leaving

Name: Loki Laufeyson
Alias: Loki
Age: Appears about twenty or thirty--but he's immortal.
Birthday: 16th of June, Y14
Gender: Male
Description: Loki is very slender, and sort of lanky. His skin is green (when he's a furry, but he looks like ^that when he's anthro), and always wears his helmet. He's got a gold armor, along with a few suits he wears if he's in the mortal world. With his armor, he always wears his emerald cape.
Personality: Loki is entirely solitary. He only speaks to a few people, and is mostly left out from his family (Thor is trying harder, though). He's sweet once you get to know him, though.
Blood Relatives: Thor
Reference: -coming-


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