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1-29-2019TOTAL lack of updates to this page is a rather large 'MY BAD' on my part. I've been so darn busy the past few months with health issues, the holidays, family, and all that lovely stuff! Anyways..the major updates are that I'm working on an image of Kouga(it's all drawn out and needs to be colored basically), AND that I've added a new section onto the page where I showcase some of my non-neo artwork. Enjoy all! Glad to be back!!!
9-6-2018TT^TT I'm soooo sorry to be so neglectful to my art page. I've been having massive issues with my hands for the past 3 months. I'll most likely be getting carpal tunnel surgery soon, so I'll update as much as I can!!! Expect at least ONE new art work in the next few days!!!
6-13-2018Adding 2 new pieces of artwork, and 3 older pieces of artwork added.
5-8-2018Cat's Crayons is now ready for business! Trades and affiliates are OPEN!
5-7-2018New artwork page, Cat's Crayons,is in the works.


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Welcome to Cat's Crayons!! Here is where you can find my art dump mostly, and see if I have either trades or requests open, which is mostly dependent on my mood. Most of my old artwork is mixed in with the new. Anyways..enjoy looking around.



If you are looking to get a trade or request from me, please fill out the form below and neomail it to me by clicking on the purple and white envelope!!

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