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The sky above your head had slowly changed from a deep, fiery orange to a dark, midnight blue as the sun sank deeper and deeper into the horizon. You didn't notice just how engaged you were into your evening walk until you felt your legs begin to ache with a sharp pain. It wasn't until then that you really began to acknowledge your surroundings; not one thing about the curious town you had somehow stumbled upon looked familiar to you. Where am I? you asked yourself. How long have I been out walking?
Seeing how it was just after dark and you were uncertain as to how you ended up in this town or how to get back to your Neopia Central home, you figured it would be wise not to try heading back on foot. Perhaps you could hitch a ride with a taxi or something later. But for now, your legs needed to rest. To your convenience, you found a bench not too far from where you stood. This seemed as good a place as any to take the weight off of your aching feet.
As you got closer to the bench, you noticed someone sitting there, huddled close to the street lamp next to it and writing in a small notepad. To put it nicely, he wasn't the most attractive of characters; his hair was a tad bit messy, and was a most unusual colour- dirty blond would have been your best guess, but it looked a more greenish-grey than it did blond. His clothes were ragged and a bit dirty, and although it was hard to see by only the dim glow of the street lamp, he had a somewhat creepy face, with a strange lump on the side of his forehead like that of a mutant kiko. You almost didn't want to sit down by him, but it seemed like the only decent place to sit for miles, and you were at the point where you were so exhausted that you really didn't care. With some reluctance, you pushed yourself to approach him.
Mind if I sit here? you ask.
Not at all, he replies. His voice was a little rough, yet strangely soothing and very friendly.
As you sat down, you couldn't help but sigh, both in pain and frustration.
Are you all right there, mate? the man asks. You look troubled.
I'm not sure, you respond. I haven't a clue as to where I am; I just walked here from Neopia Central.
You're in the town of Darlam, he says. From what I understand, Neopia Central is quite a ways from here, especially for walking. And I'm afraid I don't know what the bus schedule is like this evening. I wish I could help you, but I'm afraid there's not much I can offer you, aside from company.
That's fine, you reply. Really, company is all I need at the moment. Would you mind telling me a little more about where I am?

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About Darlam

I take it you're new to these parts, eh? The man asks you. Nothing wrong with that; it's always a joy to have guests. As I've mentioned before, you're currently in our lovely little town of Darlam, which lies just a few short miles west of Brightvale. You probably haven't heard much about us, which is perfectly understandable, as we're a pretty small town- in fact, we're so small that you can't even find us on the map of Neopia. (If you were to take a look at the map, you'd notice a small, seemingly empty speck of land just between Brightvale and the new Faerieland- that's where we are.) Needless to say, not a whole lot of excitement takes place here because of our small size, but it's a fair trade-off if you're one of those people who loves the ancient culture of Brightvale, but prefers a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere, as opposed to all the hustle and noise that comes with metropolitan life.

I know what you're thinking, and you can get that cliché out of your head right now- just because we're a small town doesn't mean we're all a bunch of hillbillies. While we do pride ourselves on many of our ancient traditions, we're generally a more broad-minded and progressive society, much like our Brightvalian neighbours. What with being closely related and all, our culture shares many similarities with Brightvale- in fact, you could pretty much say that we basically are a miniature Brightvale. There are a few noticeable difference, however; one of them, as you may have noticed by now after having walked around a bit, is our architecture. While we do have many lovely stained-glass windows as well, our buildings generally tend to take on a more Neovian-style appearance, as opposed to all the medieval huts and castles you'll find eastward. Appearance aside, we are also different in the sense that we're often perceived as being a lot more friendly towards other people- a stark contrast to the "snobs" that people generally think of when they think of Brightvale. (We're lovers here, not fighters.)

I won't bore you with our history, as it's basically identical to that of our neighbour's- we were discovered about the same time as Brightvale, and we are more or less considered an outlying territory. We share the same government and everything, with King Hagan as our current monarch. We also have a sister city to our south west known as Verston; again, the history and culture of Verston is more or less identical to ours.

Anyway, that's pretty much Darlam in a nutshell. We're a pretty nice little town, really, so hopefully you'll take the time to enjoy us while you're here. :)

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With a bit more knowledge of your surroundings provided by the gentleman, you feel slightly more at ease with your current situation. You also feel a bit more relaxed with his presence than you were before, for he seemed like a friendly enough fellow after all. No longer wishing to be strangers, you ask to know a little more about him.

Neopets Name: Little_wigin (but please don't call me that)
Goes by: Tigien (pronounced "ty-gen"); Ti
Age: ~30
Date of Birth: Exact date is unknown, but February 12th is the date he made up for himself.
Birthplace: Darlam
Current Residence: Darlam
Gender: Male
Species: White Rat (Xweetok)
Brush: Mutant
Height: (Anthro) 5 ft. 9 in.; (Quad) about the size of a possum
Weight: That's classified information. ;3
Accent: English
Hair: Greyish-green
Eyes: Golden; bloodshot
Family: Only known relative is his twin brother Troden.
Love: He won't admit it, but he does somewhat fancy his friend Mirta...
Occupation: Writer/poet; also makes stuffed animals

Personality: Ti is usually a pretty calm and relaxed fellow. He may seem a bit lonely and glum at first, but he's generally quite friendly and pleasant to be around once you get to know him. He is just a little behind with the times, however, so it's not uncommon for him to seem confused or even a little awkward in some social situations. People typically find him to be a bit strange and somewhat lost in his own world, so it can often be a bit of a challenge for him to connect with people at first. He often has to battle with his low self-esteem, but Ti is a very philosophical and optimistic fellow, and his love for life always manages to conquer his self-doubt in the end. He's very close to nature, as it inspires nearly every aspect of his daily life (I guess you could say he's even a bit of a hippie). He's also very open-minded and always thirsty for knowledge.

Strengths: Always calm and relaxed; sees mostly the good in everything.
Weaknesses: Easily puzzled by modern society; often feels lonely and detached from the world.

Additional Info: What with being a mutant and all, Tigien's body works rather abnormally. For starters, he is able to go an extremely long time without food (typically three weeks or so). He also never gets too hot or too cold; his external body temperate more or less stays the same regardless of his environment (although weather affects him in other ways, i.e. cold weather makes him sluggish, etc). Additionally, he doesn't feel pain, and never gets sick.

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- Silence
- Reading/Writing poetry
- Nature
- Sewing
- Relaxing

- Greed
- Ignorance
- Drivers with their radios on full blast
- Being stared at
- Being told I'm ugly D'8

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About Ti

As the fellow, whom apparently calls himself Tigien, speaks of himself, you listen with interest. You are somewhat intrigued by what you have gathered thus far, for he may just be an interesting character after all. You knew that there has to be more to him than just a few basic facts. You wanted to learn more about him- where did he come from? What is his story?
So, Mr. Tigien, you go on to ask him, would you care to tell me a little more about yourself? What is your story?
He smiles.
Well, I've certainly lived an odd life, that's for sure. I don't normally share my past with people, but eh, if you're interested, then I suppose I'll tell.

The simple fact that I didn't die immediately after I was born is truly a miracle. You see, I come from an unlikely sort of stock; my parents were both laboratory rats, and they had spent most of their lives undergoing some pretty vile genetic experiments. Shortly before I was born, they had somehow managed to escape from the lab and fled to an old, abandoned alleyway halfway across town. It was there that I was born along with my twin brother Troden, and orphaned shortly thereafter, for both of our parents had died as a result of the horrible mutations that they had suffered while still in captivity. With the misfortune of being their sickly mutated offspring, it only would have made sense that both I and my brother should have died there as well; and yet, by some miracle, the two of us lived. How it was, we may never know for certain. Most likely, it was the result of some sort of freak mutation that somehow enabled us to adapt to our surroundings, although it's hard to really know for certain.

After the death of our parents, my brother and I never really found a permanent family. Fortunately for us, we lived amongst some of the kindest of neighbours who would always let us stay with them, and they would care for us the same way that parents would, providing us with love and basic necessities, as well as teaching us things such as manners and how to read and write; however, we never stayed with one neighbour for very long. We typically stayed with a neighbour for a few months or so, up until some event came along where they couldn't look after us for a while; then we'd drift over to another neighbour and stay with them. On some rare occasions, we even had to sleep on the streets when we weren't lucky enough to find someone who could take us in; but those nights actually didn't bother us much, since we enjoyed the occasional camp-out and didn't have to worry much about crime, since Darlam had always been a safe little town with very few troublemakers. It may have been a bit worrisome at times to never know where we'd be staying, but my brother and I were very optimistic children, and we always knew how to make the best out of a bad situation.

As children, my brother and I were the closest of friends. We would often spend our afternoons down at the park, climbing trees and running around being silly; and afterwards, we would usually go down to the Darlam library to relax. A neighbour of ours had once enrolled us in an elementary school, but we only attended it briefly, as we received most of our education from neighbours who were willing to homeschool us, as well as the research we did at the Darlam library on our own time. The library had always been our favourite hang-out spot as kids; there was little that we loved more than a good book, and we would usually stay there for several hours at a time, sometimes even up until closing hour. The library was also where we would always go to hang out with our childhood friend, Choan; he loved going to the library just as much as we did, and we would usually see him there nearly every afternoon. We seldom ever saw each other outside the library, but the three of us shared a strong bond nonetheless.

In the evenings, depending on where we were staying, my brother and I would usually keep ourselves occupied with small activities up until our bed time, such as playing card games and telling silly stories before falling asleep. I guess that, in retrospect, we had a pretty good life overall. Of course, there were times where we got into trouble and fought with each other, like any children would; but in the end, we were inseparable companions, and we were always there to look out for each other.

Alas, however, the times were quickly changing, as they've been known to do. While in our early teens, my brother had developed a passion for performing magic tricks, and later became a street magician, always spending his time jotting down new ideas for magic tricks and practicing them for the townspeople to enjoy. As entertaining as they all were, it usually resulted in us spending a lot less time together, since he was always so engaged in his performances to really have much time for anything else. Our friend Choan had moved on as well; he ran away to join the circus when he was twelve, and we had lost contact with him after that. I never really had any other friends besides just them at the time, so my teenage years became extremely lonely. I had a pretty hard time at first getting used to being on my own more often, and for the longest time, I was really quite unhappy; I was beginning to feel as though I didn't truly belong anywhere, or as if my life had any real meaning. But after a while of just being alone with myself, I eventually noticed that, very slowly, I was actually beginning to understand myself a bit better. I guess what I truly needed was just that time alone, because being alone helped me to clear my head and think deeply about my place in the world. I became interested in things like philosophy, which helped me to realise that, really, I'm worth no more or less than anyone else in this world. And realising that gave me the strength that I needed to pull through my life and be more appreciative of the world around me.

As a teenager, I usually kept myself busy with small activities, such as doodling silly things on scratch paper and going on long walks through the little woods outside of town, in addition to my usual research at the library on various subjects. My main passion was in poetry, however; there was just something about the rhythm and flow of poetry that simply delighted me, both in reading and composing it, and I'd usually spend several hours a day just jotting down poem after poem on whatever happened to pop into my mind. Occasionally, I would also write other things such as short stories, essays, and sometimes even plays; but I wrote poetry more than anything else, simply because it was what interested me the most. I also happened to come across a generous older woman upon my adventures- Betty was her name; I would always find her sitting at the park sewing, and she would often show me how to sew all sorts of cool things. It may sound a bit silly, but I quickly became hooked; I even still have some of the original sewing supplies that she gave me, which I still use all the time to sew all sorts of different things whenever I happen to get my paws on some old rags.

Of course, life went on. After a few short years, my brother decided to take his hobby of magic tricks a step further and become a professional stage magician. He decided that he wanted to start a new life in a new town doing what he loved, and so I encouraged him to simply follow his heart and do what would make him happy. He now lives in Verston (the town just next door to Darlam), where he later met up with our old friend Choan, who had decided to resign from the circus and move to Verston, and the two of them now perform magic shows together all the time at the auditorium there in Verston. Every now and then he'll stop by and tell me all about his new life in Verston, and once a month or so he'll even invite me over to his flat to visit. I've also been to a few of his shows before, and they're all really quite exciting. I truly am proud of him, and I'm just glad that he's happy now. As for myself, I honestly can't say that I've done a whole lot with my life since Tro moved away. I pretty much live solely on the streets now (out of my own preference, really; I just can't imagine owning my own place, and I spend most of my time outside anyway, as it's where I feel the most comfortable), and I still do the same things I've done since I was a kid- I sew, I read and write poetry, and I spend much of my time out in the woods, connecting with nature and getting lost in my thoughts. I'm also still a frequent visitor at the Darlam library, which is where I usually go to get inspiration for my writing, as well as to read up on current events and find cool new sewing patterns. I won't deny that my life is far from being perfect- I do get lonely quite often, and I'm often looked down upon as just some weird, homeless low-life, which can certainly hurt my self-esteem at times. But, in general, I guess my life is good enough as it is. I simply don't get how people can possibly find the time to slow down and really appreciate their lives when society keeps pushing them to rush through it all, which is why I try my best to stay out of the rush and keep my life as simple as I can. I feel that life is something that must be taken in slowly, otherwise you may never find what truly makes you happy. I believe that I have found my happiness, and for me, that happiness is here, where my mind is free to imagine and be at peace.

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After having finished his tale, you both sit in silence for a few moments. He wasn't kidding when he said he had lived an odd life, but that was what made it somehow interesting. Still, you couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for him, thinking of how lonely he must be living all by himself out on the cold, harsh streets. Surely he had to at least have some friends in order to be so happy...
Do you have any friends? you go on to ask. He chuckles a bit at the unexpected question.
Indeed I do, he goes on to say. I don't have very many, I'll admit, but the ones that I do have mean quite a lot to me.

There's Mitra, for one. Mitra is probably my best friend. She works at the library, and we've been good friends ever since her first day there as a librarian a few years ago. I see her there nearly every day when I go to visit, and we always like to joke around and ask about each other's lives. She's pretty quiet most of the time, but she has opened up a lot more ever since I met her. She's also a painter, and has some of the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen. I don't know how she does it, but her artwork never fails to amaze me; I've always admired people who are naturally talented like that. She's one of the nicest people I know, and I'm very grateful to have her as a friend.

There's also Choan, one of my oldest and dearest of friends. As I mentioned earlier, he's been a good friend of mine and my brother's ever since we were just kids. I don't see him nearly as often as I used to, but on occasions when I go to visit my brother in Verston he'll usually hang out with us for a bit. Him and Troden are co-workers now, and they're always performing magic shows together at the auditorium over in Verston. He does seem to be a lot more skittish than I seem to recall, however; Tro told me that it's because of a terrible accident he had back when he worked at the circus, and he hasn't been the same ever since. I can't help but feel a bit sorry for him, really; it must have been a pretty terrible accident to make him so anxious all of the time. Still, he's a pretty cool guy, and I enjoy his company.

Just as you were about to speak up, you heard what sounded like paws tapping against the side walk. You glance down, only to find a small anubis approaching you both.
Why, hello there, Chester, says Tigien with a surprised tone. What are you doing out here this late?

Then, of course, there's Chester. He isn't really my pet; he belongs to someone who lives around here, although I'm not sure whom. He likes to come down here and visit me from time to time, even though he knows he's not supposed to. But I do appreciate the company; it's always nice to have someone like him to keep me from getting lonely. Still, I do wish his owners would be more careful with him; it really worries me to always see him running loose like this...

He reaches down and pats the little anubis on the head.
I'm sorry, but I can't play right now, he tells Chester. You should probably head back home now; it's awfully late for you to be wandering around like this.
The little anubis gives a small bark, and then trots off.

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Rag Doll Adoptables

As the anubis takes off, you then remember what it was you were about to ask before the small interruption.
So, you begin to ask, did you say that you also like to sew?
Ah, yes, indeed, Tigien replies with a nod. I usually sew dolls, although occasionally I'll make other things, too. In fact...
He unzips a small sack sitting next to him, and out he digs a few dolls to show to you.
These are just some of the dolls I've made, he goes on to say. I've got quite a plethora of these things. People always give me a hard time for having a "girl" hobby, but it's what I enjoy, and I see nothing wrong with it. Although, while they are fun to make, I really have no use for these things. I'm always trying to get rid of them; sometimes I'll give them to children I meet at the park, or I'll just let Chester play with them. Perhaps you might have a better use for one?

Rules should be pretty common sense: don't steal these, don't enter them into any contests, keep the link back on, don't take a custom that isn't yours, all that jazz. Basically, don't do anything with these that will get you into trouble. Otherwise you'll hurt my feelings. :'(

Also, I don't mind if you use these off site. Same rules apply for off site use.

Seem like easy rules to follow, no? If so, feel free to use one. ^^

Requests and trades are now permanently closed. Sorry, but I'm hardly ever on Neo anymore! :c You're still welcome to use any of the default colours, but just be aware that I will not be making any new customs. (Unless, of course, you knew me on other websites and wanted to bribe me with a trade or something...)















Nef's Persiio (app)


Joy C. Car


By the way, "Baconman" is an old nickname of mine that I don't really go by any more; I just don't feel like changing it on the adoptables. xD

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