Name: Light
Age: (unknown..has been living forever)
Birthday: May 29th
Status: none
Family: (unknown so far)
What he likes: Reading books that are ancient Greek, meeting people that are like him, and Discovering new things

About me

Millions of years ancient Greece. Apollo, Greek g0d of prophecy, music, healing, plague, and the sun, Was training With his sons Asclepius, god of healing, and Aristaeus, a demi-g0d, on mount olympus. They were training when they heard that there baby brother was born. This little baby was a light mage and could heal. He glowed and was the color white. Apollo was amazed but also ashamed, he did not care much about his newly born son but he trained him.

This newly born was a demi-god and they called him Fos (greek for light). They Taught him spells and how to control his magic. They got used to light and sent him to train with Chiron, after all light was a demi-god. Though when they were ready to send light, who was only 8 years old at the time, A kid-napper had stolen him at night. Light was unconscious but had a feeling something was wrong. Light glowed brightly and then kid-napper was burned to ashes. Light fell from the heavens and landed on earth. He lost some of his memory, and was forced to live on his own. The g0ds could not help since they were not supposed to mess around with people's lives. Especially since light didn't remember them and it would cause trouble.

Light only remembered a few things, like spells he learned and some fighting techniques. The g0ds soon forgot about him and thought he wasn't important anymore. They thought of light not as a threat and left his life to be. Light soon found his light power when he was walking and a lion faced him in his path. Light only had a sharp stick and was about to the loose the battle until his paws glowed and in a blast of light, the lion was d3ad...when the g0ds learned of this, they were surprised and decided that light was a gift to earth and should become immortal. Light grew for a while, but then stopped and was left to be immortal. He never aged and no one knows how old he is, only that he has an amazing power that he must learn to control.

The g0ds helped light on usual occasions. They made light able to read, write and speak in ancient Greek, Greek and American. They equipped him with a sword that could k!11 demons and almost anything that stands in his way. They also gave him spell books that are in ancient Greek, which he only knows. With these gifts from the g0ds, light was able to go through his journey and as he did...he was able to meet justa, Sam and star...and join in there group.

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