Hello, ghostgirl159! This is the main page of the chat group called the Official Haunted Woods Devotees. We are people dedicated to playing our best and gathering support for the Haunted Woods in the Altador Cup.

If you would like to join our list of supporters, please neomail tammytas.

Currently we are located at: the Altador Cup board.

Here are some rules you should know:
  1. Always be kind to anyone visiting the board, no matter what team they may be from.
  2. Don't spam. Especially not for the pwn. It's annoying.
  3. Remember to play while you chat.
  4. Last of all, have fun! That's what's important.

Making Boards

Making boards is quite easy. The person who pwns (or first to post on) page 24 gets to make the next board. If you come online and don't see an OHWD board, please check all seven pages for an old board to bump, so that we can keep track of the board number.

Board Title:

First Post:

Second Post:

Show your support

You can put the phrase A thousand years of darkness over the Cup in your font to show your support for Haunted Woods. I'm proud to say that the phrase originated from our very own (and very first) board!

An alternative is the acronym G.R.A.V.E.S. It stands for Ghoulish Ravaging Always Victorious Eternal Subjugators, and was coined on our eighth board!

We also have this AWESOME banner, courtesy of bubbles_123_2001:

Places You Should Go

OHWD Page O' Help and Things
Haunted Woods Hall of Fame
Overall Score Statistics

OHWD Title Archive
OHWD Members List
OHWD Badges

Thank you Janell, for coding this!