August 24, 2014

Just realized my last two updates were labeled in the year 2013? Ok well anyways the school year is coming up so I won't have time to do anything on neopets and I am sure everyone will be busy as well. So maybe I will be back next summer but no guarantees. Feel free to continue to use these fonts and remember, you can edit them as much as you want! So I hope everyone has a great year!

july 13, 2014

One new word font! All of my requests are done and requests are still open so send them in! Also, I've said before that I was thinking of a new layout but I still really like this one and I think I need to simply adjust it so your suggestions on what I should change are encouraged - from if this layout works in your browser to stylistic opinions - please let me know!

july 10, 2014

I got a couple of requests when I was gone so I will be getting to those tomorrow night (sorry for the delay!) In other news, Mo's Fonts is Radioactive's Featured Site for July! Thank you, Mars! (Check out her site, one of my recent affiliates).

july 6, 2014

So I will be away until Wednesday but I will leave requests open because I only have a few right now and people probably aren't checking my requests because I've been inactive for a couple of eons. I will not get to the few requests I have until then so sorry for the slight delay.

july 3, 2014

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy guyyyyyyysss it's been a couple of days since I updated so I opened requests and I think I might change this layout. I still like it but it looks a bit messed up on my laptop because I designed it on a bigger desktop. I may make some more premades I don't know I'm kind of rusty so requests might take up my time. Anyways yeah.

june 25, 2012

New layout. This update is important because I just want to let everyone know that I will not be nearly as active. In fact I'm trying to quit neo. I'll probably fail so. But my requests will be closed unless I do fail. But these premades will remain, so enjoy them if you do. /salute

June 17, 2012

One new picture font, and quite a few new word fonts! I found a bunch of my saved fonts that were personal, but since I was not using them I edited them and put them up on the site. A lot of them are for a neoboard pen so don't be afraid to send it an edit request - because requests are still open. I also added the how to maximize your font space part of the extras. I am thinking of asking for a review, too.

June 12, 2012

Finished all of my requests and a new layout is here! From the new site Bittersweet. Not much else is happening around here.

June 07, 2012

Summer. How glorious. The first day consisted of me going hard on all my requests from weeks ago. I apologize for them being so late, but I had to study (which was worth it, all A's). And mo's fonts is featured at Radiance, too! Thanks, Nicole. Opened up font requests and I am so uninformed on the Altador Cup but I think it's still going on so I should probably make some more of those fonts. After the AC ends, I plan on getting some new premades up.

June 03, 2012


May 27, 2012

Requests remain open as I slowly finish my current ones. Still working on altador cup fonts. Amazing news: Mo's Fonts is featured this week at Short & Sweet! I hope to add more ac fonts today and tomorrow, though I am preoccupied with studying as some of us who've not ended school are. :(

May 25, 2012

Requests are open. My number one concern secondary to requests is altador cup fonts. Keep in mind when you are requesting an AC font, and if I ask you, if or if not you will allow me to use your font as a premade. I want at least three fonts per team by the time the altador cup starts. Luckily, this is a three day weekend approaching so I will have plenty o' time to achieve that.


Hello, little children. This magical site is called Mo's Fonts and was founded on May 26, 2010. I'm Mo. I make fonts. You are here at the premade section of the site. If you don't find any premades that fit your wonderful personality, feel free to request a custom font. The mystical request button lies to the right side of this page. If you are in need of any assistance or want to talk about life issues, etc, please neomail me. The neomail envelope to the upper left side of this page will send you to my lookup and there you can ask away or rant away. So long and good luck neopetting.

The extras portion of the site includes many different things. If you want to know the basics of font making, or how to get creative with fonts feel free to go to the extras section - you will learn a lot as I did while creating it.

Note about this site: if you are on Internet Explorer, just don't bother trying. This layout works on chrome and firefox, but I am not sure about any other browsers.

= Neoboard pens are not required for this font.

What is a neoboard pen?
You can press the F3 button or press Ctrl F and type in the name of your avatar to find a font that goes with it.
Font Count:
Picture: 35;
Misc.: 17;
Word: 76;
Requests: 686
(As of 07/13/14).
New to fonts?
The first textbox is the NeoHTML and the second textbox is the NeoSignature. Copy and paste each textbox into their box in your Preferences.

altador cup fonts

Need me to change one font to fit another team? Neomail me, requests don't have to be open.
Still under construction: need to move some things around and more fonts to come.
Looking for a userlookup to support your team? Try here!

Other AC fonts can be found here, here and here. (Neomail me if you offer AC fonts and I will link to you).

^ This is a customizable font.
If you have any knowledge of font making you should have no trouble entering in your team name, figuring out your team colors, etc.
If you need help customizing it just neomail me, but I do not feel like making the same kind of font for every team.
Feel free to change fontfaces too.

Bon Appetit

Pirate! – Krawk

Ruki – Desert

Darigan Peophin


Blumaroo - Fire!

Taelia the Snow Faerie


Queen Fyora

Skeith - King Hagan

King Kelpbeard


Coconut Jubjub

Edna - Cackle!

Edna - Cackle!

Pirate! - Krawk

Lupe - King Altador

Kiko Ninja

Suteks Tomb

Grundo - Forever Orange

Grundo Warehouse


Darigan Peophin

Jubjub - Tyrannian

premade rules

Do not take credit. By this I mean do not say or infer that you made one of my fonts.
Unfortunately I do notice people out there getting overly inspired by my fonts lately.

If a font does not work in your browser, let me know. I probably know how to fix it.

If you find a font you like that requires a neoboard pen and you don't have one, neomail me when requests are open and I will make one that does not require a Neoboard pen.

If you want to leave credit on your lookup or wherever, you could use a button or this:

Font by mo's fonts.

Remember it is completely optional though.

[Sorry bro, they're not my rules (wait yes they are)].

picture fonts


Scorchio - Scordax

Extreme Herder

(Quote inspired by Ari.)

Dark Lurker

Spotted Gelert


Valentine Chia

I Love My Rock

Kadoatery - Mew!

Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Lupe - King Altador

Nimmo - Emote


Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb

Super Attack Pea!

Super Attack Pea!

Chia - Florg

Poogle - Pirate


Meerca - Chase


Jazzmosis Elephante
(Idea by Owlie.)

Volcano Run

Lever of Doom

Master Vex

Neomail Addict

Edna - Cackle!


Without Neoboard pen version: ()


Meuka - Snotty


Bori - Grumpy



miscellaneous fonts

Number Six

Kadoatery - Mew!

Grundo - Discarded Plushie


Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Valentine Chia

Wheel of Excitement

Valentine Chia

Battle Faerie

Babaa - Maths Nightmare

Alien Aisha

Grundo - Faerie

Wheel of Excitement

Ghost Krawk

Kau - Fortune Teller

Colourful Korbat

Neopian Times Writer


word fonts


Babaa - Maths Nightmare

Petpet Laboratory

Bilge Dice

Grand Theft Ummagine



Moehog - Halloween

Grundo - Forever Orange

Hello, little Lupe... BOOOM!

Number Six

I *heart* Sloth


The Darkest Faerie

Extreme Herder


Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Snowager - Rawr!

Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Zafara Double Agent

Blumaroo - Fire!

Valentine Chia

Lennies Rule

Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Jub Zambra


Coconut Jubjub

Dark Lurker

Dark Nova


Grarrl Warrior

Bon Appetit

Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Super Attack Pea!

Kau - Fortune Teller

Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Moehog - Halloween

Kass Minion

Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Kadoatery - Mew!

Meuka - Snotty


Easter Cybunny

Cybunny - Plush

Kau - Starry
Gelert - Starry

Aisha - Disco

A Meepit! Run!

Ace Zafara

Queen Fyora

Lawyerbot ♥ Usuki

Kau - Starry

Forgotten Shore

Black Pteri

Michael Jackson
Fyora - Faerie Queen

Space Faerie

Babaa - Maths Nightmare

Wishing Well

Draik - Escape from Meridell Castle

Kadoatery - Mew!
( the inspiration. )

Grey Wocky - *sigh*

Freaky Factory - Yoinked

Without Neoboard pen version: ()


Kadoatery - Mew!

Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Kadoatery - Mew!


Sewage Surfer

Ruki - Mummified

Count von Roo

King Kelpbeard


Without Neoboard pen version: ()

Kasuki Lu - Heeyah!

Master Vex

Skeith - King Hagan

Evil Eliv Thade




Krawken Attack

Ghost Lupe

Drackonack - Hungry

Faerie Pteri

Valentine Chia



Here is my current project: lyric fonts.

Started 9/3/11, ended 3/25/12.

If you want to use this idea then go ahead.

I do really simple word fonts a lot and I think I need to improve a bit on using longer quotes so I am taking the song Somewhere Only We Know and make however many fonts I need to in order to use up all the lyrics.

Angelpuss Angel

Draik - Hatched


Lennies Rule!

Illusen's Glade


Grey Faerie


Tuskaninny - Spotted

Baby Nimmo

Drackonack - Hungry

Quiguki April Fools Avatar

Grundo - Discarded Plushie

Wheel of *Facepalm*
High Roller

HT - Rich



Font Vocabulary

Okay, so when people talk about fonts does your face go @-@ ?
Here, I will show you the basic terms every fontmaker should know.
This is how /I/ define the terms, every fontmaker is different but I hope this confuses you less.

Siggy Line
Let's just get this one out of the way, a siggy line is the line under you neohtml and above your siggy that goes -------------------- annoying as .. well you know it's pretty annoying. Of course it is pretty hard to explain on the neoboards, so I will explain it here:
How to get rid of the siggy line: Put an opening bracket ( [ ) at the end of your first box and a closing bracket ( ] ) at the beginning of your second box.

^ Drag + drop for a better understanding.

This is the font style that you use for your actual words.
(Examples: arial, verdana, tahoma).
Actually while I am at it I might as well just make a list:

( Gosh darn it, Mo. You missed one! )
Mind neomailing me?

This is the text you type with.
(When you see your font preview it is the text that says 'This is how your post will look on the Neoboards.').

This is all the stuff that is under your neoHTML.
(Siggy = short for signature).

This is just the whole thing, all that shows up in the box in your post, if that makes sense.

Color code
This is a 6 digit number that has a # in front of it and when used depicts a specific color.
(Example: #000000s = black).

Sandwich font
People tend to hate these fonts.
Sandwich font pretty much means there is stuff above and below the neohtml (omg like a sandwich).
Sometimes they work out, most times.. no.
The only sandwich fonts I really make are ones with just symbols above the neohtml.
Otherwise stay away from them.

Font Types

Here I introduce you to the 7 different types of fonts and give tips on how to create them. O' course there are endless types of fonts, as these types can be mixed together and new things are being created at this second, but here are the main types.


Symbol picture fonts are used with symbols and not with blocks.
To make these you need a good source for symbols.
The most amazing symbol source is .
For these kinds of fonts you do not need specific fontfaces so you have some extra room.


Block picture fonts are most commonly made with blocks ( ▀ ▄ █ ).
To make rows of blocks not have spaces in between them you can use the fontface 'monospace'.
Sometimes huge block fonts are impressive but when posting with them they can get a bit obnoxious, at least in my opinion.
So I usually use size 1 monospace for mine.


Simple word fonts, probably my favorite type, only consist of a few words then symbols to make the word more... ~*~*~ if you know what I mean.
What is commonly used for these is a double underline which is underlining the word ( {u} word {/u} ) and then underneath it using what is called a macron ( ¯ ) which can be found on Holly's symbol page.
With these I tend to find the need to use a heart but if your word has a certain meaning that fits with a specific symbol it is best to use that.


Symbol fonts are what I use for avatars that have many different colors that do not blend well.
You can use either neopets smilies (which I rarely do unless it fits the avatar colors /very/ well) or symbol patterns or just random symbols.
For symbol fonts color is the key to making it look nice but certain fontfaces do not have to be used so that gives extra room.


Fade fonts are used for avatars with many shades of one color or colors that are close on the color wheel.
What helps me with finding the fade patterns is I take the avatar and blow it up on paint to make it all pixel-y and find where it fades.

^ drag + drop the picture to the address bar for a better understanding.


Most people have a favorite band and such so that is their main inspiration.
I am not /that/ into music so I do not do much of this type of font
but it seems to be the favorite among the people.
For these depending on the length of the segment of the song you want to use, you should use a different size font.
For lengthier lyrics, a smaller font size, for shorter lyrics, bigger.

it does not look good if your lines are different lengths.

But that is only my opinion.

I think it looks better
When all of these lines
Are the same-ish length.


Rather useful, actually.
This is about the only type that actually serves a purpose.
Instead of going to your lookup to find your name I can just look at your font and know your name.
These fonts may be easier for me since it is pretty easy to fit my name into anything. X)
But these can be the cutest fonts, and you can deck 'em out with symbols.


What is the name of cursive-y fontface that you use very often (in your requests)?
Mistral. And I use it often because it is my favorite fontface and most people actually request it be used in their custom font.

May I edit your fonts?
You may, in fact I encourage you to. Personalize it as much as you want and maybe one day you will make your own fonts, I encourage this because I do not believe there are enough font makers out there x3. But until you make your own font from scratch, you still must credit me.

May I get your fonts rated?
You may, as long as you do not claim any awards given or take credit for the fonts, but yes you may get them rated.

Do I have to have a link back on my lookup or credit in my font?
Neither, a link back is appreciated but not necessary by any means. And credit in the font would look a bit strange X) unless you make it invisible but that is not at all necessary nor expected from you. All I ask is for you to not say that you made it.

Could you make one of your neoboard pen fonts a w/o nb pen font?
Of course! Just neomail me when requests are open and I will try my best. (:

Could you make me a custom font?
I definitely could, if you fill out the form when requests are open.

May I request more than one font at once?
Sure, just don't get crazy. Especially do not request more fonts than your neoboard pens allow you to have, in my opinion, shoot that's crazy.

What is a nb pen?
If you do not know what neoboard pens are, then you most likely do not have one. All I can explain about them is that you buy them with NeoCash, they give you an extra 30 characters of room in each of your boxes in your preferences, and they allow you to store in your preferences more than 1 font at a time depending on how many nb pens you applied. If you want to learn more about neoboard pens and what they do, ask.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I am surprised I actually do get this question, I cannot pinpoint my inspiration but ideas for different fonts just end up popping in my head at random points in the day, and I also get inspiration from you guys ~♥, when you send in requests for custom fonts especially, sometimes I go through periods where I don't make picture fonts then someone requests a picture font then from there I make some more. Other times I cannot think of quotes but someone sends in a request with a quote and that inspires a different quote. X) Request actually aren't just for the person requesting but for me, they help a lot. (:

Must you put a heart in all your fonts?
You know me. 0:-)


I ask a question and you give me an answer. I know you may be passionate about your view but you can only vote once.

Neomail me the question + your answer to vote.

1. What is your favorite fontface?

(Not a downloadable one, a common one).

a. tahoma. 14
b. verdana. 7
c. georgia. 6
e. calibri. 2
f. mistral. 2
g. monospace. 1
j. consolas. 1
k. other. (specify)
l. shut up i hate you. 2
m. garamond. 1
n. corbel. 1
o. impact. 1

2. How many neoboard pens do you have?

a. none. 13
b. one - two. 18
c. three - four. 2
d. five - eight. 2
e. eight+. 4

3. What do you call them?

a. fonts. 31
b. siggies. 18
c. neohtml. 0
d. neosignatures. 0
e. signature. 1
f. sigs. 2

4. What browser do you use?

a. firefox. 46
b. chrome. 38
c. internet explorer. 2
d. safari. 7
e. opera. 1
f. netscape. 1
g. other. (specify)

How to edit my fonts

Do you really like a font of mine but the colors don't go with your avatar? Here I will teach you how to edit the colors so they go with your avatar. It's pretty simple. If you want more help or if you want me to recolor one of my fonts, just request a re-coloring.

1. Pick a font.

For this example, let's take the Clever Little Me font:

Go ahead and apply the two codes of whatever font you want in your preferences to get the original version:

You can see that this font has 3 colors in it (not including the color of the neohtml) so that means it has 3 color codes.

2. Pick an avatar and find its colors.

For this example, I am going to pick the Zafara Double Agent avatar:

Usually I eyedrop its colors but if you do not know how then you can go to this page and find the colors for your avatar. (If the colors of your avatar are not on that page, (highly unlikely), neomail me and I will eyedrop the colors for you).

On AAFCC (this page) it says that the colors for the Zafara Double Agent avatar are
#C17150 (brown), #5E8ACE (light blue), #1549A5 (dark blue), and #548751 (green).

(Many props to AAFCC, they have colors for I believe every single avatar, which is 300 something).

3. Replace the color codes.

So you already applied your font, and you found your color codes. Now all you have to do is replace the old color codes with the new ones. I will explain it as best as I can but if you visually learn better, the screenie below will help. (Drag to address bar for a better view).

The numbers circled in red are the color codes. Delete the numbers in that code and replace them with your new colors found on AAFCC, but leave the # that goes before the colors and the s that comes after. Do this for all the color codes, hit submit, and you should have a font that matches your avatar:

I really appreciate feedback so neomail me what you think about this guide - either what it's missing, or if it helped, or other suggestions.


Having trouble making a fade? I personally have tons of trouble - sometimes they are too subtle and other times not subtle enough. Here are my [few] successful fades that you can try out.

Faerie Bubbles


Air Blue

Water Blue



Alien Aisha



Blue Green



Kau - Fortune Teller



Dark Pink





Dark Pink


Dark Blue


Light Blue
Better Than You







How to maximize your font space

One of the most challenging aspects of font making is the lack of space. We have to make due with the however many characters we get. Here are some ways you can maximize your font space:

Use c=0 for your neoHTML. (If you want a black color, you don't need the entire #000000, you don't even need the #).
Don't even have a code for your neoHTML. The default fontface without a code is verdana, anyways and if you just {sup} or {sub} your neohtml, you will have size 1 verdana.
Make your font size 2. If you just take out s=4, s=1, or s=3, you end up with size 2.
Use {p} instead of {br}.
Don't center your font. (If you are desperate for space).
If you are using the color gray in your font, only use #aaa, #666, #999, or other variations. You don't need all 6 digits.
Instead of using white text to off-center your font, use pasteable spaces! In the parentheses: (       ). And if you run out of room but need more spaces, make sure they are in the largest sized font tag. (Like put the pasteable spaces inside your size 4 Georgia so you'll have size 4 spaces instead of default or size 1.) ~ Holly
There are some color names that are shorter than a hex code (7 characters): red, blue, gold, gray, etc. This page has a chart of all the color names. ~ Holly

Have any other tips? Neomail me!


Link Back



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Past Layouts

The fabulous Monky made this layout! (: One of my favorite layouts.

This was a premade but it sufficed for a good while, I edited it heavily to match the gnorbu avatar baha.

This was made for me by Lee from Viridian (now closed). It was a very bold layout that of course matched the gnorbu avatar. I will probably be using it again someday.

Layout made by Bittersweet! It's absolutely adorable.


Gorgeous banner by Taylor.
Coding help from css for you and css help.
Background by Mellie's CSS.
Help transparentizing the flower foreground from social_disorder08.
Bullets and envelope by Whirligig.

Did I forget to credit you? Neomail me.

NEOPETS, characters, logos, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Neopets, Inc., © 1999-2012.