Float by SS!

Lawave was a beautiful Ixi indeed. So beautiful all the other women resented her. She was born with vibrant colors and beautiful blue eyes that no one else
seemed to have. Lawave grew older and became even more gorgeous with every day that passed. With this the boys raged over her and the women resented her. If they had only given her a chance, she could have proven herself worthy. What they did not know was that they would soon pay.
It began as a quiet day in Neovia, with birds chirping from tree to tree and butterflies fluttering to and fro. Lawave sat on her porch as she did every morning to help wake her self up. Suddenly a roar of women is approaching. With fear in her eyes she can't help herself from hiding inside. The women finally reach the front door as Lawave peeks out the curtains. With fire in their eyes they demand she open the door. Shivers spiral down her spine as she ran to the furthest part of the house to hide. They continued to bang on the door and scream as loud as they could. Hours passed and the day turned to night and they would not leave. The clock struck midnight and sang the melody to the whole town. Suddenly it all became silent once again. No clocks, no yelling, no banging and no women. For a moment she felt safe and removed herself from hiding. She looked out her window and saw an endless amount of papers blowing in the wind. With no one in sight she stepped outside and picked a few up. They all read the same thing: " We the women of Neovia have come to an agreement that we want you banned, never to return. We never want to see your face again. Leave, or you will be sorry.
Lawave whimpered and cried, begging for an answer. An answer to a question she had been asking her whole life. Feeling helpless she locked herself in the basement where she planned to stay forever. Her time became consumed with reading all the books her grandmother had left for her, knowing she would one day need them. Lawave began to grow incredibly smart as she read of witches, faeries, wizards and spells. Her curiosity grew so grand that she began to experiment. She started figure out new spells and potions no one had ever heard about or even imagined. Soon she developed a potion she dubbed "Sticks and Stones."

Lawave created a potion similar to her coloring, knowing the other neopians would hate it just as much as they hated her. She loved how much they would loathe it.
It was a cool summer evening when Lawave had finally perfected her potion. She slipped on her dark enchanted cape and secured the potion in her right pocket. She put on her hood, took a deep breath and walked out her front door for the first time in years. She scanned the horizon and there was not a soul in sight. All she could hear were the pebbles escaping from the bottom of her hooves and the only thing in sight was the fog created from her breath. She walked through the silent town like a witch that had silenced them all. Slowly she approached the town fountain. It was a beautiful sculpture of the water faerie that not only was a loved statue but the complete center of the town. There she waited until the sun came up, ready for the first neovian to rise from their long night of rest.
As she sits and waits she begins to flash back to when she was 13 and Jana made her leave the movie theatre because she "smelled." How all Jana's friend laughed in her face and acted as if she hadn't bathed in years. How she left the theatre crying like she left almost every event involving anyone from school.
Dazed and distressed Lawave almost misses the sound of the first door creaking open. She turns around sharply and stares down her prey. It's joe, her once best friend that had no choice but to stop talking to her. He see's her in the distance and immediately looks away. A tear rolls down her face as she throws an open vile at his unarmed body. Slowly he turns to stone like a gargoyle that mistook the day for night. " I'm sorry it had to be like this Joe," She whispers as if he could hear her. " I never wanted it to be this way but you could have at least acknowledged me."
The next few doors begin to open and scream in confusion. One by one she turns them to stone without explanation, like they did to her. Joe was the hardest to let go; but she did that years ago. The women tortured her for her whole life and the men stopped sticking up for her. She had no one and this was the worst time to have no one; at least for all the other Neovians, that is. She couldn't stop thinking of all the times she was embarrassed and hurt by everyone else for nothing other than being herself. She built up so much anger she just couldn't stop. She froze the whole town for eternity by turning every last one to stone. A fire broke loose around her and took over the town. Everything around her fell silent once again and she finally felt safe.
Lawave destroyed everything and everyone she had ever known. She had no choice but to flee to the forest and find life somewhere else. She journeyed for miles before the night turned black and the stars shined upon the forest. She looked up as the trees swayed back and forth brushing against one another and broke down in tears. In disbelief from what she had done, Lawave stopped for the night and cried herself to sleep.
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