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Hello and welcome to Morgan's CSS. Morgan's CSS features CSS lookups, petpage layouts, and pet lookups. This site was created by me, Morgan (nevershoutmorgan) because I love CSS and coding. I love designing layouts and testing out all kinds of different styles and colors. This page features all of my favorite designs that I have made. Enjoy!

Site started on June 21, 2010

01. Always leave credit.
02. Even if you changed the colors/words on a certain layout, it does not mean that you can take the credit off. If you edit the layout, just say something like css by morgan ~ edited by me and link to this page.
1.27.16 Changing the layout and getting things working again
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All content on this site belongs to nevershoutmorgan, the creator of Morgan's CSS. Nothing on this site is to be taken without credit/permission.
The open/closed buttons are from The Lunch Box.
The background images used in the premade layouts are from photobucket and search engines.
The counter is from boingdragon.
The counter base is from The Lunch Box.
Background pattern from 49 Days.
Textures from swimchick.
Button borders from EgoBox.
SWF's from Background Bonanza.
Bullets from Bedazzled