.: Welcome to My Guide to Neomail Applications! :.

Not sure if you noticed, but Sunny came back ^.^ and she even improved her HTML skills while she was out. The layout is much easier on the eyes now! Its good to have my mommy back. When its time I'm out of this dump and on to her spankin new account! Yes, I'm always picked to come along, I'm so happy. *Ahem!*  On with the guide!


.: Introduction :.
As you may or may not know my name is Ladie_Media, and I'm a mutant Korbat bent on making the world a better place for you *shifty eyes* and for starters I'm going to explain to you how neomail applications work. Normally when you go to a pounding board or some adoption agencies that ask for a *neomail application* and so you're going to learn how to make one if you want to win...em.. adopt that pet.


What is a Neomail Application?

On the Help Boards people may say they are pounding, and they want a neomail application. This means they want a short paragraph on why you want the pet, it's future. Imagine smashing how your ma takes care of you in a neomail!


Neomail Application structure?

When writing the neomail you don't want it looking like it took you five seconds, even if it did! My suggestion is the smoothen it out, make it a little more formal instead of it looking like a quick Instant message. Put Dear ____ or To ___ at the beginning and ~Your Name at the end. Use proper grammar, they won't want they're pet to go to an idiot.


First Impression!?

Okay when you find out you are interested in the pet, you are probably speechless. You're probably going to post 'Interested' or 'Me!' That's mistake number 1! Never post a single word. The pet is worth more right? So you're making an impression with your first post. Have some class or pizzazz! Post something along the lines of 'Hello -name- I would like to adopt -pet- and I am going to apply :)' Yes the smiley is important, it tells the person how you feel. Now that they know you're applying it's time.



Okay whenever you go looking to adopt a pet make sure your account is spiffier! yes, this means lookup, shop, pets, petpages, and pet stats. I know I wouldn't want to go to a home that lets their pets be sick and all that mess! Make sure all your pets have full hit points or better, make sure your shop is neat, not cluttered or messy. Be sure to have a user lookup, premade or not, make sure your pet's petpets have been named, no no names. Then you look all nice and like a good owner!



You're not the only one pal, trust me. Maybe 2, 3, or 10 people want the same little pet you do. You have to beat them! You must win, em... have the best application if you truly want that pet! So here are a couple tricks my mother learned along the way.


*Use the A.P.P.L.E.P.I.E System*


-Avoid being a Snob-

We all hate show offs, don't tell them how you can afford this and that. Honestly they won't care and nobody likes a conceited jerk. But of course if you can afford it just slip it in this type of form, 'I will buy -pet- the perfect petpet to match she/he' don't over do it like saying, 'I can afford to feed her the BEST foods like kelp foods' I mean it's so unnecessary.


The owner has to take time to read all applications and decide so shut up and wait okay? Feel free to chat among the other applicants. Don't know what to say, then don't say anything at all.


Always say hello when speaking to anyone, put 'to' or 'dear' in the beginning of your neomail. Also lookup the person and use the name on their lookup, like how my mother put Apple Butter. So if you were neomailing her you would put in 'Dear Apple Butter' be direct.


If you don't really love or like or want the pet you are applying for then don't bother and give others a chance to have the pet of their dreams!

-Everlasting Care-

When you adopt a pet from someone don't pound it ever again. It'd defeat the purpose of what the owner is trying to do. If you must pound it then at least contact the owner first! Maybe they'll take him/her back?


Nothing sways the owner in your favor better then poetry. Make up a nice little poem off the top of your head and jot it into the neomail and don't be afraid to get deep! By deep I mean using powerful or stinging words like soul, passion, careful or chicken. Make him/her see that you are the best!


Don't make promises you know you can't keep because they will check on you and may scream/harass you for lying!


Yes, if you think it'll help, have a petpage with your art on it for display and link them, let the owner see how creative you are. If you do screenies let the owner know, a laugh may help. Give the pet a nickname, base it on it's personality, or name currently given. For example my sister's name is BHJS_KaU but we call her Cocoa because she is a chocolate Ruki.



Well that's really all there is too a neomail application. So go on ahead to the Help Chat and find your dream pet up for adoption, apply, and if you used this guide and succeed then my work is done :)


-Helping Me Out-
Well you could buy from mother's shop, all priced on shop wiz. She restocks often ;)

You could also neomail Kiddiekitty854 some comments and suggestions. We'd love to hear from you. ^.^

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