Name: Roxanne Zoe Abel


Birthday August 4th


Occupation: Trainer for Pokemon contests.

Hometown: Floaroma Town in the Sinnoh region

Appearance: Roxanne has a pale complexion with large green eyes that are almost constantly looking for beauty in one thing or another. Her hair is long and brown, decorated with fresh flowers and ribbons twisted into it for decoration. The flowers change with the seasons, lighter colors in spring and summer while more neutral colors in fall and winter. She has a graceful build, with not much bust or bottom. She's a taller woman, at a height of 5'9, easily passing as a model.

Roxanne's clothing style is simple yet elegant. She enjoys long dresses with ruffles and dress shoes. She doesn't wear much makeup, claiming her beauty is natural. When she rarely does wear makeup, they are woody colors like dark green or a rich brown color. She's always dressed for a contest of some sort, usually fashion. She firmly believes that in public, the world is watching you and you must always dress to impress. She would never let someone see her not in "acceptable" attire.


Roxy is a very social type of person. Her personalty type most resembles that of the The Visionary. Her strengths lie in her creativity and ability to be resourceful. She enjoys trying to figure out how the world works, although it isn't her passion. She understands things quickly and is able to understand circumstances quickly. Roxy tends to have ideas and opinions on everything and is an expert on constructive criticism, although she doesn't take it very well. She tends to let her ideas known, whether others want to hear them or not.

Roxy's main weaknesses lies within her lack of planning and following things through. She can only plan so much before she grows bored or decides to change it all over again. Usually for contests, she only plans routines the day before, causing extra stress to her pokemon. The reason why she isn't aiming for the pokemon league is because she could never follow through on it after she already has a passion.

Although Roxy has won many contests, she lacks a swelled ego and positively despises people who have them.

Likes: Contests, her Pokemon, Flowers, People in general, creativity, sweet things, fruits, judging Pokemon contests.

Dislikes: planning, vegetables, taking criticism, flirts, people with swelled egos.

Hobbies: Pokemon contests, Modeling, Debate


Roxy was born as the youngest child to a couple in Floaroma Town. Her parents had moved from the Unova region when her mother was prxgnxnt with the child. The couple only brought one pokemon each, both bring a Leavanny: One male and one female. From these two pokemon, Roxy would be given her first pokemon.

When she was twelve, the two old Leavanny's had one egg. All of her older siblings had pokemon by that point, so she was given the egg. She was careful and raised it carefully, not wanting to damage the young pokemon inside. Finally, halfway into her thirteeth year, a sewaddle was born. She trained it as best she could as a newbie trainer and the sewaddle had a tendency to cling to her. After her Sewaddle was born, she left to begin her pokemon adventure with her friends. Over time, she caught a Wurmple and a Turtwig who she brought everywhere with her.

When she first reached Hearthome city, her head swirled with all the possibilities of what to do in the city. She decided to try the pokemon contest, and by chance on her first try she fell in love with them. Her time went into making her pokemon the best in the contests. She became close friends with Fantina because of the contests.

After eight years in Hearthome city, she decided she needed to move and relocated to Mevia for a change in scenery.

Pokemon team

Roxy loves her pokemon and has no desire to gain anymore pokemon


Age: 10 years

Gender: Male

Species: Leavanny

Personality: Souci is a very kind pokemon. It always is willing to help some trainer if needed. He's clingy towards Roxy and has an undying loyalty towards her. He gets along with Orner and Joli well though.


Gender: Male

Species: Turtwig

Age: 9 years (used an everstone on him so he won't evolve)

Personality: Volatile and bold, Orner strives to make an impression on everyone. He loves the spotlight, although finds himself constantly in the wrong kind. Because of his small size, it's easy for him to be mischievous. He tends to headbutt people who get to close to Roxy when they aren't supposed to.



Species: Beautifly

Age: 9 Years

Personality: Shy and quiet. She enjoys hiding in her pokeball. Contests tend to terrify her, being in front of so many people. Of all the pokemon, Joci is the most attuned to battle and she battles the best of all of them. She hardly gets let out of her pokeball. She loves spending time with Roxy without the other pokemon.

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favors grass and bug types