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Backgrounds mainly, but there are some links to all my favorite websites if you scroll down far enough. Or click here.

I did my best to adjust the textbox size to help you see all the details but there is only so much I'm able to show you. So, be aware of those textboxeswith a larger than average (100px) height (aka the entirety of the large images section) because there may be little details you can't see. An online HTML tester can help you do that quickly.

Hover over whichever background you fancy for the URL to that image. There's a little textarea box to the left of the page right under the navigation links. I've put that there for you to paste & store your URLs. In that box I've also left the code you need to use if you want to use the background. Paste the image URL over URLHERE and then all you need to do is put that in between the style tags of your chosen layout.

If my *amazing* explanation didn't help you, I've left a list of relevant sites that definetly do an better job:

Last Update: 5th March 2018

Subtle backgrounds

basic tiled

Find more basic tiled backgrounds at Crumble, Live, Laugh, Love., Meghaanlee's Art Page, and Bedazzled.

graphic tiled

large images

The bigger images that don't seem to repeat (e.g. the second one) don't need to be tiled. You can go to Whitespace Resource for a guide in using large images as a full background. It's a different code, so I recommend checking it out.




Since these are transparent, I've made the backgrounds dark grey (#888888) so you can see it easier. You can change the color of the background yourself by inserting the hex number (#888888, #F9F9F9, etc.) right between background: and url('codehere');. Hover below to see the working code:

Find more customizable "transparent" backgrounds at Bedazzled and Mariposa.



Sakura Express x Rabbitgun's CSS

resources + embellishments



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