My name is Angela and I am the owner of 8-BIT Block fonts. On this site I create custom block fonts per request for neoboard pen AND non neoboard pen users, and offer premade block text and picture fonts, as well. If you're looking for a block font, then you've come to the right place! Please remember to read all the disclaimers before you request. Please check my waitlist to see how many spots I have left for requests.

Disclaimer: Please note that these fonts are compatible with Windows, Mac, and on mobile. On Safari and mobile, you may notice some white lines in between lettering. These fonts look best on Google Chrome.

Portfolio: Past Requests

As of June 18th, 2018 I decided to condense my portfolio to my top 5 favourite fonts from each style. I do still have a backup of all my fonts, however, so if you missed yours, feel free to mail me.

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Cursive Examples

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Art Trades?

My art trades are always open. I am always looking for people to draw some of my pets. I am pretty flexible - If the pet or character I am asking you to draw is out of your comfort zone, I will suggest another one of my pets. Just let me know! I also accept graphics for art trades: buttons, banners, layouts, coding help, etc.

For art trades, I usually do a package - which means I will do all 3 styles for you (chunky, skinny, and cursive). If you do not have a neoboard pen, I may be limited but I will what I can and let you know. If you are only after a specific style, please tell me so I can only do that style instead of all 3!

Also, if you do NOT have a neoboard pen, ask first before offering an art trade - there's a chance I CAN make you a font, but cannot get that detailed. For rule of thumb, Cursive fonts only work without a neoboard pen if your name/word is 3 letters long.

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