Welcome to The Draik Realm (TDR), a site dedicated to helping Neopians achieve Draiks, whether you are looking to own your first or add to your family! Draiks are limited edition pets that are only obtained through morphing potions or Draik eggs. Since this is a very expensive method, we are here to help you obtain a Draik through the application process.
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How do we help?

The Draik Realm lists all the currently UFA (up for adoption) and UFQA (up for quick adoption) Draiks that people can apply for. Think of TDR as your portal of the updates, deadlines and rules for every pet.

We also have a list of potential applicants, where you can add your name so owners can see who is interested in owning a Draik. To be added to the applicant bank, please mail me!

Finally, you can read some success stories and look at past applications for a rough guide on how detailed applications should be. There is also a section for tips/tricks and links to very handy guides. Many owners, including myself, are always here for advice!

Draik fosters - Get listed!

To list your Draiks or remove them from the directory, simply neomail me and I'll be happy to update the page! If you would like me to add updates/notices about your pet, I would be able to do that as well.


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The Draiks

Here are the current UFA and UFQA Draiks! Please read the owner's rules carefully and ask questions only when needed and if not answered in their rules. Check to see if there is a board up and questions are being answered. It's a good idea to page mark the rules page and this page and watch for changes with rules, deadlines or any other information! I've also added a section where you can view the updates of previously UFA/UFQA Draiks while you wait for the owners to be chosen.

Note: Draiks listed in order of nearest deadline

Awaiting Results:

Up for Quick Adoption (UFQA)


Deadline: January 17th
Rules: here
Owner: luvcandy08
Notes: None

Potential Applicants

This is the compiled list of all the potential Draik applicants. If a lurking owner is interested, simply mail the person and they will understand. I only keep people who are routinely active. Those that have not signed on in 100 days are removed from the list. You are more than welcome to re-apply to join the list if you return from a hiatus! If their mailbox is full, you can mail me and let me know so I can make a special shout out to them.


Success Stories

These outstanding owners were chosen to adopt their Draiks! Feel free to mail them with questions and talk to them about their application experiences. As a friendly reminder, please do not pester them incessantly: they do have lives outside of applications.

Note: Newest success stories are listed towards the top.


Owner: Chandras_baby_girl
Application: Petpage
Link to app: here
Time spent: 12 hours
Advice?: This was my 10th time applying for a Draik. That's right, 10th. Granted, that's over the course of 5 years, but still, that's a lot of rejection! I always asked for feedback from owners after I was rejected, as I suggest everyone do, to get some construction criticism to increase my chances for the next round. Although no one ever admitted it, having your current pets completed" in terms of character, lookup, petpage, and customization is crucial. Even if your app has no art, a premade layout, and you have no story, you'll still be better off than so-and-so over there with all of those things if your pets are done and theirs are not.

NO ONE is going to admit how critically important it is to you, at least no one that I've applied for. But I don't think it's a coincidence that I applied for a Draik, got rejected, spent 2 days fixing up my current pets, applied for another and was granted adoption. The app was the same, albeit with some minor tweaks and new art, but the core content was the same. My character idea was identical and while I spruced up the story and added more to it, nothing was substantially different.

Therefore, my biggest suggestion would be to do something with your current pets. Give your permanent pets customization or at the very least personalized layouts, since I know some users really don't like customization. Even your non-permie pets should have something. I personally create a template for all my pets to use: my permies get specific colors, art, and images, while my non-permies have a basic, but still attractive black/white layout with a description of their purpose (ie. labrat, for trading, etc). It doesn't take long, but speaks volumes.
~ Charlie


Owner: stealmyname
Application: Petpage
Link to App: here
Time Spent: Didn't really time it... I worked on it on and off for about 2 months. Just drawing pictures, writing the story, and refining all the text.
Advice?: My second time applying for a Draik. I tried not to use the excuse of "I'm new at applying", and put my heart and soul into this application for Seouls. I read and followed every guide I could find. I was sure to pamper my existing pets to prove that I do do stuff with them. My account isn't the most impressive since I'm rebuilding from a Cookie Grab, but I personally think it all comes down to raw effort. It shows in an app.

Sure, an app could be coded beautifully with a bunch of pretty art and writing, but if you are truly devoted to the pet, it'll show through, no matter how bad your writing/art/coding is. And that's really all you can do, is try your hardest! Someday it'll work out, and you'll get that dream pet! I can all but guarantee it!

Focus on your strengths, make your weaknesses look good (ie. I'm working on learning to draw better), and always, ALWAYS tell the truth. Better yet, back it all up with proof.

So to finish up, never stop trying. Eventually you'll get that Draik. It may take two apps, it might take a dozen. But if you keep working at it and practice app writing, eventually you'll shine in a foster's eyes and you'll achieve your dream. Good luck!
~ RJ


Owner: ariesarisen
Application: Petpage
Link to App: None
Time Spent: 3-4 hours writing, 10 hours for drawing
Advice?: First off, get to know the foster! Hang out at the boards they make, neomail them, basically just chat it up with them! Try not to be annoying though, don't go on about how you aren't expecting to get the Draik. Be positive! If the foster likes you, you stand a better chance. I got to know Silver through App Chat boards on the PC and off site too, and I think it helped!

Secondly, put all you've got into your app. Whether its art, writing, the character, or the dedication you show to your current pet, make sure it shows! I knew my strength was art, so I made sure to load up as many drawings as I could. Having art in your petpage app is a good thing to have in general really-even if you dont draw, look around on the PC and BC boards for people who are taking requests! If writing is your strength, go all out on that, of even if you aren't a writer or a artist, show how much you take care of your current pets and how you are a great person to get to know too!

Lastly, make sure your character that you create (if its necessary) is something that you think is original. It makes your app more interesting to read if the character isn't loaded with cliches! If you think your character may be too cliche, ask around for others opinions. (which you should do anyways haha) Loads of people are willing to help applicants out, so don't be afraid to ask!

Hopefully you'll be able to get the Draik you are applying for! ♥
~ Luna

Ketak and Almeus

Owner: aurni
Application: Neomail & Board
Link to App: N/A
Time Spent: Not very long
Advice?: I adopted both of these Draiks through quick adoption. Although Ketak was Pirate at the time, Almeus was Woodland. I just want to let you guys know that it's definitely possible to obtain a Draik without extremely developed and complex applications. So you're not an artist or a writer?

Big deal. You're still able to show that you have interest in the pet without feeling overwhelmed by a huge checklist of things you need to complete. If you put the time and effort into talking to the foster - or even just people at a board - you may shine above others just with that alone. I spat out a couple vague ideas for both of these Draiks and stayed to chat for a while.

I ended up adopting both of them. If the first time you apply you don't succeed, keep trying. You need to keep in mind there's usually a lot of competition out there, a lot of people to outshine. Keep going and eventually things will look up.
~ Winter


Owner: lunabellebabe
Application: Petpage
Link to App: None
Time Spent: On and off probably 2 weeks. Since the owner wanted a very specific application format, it made coding less complex.
Advice?: Don't fake it. When applying for Calestie I really took some time to think about why I wanted to adopt her, and what I would actually be able to do once I adopted her. I didn't want to promise elaborate pet pages, BC, or anything I knew I wouldn't be able to do. I love customizing so I wanted to focus on that. Also when making her application I tried to think outside the box. The owner said she liked graphics better then writing, so I used images to illustrate things instead, and also kept my writing short. Another thing to do is a seek a second opinion. One of my friends from my guild offered to take a look at my page, and gave me great advice. I guess the best advice is to just be honest, creative, and have a good time applying. I really enjoyed coming up with an imaginary world for Calestie to reside in, and who she would be within this world. And of course happy I can dress her up too!
~ Luna


Owner: darklady__22
Application: Board
Link to App: N/A
Time Spent: 5-10 minutes
Advice?: I was amazed myself with this. To apply I made 2 posts with my plans and such, then gave all of my accounts, 2/3 days later I got a mail saying I was chosen. This goes to show you don't need to put hours into a petpage to get your dream draik. A simple NM or a few good posts can do it!

Be truthful, don't say you'll do things you obviously won't do. It helps to be able to show the owner proof as well. Have a good account and happy obviously taken care of pets.

Biggest thing of all: don't give up. I had gotten rejected for 3 other draiks in the week or two prior to this. There are lots of beautiful draiks on TDR and out on the PC waiting for you to keep trying.
~ Jess


Owner: windrunnerwolf115
Application: Neomail
Link to App: N/A
Time Spent: Three hours
Advice?: Your reputation precedes you, so even when you're not applying for a pet still make sure to represent yourself well. More people are watching you now than you realize, and they have long memories. Don't whine if you don't get picked; lots of other people didn't get picked either. That's how it works. Just keep trying. I've been rejected for dozens of pets, and even though it was really discouraging I didn't give up. I was eventually chosen a few times out of those dozens to adopt pets that I cherish. They were worth all that failure. But I wouldn't have gotten them if I hadn't applied.

Hi mom! Look at me, I'm on the web!
~ Kota


Owner: miss_slowpoke
Application: Petpage
Link to App: None
Time Spent: About a week, working on a section or two each day
Advice?:Be honest and don't make promises you can't keep! In the plans section, I wrote that I'll try to get trophies, not say that I'll definitely get a ton of wins. Make sure you tell what you really will do with the pet!

Also don't be afraid to apply! There were many applicants for Ara, but I went for it anyway. You have just as good a chance as anyone, and you have no chance if you don't try.
~ Poe


Owner: fearsomedragon
Application: Petpage
Link to App: Sorry I lost it
Time Spent: About 2-3 hours
Advice?:First I used to think owners only picked the best layout, apparently I was wrong. I had a simple layout with a simple background no flashy layout no fancy pictures, I cannot code I thought I'd have no chance because of this but I was chosen to adopt Githenji.

I'm living proof that the layout is not always the one that wins. So don't get discouraged if you can't code. You just need to make an impression on the owner, you can do that with words as well as you can with a nice layout.

The feeling you get when being chosen lets see if I can describe it. Your ecstatic, thrilled almost moved to tears because your so very happy. Don't worry if you start to shake, its a side effect.

When applying I suggest these things: Be yourself. Follow the rules read them over carefully and respect them. Call the pet by its correct name and gender if you intend to change the gender make sure you say so near the beginning of your application. Be honest, back up everything you say with proof so many people lie these days but if you have proof then it just shows how honest you are. Don't be afraid or intimidated by other applicants or the number of applicants. Be able to take the sting of rejection. Never give up, I applied for a countless number of draiks and it finally ended happy. Keep on trying your best and you may log on to find you've been chosen as the new owner of your dream pet. Explain what your neopets are to you if you are allowed to. Whether they are trophies, roleplay characters, or anything else the new owner will probably want to know what neopets mean to you.

And I would like to thank the owner of Githenji publicly, thank you so so very much. I cannot put into words how happy I am. I will safeguard Githenji until the end of time, you won't be disappointed I promise you that! Thank you so very much!
~ Midna


Owner: hzoo_26
Application: Petpage
Link to App: None. (Lost the coding ages ago)
Time Spent: It was so long ago, I cannot remember. But it was a few days, on and off.
Advice?: Care for your pets. Spoil 'em rotten, and let it show. I always tell people to let how they treat their pets be the main "basis" of their app. I've been allowed to adopt pets, and been gifted pets because people saw how much I honestly loved my pets. It's about trying new adventures on the site with them, trying to find new ways to show how much you care, among other things that will stand out.

Also, you don't have to be an amazing artist or coder. I'm a writer, and I focused on my strengths. (Which writing was included in that.) Even if you aren't a writer/coder/artist, find something you're good at, and make that part of your app. If you're a poet/songwriter, use that. If you can knit, find a way to use that. If you're amazing at baking, use that. (Plus you get to eat what you create!) Don't just focus on the obvious, and do the unexpected!

Also, don't pretend to be someone you aren't. Don't kiss up to the owner of the UFA pet, or anything. It's fine if you make pleasant conversation, but treat the owner like you'd treat a friend. Not like you'd treat a king, or someone you're trying to impress.
~ Sunny


Owner: inplainsight
Application: Petpage
Link to App: here (application portions removed)
Time Spent: 3hrs? Probably half the time working on the coding. More time if you count blathering to friends and writing his name in my school notebooks like he was my crush.
Advice? First off - if you do not apply, you will not get the Draik.

I know Draik applicants can seem scary. You'll find plenty of applicants who will do all three things that seem to make a great application, as you've been told - writing, art, and coding.

Do not let this discourage you. My drawings look like stick figures when they don't look like beached whales, and my coding skills are - lacking. I do, however, pride myself on my writing.

If you can do one thing, focus on that throughout your application. Let the foster know that thing is what you like, and what you will do with their pet. Make sure to cover all the basics - plans. Future customization. Silly questions, like 'Will they have a petpet? What will the petpet's name be? What about a petpetpet?

I will admit - I got lucky with Minkotsu. I had an excellent foster. Silver (wholfs) was patient with the applications. She took the time to go through them. Perhaps most importantly to my success, she liked chatting with her applicants, and we did that often, which is part of the reason she picked me. Follow your foster's guidelines. I cannot stress that enough. If they want to chat with you? Fantastic! If not, leave well enough alone and focus on your app impressing your foster.

Make your account look pretty. Mine certainly wasn't - as someone very helpfully pointed out when I was chosen. Luckily, Silver didn't care about that, but when a foster doesn't know much about you, your account will probably be the first place they look. Make it spiffy, have a lookup, have petlookups. Petpages are always nice, especially if you're claiming to make one for the Draik - and that reminds me. Back up your plans. There's no need to go out and buy the future customization, though - showing that your pets have customization should be enough to prove that. But things like art, promises to BC - if your pets have art drawn by you, if they have BC trophies, that reflects well on you.

Get a friend to help you, if you can. My friend Vix drew a picture of Mink for me, which I used in my layout. She also helped with the coding. Just remember to credit them!

Most fosters won't want their Draik going to someone who doesn't look like they keep their promises. Make sure you are not that applicant.
And please refrain from being annoying. Yes, I know you want to appear friendly to people on the foster's boards, but please keep it to a minimum - don't pass out cookies. Don't ask people how their day was. Just let natural conversation flow.

Lastly, if you do not get the Draik you are applying for, and I cannot stress this enough, accept it with grace. Do not make boards on the PC complaining. Do not harass the new owner. Do not do anything but look at their application, compare it to yours, and make tips for yourself as to why you weren't chosen. If you do complain publicly - of course, no one is hurt if you vent out your frustrations to a few friends and get over it - then know that other fosters will be making a note of it you ever apply for their pets. And if they don't, someone will be. Use common sense.
~ Ray


Owner: muffinsvcupcakes
Application: Petpage
Link to App: Taken down
Time Spent: Around 6 hours in total.
Advice?: Hokujou was the first draik I'd applied for and been chosen to adopt. I must have applied for seven or eight draiks before being chosen to adopt her. I guess what I'm trying to say is never give up, and every application you make will only help you to improve further. Don't be scared to ask for critiques on the PC.

I think the most important thing is the character. Take some time to think the character through. The storyline will come naturally once you have that figured out. Stories are always a big plus with most fosters, and artwork will also impress them. It's also great to include extras in your app that will help you stand out. Unexpected, creative parts of your app will definitely impress the foster. For example, comics, adoptables and 'meet the family' sections are always great. Most importantly of all, have fun! If you don't have fun writing your app, the foster won't have fun reading it.
~ Faerie


Owner: umbreon133
Application: Petpage
Link to App: here - parts of application removed (required questions, current pet info, about me, etc)
Time Spent: 5-6 hrs total
        2-3hrs for art
        1hr for coding
        2hrs for content
Advice?: I think the best thing to do is just be honest. Do this, and it will show through your app. Don't try to seem like the perfect applicant; no one is perfect, and it's okay to mention your flaws (but don't shine too much light on them). I love to write and draw for my pets, but school keeps me busy so I don't progress much with my pet's pages during the school year. In the summer I get through a lot more work with them, and I mentioned this in my app.

I'd also recommend addressing why you want THAT specific pet you are applying for (as well as why that color/species). This way the foster knows you're not just applying because of the 150 x 150 pixel but for the individual pet itself.

Also, have fun with your app! By no means do I consider myself a great artist or writer, though I do enjoy drawing and writing. My favorite aspect of the site is customizing, so that was the highlight of my application. If you don't like creating art- you don't have to include that. Not everyone is an artist. Focus on what you enjoy most, and make your app your own.
~ Mellie


Owner: trubiekatie
Application: Petpage
Link to App: here - application portions removed
Time Spent: The equivalent to about 6/7 hours
Advice?: This was my 5th petpage application and my first time ever being chosen to actually adopt out a pet. I guess I'd say it's a learning curve, every app you do becomes more and more refined until you have that ultimate, winning app.

I say time and time again that using premades is 'okay', but owners love self-coded, unique pages with a flashy layout. It's hard to say someone didn't try with a designed and functional layout. I taught myself to code: my first 2 apps were changes to a premade.

I also must warn first time applicants of the competition. People who apply for Draiks are normally triple threats (great coders, artists and writers). Don't be discouraged with a "Sorry, but thanks for applying!". Eventually you will be chosen and that feeling is fantastic!

Be honest. Seriously. Don't try to say you do something to make yourself look better. People will look through your accounts and see you aren't telling the truth. Highlight what your best at, acknowledge some areas of improvement, but stick to what you're good at it. Do not, I repeat, do NOT say you will do something IF you've never done it before! Drawing or coding for the first time is not what the foster wants to leave their pet with. They are looking for consistency.

I wish you all the best in applying. If you ever need an honest critique or a chat about Draiks, drop me a mail! I don't bite :3
~ Kate

Tips and Tricks

As an applicant, I've gone through the ups and downs of applying for Draiks. I've been a finalist, rejected and a chosen adoptee. This is my knowledge I hope to share with all of you and encourage you to push your creativity and applications. I've broken up my advice into various sections so you can flip through and read what you think will help you most. If you would like to learn more or want to request me to cover a topic, drop me a mail!

Application Resources

Coming Soon!

A Neglected Aspect: Your Account

Obviously an application is about what you put out, whether it's in the form of a neomail or a petpage. The foster reads said application and makes a decision. A lot of effort is put into what you've currently done, so good applicants will link to previous Beauty Contest wins or already made petpages. But, what if you don't do that? What else can you show? You can proudly link to your userlookup. Take a moment right now and look at it. Is it something like this? (drag to address bar for full view)

If it is, we have some issues we need to deal with. I don't mean to be a shock, but a foster may not be overly impressed with an account that looks like it hasn't been taken care of. You may actively play with your pet and feed them, but that can't be displayed in the same way no avatars or no stamps can. Let's work on just a few tasks for the time being.

Layouts - The first thing we can work on is a layout. There are tons of premades out there. Literally, people make them because they enjoy it! Some great examples of sites are Autumn Breezes and Mellie's Premades. Find ones you like and display them proudly. If you have the ability to, code it yourself! Do this for each of your pets, including ones you don't even consider permanent pets. Make a note on your pet lookups who is and isn't a permanent pet and what your intentions are. There are some links at the end of the this section, so take 30 minutes to do this. You can edit your userlookup by going to the My Account -- Edit Profile tab and your petslookups by going to the Your Neopets and clicking the arrow box to find Edit Description.

Customization - You can say "I refuse to make my neopets wear clothes." That's fine. In fact, I have a friend who doesn't. But at least, put a background. There are NP wearables that cost less than 1,000 NP, such as Grassy Meadow Background or Cloudy Sky Background. Really. It's not expensive and it can be a nice change from a layout. It shows that you care about your pets. I'm not saying buy $100 worth of NC, even $10. You can do it all with NP. It's a very simple, yet effective way to enhance your lookups.

Stamps/Neodeck Cards - Again, people overlook this. There are tons of cheap stamps that range between 1-100 NPs. I would bet you can get at least 50 for less than 10,000 NP. Same with the Neodeck cards. Play some games and buy the cheap ones. I'm not saying complete an entire album (that costs hundreds of millions, even billions), but over 100 stamps and 100 Neodeck cards is a great start.

Avatars - Whether you want to or not, you probably have some avatars, just from looking at random pets. I bet you could have an avatar right this second and you don't. Take a look at a guide and see how many you can get. There are several easy game ones, lots of clickables, and easy to get lent avatars. I was able to get over 100 avatars in 1 day, of which only 3 are game avatars and 1 high lent item. Make a board on the Avatar Chat and see what you can get lent. There are some nice people there -- trust me.

Trophies - You can play games. Yes, non-flash games have trophies too! You don't need to be an ultimate gamer to get a game trophy (although I would bet that with some practice, you could get one on reset day!). Follow guides and play the easy games. Do the Altador Plot (it's a free daily too), play Cheat, Go! Go! Go! and other non-flash games. You'll be able to get at least 10 trophies this way. There's a great guide at the end of this section which outlines 19 very easy trophies.

I don't want you to be restricted as an applicant because your account wasn't good enough. It's almost an unsaid requirement. Not to mention, this is invaluable for any future application or future desires (like being lent some expensive items). I can't stress enough how nice it is to see people who really do care about their image.

Useful Sites:

Catching What You Missed: Getting a Second Opinion

So you finished your app and you can't help but smile at how proud you are. You're done! Woo! But hold the celebrations. Just because you think it's fantastic doesn't mean it is. It may very well be perfect as it is, but chances are there are mistakes you didn't catch.

So where does this leave you? You are oblivious to the issues and problems with your apps. It could be as minor as grammar and spelling, or serious in that you misread the rules and/or didn't follow one. Perhaps you have an awkward flow, or have too much content on yourself and not enough on the pet. Your coding is wrong, images are broken... the list goes on and on. The longer your mistake list is, the worse your app becomes.

Combating Mistakes - Three simple methods:

  1. Review yourself after you have taken a long, much needed break from creating the application.
  2. Follow an application guide and ensure what they recommend you are completing (as you can with foster's rules).
  3. Get an outside opinion, and I'm not just talking about close friends, but people you don't know.

Self-Edit - I want you to read your app and try to distance yourself from it. Imagine you are the foster. Are you bored at your about me? Do you somewhat feel concerned if your writing seems childish? Read sentences aloud. Seriously! If you are tripping over your own written words, the foster will too just reading it in their head. Make notes as you work your way through and make corrections. Test all the links. Ask yourself what's missing and if you were the foster, what would you want to see based on what you've said.

Application Guide - People don't recommend them just 'because'. These guides get recommended time and time again because they are great sources to ensuring your application is perfect. It explains details you wouldn't think of, gives general application guidelines and more tricks I probably couldn't put into words. You may have used one to generate your app in the first place, but reviewing it and comparing what they suggest and what you have is always a great idea.

Second Opinion - Don't be afraid to hear someone criticize your application. It happened to me when I was trying to apply for my third Draik. I was devastated and I tossed my application. But now, every time I make an application, I'm bursting at the seams to ask people for their opinions and to really read it through. There are review sites, devoted entirely to reading and critiquing your applications. They aren't there to make you feel bad: they are trying to improve what you've already done. Make a board on the PC chat asking for critiques and take detailed notes on what people say. If you're shy and don't want other people to see, it's not uncommon to say you will mail the links. I speak from experience: sometimes it's not a bad idea to mail out the link if you don't want someone to be report happy. Trust me, getting your app taken down because of someone reporting is not fun.

Don't be scared with what you have. You worked so hard, a second opinion is just refining what is already excellent work. I've listed some recommended pages at the bottom of this section that include both review sites and application guides. Just check to see if the review site is taking requests before you submit one!

Useful Sites:

Pet Application Review Sites

Application Guides

Harsh Truth: What to Expect When Applying for Draiks

So, you want to adopt a Draik. You've applied for pets before or this is your very first time. But what makes applying for Draiks so much different, so much more difficult? Well, one of the most obvious reasons is that they aren't creatable, and are expensive (but gradually deflating) to create. As a result, more people apply for them because they can't create them on their own.

Competition - I can't sugar coat the fact that applying for a Draik is easy. You learn the hard way that the competition is fierce. And I mean fierce. Some people are very serious/competitive, so don't be alarmed if you are startled by some rather harsh mails/posts from people. Some people can really lose their cool when a very popular Draik goes UFA. My advice? Keep your head down, maintain positive relations with the foster (without being needy) and ignore it. Use the competition to your advantage and fuel it in your app.

A lot of Draik applicants are triple threats, or have a focus on one of the following: art, coding, or writing. You don't need to have it to win Draiks (just read some of the success stories) -- I'm warning you. I don't want you to be disappointed if you aren't successful in adopting. I'm also not saying you need to be an artist/coder/writer. It's just, a lot of Draik applicants really try to shine by using that to their advantage. My advice to you: stick to what you do, what you've always done and don't venture out into something you don't plan to do for your other pets. Don't start writing/drawing when you have no intention on ever doing it again. The foster will see this and it won't reflect well on you.

But I want art!" Lots of people will take requests on the PC and BC boards. You can add adoptables. Or choose a premade/design a layout that doesn't involve an image for the layout (such as one from Mellie's Premades). People don't win apps because of art (most of the time, anyway), but they win because of who they are. What you've done says a lot more than what you just did in one moment of time.

Foster Preferences - Now comes the even worse truth: some fosters really do favour people who draw/write/roleplay. Not all fosters, just some. Read the rules very carefully and see what they say. Check out what the foster does/did for their pets prior to putting the Draik UFA. Then you can begin to know what they are looking for in the ideal applicant. You will have to patient in waiting for the best time to apply, whether it be the Draik itself or waiting for a great foster to roll along. If the foster did something you don't do, do not try to mimic them. Honesty and consistency are your best friends and doing something like that does not follow that motto.

Application Style - Another common question is the underlying application style: neomail vs. petpage. This really does depend on the foster. Yes, TNT has openly stated that petpage applications cannot be forced. But there are times when fosters say they have no preference, but do prefer one over the other. Take a look at the success stories. With the exception of a few pets, most were petpage applications. Why do they frequently win? It's very hard to say you don't care when someone takes the hours to code a page, draw, write... etc. all for one pet. That being said, how you apply should be based on what you want to accomplish in the app/focus on and what the foster wants. How you can determine this is by observing their account, and reading the rules very carefully. I'm talking beyond just the standard rules of what you can and can't do. Look at the application process. Is it over a long span of time? Is there a form to be filled out? If the application process is long, chances are: they are after detailed petpage apps. If it's a short form, chances are neomail or basic petpages are okay.

D/UCK/K Owners - There's a lot of talk that D/UC/K (Draik/Unconverted/Krawk) owners get benefited. I think this tends to get thrown around because they have nice pets and likely take good care of them since they worked hard to get them. I think this can be the case, but it really depends on the person and situation. Don't get too hung up if you see someone with a huge family of nice pets applying. Be yourself and show the foster what you're capable of.

Overall, applying for Draiks can be a tricky balance, so don't get discouraged if you first, second, even eighth app isn't what you want. You'll learn more each time you apply and refine your skills. It's hard to take this all at face value, so I recommend you apply for yourself and see what I'm talking about. Remember, not every pet/foster/application is the same, so treat each one on a case-by-case basis. Not everything I said applies every single time, just general comments I'm telling you that I've seen over my applying time.

Draik Fandom Page

Here at The Draik Realm, I like to acknowledge the crazy, fun-loving Draik owners like myself! From this page, you can see people who I have classified as crazy Draik owners, owning more than five themselves! I've also listed Draik-related guilds if you're looking to join a group of Draik devotees! Please don't beg these individuals for their Draiks! They worked hard to own them and is meant to just highlight them. If you would like to be listed on this page or would like to list your guild, please mail me!

draik owners and fan-based guilds

Draik Owners

# of Draiks: 13
Draiks: 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11
Favourite: Katniss
Oldest: Amorias

# of Draiks: 13
Draiks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13
Favourite: Aermine
Oldest: Aermine

# of Draiks: 9
Draiks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9
Favourite: Can't decide
Oldest: V

Draik-Related Guilds

About The Draik Realm and Kate

TDR was created April 11th, 2012 and is a brainchild of me, Kaitlin (Kate). My temporary main was redeemyourself during a 6 month span of being frozen, and my actual main is trubiekatie. I was frozen because I was gifted a Red Draik MP (of all items!) from a friend. I'm very happy to have it back, thank you all for the kind words/support!

About the Site

I thought of doing the site after realizing people (like me) want to know more about UFA Draiks, but didn't have a site that was readily updated. I also wanted people to know what it's really like applying for Draiks (in particular), since a lot of the time, it's very different than applying for other pets. Some of you will know of the unforseen hiatus TDR took from June 15, 2012 until July 10, 2012. I was frozen for my protection in a weird twist of events. I wanted to let everyone know, but I found it difficult to do so. I had lots of support come from the dedicated users and I am so happy to have the site back. Thank you all for your continued support! TDR is nothing without it's users. Some fun facts about the site:


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