Welcome lennargirl to K's Shields. My site is simple and small but brings you the best quality in shields I can offer. K's shields is said to be "An amazing shield request site that provides fast service and breath-taking shields." My specialty is Custom shields. You request and I do my very best to complete your requests to every detail provided. You can be assured that I give 110% into each shield I make. I've been making custom shields since 2008 and plan on continuing this hobby and possible future career in computer graphic design. With that said, thank-you for helping me practice on graphic making. :)

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Not once in all the years this site has been up have I ever put a closed sign! Working hard to make Neo customers happy! :)

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Personal favorite shields I have made recently. Most likely I'll add some of these to my portfolio once in a while. Keep the amazing requests coming!


Before requesting a shield please read the following.
First off, I only make neopet related shields, sorry! I don't make shields for pets you are applying to adopt as they are only temporary graphics. I'd truly appreciate if you request a shield only if you plan on using it for a while and not just for a week or holiday. I spent time making this graphic for you.

I ask you please CREDIT my work. I will only allow word links that link to my site/lookup or a link back button. Little heart links or any other html picture links are not preferred.

I prefer to accept requests that have details and you know what you want. Telling me to make you a shield to go with your lookup or using an image that is blue is not detailed. Please make sure you know what type of shield you want before requesting. It makes it easier for me and your shield will be done sooner! Please know with the amount of shield requests I get daily it could take a while to get to your request. As for a shield image, pets wearing clothing or TCG/Caption contest images are somewhat hard for me to work with and I really tend to shy away from a shield request asking for that type of image. If you do request a pet being dressed make sure it's just simple clothing and no glowing/sparkling stuff like NC showers of any kind and ect. ****Lastly, the key word to getting your request is Super Duper**** Remember this key word for the form. If you didn't fill in the key word correctly, I will ignore the request. So make sure you add it.

Also please read the following: Please understand I only grant shield requests I feel are worthy of my time. Anybody can make a shield but I look for creativity in requests. Also I do have a real life and Neo will never be a priority to me. If I'm unable to grant your request, you are welcome to send another.

Patterned shields? Yes! Instead of having a solid background color behind your image I can make a patterned color for you! I don't have every pattern in the world currently so it's limited to what I can make. But it offers more choices for customs shields! If you need examples check out the newest portfolio. I've made a new form for patterned shields as well.

NOTE: Once I have made your shield, please do NOT ask me to change it/remake it as I won't. Also to prevent from losing shield coding, I recommend saving the coding to something like computer notepad.

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Form: Transparent Shield

Form: Patterned Shield


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