I have stopped updating this already...i am...just not bothered anymore. And no this won't be taken down. :p If there's STILL any visitor coming. Enjoy this slice of neopets memory from this guy. :] Well, hi there guest, welcome to my screenies page

As you can see, many of the screenies are about what i have restocked at shops and regarding events, so it could look boring sometimes..Or you can visit this screenies(which is definitely more fun than mine,lol [though she seems to have quit *sobs*])

[s]I know that *sometimes* (or many times, from what i am seeing now) my lab pet's species and color is inconsistent, but that's what i get for saving my screenies in 3 separate computer/laptop. Shame, just fill up the gap with your imagination or something ^_^'[/s]

Deleted all the lab ray pictures, they are a waste of space. :|

All screenies of items are either rare or rather interesting at the date of production...so don't need to tell me if an item is worth 10 nps now. =3

Lastly, enjoy your trip/stay/visit/whatever =D

But of course i can never 100% get every rare item i come across...and here are some of them which still sorta haunts my day: Usuki dream jetski, rainbow cybunny negg(yes, not the cookie), rainbow anubis plushie, maraquan anibus plushie, babyca, grand piano, Pant Devil Punch Bag, cheese lamp, PIZZA OF DEATH, Usukicon Y9 Gift Bag, Fire Faerie Mushroom, Healing Ankh of the Nimmo, Kiko Helm of Intellect, rainbow swirly potion, spooky usuki, reject snowager usuki, Gnarled Stump, Northern Watch Tower Stamp, Strawberry Flavoured Hot Dog, Plum, Island meatloaf, battle slices stamp(yes, i saw one o-o) and of course, countless morphing potions.

There maybe some more that could go into the list, but i can't remember ^-^'

But alas, i can't say that missing said items is bad, because from my experience, i will need a very very long time(weeks -_-) to sell some unbuyables...So this really isn't that bad if i should say so myself =D