Hello Ladies and Geltleman, Welcome to Evidence (3.0)!

Evidence Is a site where you can find lots of graphics and premades to keep your petpage always beautiful. Almost everything here Is made by me (Julia) except some effects and complements. If You do not find what You are looking for, You can send me new ideas and if I like them, I will put at Evidence.

Evidence was created at September 15th, 2010 and now Is at 3rd version. Did You like the draik with this wonderful moustache? Everyone like moustaches, haha! And I hope you like my letter at the banner, hihi.

Oh! I just need to ask something: please, if You use something from Evidence, leave the original credits. You can change the graphics, but I was who did the base. Thank you! You can find other rules below.


12/06/2011 - Working at the new Layout;
10/15/2011 - New Continuous Layout: Flying;
03/21/2011 - New Fixed Layout: Happily Ever After;
09/27/2010 - Evidence is OPEN!;


Don't copy the Layout;
Don't copy the Content;
Always give credit to Evidence when you use any of my graphics;
Always give credit with a direct link;
Don't say you did the content;
Don't remove the "credit/css" from the Layouts;
Give credit to neoboards fonts using a button at your lookup;
If you see something made by you, but without credits, plase Contact me;

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Visits since 27/09/2010:

Layout version: Just Follow That Draik! (3.0);
Last update: 10/15/2011;

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What programs do you usually use at your graphics/resources/layouts?
Well, it's depends. Sometimes I use photoshop (it's better to make effects), but I also use photofiltre and photoscape;

Do you want a team to help you?
No, I prefer to do all by myself;

Can I change the images and colors at your layouts?
Sure! You can change everything you want, but you need put the credits;

I saw someone using your graphics/resources/layouts but without credits. Can I report to TNT?
Send me a neomail first, I will decide what do; (:

Do you want to be my Affie?
Sure, just send me a Neomail;

Do you want to know another thing? Just send me a neomail.



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