My Wishlist

My Wishlist

Adorable Pink Heart Wig

Baby Summer Hat

Cherry Blossom Face Paint

Entrance to Fyoras Castle Background

Flower Bed Background

Fyoras Collectors Dress

Gothic Vine Face Paint

Healing Springs Collectors Wig

Iscas Dress

Lavender Trellis Background

Long Summer Dress

New Years in Krawk Island Background

Plaid Summer Dress

Pretty Dark Wig

Shimmery Crinoline Dress

Side Ponytail White Wig

Sugar Plum Faerie Facepaint

Valentine Baby Bonnet

Valentine Baby Dummy

Vibrant Summer Stripes Dress

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Altador Cup VIP Lounge Background

Amidst the Coral Foreground

Baby Button Boots

Baby Spring Wig

Beautiful Shenkuu Mountain Background

Bone Necklace

Breath of Fire

Brightly Coloured Blue Wig

Bubble Gum Wig

Classic Beauty Mark

Colourful Coral Trident

Cosy Cooking Clogs

Dazzling Feather Earrings

Delicate Cobweb Wings

Delightful Doglefox Purse

Docked Pirate Ship

Dream Catcher Wings

Elaborate Hair Gears

Elegant Gold Necklace

Exquisite Chandelier Garland

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie

Faerieland Entrance Gates

Fancy Sparkles Shower

Figure Skating Dress

Figure Skating Rose Shower

Floating Jhudora Faerie Doll

Flower Petal Dress

Gilded Yooyuball Chalice

Girly Mechanical Wings

Gold Jewelled Shoes

Grey Warlock Wig

Gypsy Henna Tattoo

Handsewn Mushroom Hat

Haunted House Hat

Hazel Contacts

Hearts Thought Bubble

Hooded Faellie Baby Blanket

Illusen Curtains

Jelly Bean Dress

Lemonade Stand Table

Lily Pad Flower Dress

Lily Pad Flower Hat

Long Black Wig with Bangs

Luxurious Pirate Wig

Magical Floor Harp

Maraquan Maiden Wig with Flower

Mystery Island Summer Background

Ornate Pirate Parasol

Overflowing Suitcase

Pastel Blue Hair Bow

Pink Floral Earrings

Pirate Bunk Background

Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background

Prissy Miss Bow

Rainbow Cardigan

Rainbow Highlight Wig

Rainbow Ocean Waves

Rainbow Rain Slicker

Roasting Marshmallow on a Stick

Ruffled Blue Shirt

Small Umbrella Shower

Space Trooper Helmet

Sparkling Basket of Flowers

Sparkling Rainbow Wings

Sports Fanatic Background

Spring Baby Dress

Stained Glass Floor Lamp

Starry Night Sky Wig

Sweetheart Gram Dressing Room

Tower Princess Wig

Twirly Dancing Skirt

Underwater Jeran Statue

Warm and Fuzzy Ice Skates

Whats Cooking Cauldron Background

White Bright String Lights

Wings of Flame

Yooyu Waiter Statue

Yooyuball News Ticker Foreground

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