Welcome to my portfolio. It's in the progress of being rehabilitated after a long hiatus, so please don't mind all the dust and cobwebs. Most pages are tagged legacy, so bear that in mind if you're viewing this.

My TNP: Legacy Page

This page is for anything- screenie, quote, whatever- that's been important to my TNP experience. Thanks, Kate, for the idea.

The People

This is Mojo, from before I joined The Neo Project. I've known her for a while, and the only thing that's changed about her is that she's even cooler and the two numbers in her username revolted and ran away. Probably they were intimidated by her sheer awesomeness. She's one of the people that makes TNP what it is to me- a place where I get upbraided by precocious redheads (for no good reason! ;D) who know me pretty darn well occasionally. We actually attend the same university these days...

Emmy, Moose, Anna, and Kelly are a huge part of the reason I joined TNP. Their conversation- on the RC, on the guild board, in Neomails- never fails to make me smile. They're all genuinely nice people- the type of people who make you want to be a better person, just by associating with them. They help make TNP what it's always been to me- a supportive, friendly environment, just like it says in the first post of every RC board.

Maryann and Jess are two ridiculously generous and selfless people. Maryann runs the Wishing Well- a ridiculously appropriate position- and the phrase "All the love!" comes to mind when her name is mentioned. I don't have a screenie, or I'd quote something that I once said about her when I was giving her "eulogy", but she's got a heart big enough to make you want to spend more time volunteering and trying to make the world a better place. Jess is the same way- when she scarcely knew me, she was there to lend a shoulder. It's terrifying imagining what TNP would be like if either of them left for good, since they're both such an integral part of what I see TNP as being- a place where Random Acts of Kindness are the norm, and not the exception.

The Project

Sure, the people are a huge part of what TNP is to me, but it's not the whole story- not by a long shot.

From passing 1,000 games in Keyquest, to achieving two long-held goals- a Pirate Krawk (Katricia) and a Pirate Draik (Kedibonye), the months since I've joined TNP honestly feel like a whirlwind of accomplishments on Neo. I've been published in the Neopian Times. I've gotten 3rd in the Random Contest twice. So many things that I've wanted to do for a long time, but never actually done, because I was completely lacking in motivation.

Motivation that TNP gave me.

The guild's catchphrase (to my, and I assume other's, eyes) is "Do ALL ze things!"). That phrase has become such a permanent part of my psyche since joining that when I went to MSA (a camp) for three weeks in June, I took that as my philosophy for my time there- and between friends I made there, "DO ALL ZE THINGS!" is an inside joke.

Going on TNP is often one of the highlights of my day. This image pretty much sums up how I feel about TNP:

~Kate 2012/31/8

About Me

Name/Nickname: Kate or Katricia

Age: 20

Real Life Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Coding

Favorite Things To Do On Neo: Altador Cup and Chat

Favorite Word: Defenestrate ♥

More About Me: I'm a 5'1" Missourian with purple hair, majoring Science with ambitions of going into software engineering or international development..

Art: Legacy Page

Hover over thumbnails for a larger image.

Keys of my Life

This was my final for Art & Design Foundations, and the image on the far right is the final product. Everything represents something in my life. For example, the umbrella-shaped key represents my friends, because they "keep the rain out".

Oaxacan Moth

All those dots took more than a month to paint. I'll add pictures of the top & back in the near future. I got a B on this project in school. xD


May 14, 2016

It's been a day and a half, for sure, but I'm starting to slowly get back into Neopets. The past several years I've grown and changed significantly, and life has taken a few turns I doubt 16-year-old me could have anticipated. Still, I'm home for the summer with an internship that doesn't start for another two weeks. xD

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19 August 2012

I'm still alive! And I updated my portfolio, AND I actually participated in one of my blocs. I feel ridiculously accomplished, even though my time may have been better spent doing Maths. In theory.

3 July 2012

I miss MSA so much, it's ridiculous. I don't think I've quite adjusted to being home yet, and the fact that I'm sick probably hasn't helped matters any. But, whinging aside, it really is nice to see everyone at TNP again.

I probably shouldn't be trying to work on this whilst playing Keyquest with Mojo, it's causing some epic lag. Eh. C'est la vie.

27 May 2012

You may have noticed the new button on my home page for my portfolio- I decided that it needed to be there, mostly as a reminder to myself to stop and smell the roses on occasion instead of constantly working on something or the other like I tend to do.

Took my own advice this evening, and I've done pretty much nothing on Neopets except for my basic dailies (about half the ones on the page) and run my Habitarium. Did work on my French for a while since I FINALLY got an invite to DuoLingo, but anyway, that was earlier in the day.

I'm almost done with my goal for May, just in time. Only about half a million to go- which sounds like a lot, but it's not really when you can run your Hab all day. Which, by the way, I've finally got an arrangement figured out where I can consistently break 100k. Won't happen today, though. Also, do you know how time-consuming gifting is? I never did until I started doing it myself. But it's worth it. Especially when you get the people with like, new accounts, and they're all, "Thank you! :*" Warm fuzzles and whatnot.

I can't wait for the AC to start- but I have to finish David Copperfield before the 1st! I've only had the book for... six months now. /facepalm

23 May 2012

Finished my portfolio. I suppose it's a bit plain, but that's alright with me- I don't need someone big and fancy. It's funny, because doing things like this make me realize that I know how to do more things than I think I do- if I actually take the time to. I suppose it's the same as what happened with my art. I couldn't do it until I did. xD

It's so much easier to get things done when I can just click a few links to find something to do on my portfolio when I'm bored. If that makes sense.

The only thing that I've not done on here is some fancy image-mapping stuff. I'd normally do it with a script, but obviously that's not an option on Neopets. There's a way to do it with just CSS, but it looks to be time-consuming and honestly, I'm not sure it'd be worth the effort. :P

I'm getting so excited for MSA!

22 May 2012

Finally decided to stop being lazy and start working on my new portfolio. So far, this is what I've got. I should get everything moved over and whatnot within a few days. I know, it's really simple, but I like it.

I won a Cloud Paintbrush from Keyquest today, which was nice. I'm really hoping I'll still be able to meet my stated goal for the month, since after I bought that morphing potion from Emmy I never bothered to adjust it. Ah well, additional motivation, I suppose! :D

20 May 2012

Someone (I won't say who, but their name starts with an M and ends with a ojo) pointed out that I don't ever update my portfolio. Which, I suppose, is true. Oops. xD

I've been working on my goals, those, so that's gotta count for something, yeah? Anywho, can't take Chem next year because of schedule conflicts, which kind of stinks. I refuse to drop CTC, though, so I suppose I just won't be able to take as many AP classes. Well, there goes valedictorian (because I was totally aiming for that... /snort) I suppose.

So glad I'm out for the summer- only about 21 days until MSA! Whee!

16:13 (because updating twice in one day is cool): I accomplished one of my mini-goals (1,500 NP interest) so that's been updated, and I worked on #3 of the Big Three- I've now got a layout for that, although as of yet there's nothing on it. :D

12 May 2012

It's bee too long. xD I took the AP European History test yesterday, and I think it went pretty well. Plus, my art project is almost done for that final. :D I did decide I'm going to switch into AP Chem for next year, though (you know, so I don't have both that and Bio my Senior year) which means more work over the summer. Optional, of course, since we're getting a new Chem teacher. He apparently used to teach at some 'trouble' school, which my district definitely is not by comparison.

I'm going to update my goals (finally) today, as well as hopefully get started on my new portfolio. Plus I have to work on my other paper mache project at some point. :D

19 April 2012

I've officially joined TNP and have accomplished my goal of earning 3 million Neopoints thanks to some lucky random events and Keyquest, so yayz! That goal has been deleted and replaced from the list. Oh, and I'm officially in TNP. ;D

My first AP test is looming ever closer... :o

16 April 2012

Sent in my portfolio today, and mailed off my MSA stuff (you know, confirming my attendance and whatnot.) I've been studying for AP Euro like crazy... on the last practice test I got a 4. Only one month to go.

My eventide Oaxacan moth still isn't done. It's really pretty, though! Well, the front at least. Eep.

6 April 2012

Told Mojo that I was planning on applying to TNP today. Fun times. I also got accepted into MSA! Whee! I've only got a few things on this page (okay, several things) to tidy up before I can submit it. I also downloaded- well, technically, am downloading- PaintNet today, so hopefully the owner of the computer I'm using won't mind. Probably not, since I already downloaded a pixel ruler a month ago and she didn't care.

So nervous for AP Euro. Moose got a 3, so hopefully that bodes well for my future.

22 March, 2012

Wow, that Dailies section I made has seriously been a major help. I haven't missed a day since I added it, although I'm honestly not sure how much of that is just because I feel like I need to use it since I spent all that time making it. The Games section still looks rather empty, but I'll probably add to it as time goes on and mess around with it some more. I don't think I'll ever have as many games on there as Anna, though.

I re-did the Goals section and my Dislikes, plus edited various things in other sections. I've still got a couple pages of stuff written out that I can add, but I'll get there eventually. Right now, I really need to work on European History, since I've been slacking. D=

17 March, 2012

I was feeling lazy after getting home from Districts for debate, so I decided to work on this page all night. I made a lot of changes to the coding, and added a few new sub-pages: Dailies and Games. Though the dailies has some games on it, it only lists the games that take like five seconds to play, whereas the other section is for when I actually have time to play. Anna was the inspiration, although due to extreme stubbornness on my part, I found a way to achieve a similar effect with divs. I swear, I abuse those things so much...

So yeah, I'm trying to make this into something I'd actually use. xD I'd probably ramble on longer, but my wrist hurts. :P

12 March, 2012

Well, technically, it's still the 11th NST. Anyway, I finished my Chapter 26 terms for AP Euro! I feel like I just run a 10k or something (well, okay, that would probably make me happier, because that would be I could run again, but you know what I mean), I'm that proud of myself. I literally got done 1 minute before midnight my time on the 11th. Yay!

I'll try to update this page some today, especially with the stuff that I have handwritten. Right now I'm just waiting for the energy shot finishing those terms gave me to wear off, but after I get some sleep... well, it depends on how motivated I'm feeling on what I'll be doing tomorrow, actually.

3 March 2012

It's my dad's birthday today, but thanks to unforeseen things we aren't going out to dinner for it like we were planning on. My braces are still on, which let me tell you is a load of fun, but if all goes well then they'll get taken off on Monday. Even if I have to rip them off myself...

I added several new pages to my likes and dislikes, and added more stuff to my goals section. Sad story, though. This page doesn't work right at school because they have Photobucket blocked there. I might have to find a new image host, especially if and when I ever get my transparent image finished to where I like it.

27 February 2012

I started working on this page, although at the moment I'm still not sure if I'll ever actually submit it to apply to The Neo Project. I'm too attached to TNP (The Neopian's Paradise, rather), to actually apply. At the very least, it's fun to make. 4th day of being sick, and if all goes well I get my braces off tomorrow.

My Neopets


This is Katricia, and hopefully that name should sound familiar to you. One day when I was helping a friend, Slim, pick out a name for a pet she was creating, I typed in my first name, Katricia, on a whim. The name had been taken for years before that by a Green Uni on an unused account. But now, all of a sudden, it wasn't. Words can't describe how ecstatic I was.

It took about 5 minutes to move Maedlin to a side account, and about 5 more to create Katricia. Two hours later, she was painted Electric Blue. She was Magma for a while, but now she's a Pirate Krawk, just like my favorite Neopets character ever, Dasher.

Her petpet is Gibraltar the Geeky Geb. He works hard to please her as a personal assistant, and has stood by her throughout countless business deals, shady or otherwise. As for the prominent scar on her head- well, the most of the story you'll ever get out of her is that her sister, Kedibonye, swore her to secrecy.

And if Katricia can do anything, it's keep a secret.


Kedibonye means "I have seen them," and like Katricia, is a name that has some importance to me. I chose the name during a class entitled "Africa is NOT a Country: Understanding Africa's Diversity" as what to go by whilst we were talking in Setswana because I felt it fit me well. I created her in July 2012, and as of yet I haven't had much time to work on finding her a petpet, but I already adore her.

Much like her sister Katricia, Kedibonye is a pirate, although she's much more at home on the high seas than in the business world.


This is Niesha139, the first pet I ever created on Neopets. Her name comes from a game I used to play with my friends during recess back in 4th grade, which, funnily enough, is when I created her. She's a Plushia Kougra with a Plushie Snowbunny named Jaira for a companion.

Her wig is one of the first NC items I ever bought, and I honestly can't even stand bald Kougras now because they look odd to me. Her background came from the last time I was published in the Neopian Times- Issue #500. Over the years, she hasn't changed much. She spent most of her Neo-life as an Electric Blue Kougra, until I painted her plushie with a Fountain Faerie Quest a year ago in 2011.

Of the family, she's the one with the most formal education- she spent countless hours training in a dojo before deciding that language, not the Battledome, was her true passion. She tries to hide it, but occasionally she's still known to indulge in an hour or two of Neoquest.


This is Mashi741_2, also known as mah Shoyru. Actually, I never call her that, but if I did it'd be an appropriate name. Her petpet, Juxtaposition the Jinjah, is actually a fairly recent addition- I was actually inspired by Anna to buy it- but if you ask me, it's a perfect fit. She began her life as an Aisha, and spent a bit of time as a Mutant Aisha before finally settling on her current, permanent incarnation as a Shadow Shoyru. Yes, her name has a story behind it, but it's not a very interesting one.

Her customization is the result of spending my first and only NC card to date- which I bought literally for the sole purpose of getting this. The only change to it since 2008 is the addition of the shield, which was a freebie from something or the other. Mashi's another pet that will never leave my main.

Art above by Kitty! Art below by Mae!


This is JaylieMarie, the second pet I ever had and the only one I've ever adopted, when she was a mere 54 days old. Making her Faerie was one of my first successfully completed goals on Neopets. Her petpet, Hayley the Christmas Harris, is named after someone I used to love when I was younger. Hayley is one of the first pepets I ever attached, after the default newbie pack petpets and is currently at the ripe old age of ~1700 days.

I love having her on my side account also named JaylieMarie simply because when I chat, my avatar, username, font, and active pet all match and I think that's rather awesome. If only there was a Maraquan Draik avatar for my main account to one day use...

Writing: Legacy

I've been published in the NT a couple times, although I'm aiming for that number to go up this year.

Current Projects

I've got numerous story ideas and drabbles saved on my computer that focuses on other aspects of Neopian History, such as the tale of "Mops through the Ages" (which focuses entirely on mops throughout Neopian History and borrows heavily from real-life conflicts and revolutions).

Habitarium Series


A series for the Neopian Times that I've been working on intermittently for the past year focuses exclusively on the history of Habitariums. The tale centers on the "Moach Wars" and the "Golden Era", focusing on the the tale of the Big Three from the conflict, Myar the Mootix, Ken the Larnikin, and the titular character, Queen Cintiph.

Unlikely Encounters (PUBLISHED)

This was published in Issue 552 (exactly a year after my last story). I started writing it on a whim one day when I was looking at my Freshman yearbook and getting all misty eyed. It's about Nitri, the Krawk Island yooyuball player.

I don't really have any favorite moments or lines from this story, although I am rather partial to the names of Nitri's teammates. I'll end my comments on this story with this, taken directly from the end of the story: Note: This story is about as based on real events as it is fiction, although I'll leave you to decide which bits are which. ;D

500 Days (PUBLISHED)

This Neopian Times story comes from... you guessed it... Issue 500. I missed the plot, but Xandra as a character intrigued my the moment I heard about her. This story in basically the lead-up to The Faerie's Ruin plot, from her perspective. It's rather dark, and a strange cross between a character piece and a bunch of world-building, but I still enjoy re-reading it from time to time

Day 227 is my favorite. It's Xandra's last chance to turn back, and well... it's probably lame that I'm so emotionally affected by my own writing, but the deadness at the end... Well, I'll let you read it for yourself.

(Casualties were inevitable. She was one of them. She was a complicit member of the regime that had Neopets so thoroughly collared they didn't even realize what was happening. She was the enemy. She would have died anyways, when my slowly solidifying plans came to fruition.)

Day 317 is another bit that I really like, in particular this paragraph:

He was old, haggard, the sort of pathetic creature that inspired more disgust than pity in others. He was crazier than a Carrot Chia napping in a Meridellian farm. Trying to get a straight answer out of him was like trying to arrest Dr. Sloth.

...And there are a few other turns of phrase in that section that I enjoy, for some reason. I guess I was feeling poetic that day.


This is the first story I ever published in The Neopian TImes, all the way back in Issue 351. It's about, as the title may suggest, Mipsy from Neoquest II. There are numerous flaws, but what can I say? That was 4 or so years ago.

THWACK! A loud clang rang out through the room, bouncing off the stone walls like a pinball, the sound continuing on indefinitely. The noise startled her, and she reluctantly left her memories and jerked back into reality.

That's my favorite paragraph from the story, especially due to the irony of the last bit. I'm not sure if the joke's obvious out of context, but I'm so proud of younger-me there. (Come to think of it, I tend to have little 'puns' like that all over the place in my writing. I don't even think it's intentional half the time.) And the ending. I know it's corny, but it makes me so happy.

Trophy Cabinet: Legacy

Blocs: Legacy

Currently, I'm in the Food Bloc, Habitarium Bloc, Keyquest Bloc, and Writing Bloc.

Separate pages were made for each once I realized how much content I wanted for each individual bloc.

Writing Bloc

Can be found here!

Sub-pages for this bloc include: Timed Writing

Goals: Legacy

  • Reach 100 points in the bloc and earn that pretty badge
  • Earn the NT avatar I'm missing by reaching 10 submissions
  • Complete 10 timed prompts


  • 19 August: Sent in something for never-ending story! And updated bloc link! Yayz!
  • July 7, 2012: Completed timed prompt, Summertime & added this page to my portfolio!

Timed prompts

The timed prompts I complete, in all their unedited glory, will be displayed here!


 "So, what do you want to do?" Kai asked, kicking up a bit of dust with each of her plodding steps.

 "Umm... we could go watch that one Kau that's still convinced the Food Shop burger is edible try to get high enough to reach the lettuce?" 


 "We could go try to convince her that, as concerned Neopians, destroying landmarks is not the best way to a free meal when there's a soup kitchen down the way," Mika continued, her tail swishing with faux-excitement.

 "...Do you think that'd actually work?" 

 "Well, no, probably not, but it never hurts to try, right?" 


 "Fine, fine. Well, we could always go on an out of town visit! You know, tour the islands or something." 

 "Do you have enough spare Neopoints lying around for that?" 

 "Fair point." Mika paused for a moment. "OH! I know!

 "Let's go get jobs!" 

 "Jobs?" Kai's face told her brown-furred friend exactly what she thought about that idea.

 "It could be fun!" Mika seemed to have take hold of the idea.

Kai's -disallowed_word- politely) turned down the two juvenile job-seekers. Kai, meanwhile, was checking out a small, rather creepy-looking alley strip.

Well, Kai supposed that she could probably trample anyone that tried to start anything with her. Chombys were naturally on the larger end of the scale, and Kai was on the larger side for her species.

She entered the shop. It was dimly lit, slightly grimy. Orbs of various sizes were arranged haphazardly shelves that seemed to have been stuck to the wall at random angles.

 "Hello; may I help you?" a voice to her right called, and Kai jumped in spite of herself. She turned.

He was, in a word, normal. Nothing like what the shop front would lead one to expect.

He was a Blue Meerca in a grey suit. A matching hat and thin wire frames made him look more like one of her teachers than anything.

And he was watching her with an expectant look.

 "I was wondering if you needed any help around here...?" Kai trailed off.

 "Well, I could always use an extra hand around here, but if it's a well-paying job you're looking for, I'll warn you that I don't pay much." 

Was that an offer? He didn't even know her name, or her qualifications (not that she had any), or... well, anything about her.

 "Well, I was actually looking for a job for myself and a friend..." 

The man gave a knowing smile.

Keyquest Bloc

Can be found here.


  • Play 1,000 games of Keyquest
  • Successfully participate in tournament.


  • 7 July, 2012: Redeemed 10 keys; created page

Food Bloc

Can be found here.


  • Submit 5 recipes
  • Chocolate Avatar (R90+ here)
  • Ice Cream Machine avatar (14,500)
  • Feed Katricia 10 Gourmet foods
  • Earn 150 Points in Bloc


23 May 2012: Log created; Sent 1st recipe

Habitarium Bloc

Can be found here. My goals for this bloc aren't all necessarily specifically related to it, merely to Habitairum.


  • Reach 1000 points in bloc
  • Clean up Neofriends list (easier gifting)
  • Participate in a monthly activity
  • Send 50 gifts
  • Reorganize my Hab

Hab Log

  • 7 July: Restarted Hab (old sent in); 50k earner; 25 repairs & 9 gifts
  • 39 May : 61k earned
  • 29 May : 19k earned
  • 28 May : 87k earned
  • 27 May : 62k earned; helped 16 people
  • 26 May : 109k earned; gifted 13 people; helped 13 people
  • 25 May : 103.5k earned; gifted 1 person
  • 24 May : 89.5k earned; rearranged Hab; gifted 1 person
  • 23 May, 2012: Log started; 41k earned


All coding and content is 100% done by me, Kate. Feel free to borrow ideas, but credit & mail me if you borrow code or content. Thank you!

Thanks to The Neo Project for being inspiring, encouraging, and all-around awesome!

NEOPETS, characters, logos, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Neopets, Inc., obviously. All rights reserved and whatnot.

Questions? Comments? Please Neomail me at partigirl2.

Goals: Legacy

Amazing August

Complete at least 1 piece for the Neopian Times.

The Big Three


  • 1,337 Keys in Keyquest (Goal raised 21/7)
  • Finish my Habitarium series
  • Reach 3,000 NP interest (Goal raised 22/7)
  • Restart Habitarium
  • Get a gold trophy in the Random Contest. (2 failed attempts! xD)

2.92 Billion Neopoints

The Action Plan...

  • Dailies. On average, they net me 10-20k in about 15 minutes, which may not seem like a lot, but it does add up.
  • Flash Games. I don't play them every day, but when I do, I can make at least 30k
  • Keyquest. I love the game, and the codestones and neggs make me at least 100k every time I clear my SDB, not to mention the occasional paintbrush or the Neopoints that come straight from the game.
  • Habitarium. Not gonna lie, I'm terrible at keeping up with my Hab, especially since I don't have my own (working) computer. But when I do run it, that's an easy 90k a day.
  • Site events as they crop up. Generally, a fun way to make some Neopoints.

Keyquest Guide

Originally I just wanted to make a guide. Then Mojo got involved.

The Action Plan...

  • Learn how to use a decent (free) image editor - Paintnet? (DONE - Used GIMP)
  • Make a layout. (DONE!)
  • Code layout in a neat, organized way.
  • Collect Snips of various boards and Keyquest features.
  • Sort through the boards and rank them based on speed and ease of play.

Neofriends: Legacy

Some people I gush on about, some people I don't. If you're not on here, it doesn't mean I don't love you to death. Just so we're clear. :D


WHEN CATS ATTACK!!! Oh noes! I met Mojo over a year ago, in January 2011, when she recruited me to a guild she'd just joined, The Neopian's Paradise. We talked on and off for months, playing the odd game or 5 of Keyquest and rambling on about the Altador Cup, which we're both equally obsessed with.

Then, there was drama. To put it simply. And the two of us started communicating off Neopets, to the point where we were mailing each other letters and messaging on another daily. By the time summer was fading into fall, Mojo was one of the first people I was turning to when the going got rough.

She's always there, and always willing to lend a hand- even if that hand is something completely out of left field like waking me up at 5 AM so I can stumble to my computer and sign up for the beta of Pottermore.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'd trust her with my life, and I hope that she feels the same way about me. Mojo's one of those girls that you're lucky just to meet in your lifetime, let alone be friends with.

Even though we met on Neopets, and a lot of our interaction still comes from games like Keyquest, she is very much a "real life" friend to me.

Just... don't tell her I said any of this. She might blush.


Whilst she hasn't been around in a while, I still consider Bekah to be a close Neofriend. Like Mojo, I first met her the The Neopian's Paradise. Back then, Bekah was in the guild on a side, and the first conversation I had with her was when she edited a short story for me.

Let it be known that if you do something like that for me, I will love you forever. Especially if you're an awesome person like Miss Goldy here is.

After that, we hit it off fairly quickly, and she became the slightly more awesome half of Kabeka. Whenever you talk to her, the day literally seems brighter.

She's a fellow Keyquest addict- between the two of us, we could literally game through more than dozen rounds in a day- once, I had 9 spare keys left over after redeeming the max of 10.

Send her a cookie for me, would ya? ♥


She's seriously my oldest Neofriend- I've known her from the tender age of 11, when I first got my "parental consent" slip signed and sent in. I joined her guild, Neo-Faerie Wings, and was soon the Captain of the Air Faerie team (which... actually is kind of ironic, come to think). Neo-Faerie Wings was deleted that Halloween.

That's not the end of the story, of course. She invited me to co-own the new guild she was creating (of which I've since forgotten the name, but I think it's close to my shop's name). I accepted, and the two of us were in communication non-stop for a while.

The guild didn't work out, and in that regard we went our separate ways. But we've still kept in touch, and she's influenced me in so many ways.

She gave me the initial interest in coding. She's the reason I'm fully literate on Neopets- no chatspeak here, thanks to her influence! She got me interested in guilds as something more than a "club" to belong to. She's even influenced what I want to do with my life- computers are my first obsession, but my second love is Biochemistry, which comes from her (although that's not what she's in college for).

I love this girl. The fact that I have literally always thought of her as "Nature-girl-oh-two-five" (this being before I got into the habit of Miss-ifying everyone) is actually kind of funny, I think.

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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