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WELL HI THERE. As you may have been able to tell, these are Yoshi's Screenies. Not Yoshi the dinosaur, but Yoshi the person who hangs out in the Newbies Chat and laughs at stupid things. This is a growing collection of wit and stupidity that's been accumulating since March of 2009 (woah) and I really don't have any plans of stopping any time soon, so it looks like you're stuck with me, kiddo. Anyways, if you need to contact me for any reason, neomail this account please :) I am always open to affiliates, questions, neofriend requests, fanmail, and criticism. Most of my screenies come from the Newbies Chat, but I have a few gems from the Avatar Chat and the Help Chat.

neoboards = neoboard screenies, I promise these are funny ok (no art tho)
karma = like nb screenies, but this rewards clever people
Random Events = REs, random stuff I come up with
Awards = my shoddy collection of awards that don't really exist anymore
Sitely = Affies who have stopped updating, sites I'm listed on


My plans are ruined FOREVER.

The board got deleted shortly after. Can't imagine why.

Congrats on having the most interesting phone conversations. Heheh.

This was someone's sig. ;D

I wonder if anyone else caught that?

This is personally my most favorite screenie ever.

Of course we are! I already said I got $80 from selling mine.


I bet it is.


Where are your manners?!

@___________________ @

Are parrot heads good insulators? o:

It's both annoying and awkward when it DOES happen.


Wait, does that mean I just screenied it? o___e whatever.

Those two board titles were right next to each other o_o;

I'm sorry... what?

I think those are two different demographics o___e

That's a bargain, kids.

Petition to make this our board's description on the index page. Your move, TNT.

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Karma !

On some forums and message boards, there is a small option to reward points to members, or karma. I've always liked the idea of karma points, so I've made a small section giving imaginary neoboard karma to funny people. There's also a small graphic award I give you, and you're welcome to place it on a petpage, UL, pet description, etc if you want. :D

Completely forgot to post that Ariel earned Neopets Karma,but she did! (:

I really did lol irl though.

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Random Events & stuff !

Because saying hi to random strangers is normal, right?

Woohoo! only, like, 8 more to go.... Darn.

Yurble mad! Yurble smash!
Janitors... can't trust 'em D:

Rolling in the dough, home ~skillet. *cough*

Twice in one hour, even! Daaaaang.

Beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

TNT lies to us T_T (please don't ice me it was only a joke D: )

Don't get me wrong, I like neopoints and all, it's just that all I seem to be doing is picking up sacks of money off the floor for a living. D: I did not go to college for this!

Apparently, I won something. XD

He wants that golden pteri, really bad. He even painted himself gold. So sad.
(Hey, I rhymed!)

I can't believe I finally got it and I MISSED.

What a lovely addition to my garden! :D

I'd like to see him try!

I actually recieved this random event in July. ;)

I know he's an actual cartoon, but what I meant is that he looks MORE cartoon-y. Not scary at all. It's a shame, y'know?

April Fool's~~

I don't know, man, I don't even KNOW.

Update: Blueberry is now painted baby! :3 Just thought you should know.

I hate it when I see something good to watch on the guide but it's Pay-Per-View - ______-

Missingshoe let me have this screenie that she had taken! Thanks boo ;)

Does he not know jelly is free?

I got this RE while on the lab map page... but it didn't have anything. Just the broken image thumbnail and the banner up top. No text (I added the text... obviously :P). It was weird. n____n


Quoth the pteri, 'nevermore'?" :P

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Awards !

Something has happened!!!
Nick viewed your screenies and believed they were worthy of this Screenie award!

Yay~ :3

:{D Thank you! (Such a nice, cool-looking award, too! - squee- )

[: Thank you!!

Such a hilarious neomail, I couldn't not screenie it xD
(Update: R.I.P. BILLY MAYS!)

-squee- Thank you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH WALTRUB! (You magician~, you! ;D)

Just. OMG. Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much!!! :333

KYA~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~! Thank you thank you thank you! :D

:D Ten out of ten! Yusyusyusyus. Thank youu~



Dear Nala, I'm pretty sure you told me to take this one, but I can't remember since whenever I neomailed my main account with the image code to remind myself you gave me an award, I got sussed for an offsite link o3o. So if this is wrong please tell me~ Anyways, thank you!! ^_^

Thank you thank you thank YOU~ c:

Well you're a sweetheart! :3 Thank you for putting me on your site, Fate!

Thank you so much, this makes me laugh everytime!! :3

This is SO ballin' out of control ^____^ Thank you!

Psy, I really wonder what goes through your head.

Thank you very much. Now I can eat my steak with no problems! :D

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I don't know what goes through your head but thank you very much for this cute award! :)

Oh my goodness this is adorable!! Thank you so much :)!

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