The Extensive Lab Ray FAQ

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Welcome guest, to Katfun's Word Help. Here I shall help you understand what some words mean that you find mainly on the Neoboards as well as other parts of The grand world of Neopia. These will be listed alphabetically in order. If there is a word you do not see here. Neomail my owner Tori. If you are having trouble trying to pronounce some Neopian words, I advise you to go here.

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Special thanks to:
  • help4neopians: Her artical in Neopets Magazine(#10) was a BIG help. Thats what inspired me to make this page.
  • Katfun: For letting me put this on his petpage.
  • Neopets: For making petpages, and without it you would be somewhere else. :P
  • kat98765432 and lionia222: For helping me find glitches for the 'Neoboard Fun' section.
  • Tiny Pic: For uploading my images.
  • ME: for making the page. XD
  • Junk Foods and Highly Caffinated drinks to keep me awake.
  • YOU: for visiting this page :).

  • A-Answer"
  • AC- Advent Calender A great place in Happy valley in witch you can collect daily prizes in the month of Celebrating.
  • AC- Avatar Chat A board to talk about avatars.
  • ACC-Account"
  • ACK-acknowledged," used frequently in discussion boards.
  • ADN-any day now"
  • AFAIC-as far as I'm concerned"
  • AFAIH-as far as I've heard"
  • AFAICS-as far as I can see"
  • AFAICT-as far as I can tell"
  • AFAIK-as far as I know"
  • AFAIR-as far as I recall/remember"
  • AFAIU-as far as I understand"
  • AFC-away from computer"
  • AFC-Air Faerie Crown"
  • AFK-away from keyboard"
  • AIM-AOL Instant Messanger" A program that lets you talk to others with AOL Instant messanger. (Remember never to give out your AOL name. ;))
  • AIUI-as I understand it"
  • AKA-also known as"
  • Anon-anonymous"
  • AH- Auction House
  • ASAP-As Soon as Possible"
  • ATT-Attack".
  • ATM-at the moment"
  • AUTO-Automaticly"
  • Av-Avatar" A small icon next to your post. There are many of these to choose from.
  • Avie-Avatar" A small icon next to your post. There are many of these to choose from.
  • AYBABTU-All your base are belong to us" (from Zerowing)

    • Biscuit-(SEE Cookie)
    • B4-before"
    • Bai-bye"
    • BB-bye bye" or "baby"
    • BBIAB-be back in a bit"
    • BBIAW-be back in a while"
    • BBL-Be back later"
    • BBQ-be back quick". This can easily be mistaken for "barbeque" if used in a vague context.
    • BBW-be back whenever"
    • B/C-because"
    • BCNUbe seeing you"
    • BC- Beauty Contest A contest in which User's enter a picture of their pet. Whomever's pet recieves the most votes wins a various amount of Neopints and a Trophy.
    • BD-Battledome" An arena where neopets battle.
    • BFM-Battle for Merridel" A plot, trading card expansion and a game.
    • BG- Background
    • BGC-Bony Grarrl Club" A weapon in the Battledome.
    • BIC-Back In Character" Used to note your done chatting and going back to roleplaying. (Also See OOC)
    • Blinkie- An image with blinking letters.
    • BTY- Better than You A contest where you have to beat a given score at a given game.
    • BTW-By the way"
    • Bump- Stands for "Bring up my post". Mostly used to bring up your topic so more can notice it.
    • BOK-Bracelet of Kings" A weapon in the Battledome
    • BRB-Be right back"
    • BFC-Black Frost Cannon" A weapon in the Battledome
    • BoD-Bow of Destiny" A weapon in the Battledome
    • BoHDBag of Healing Dust" A weapon in the Battledome
    • BoLHS-Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds" A battledome weapon.
    • BoMS-Bottle of Magic Sand" Battledome weapon.
    • b00t- opposite of "w00t"
    • BFF-best friends forever"
    • BLNT-better luck next time"
    • BSS-Blumaroo SlingShot" Battledome weapon.
    • BTDT-been there, done that"
    • BTM-Brain Tree Mace" Battledome weapon.
    • BTDTGTTS-been there, done that, got the T-shirt" (from the 1990s cliche)
    • BTTT-back to the top"
    • Bzzt-Bzzt Blaster" A battledome weapon.

      • Cookie-(SEE Biscuit)
      • C-Blade-CarrotBlade" A battledome Weapon.
      • CC- Caption Contest A contest in witch you type a humorous caption about a given picture.
      • CE-Cursed Elixer" A battledome weapon.
      • CF-Chia Flour" A battledome weapon.
      • CG-Cyodrakes Gaze" a mysterious ship and a plot.
      • Chain letter- A measage that people post repeativly. (Also see SPAM)
      • Chatspeak- A very deformed way of typing words. Mainly using numbers and few letters.
      • CP-Caustic Potion" A battledome weapon.
      • Chat Prefs- Chat Preferences A plase where you can change your neoHTML, Signiture, avatar, ect.
      • Collat- Short for "Collateral". For if you lend an Item(s) you keep what they offer untill you get your Item(s).
      • C.O.M.-Curse of Maraqua"
      • Comp.-Computer" or "Competition"
      • Cookies- Files on your computer that store information you've sent through your browser.
      • Cookie Grabber-A program which tries to take your 'cookies' or the memory of your computer.
      • Cursor- An image that moves with your mouse. Mainly a white arrow or a hand. (On this page it is a book)
      • cluebie-clueless newbie"
      • CMIIW-correct me if I'm wrong"
      • CS-Clawed Shield" A battledome weapon.
      • CSC-Cardboard Sprout Cannon" a battledome weapon.
      • CSL-can't stop laughing"
      • CTTOI-come to think of it"
      • CU-see you"
      • CWOT-complete waste of time"
      • CYA-see ya"
      • C&P-copy and paste" (often used to indicate plagiarism)
      • CWoS-Cloudy Wand of Storms" a battledome weapon.

        • DBD-Dark Battle Duck" a battledome weapon.
        • DEF-Defence".
        • DEB-Dual Expert Bow" a battledome weapon.
        • DOM- Destruct-o-Match A game on Neopets.
        • DIY-do it yourself"
        • DGT-don't go there"
        • DKDC-don't know, don't care"
        • DMB-Dusty Magic Broom" a battledome weapon.
        • DND-do not disturb"
        • DPP-Downsize Power Plus"
        • dunno-I don't know"
        • DYK-did you know?"
        • DW-don't worry"

          • EKST-Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy"
          • ELL-Entangling Lenny Lasso"
          • EMO- Short for "Emotional"
          • ECA-Everlasting Crystal Apple"
          • EoE-Essence of Esophagor"
          • Esophagor- A 'starving 'monstor in the Haunted woods who will give you rewards if you complete his quests. He will only ask for Spooky Food items.
          • EMS- Evil Things and Monster Sightings Chat
          • ETS-Easy to Sell"
          • EOM-end of message"

            • Fail-You Fail"
            • F-Ray-Fungus Ray"
            • FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions"
            • FaIB-Fire and Ice Blade"
            • FB-Florbix Blaster"
            • FFQ- Fountain Faerie Quest A quest from the Fountain Faerie. These quests are Rare and random. She usually asks for R99 items. But If you complete one, you may paint your pet ANY color.
            • FQD-Faerie Queen Doll"
            • FP-First post"
            • FP-Freezing Potion"
            • FTP-First To Post"
            • FSS-Faerie SlingShot"
            • FWIW-For what it's worth"
            • FYI-For your information"
            • FTW-For the Win"

              • G-Bomb-Ghostkerbomb"
              • G-Shield-Ghostkershield"
              • G-Staff-Greater Staff of the earth faerie"
              • G-Sword-Ghostkersword"
              • GBK-Golden Butter Knife"
              • GIF.- An image tag.
              • GC-Glowing Cauldron"
              • GSC- Gallery Spotlight Chat
              • GTG-Got to go"
              • G2G-Got to go"
              • GEB- Garoo Elite Blaster
              • GL-good luck"
              • GJ-Good Job"
              • GLAG-giggling like a girl"
              • Glitch- An error thet happens on the computer.
              • Glomp- A hug/tackle.
              • GM-Game Master" or "good match"
              • GMTA-great minds think alike"
              • GHS-Greater Healing Scroll"
              • GLB-Grand Lightning Beam"
              • GoC-Golden Compass"
              • GSH-Green Sticky Hand"
              • Grats-congratulations"
              • GTA-Greater Tiki Amulet"
              • GTL-goes to look"

                • H.A.T.I.C.-Hannah And The Ice Caves"
                • H.A.T.P.C.-Hannah And The Pirate Caves"
                • HC- Help Chat A chat board in witch you can recieve help or help others.
                • HB-Haggle Back"
                • HH-Hypno Helmet" A weapon in the Battledome
                • H4K-H4000 Helmet" The updated version of the Hypno Helmet.
                • HOD-Halo of Devilpuss"
                • HT- Hidden Tower A hidden place in Faerie land where very rare Items are told to be.
                • HP-Hit Points" A type of health.
                • HP-Honey Potion" A weapon in the Battledome.
                • HPD-Half Price Day" On the 3rd of every month, all the shops in Neopia (except the hidden tower )sell their items at half price. Hence the name Half Price Day.
                • HPB- Hubrids Puzzle Box
                • HPS-Hand Painted Scarab" a battledome weapon
                • HQ-Head Quarters"
                • HR-Harsh Rater" Someone who rates harshly.
                • HTML-Hyper Text Markup Language" text that tells the computer what to do. ALL pages are made with HTML or CSS coding. Even this one!
                • HTS-Hard To Sell"
                • HAND-have a nice day"
                • HF-have fun"
                • H/O-hold on"
                • HWGA-here we go again"
                • HWP-hug, wave, poof" (a way of saying goodbye)

                  • INT-Intelligence"
                  • ICYDK-in case you didn't know"
                  • IDK-I don't know"
                  • IDTS-I don't think so"
                  • IIRC-if I recall/remember correctly"
                  • IIUC-if I understand correctly"
                  • IKWYM-I know what you mean"
                  • ILU or ILY-I love you"
                  • ILYM-I love you more"
                  • IM-instant message"
                  • IMO-In my opinion"
                  • IMHO-In my Honest Opinion"
                  • INMP-it's not my problem"
                  • IOH-I'm outta here"
                  • IOW-in other words"
                  • IONO-I don't know"
                  • ITA-I totally agree"
                  • IYDMMA-if you don't mind me asking"
                  • IYKWIM-if you know what I mean"
                  • IBD-Icy Battle Duck"
                  • IEP-Illusens Earth Potion"
                  • ILB-Improved Lightning Beam"
                  • ILS-Iron Lupe Sword"

                    • JK-Just Kidding"
                    • JPEG.- An Image tag.
                    • JPG.- An Image tag.
                    • JAS-just a second"
                    • JC-just curious"
                    • JIC-just in case"
                    • JJ-just joking"
                    • JLMK-just let me know"
                    • JOOC-just out of curiosity"
                    • J00-you"
                    • JP-Judoras Potion"
                    • JCB-Jhudoras Crystal Ball"
                    • JSS-Jade Scorchstone"
                    • JW-just wondering"
                    • JW -Jellyworld" You must be kidding! A world made out of jelly? What kind of crazy person told you that? Sigh, such childish thoughts these days... What's next? Marshmallow World?

                      • K-Thousand" (Examples: 13k, 72k, 108k.)
                      • Kad-Kadoatie" A petpet that cries very much, and LOVES blue draik eggs.
                      • KFWH-Katfun's Word Help" This page ;D
                      • K or KK-OK"
                      • KLPKacheek Life Potion"
                      • KPLKacheek Pebble Lobber"
                      • KTHNX-OK, thanks"
                      • Kthnxbai-Ok thanks bye" (I use this alot :P)

                        • L8r-later"
                        • Leet-Elite" Highest or one of the highest ranks.
                        • LMAO-Laughing my a** off"
                        • Lookie- A shortend version of "User Lookup"
                        • Lookup- A shortend version of "User Lookup"
                        • LOL-Laugh out loud"
                        • Lurk/Lurker- one who frequents a message board but does not participate in discussion
                        • Lvl-Level"
                        • LAL-laughing a little"
                        • LFM-looking for members" or "looking for more"
                        • L@@K-look"
                        • LTNS-long time, no see"
                        • LDD-Lost Desert Dagger"
                        • LEV-Leaded Elemental Vial"
                        • LRGoF-Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing"

                          • Manual Voter-Someone who looks through everything before he/she/it votes. (typicly used in the beauty contest)
                          • MOC-Mask of Coltzan"
                          • M00f- (See n00b)
                          • MP-Morphing Potion" A potion that can change your neopet's color or species.
                          • MSN- An internet browser. (Remember never to give out your MSN name. ;))
                          • MSPP-Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie"
                          • Muffin- A yummy treat loved by all.
                          • MYOB-mind your own business"
                          • MVC-A Mysterious Valentines Card" Rumored to get you a sidebar if received on Valentines Day...

                          • MoC-Mask of Coltzan"
                          • MFB-Mystery Fruit Bowl"
                          • MM-Melting Mirror"
                          • MMoM-Magical Marbles of Mystery"

                            • NB- Neoboards A place to chat with others.
                            • Neo- A shortend version of "Neopets"
                            • Newb-Newbie" A new person.
                            • Neopian- A citizen of Neopets.
                            • NF-NeoFriend" A friend on Neopets.
                            • NFS-Not for sale"
                            • NFT-Not For Trade".
                            • Noob-Newbie" A new person.
                            • n00b- An annoying person that often uses Chatspeak.
                            • NM- Neomail Mail on Neopets
                            • NP-Neopoints"
                            • NQ-Neoquest" A Roleplay game on Neopets.
                            • NQII-NeoquestII" A Roleplay game on Neopets.
                            • NQ2-Neoquest2" A Roleplay game on Neopets.
                            • NST-Neopian Standard Time" The Standard time on Neopets. (Pacific Time Zone)
                            • NSV-Non-Silent Votes (typicly used in the Beauty Contest)
                            • NT-The Neopian Times" A Newspaper on Neopets.
                            • NTY-No Thank You"
                            • NV2-Neopets Version 2" An evil computer created by Dr. Frank Sloth.

                              • OOC-Out of Character" In roleplays used to note that your chatting and not roleplaying. (Also see BIC)
                              • OMG-Oh My Gosh/god"
                              • ONG- A chatspeak version of "OMG"
                              • Ohmegee- A chatspeak version of "OMG"
                              • OPSG- (see TPOSG)
                              • OAR- On a roll
                              • OBTW-Oh, by the way"
                              • Oh noes!- An exaggerated -disallowed_word- see also pwn) To defeat someone (used commonly when playing Counter-Strike) or to humiliate someone tactically in a debate; to exhibit extreme coolness (for example: "BMWs totally own").
                              • ownzer, ownz0r- One who "owns" (see own)

                                • PB-Paintbrush" An Item to paint your pet one of many colors.
                                • PPPB-Petpet Paintbrush" An Item to paint your petpet one of many colors.
                                • Pic- A Picture.
                                • Pix- Pictures
                                • Pixel- A small picture made of tiny squares.
                                • Plz-please"
                                • PNG- A chatspeak version of "OMG" ALSO an image tag.
                                • POSG- (see TPOSG)
                                • Pwn- A misspelling of "own". Usally means to own or rule.
                                • PLMK-Please let me know"
                                • PLS, PLZ, PLX-Please"
                                • PM-Private Message"
                                • ppft, pfft- Shows ammusement, for it is the sound makes if someone is trying not to laugh.
                                • ppl, ppls-People".
                                • PCC-Pirate Captian Cutlass"
                                • PCH-Pirate Captian Hat"
                                • PFF-Psellias Fighting Fan"
                                • PK-Portable Kiln"
                                • PP-Pike Pike"

                                  • Q-Question"
                                  • QuadQuadrapus"

                                    • RP-Role Playing" A chat with a storyline, plot and characters.
                                    • RMG-Rate My Gallery"
                                    • RMULU-Rate my User Lookup"
                                    • RMPP-Rate my Petpage"
                                    • ROTF-Rolling on the floor"
                                    • ROTL-Ring of the Lost"
                                    • ROTFLMAO-Rolling on the floor laughing my A** off"
                                    • RR-Revenge Rater" someone who rates somthing horribly for revenge.
                                    • RS-Restock" When a shop stocks up on Items.
                                    • RSB-Ramtors Spellbook"
                                    • Rawr- Roar
                                    • RMS-Rocks my Socks", expresses amusement or being impressed by something.
                                    • RSH-Rainbow Sticky Hand"
                                    • RST-Rainbow Swirly Thing"
                                    • RWR-Royal Wedding Ring"
                                    • RCG-Rainbow Clockwork Grundo"
                                    • RoDN-Rod of Dark Nova"
                                    • RoN-Rod of Nova"
                                    • RoS-Rod of Supernova"

                                      • SAMP-Sample"
                                      • SC-Scratchcard" A card witch you pick 6 out of 9 spaces. If you get three of a kind, you win.
                                      • SC-Scuzzy's Comb"
                                      • Scam-A trick.
                                      • Scammer-One who scams.
                                      • SAP-Seasonal Attack Pea"
                                      • Screenie- A "Screenshot" that shows humor.
                                      • Screenshot- A picture of the screen.
                                      • SDB- Safty Deposit Box A safe place to keep your items.
                                      • SEC-Second"
                                      • SF-Space Faerie"
                                      • SGC- Spotlight and Gallery Chat
                                      • SHH-Something Has Happened"
                                      • Siggy-Signiture"
                                      • Siggie-Signiture"
                                      • Silent Voter-One who does not say who he/she/it votes for. (typicly used in the beauty contest)
                                      • Sk8-Skate"
                                      • Sk8r-Skater"
                                      • SN-Screen Name"
                                      • SOS-Sword of Skardsen" A weapon in the Battledome
                                      • SPAM-Stupid Pointless Annoying Measages" These are mostly diswanted on Topics.
                                      • Spammer-One who spams
                                      • Stalker- Someone or Somthing that follows you and watches your every move.
                                      • STR-Streangth"
                                      • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-The thing you say when you don't know what to say.
                                      • SUAP-Super Attack Pea"
                                      • SWA-Shop Wizard Average" An average price at the Shop Wizard.
                                      • SFB-Spectral Forest Bow"
                                      • SRSLY-Seriously"
                                      • SoA-Sword of Apocalypse"
                                      • SoRF-Staff of Righteous Fury"
                                      • SoSP-Sack Of Sneezing Powder"
                                      • SP-Slumberberry Potion"
                                      • S-Ray-Sleep Ray"
                                      • SSS-Scarab Stone Slingshot"
                                      • STC-Smugglers Treasure Chest"

                                        • TC-Topic Creator"
                                        • TCG-Trading Card Game"
                                        • TNT-The Neopets Team" The staff that runs Neopets. Also an explosive.
                                        • TP- Trading Post A place to trade items
                                        • Thanx-Thanks".
                                        • TPOSG-The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy" A game designer on neopets, and also a guitarist in the band Red Hot Roxy May see him popup in some flash games or on the neocam. :P
                                        • TRDMF-tear rolling down my face"
                                        • TTYL-Talk to you later".
                                        • TY-Thankyou"
                                        • Typo- An accidental misspelling of a word. These are very common.
                                        • TA-Tiki Armour"
                                        • TBB-Tiki Bomb Bag"
                                        • ToT-Tooth of Terask"
                                        • T-Ring-Tornado Ring"
                                        • TTD-Triple Turbo Dryer"
                                        • T-Tear-Thyoras Tear"

                                          • UFA-Up for adoption"
                                          • UC-Under Construction"
                                          • UL-Userlookup"
                                          • ULU-Userlookup"
                                          • UN-Username"
                                          • UB-Unbuyable" An Item that can not be bought in shops.
                                          • UDR-Ultimate Dark Reflectorb"
                                          • UDS-Ultra Dual Shovel"

                                            • Vint-Vintage" or old style.
                                            • VP- Virtupets A space station created by Dr. Frank Sloth.
                                            • VBEG-Very big evil grin".
                                            • VWEG-Very wicked evil grin".

                                              • WIN-You Win"
                                              • WIP-Work In Progress" or basically not finished.
                                              • w00t or Woot- A way of cheering also, an -disallowed_word- so many M wheels 0-o)
                                              • w/o-Without"
                                              • WOR-Wand of Reality"
                                              • wut wot-What"
                                              • WAF-Wand of the Air Faerie"
                                              • WCN-Werelupe Claw Necklace"
                                              • WoDF-Wand of the Dark Faerie"
                                              • WotM-Wand of the Moon"

                                                • X-treme- Shortend version of "Extreme"
                                                • XOXO - Hugs and kisses

                                                  • YARLY-Yeah Really"
                                                  • YIM-Yahoo Instant Messanger" A program that lets you talk to others with Yahoo Instant messanger. (Remember never to give out your YIM name. ;))
                                                  • YP-Your Post
                                                  • YSH-Yellow Sticky Hand"
                                                  • YW-Your welcome".

                                                    • ZOMG- Another form of "Oh my gosh/god"
                                                    • Ze- A chatspeak version of "Thee"
                                                    • ZDAP-Zafara Double Agent Plushie"
                                                    • Zap2K-Zapatron 2000"
                                                    • Zap4K-Zapatron 4000"

                                                    • :) A happy Smile.
                                                    • :( A sad face.
                                                    • -_-;Sighing.
                                                    • ;) Winking.
                                                    • :P Sticking your tounge out.
                                                    • XD Laughing.
                                                    • o.o Freaked out.
                                                    • O.o Confused.
                                                    • X.x Dead.
                                                    • :*( Crying of sadness.
                                                    • :*) Crying of happyness.
                                                    • :3 Kissing.
                                                    • :D Big smile.
                                                    • ¬¬ Bored or dosen't care.
                                                    • B) Happy with sunglass.
                                                    • :[ Vampire or fangs.
                                                    • :X Mouth shut or secret.
                                                    • :o Suprised.
                                                    • :/ Unsure.
                                                    • ^^ Pleased.
                                                    • @.@ Crazy.
                                                    • --; Annoyed.
                                                    • -.- Sleeping.
                                                    • _._ Fainted.
                                                    • $.$ Money-eyed face.
                                                    • 0-0 Scared.
                                                    • 8) Hyper Happy.
                                                    • ;_; Crying.
                                                    • :*( Crying.
                                                    • ((( name )))- Hugging.
                                                    • C8 Hyper Smile.
                                                    • 8C Depressed Smile.
                                                    • D: Dropped Jaw.

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                                                      Hey, My name is Katfun I'm an invisible Aisha. I am intellegent and clever and my mom g00b and I made this page, but anyways here are some of my stats:
                                                      • Age: 94377 Hours
                                                      • Level: 13
                                                      • Strength: 12
                                                      • Movement: 13
                                                      • Defence: 9
                                                      • Max HP: 9
                                                      • Current HP: 9
                                                      • Intellegence: 22
                                                      • Gender: Male

                                                      I don't Battle, so please don't challenge me, But I do love to draw and read books. :P Well, I hope you enjoy this page, and mabey even discover somthing new! Enjoy!

                                                    • Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

                                                      You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
                                             We do not control your destination's website,
                                                      so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
                                                      different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

                                                      It is a journey
                                                      I must face...alone.
                                                      *dramatic music*
                                                      I want to stay on Neopets,
                                                      where the dangers of
                                                      Meepit invasion
                                                      are taken seriously.
                                                      Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

                                                      You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
                                             We do not control your destination's website,
                                                      so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
                                                      different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

                                                      It is a journey
                                                      I must face...alone.
                                                      *dramatic music*
                                                      I want to stay on Neopets,
                                                      where the dangers of
                                                      Meepit invasion
                                                      are taken seriously.
                                                      Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

                                                      You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
                                             We do not control your destination's website,
                                                      so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
                                                      different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

                                                      It is a journey
                                                      I must face...alone.
                                                      *dramatic music*
                                                      I want to stay on Neopets,
                                                      where the dangers of
                                                      Meepit invasion
                                                      are taken seriously.

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