Hello! My name is Fangs and I'd like to welcome you to Daebak, a site offering high-quality button and layout requests since September 13, 2015. Daebak is Korean for awesome, great success, big hit, etc. and symbolizes my goals for this site - to make buttons and layouts that are awesome, and to have a successful site.

I recently was on hiatus for about 2 years, but I am back once again and hope to keep up with the site and contribute to the site making community. If you'd like to contact me for any reason, feel free to neomail me!


September 15, 2017
- I am so sorry for being so slow, I've had a lot going on lately.
- +1 Request!

September 11, 2017
- Sorry for the lack of updates! I started classes last week and I've been a little busy and stressed.
- +1 Request!

September 2, 2017
- Added 2 new link back buttons! I used one of my bases for one oops lol.
- +3 new amazing affiliates!
- I haven't gotten any requests :'( I think I might just get rid of the pre-made bases idea and go back to normal requests. I was kind of hoping to avoid that since I am taking classes right now, but oh well I guess.
- I realize my requests indicator is really small, so I added a bigger banner below the updates so hopefully its easy to tell what requests are open ^-^.

August 31, 2017
- New layout~! I'm pretty pleased with this layout. I might still change things around, but for now I'm very happy. If you happen to see anything wrong with the layout, let me know! I think my browser is a little weird and I can't figure out the zoom level I should be at so I can't tell if anything is messed up or not.
- I changed some things around and added/removed things as needed with the new layout, just to keep the site updated and more current lol.
- Got my first affiliate!

Button Requests


1). Please have a visible link or button linking back to Daebak as credit.
2). I will only use neo-related images or textures for the base of the button.
3). I make buttons for all sites except other button request sites, and off-neo sites.
4). You can request up to two buttons in one request, and you can request as many buttons as you want per month at separate request times.
5). I do have the right to refuse your request - This usually only occurs if the site has stolen content.
6). Please use the button! If you are unhappy with it, let me know and I can re-do it for you.
7). Requests are first come, first serve. Please give multiple base options in your request in case someone requests your first choice before you.


Please choose from any of the pre-made bases below, then go ahead and fill out your form and send it to me!

Layout Requests


1). Please leave either a visible link or a button linking back to Daebak as credit.
2). I only have 1 spot available on my waiting list - This keeps me from becoming stressed, and also ensures that I don't keep anyone waiting for too long.
3). Please use the layout I make you; if you don't like it, tell me! I'll do my best to re-do it for you.
4). I will make a layout for all petpage sites except other layout sites and pet applications.
5). Please fill out the whole form, and be extremely detailed! I want to make the layout exactly like you want, and I can't do that if you give me very little info.
6). I add certain credits for the layout that must stay there. This includes the credit for the layouts image, code, and textures. You may, however, change any resources I may pick for you, just make sure to put credit for the new items.
7). Please do not edit the code and then claim it as yours; it's still mine, even if you change colors or names of things.
8). Please save the code once you get it; I usually don't save the codes since they make my computer slow. So, once the layout is up and the code is there, save it on a file on your computer.
9). I only make neo-related layouts, so please only pick a neo-related image for the layout.

You can find images here, here or any other place you can find an image -- If you get it from the first link, please send me the .SWF link.

Waiting List
1). Name @ Site Name

Pick Up

Here to find your button? Just look below, then copy the code and paste it onto your site! If you're looking for the layouts, however, I code all layouts here!


Here is my current portfolio for Daebak. This page will include all buttons and layouts I have made since opening Daebak.

About Me
This page has a little bit of info about me, just a few random things that aren't really that important.


Welcome to Daebak's portfolio! Here you will find all of the requests I have taken so far.

Button Count: 9 | Layout Count: 2



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[ V.2 Feast! ] Layout & Coding by Me for Daebak only. [ Image from Neopets; Textures from Details ]

Textures on my buttons from Details, Bedazzled, & Whirligig

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Header Two from Bedazzled

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