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Once Upon a Time

Kasana was an orphan with no home, no friends and no knowledge of love. Her brown hair stuck out everywhere and tangled knots were evident. Dirt caked her face and her hazel eyes were endless and dull. She was alone.

ㅤ"There she is!"

ㅤ"Catch her!"

ㅤKasana ran as fast as her small body could manage, holding onto a small piece of moldy bread. Kids chased after her, all wanting to steal the little morsel from her. Dashing through alleyways of the Lowlums, sweat trickled down her forehead as her lungs heaved for air. Just a little more and she would be on the big street, and there would be a crowd to hide in.

ㅤUrging herself to be persistent, her legs strained as she ran faster than she had already been running. At the end of the alleyway, she burst into the sunlight that painted the big street.

ㅤAnd with a loud thud she hit a wooden carriage, outlined in shining stones, silver and gold.

ㅤFor a moment, her body was paralyzed, eyes adjusting to the harsh sunlight. Then she saw the man coming towards her. He was of a moderate height, his jet-black hat giving him an extra tallness to his figure. His body was covered in a black suit, darker than the deepest wells. A golden watch hung from his right pocket, and a monocle attached to his puffy face. His hand reached down and grasped my wrists, and my eyes opened wider with fear.

ㅤ"Little girl, what's your name?" He asked, his voice low and accented. With a small hesitation, Kasana answered.

ㅤ"Nice to meet you Kasana, my name is Sir ---. Do you have a family?" He questioned further, and she continued to answer him with small shudders to her body. His final question donned upon her.

ㅤ"Do you want to live with me?" He mused, a smile forming on his lips. Looking back at the expensive carriage and the beautiful black horses that led it, she nodded feverishly, her hair bouncing up and down. With a big heave, the man lifted her up onto her shoulder and together, they entered the carriage.

At ----- (think of a name)

ㅤThe carriage entered the estate, Kasana's eyes were full of awe. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful, stone sculptures guarding the gates and a giant lake to be seen behind the mansion. Even further back were woods, thick enough to be called a forest by its own.

ㅤAs if sensing her excitement, Sir --- laughed and patted her hair.

ㅤ"This is now all yours too!" he laughed. A big smile forming on her face, she turned around to thank the man who had been a stranger just moments ago. The horses' hooves clacked and stopped by the entrance of the mansion and Kasana giddily hopped out. Walking up the steps together, maids exited the door and quickly lead Kasana to a bath, clothes and a beautiful room. She felt that she owed her life to Sir --- and happily fell asleep as the moon rose in the sky.

ㅤWeeks passed and Kasana started to gain a glowing look. Her hair was polished and straight, none of the ugly mess it originally had. Her skin was clean, cheeks rosy and nails neatly clipped. Even as a nine-year old, she could have been described as a beauty. She started to call Sir --- "father", and he seemed to like that. She trusted him more than she trusted herself.

ㅤA year later, she caught father crying on the diner table, the massive fifteen foot long polished piece of wood in the middle of a great hall.

ㅤ"Whats wrong father?" she questioned, worry creasing her eyebrows. With a sniffle, her father answered, "Everything isn't working and my experiments are a mess," he sobbed, "How will I find more inspiration?"

ㅤAn idea popped into her young mind, "Father, I can help you with everything you need!" she giggled, willing to be everything for her dear father.

ㅤ"Thank you Kasana," he whispered, "Thank you.

ㅤThe sun rose, and Kasana hurried herself down to where her father was waiting. Her brown curls flew behind her as she raced down the stairs to the door leading to the cellar. Opening the doors with his keys, father slowly emerged into the darkness leading below, Kasana following.

ㅤ"Wow," she gasped as she entered below. Brilliant technology, much advance than it should be at that time and age glowed blue, electricity cackling between metal rods. The place smelled of wet dogs and mud

ㅤ"Here, we're going to make you into an angel," he said in a whisper, "and you'll watch over me for all eternity".

ㅤNodding sheepishly, Kasana imagined what it would feel like to be an angel. He gave her directions and she quickly followed. Lying down on a steel table, she fastened her legs and torso onto the table.

ㅤ"I'm going to zap you a few times and inject some fairy powder into you," father smiled, holding up a small needle. Giving her ready consent, the needle went into her left shoulder.

A splitting pain raced around her body, and with a shriek Kasana fell unconscious.

Broken Trust

ㅤYears passed with the same routine - zap, inject, consumption of weird materials. Kasana's hair turned a lighter shade of brown and her eyes pea green. Age had matured her figure, and the previous 'beautiful' could not compare. Although she looked flawless clothed, another story lay underneath. Bruises littered her body, small scars from needles on her left shoulder. She was not the "angel" father had promised her, but she still believed in him.

ㅤHowever, that day, she had seen a small change in herself. As she peered outside with the want to fly, small feathers escaped her skin. Staring with amazement, she watched as her fingers turned into talons and as her arm was covered with feathers. Shocked, she experimented on herself. She continued to want to be something else, and she became what she wanted to be. Shaking with excitement, she burst out of her room and started downstairs.

ㅤLooking down, she spotted her father's golden watch that she had seen him holding those nine years ago. Holding it up, she opened it to see symbols scratched into the cover and a small gem studded in the middle of it all. Closing it she looked around for father, in case he had lost the watch.

ㅤContinuing down, she looked for father so she could tell him of her discovery - her physical self and his watch.

ㅤHalf-way down, she heard a conversation between father and a stranger. Excitement turned into curioisty, she tip-toed down the rest of the stairs.

How strange, she thought, he's never brought anyone down below before. Hiding behind the machinery, she eavesdropped.

ㅤ"So how is it coming along?" The figure asked, sitting down on a small stool.

ㅤ"Well, pretty clean for now. She hasn't died or anything so far, so I think her body is compatible," father replied, laughing as the figure lost balance and fell off the stool.

Were they talking about me? Losing my life? Questions swam in Kasana's head as she continued to listen.

ㅤ"Hah, where did you manage to find such a compatible and gullible experiment?"

ㅤ"Honestly, I was just angry she'd dirties my new carriage but I saw potential in her. Found her in the Lowlands of some dirty area.

ㅤ"Nice, nice. Any progress?"

ㅤ"Sort of. Hopefully she doesn't realize that she's just an experiment. She calls me father, how silly."

ㅤ"Ahhaha! What a fool."

ㅤ"It's only the truth - Who could think of such a low-class girl as a daughter."

ㅤA small sob escaped Kasana's lips and the two men turned around and looked at Kasana. Eyes full of surprise, father spoke, "Hey there sweetie! What are you doing here?" Shaking her head with tears dripping down her cheeks, Kasana backed towards the stairs leading to the first floor. Clenching her hands, she rushed up, her thin legs aching as she ascended.

ㅤ"COME BACK HERE KASANA," father boomed, "I RAISED YOU!"

ㅤNo. He was no longer her father - he had lost the right. Tears streaking her face, she pushed the mansion's main doors open and looked forward. Greenery stood before her, and fresh air ruffled her hair. Sir --- stomped to ground level, heaving from the effort.

ㅤ"Come inside right this instant!" He screamed, face red with anger. His fists shook, and Kasana realized how she had never noticed it before. His face was always in a sneer, no kindness to be seen. Nine years she had lived with him, yet no love was evident. The figure that followed Sir --- came out of the staircase leading to the cellar.

ㅤ"She needs to be disposed of," he said. In the light she saw a beautiful man, golden hair lightly topped on his white face. His blue eyes glinted of a threat, and Kasana backed out into the lawn. Guards streamed out after her, crossbows and swords ready.

ㅤ"If you just hadn't seen so much, you may have lived longer," Sir --- rumbled distastefully, "Get her guards, and make sure my lawn is flawless as ever".

ㅤGuards came towards her with weapons posed to hit. Looking around, she saw nobody that would help her, and she knew she wouldn't live to see another day. Glaring at Sir ---, she shouted "You'll never get what you want!"

ㅤSomething snapped behind her, and everyone froze as a pair of red and black wings erupted from her back. Astonishment painted Sir ---'s face, and as he ran forward to grab for her, she launched into the air. Scales protruded from Kasana as she enlarged, body deforming. Soon she was a dragon, mouth dripping of molten lava and smoke escaping her nostrils. Roaring mightily, she stomped towards the mansion, fire ready to explode.

ㅤScreaming, the guards ran past and the horses neighed in panic. Sir --- could only watch in horror as Kasana's fiery blast crumbled away at his work. When she had rid of every sign of building, she proceeded to flap her monstrous wings, gaining altitude. With a small pain in her heart, she flew into the forest.


This includes BC!


ㅤKasana, in the beginning of the story is a nine year old girl who lives in the Lowlands, a place where the homeless and poor reside. Orphans litter the place, and fights begin for little morsels of food. Born into poverty, she watches in dismay as her parents are taken as heretics. She struggles to survive until she meets Sir ---, a rich noble who adopts her as family. A year after their meet, she finds Sir --- crying from stress. As she begins to help him, she volunteers to be his experimental subject to become an angel. Nine years after she had met Sir ---, she finds the truth behind his actions and takes action out of emotional exasperation.

ㅤA frail girl, she's like a gem in a pile of coals. She had never trusted anyone before (other than her parents), and is heartbroken to know that the one man she trusted was a fraud. She is kind but often acts rashly, not thinking of the consequences that may follow. Doubtlessly loyal, she's willing to do anything for the ones she trusts - but her will to live is stronger than anything.


ㅤKasana is my irl best friend's name! How nice (: Thank you for reading, cya!

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